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January 17, 2013


Friday, January 17th is SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 FRIDAY with the 30th digital-first.  HAUNTED continues.  Clark and Bart have their work cut out for them with the Black Flash.  Lois has that post-it to figure out.  And the speed force is messing with time — as usual.

So fire up the apps and get ready to read the best Superman DC Comics has to offer.


Some very sad news this week.  Superman Family Adventures, a book for EVERYONE, children of all ages, was cancelled.  Its last issue will be in April.  This book was a joy to read.  Full of classic Superman.  We are puzzled as to why DC Comics would not want to build new readers by entertaining the young (and young at heart).  Perhaps this book could have been a digital-first since young people seem to take to electronics like ducks to water.  But, again, DC Comics doesn’t seem to understand how to build the industry.  No more laughing.  No more fun.  

Good news!!!  Bryan Q. Miller will be announcing his Kickstarter book, Earthward.  Be sure to check it out on so you can be on the foundation of a dream.

More good news.  Art Baltazar and Franco — the authors and artist of Superman Family Adventures have started AYCPublishing and will be featuring books for and written by young people.  Again these books will be for EVERYONE.  More info about this as it becomes available.

G2Factor will be talking about SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #30, a bit of Superboy #16, our feelings about the digital-first Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 which is tied to the video game, and, as usual, the DC Comics news.   Join us Sunday.  It looks like a mixed bag.

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