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August 29, 2012

Wednesday, August 29th is print comic book day.  Want a great read with classic characters done in a fresh and fun way?  Buy Superman Family Adventures by Art Baltazar and Franco.  Put it on your pull list for success.  This issue features Titano.  It’s for EVERYONE.  Kids of all ages.  Let the laughter and love ring throughout your home.

Smallville Season 11 is a digital first comic released on 3 Fridays out of the month.  Last Friday’s installment, #14, is the top selling digital comic.  This is based on revenue and at a 99 cent price point competing with much more expensive books, making it consistently to #1 week after week is no small feat.  The Little Comic Book That Could Is Doing It!!!

This Friday, August 31st, start up your apps for Smallville Season 11 #15, Chapter 3 of the second episode of DETECTIVE.   Somewhere between 9:15 AM and 9:45 AM EDT is when they feed the fans.  Classic Superman in a Smallville context.  Brilliant writing by Bryan Q. Miller with pencils by Chris Cross.  Digital cover art by Cat Staggs.  This book has it all with lots of panels for 99 cents.  It’s the REAL Superman.

Wednesday, September 5th, the print version of Smallvile Season 11 #5 will be in comic book shops.  This is a compilation of the digital first chapters 1 thru 3 of DETECTIVE.  Batman comes to Metropolis!  This book is the only place you will get the World’s Finest in the DC Universe.   It is stuffed full of pages and panels and all for $3.99.  Best buy DC Comics has. Put it on your pull list to insure the success of this book.

Sunday, September 2nd at 5:00pmEDT/4:00pmCDT G2Factor will discuss both of these books.  Should be a good time with these reads.  Live chatroom and streaming during show.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.


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