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July 16, 2012


The premiere digital-first chapter of the second episode, DETECTIVE, should be released as a download on Friday, August 17th.

Smallville Season 11 readers already know how great Superman is in Bryan Q. Miller’s book.  Many reviewers have declared this interpretation as THE REAL SUPERMAN.   Smallville Season 11 has become a refuge for Superman fans who feel disenfranchised by the new 52.

Batman fans, the stigma is no more:  “But it’s Smallville!  I’m supposed to hate it, right?”  Let’s be honest here.  Smallville the tv show was not always iconic, didn’t get everything right and could send you screaming for a therapist after certain scenes/episodes.  BUT people who left the show may not have seen how Smallville finished . . . Clark finally became SUPERMAN in every sense of the word.  Clark Kent had glasses.  He’s in a committed relationship with Lois.  He’s working as a journalist as well as a superhero.  Lex Luthor is the villain of the story.   And all of these things are in Smallville Season 11.

Recently, a solid veteran Batman addict, read Smallville Season 11 — and confessed he LIKED IT.  “It’s really Superman.”

Now, Bryan Q. Miller is creating the only example of WORLD’S FINEST fans will get after the fateful new 52 reboot.  Batman fans need to check out Smallville Season 11 and give it a chance.

Superman/Batman fans who miss that book — grab up DETECTIVE when it premieres in August.

Bryan recently tweeted each episode is written like a TV movie.  “Way more panels. We’re stuffing in as much Superman/Batman action into “Detective” as we possibly can.”

This is a digital-first book, meaning it has to continue to be successful as a digital.  The first print issue for DETECTIVE will contain the first 3 digital chapters and will be in comic shops on September 5th.  But why wait?  Get your Superman/Batman bromance going as soon as possible.  PUT IT ON YOUR PULL LIST!

In the meantime, check out Smallville Season 11 to see Bryan’s style and incredible writing talent.  There are 3 print books available now,  1 new digital chapter of GUARDIAN came out Friday, July 13th.  The last two digital chapters of the premiere episode will be released on Fridays, July 20th and July 27th.

If you’ve never downloaded a digital-first (it’s different than the combo pack process), here’s how to do that.

The Little Comic That Could is doing it!!!

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