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November 8, 2012

Be sure to pick up your print copy of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #7 at your comic book store.  This has all the digital first chapters from October.

Friday, November 16th, we’ll download the latest chapter of DETECTIVE.  When last we saw our favorite characters, Clark has had the kryptonite bullets removed by Batman as Lois Lane looks on.  They have made it to the Leviathan and the police have lost their trail.  What will Batman think of Lois Lane?  What will the Clark and Lois reunion scene look like?  Will Lex be able to detect Superman’s whereabouts or will the Batman fix that problem for his new bff?

Smallville Season 11 really should be on your pull list and on your schedule to download every Friday when a new chapter is available. Smallville Superman is the BEST, REAL, TRUE Superman DC Comics has to offer.  YOU KNOW HIM.  Although he’s younger than the guy in the new 52, he truly has his shit together.  And Lois Lane is by his side, watching his back, and his soulmate.  She is NOT kicked to the curb.  She kicks ass with attitude and with her reporting.

The new 52 promotions for Superman and his stories — belittle, malign and disrespect the Lois Lane in that incarnation.  Her position in the Superman mythos has been usurped by Wonder Woman (as ‘love’ interest and confidant) — just ask Jim Lee, Dan Didio, Geoff Johns and the DC Blog.  To them, Lois is nothing more than something on the bottom of their shoe and he’s an alien, y’know, with a super physiology (albeit humanoid) that can’t relate to humans (or the Daily Planet).  So if you want to connect with the Lois Lane you have always known, BUY SMALLVILLE SEASON 11.

Smallville Season 11 has never had a promotional push by DC Comics and they label this Superman story in the “well, it was a tv show” category.  But Smallville Season 11, like the tv show, has the most genuine spirit of Superman in all aspects of his life.  You know who Clark Kent is — and he does too, because he’s had 10 years to figure it out on the show.  And the show was wise enough to know that Lois Lane is crucial to the story since she will be celebrating the 75th anniversary this Spring along side Clark/Superman.  Let’s hope the eggheads at DC Comics figure it out for the new 52 and FAST!  Otherwise this little comic based on a  tv show, Smallville Season 11 without any promotion, will continue to outsell their ‘big books’ each and every week — and at a 99 cent price point!


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