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June 29, 2012

As we await digital chapter 9 of GUARDIAN on Friday, June 29th, let’s talk a little about print.  Yes, by all means buy the digitals.  Season Season 11 is such an amazing series, you’ll want it as soon as you can get it.  Tell your friends, everyone, how much you’re enjoying getting a bundle of joy for 99 cents three weeks in a row.

PRINT:  This is the measure the comic book world regards as success or failure for a book.  Yes, it is important to BUY the print, but the book ‘rating’ system is based on ORDERS.  How many copies of a book do comic shops order before they sell?  This can sometime be a guessing game for comic shop owners.  That is why there is a mechanism to give them a better idea (and DC Comics for that matter) of how many ‘floppies’ to order.  It’s a called a pull list.  It’s basically a subscription (usually pull first, pay later).  Digitals do not have this yet (but their sales numbers are evident by the amount of downloads).

Go to your local comic book shop (this can also be done on the web).  You’ll probably be asked for your name and telephone number.  Very rudimentary information.  Each week they will set aside the comics you’ve indicated you wanted.  Sometimes, depending on the number of series you have on your pull list, you can get discounts on comics and other merchandise.  Comic book shop owners are retailers.  They like to make money.  Most likely, they don’t care if you’re male or female — just as long as you have the green or plastic.

The books on your pull list go on a ‘master’ order form which is sent to DC Comics (or whatever comic company) and that ‘order’ is counted towards that particular book which is then represented on Diamond Distributors list of comic orders for the month of release. So have your pull list in place BEFORE Smallville Season 11 comes out in print.  That way you will be sure to get your issue — and the book will not be UNDER-ordered.

A book is under ordered when it is sold out.  Merchants didn’t realize the popularity of the book.  Sometimes these go into another printing.  BUT it is important that the initial printing of an issue goes up the monthly charts for it to be determined successful or not.

So start your PULL LIST.  Make your wishes known about Smallville Season 11.  Bryan Q. Miller’s Superman has been called the best Superman, the REAL Superman.  For people who are disheartened by the new 52 Superman in Action and Superman, this is the book for you!  We also recommend Superman Family Adventures — this book is for kids of ALL AGES.   We’re all kids at heart, right?  AW YEAH!

So on Wednesday, July 4th, save yourself the trouble of hunting for the above print cover for SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #3.  Just walk around the shop (or peruse the webpage) and have your pull list of comics handed to you.   Feel special.

Digital purchasers already know why this cover looks the way it does.  Now go get it in print!

On Sunday, July 1st, at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT, G2Factor will be discussing Smallville Season 11 digital #9, Superman Family Adventures #2, Superman #10 and Justice League #10.  Busy week for Superman in the comics.  Live chatroom and streaming are available.  Downloads after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.  Hope to see you there!

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