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Manu Bennett Talks Arrow, Spartacus, Hobbit at Phoenix Comicon & does the Haka

June 7, 2014

I think I might be officially smitten. Manu’s been working at a lot of cons and even though he showed up late due to being stuck in traffic, he was absolutely delightful, funny, charming, and yeah those biceps of his are quite spectacular.

Manu Bennett talked about the multiple injuries that he got working on Spartacus, how in New Zealand actors do their own stunts, he found it odd coming to US/Canada where thanks to lawsuits he had to let stunt doubles do the work that he was used to doing.

He talked about his hilarious audition for Slade, he had just come back from visiting the troupes overseas and had been taught by a serviceman how to do a choke hold. When he read his scene for Arrow – he was supposed to choke hold Oliver. He asked if a PA could come over and read the lines w/ him directly instead of having him behind the camera. The PA came over and Manu got him in the choke hold and lo and behold the guy went limp and passed out. Authenticity – that’s how to win a part!

At the end of the panel he was asked to show us how to do a Maori “Haka” dance – he asked people to come up on stage with him to show them how to do it. And the panel ended w/ him doing the Haka!

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