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What Superman Comics Do I Put On My Pull Lists/Subscriptions?

July 31, 2013

New 52 still giving you a headache?  Want to read a Superman you recognize?  Here’s our guide to the best Superman books (both digital first and print) DC Entertainment has to offer.


SUPERMAN UNCHAINED by Scott Snyder & Jim Lee

Technically in the new 52 realm but not necessarily in it’s continuity.  Superman has the Kryptonian armor and Clark is blogging outside the Daily Planet, but the rest of the story is pure Superman Mythology.

Scott Snyder is taking on the Man of Tomorrow for his 75th anniversary.  Take a gander at these quotes from interviews with the scribe:

“I’ve tried to put everything that I can into it that I want to explore, about Superman the things that make him the most heroic of characters and the stuff that makes him vulnerable.”

She [Lois] plays a pivotal role in Unchained, too, Snyder says. She and Superman (as Clark Kent) “always have the romantic tension, but at the same time they share an incredibly deep admiration. That is the relationship I’m looking to explore, and you’ll see a parallel between what’s happening in each of their stories and how they inspire each other at different moments.”

“Batman has a different dynamic with his supporting cast in general, but Superman — both as Clark and Superman — is someone who inspires openly and wears his heart on his sleeve in a lot of ways,” Snyder explains. “He’s a leader, but he can both make fun of himself as Clark and also take people to task and throw good one-liners in there, too.”

— above from June 10, 2013 interview in USA Today 

And for those of you worried about the bullship fauxmance in this book:

…because they do have a connection, Superman and Lois. And that will never go away. But mostly I wanted to do a book where Lois had a big part because she inspires Superman so tremendously. She’s kind of his human counterpart. She’s always trying to do the right thing and pursue the truth even if there is great peril to herself. They have a connection that goes beyond the fact they want to hook-up or get together, which they do want to, but also they have a deep admiration for each other and that’s part of what the story is about. Lois has a big investigative journalism plot which plays a key role in every issue.

Buzzfeed interview June 7, 2013

I really have no bones about saying to you: this is a huge Lois Lane story. I wouldn’t say that to you if it wasn’t. She has a crucial role in it that is much more than any tiny supporting role. She doesn’t need to be saved. She is the key to unraveling the mystery of Wraith, of Ascension, of everything.

 He [Superman/Clark] couldn’t do it without her. I promise you, a lot of Lois and important Lois, and I love writing her.

There are other books, obviously, that will focus on the Superman/Wonder Woman connection and I’m excited about those, but that’s not in my book. I’m not exploring that. This is about the relationship of Superman and Lois. So if that’s what you’ve been missing, come check it out, because it’s in there.

Newsarama July 22, 2013

Superman Unchained is available in print-first and digital with the first two issues having multiple variant covers.  Also there is a Superman Unchained #1 Director’s Cut which showcases not only Jim Lee’s pencils, but the full final script by Scott Snyder.  PUT IT ON YOUR PULL LIST!

Digital-firsts . . . the first great Superman stories during the new 52 era.

As you know, OSCK and G2Factor have supported Smallville Season 11 before the initial digital-first was made available.  Now, we are happy to announce, Comixology has subscriptions available for digitals.  It works like a pull list.  So be sure to put Smallville Season 11 on your subscription.

SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 by Bryan Q. Miller, currently with interiors by Jorge Jimenez & cover art by Cat Staggs


Want to see Superman and Wonder Woman mythologies done right?  Check out the latest episode, OLYMPUS.  That’s right, the Amazon Princess is in Washington, DC searching for a boy she met on her island years ago.  Meanwhile Clark and Lois are investigating and reporting in the Capitol and also pay a visit to Senator Martha Kent and Shelby.  Chapters 56 and 57 of this story are already available.  Smallville Season 11 may be downloaded every Friday morning.  Start your weekend with having this in your digital subscriptions.  Prints of the episode will be available the second Wednesday of the month.  Get both!

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN — various writers and artists


Want a boost on a Monday?  Check out the Adventures of Superman.  This digital-first comic has had great stories.  Some are stand alones, some have 2 or 3 chapter arcs.  Chapter 15 will hit the web on August 5th.  This is the Superman you have always known and it never gets boring or old hat.  Prints are available the last Wednesday of the month.  Get the best Superman stories in this book.  It’s the Superman you love.   Make every week, Superman week.  Put it on your subscription and pull lists.  (At this time, there are 3 print books available. All are great!)

For more information regarding Superman stories currently available from DC Entertainment, be sure to listen to the G2Factor on Sunday evening at 5pmET/4pmCT.   talkshoe live chat room and streaming available during the show.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.  Check out G2Factor’s blog as well.  Hope to see you there!

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