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John Barrowman Charms at Phoenix Comicon14 – Talks Torchwood, Arrow, and is so very John

June 8, 2014

John Barrowman told us during the panel that he was downstairs before his panel and was all depressed because only 4 people showed up for autographs. He asked his manager, “Gee should I even bother to come back here?” She looked at him and said, “You don’t need to worry honey, they’ve all been upstairs for 3 hours waiting to see your panel.” Result – John came up early and surprised everyone by jumping on stage and danced w/ a little girl who was a finalist in a dance competition that they ran during the break before his panel.

After one other impromptu appearance they just started the panel early. As always John is one of the most energetic, fun people to see at a con. Getting non-blurry photos of him is very difficult because he races around on stage so much. I’m afraid I don’t watch Torchwood or Dr Who – we just posted the full video so watch it for his comments on it.

Some “Arrow” scoop. A fan asked him why Malcolm Merlin was wearing a little green vial around his neck at the end of the season and wanted to know if it was the Miracuru. John zipped his lips and just said that the vial is important and will be explored next season.

A little girl got a very happy response from John when she asked how it was possible that Malcolm could’ve been Tommy’s father since they were both the same age. He went on to explain that he believed that he must’ve had Tommy when he was very young and married young which is why he worked so hard. And that when Tommy didn’t live up to his expectations – he rather went bananas.

We learned later in the day from Stephen Amell that John’s been promoted up to full time cast member for this next season, result, John is promising double time to torture Stephen w/ pranks on set.

He mentioned that he enjoyed helping Stephen out during season 1 w/ helping him to get his footing for being a leading man in a series and that he’s so proud of how the show has grown w/ Stephen being the series strong leader.

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