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January 17, 2014


Has Superman inspired you as a person?  Want to give that chance to a child?  A child, who is in the hospital with perhaps a malignant disease.

Josh Elder wrote the Adventures of Superman story “Dear Superman.” (above is the digital cover but it will also be the print cover)  It is truly a Superman story that you and children everywhere will enjoy.

The print comes out on February 26, 2014.  Josh has had the experience of caring for his ill mother when he was 9 years old.  She had cancer.  Later in life, he was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma.

Here is his story from November 4, 2013 on usatoday. Read it.  It is uplifting!

He also runs a nonprofit reading literacy advocacy group called Reading With Pictures.  Everyone should enjoy books.


Call your local comic book shop and ask them to be sure they have Adventures of Superman #10 on February 26th.

Then call your local hospital and contact the person who takes care of Child Life.  If they don’t understand, ask to speak to the Children’s Department and explain what you are doing.  Get the name of the person who will be handing the comic book to the children. That’s important.

Ask if you would be permitted to bring a comic book.  Tell them it will be new.  Ask if it has to be unread.  You don’t want to spread infection.  See what the hospital policy is.  Be sure the proper person gets the comic book.

Go to your local comic book shop on February 26th and buy Adventures of Superman #10.  Get one for you and one/some for the children in the hospital.  Then deliver it to the hospital.

Bring some joy to a child.  Bring them Superman.  Read the story and see how even a powerful hero can only do so much.  Superman inspires people to aspire.  To be better.  And he has his heroes, too.  Like children in the hospital.

Be a Superman for a child.  It may be the best and only thing you can do.


Let’s get the word out about this.  Use your blogs and websites.

Be Superman!


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