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July 6, 2012

No digital on July 6th, but Smallville Season 11 #3 print was released on Wednesday, July 4th.  Don’t forget to pick up your pull list.

Smallville Season 11 digital will return on Friday the 13th (a lucky day for this book) with chapter 10 of the premier episode, GUARDIAN.

Sad news regarding the Superman panel at SDCC.  Bryan Q. Miller, who was to appear on it, now has been told he will not.  Bryan is still signing autographs from 2 to 3pm on Saturday.  For those of you going to SDCC, show your support for Smallville Season 11 by telling Bryan how much you appreciate his Superman.  As Smallville fans, we can make this an event!  Make the line really long and make some noise so DC can hear you from the Superman panel.

Action Annual #1 comes out in October.  Sholly Fisch, former Superman Adventures writer, will be filling the 5 year gap between Morrison’s Action and the Superman book.   Did you really think Grant could do it?

More sad news . . . also in the Action Annual #1 will be a story by Max Landis.  Yes, the guy who disparaged Superman and all the characters of the Death of Superman story in particular and the DC Universe in general.   The new 52 DC has a history of hiring people who don’t like the Man of Steel to work on his books.  Rags Morales, anyone?

G2Factor will be discussing Bryan Q. Miller’s HEX of Smallville Season 8 fame as well as Action #11 (Superman says Lois) and the latest DC news.  Be sure to listen in on Sunday, July 8th at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT.  Live chatroom and streaming available.  Downloads after show on iTunes and talkshoe.

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