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June 18, 2012

The above is what you need to look for this Friday (June 22nd) when purchasing your digital comic, chapter 8 of the first episode called GUARDIAN.  From #7, we know Lex is evol!  Clark displays righteous anger.  Lois consoles Mrs. Henshaw as her husband is aware of his pain in a STAR labs burn ward.  Mr. and Mrs. Queen visit a Smallville cornfield at night trying to find the mysterious space ship.  This is a must read.

This is what you need to look for if you haven’t already bought Smallville Season 11 print #1.  You may have trouble finding it since a lot of comic shops are sold out of it.  The Little Comic That Could is going into a 2nd printing!!!  According to ComicList, the color may vary when these 2nd printings appear July 18th.  The first print issue contains digitals 1-3.

It’s important that the print comics are successful.  For the month of May, Smallville Season 11 issue #1 was 96th in print orders.  Being in the top 100 is a good sign people enjoy this comic, story, and version of Superman.  It also may be an indication the book was under-ordered by shops.  (Thus the second printing.) Smallville Season 11 is a phenomena!!!

In more Smallville Season 11 news, the second episode’s title has been released.  It’s called DETECTIVE.  Yes, Smallville fans, the Batman has made it to Metropolis along with Nightwing.  Not Dick Grayson, but Stephanie Brown, the former Batgirl written by Bryan Q. Miller.  The first digital chapter of DETECTIVE may appear on August 17th.

In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of GUARDIAN.  Here’s the schedule:

Chapter 8  June 22nd digital #8 Friday

Chapter 9  June 29th digital #9 Friday

Wednesday Print (Chapters 7-9)  July 4th Smallville Season 11 #3

Chapter 10  July 13th digital #10 Friday

Chapter 11  July 20th digital #11 Friday

Chapter 12  July 27th digital #12  Friday

Wednesday Print (Chapters 10-12)  August 1st Smallville Season 11 #4

The Little Comic That Could is doing it!

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  1. June 29, 2012 10:09 am

    I love watching smallville clark kent is my hero

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