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Super fun & awesome girl power for “Supergirl”

May 23, 2015

Supergirl-Pilot.720p.mkv_20150523_125430.683Erika Blake –

I just watched the leaked Pilot for “Supergirl” – this show is what “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” could’ve been if it had had a real budget given to it.  There is a certain level of hokey-ness to the series that is rather charming and reminiscent of “Lois & Clark” which is alright. The tone of the show readily sets it apart from the other DC series on the air today. “Supergirl” is poised to stand apart from Berlanti’s other DC hero series in that it’s bright, only slightly emo, and yet very hopeful, youthful, and optimistic. “Supergirl” reminds me of the best seasons of “Smallville” without Kara spending seasons fighting her destiny like Clark did. It’s also refreshing having Kara being able to use her abilities, learning along the way how to use them to her advantage in fighting bad guys.

Supergirl-Pilot.720p.mkv_20150523_124405.210I’m not going to overly spoil the pilot – there are nice surprises in it though that I enjoyed, such as Dean Cain and Helen Slater being Kara’s adopted parents the Danvers. In true Berlanti style the IT/geek is hot – Kara’s friend Winn (Jeremy Jordan who in the big preview thinks her big secret is that she must be gay) is funny and it’s nice having a male friend cheerleader at her side, ala Felicity on “Arrow.”

Supergirl-Pilot.720p.mkv_20150523_131200. 18Calista Flockhart is perfect as snotty, bitchy Cat Grant, who although she’s uptight and utterly unlikeable you have to respect her for being a woman in charge of a massive media outlet.  James “Jimmy is only used for people close to me like my Mom and the Big Guy” Olsen played by Mehcad Brooks is, drop dead gorgeous and sexy as hell (fans self.) Yeah I suppose Jimmy Olsen isn’t supposed to be black or hot – sorry fanboys but this is a female geek superhero show, our supporting males are allowed to be fantasizeably smokin’ hot. If Peter Ross on “Smallville” could be African American, there’s no reason Jimmy Olsen can’t be as well.

Supergirl-Pilot.720p.mkv_20150523_131417.923Melissa Benoist is completely charming as Kara. It’s refreshing to have a coming of age story with a superhero in her 20’s when she’s not rich, successful, and utterly socially awkward. We’re past the teen angst years that we were subjected to for WAYYY too long on “Smallville” in this show and instead it’s a coming of age story about a young woman trying to figure out her place in a world that isn’t her own. In the comics Supergirl is often lonely and heart sick looking for love – we get that a little bit here but there’s overall a message that being true to yourself will always make you happier than pleasing others in the long run. For today’s young girls who will be watching the series in the fall – I can’t think of a better message for them.

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