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Batman Reunion Panel: Julie Newmar, Burt Ward, Adam West at Phoenix Comicon 14

June 8, 2014

Saturday’s big panels began with a 1966 Batman TV Series reunion panel with Julie Newmar, Burt Ward, and Adam West. The three were victims to Phoenix morning traffic so the panel was a little late starting.

Adam West was asked if being campy Batman prevented him from getting other jobs – he said that there was a few years after the show left that he found it difficult, but in the end here they are 48 years later and this is the show that everyone still loves and talks about. He talked about how amazed he is by how the series touched so many lives and how grateful he is for the fans who’ve kept the series in their hearts.

Burt Ward told everyone that he was selected out of 11,000 young actors who tried out for the part. He got it, the producers told him, because they felt that he WAS Robin. He exuded the kind of joyful exuberance that they were looking for.

Julie Newmar (who is just gorgeous) poo-pooed the recent DARK Batmans and said that their show was the best Batman because it was funny, light-hearted, and fun. She also mentioned how she didn’t think the modern Batmans were much of actors since they have to wear so much armor, she preferred their costumes because they were able to move in them. She also asked Burt why he wore his underwear on the outside and got a lot of laughs.

There was a lot of fan love for this trio – so much so that one guest at the end came up on stage and proposed to his girlfriend who was wearing a Catwoman outfit.

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