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Digital-Firsts: The BEST Superman Stories!

December 16, 2013

Adventures of Superman

DC Comics digital firsts are proving to give fans the Superman they all know and love.  ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN has various writers and artists presenting one-shots and multiple-chapter stories.   Every Monday this book is giving fans the dual identity, aliens, Metropolis, the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor and all new friends and enemies.   Lots of action, heart, and stories you’ll remember for a long time.  Available for 99 cents per week/chapter.  Chapters are then placed in a print version the following month.  The best Superman for the price.

Comixology now has subscriptions, and iBooks has previews.  Be sure to put this on your pull list at your local/web comic book shop.  This is one book you’ll never want to be without.

Smallville Alien

Smallville fans!  Smallville Season 11 has changed its moniker.  Now ‘books’ (digital or print) will be named after the episode.  The last SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 story was OLYMPUS with Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.  SMALLVILLE TITANS, with Connor Kent and Jay Garrick, just finished digitally and in print.  SMALLVILLE ALIEN is now happening digitally.  Chloe and Lex have returned for this story which heavily involves the seasonal arc.

If you have a digital subscription at Comixology, you will have to purchase the first chapter of an episode and then can subscribe for the other chapters.   Digital- firsts still appear on Fridays.  Again, be sure to have this on your pull list!  It’s a very exciting book and Bryan Q. Miller with various artists is bringing us great Superman and call backs to the show.


Two prints that are not in the new 52 continuity that you may want to take a look at are Tom Taylor’s EARTH 2 (beginning with issue #17) and Scott Snyder’s SUPERMAN UNCHAINED.   Try them and see if you like them.

There’s some great Superman stories out there, just not necessarily within the new 52 continuity.

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