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Stephen Amell dishes Arrow Dirt at Phoenix Comicon14

June 8, 2014

Out of our guests today, Stephen really is the most green of the bunch – and not just because he plays The Green Arrow on TV. He came out and felt rather like the opening act to the big band that we were all waiting for and thanked us all for coming to the panel before Nathan Fillion.

Stephen informed us that before Arrow he had another role that he was one of 2 people to get. He did some final costume auditions and left certain that he’d gotten the part. The part he tried out for? Taking over the role of Spartacus after Andy Whitfield died. He even had a scene that he’d done w/ Manu Bennett. The crowd was surprised and upset that got passed over. He stuck his hand up and said, “Trust me it’s all good. Lliam did a great job. I think things turned out pretty well for me.”

The entire panel was then pretty much Arrow-talk. He mentioned how much he enjoyed the big battle in the subway in that he doesn’t know if anything had been choreographed for regular TV w/ as many people as they had w/ the different teams all coming together to fight.

People asked who we might expect to see from the DC universe. He mentioned that there was someone hiding in the vaults w/ the suicide squad – you could hear her voice which was voiced by Tara Strong. He confirmed that indeed it was Harley Quinn as a tease.

He told us John Barrowman ill be full time this next year and that he’s been promised a world of hurt in the form of pranks. Stephen seems uncertain of how he will retaliate. He’s very competitive so you know that he’ll want to win.

Next season we’ll be getting Hong Kong flashbacks. He told us that from now on Oliver is rapidly becoming that soulless killer who we met in the pilot. Hong Kong is the next wave of showing him lose his humanity. Meanwhile in real life we’ll have to see how he can work on regaining his humanity. Can he fight to get his company back? Will he fall in love?

Speaking of love – what about that Ollicity take-back “I Love you” will it amount to anything? Stephen Amell told us that will not go unforgotten.

Things that he’s most proud of, he’s proud that John Diggle is now an official character in the comics thanks to the series. Although there’s been “talk” that he and Grant might get called for being in a “Justice League” movie – he’s happy to stay focused entirely on making “Arrow” the best show on TV and focusing all of his energy there. Thanks Stephen for a great panel w/ all of the juicy little tidbits for Season 3!

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