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July 19, 2012

Friday, July 20th Smallville Season 11, episode GUARDIAN, chapter 11 will be available for download.  This story is rocketing to its inevitable climax.   Hank Henshaw, madman cyborg and pawn of Lex Luthor vs Superman/Clark Kent, the hero of the story.   Lois may be a target/hostage to be used against Clark.  And what about the people walking around in a Smallville cornfield?

Just one more digital-first chapter of this premiere episode available on July 27th.   Then the print version of the last three chapters will be in comic shops on August 1st.  Be sure to have it on your pull list (subscription).

The next episode will feature World’s Finest aka Superman/Batman so tell your Batman friends while waiting in line to see TDKR about this event.   The REAL Superman meets Gotham’s Dark Knight.

The Little Book That Could still is keeping it real and is giving us the heart and soul of the Superman story with every single chapter and issue.  Bryan Q. Miller is giving us everything we love about Smallville and Superman.  We can see his passion in the panels and on the pages.

Smallville Season 11


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