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June 1, 2012

The Infamous Maple Doughnut

And it’s National Doughnut Day in the US!!!  Bryan Q. Miller will definitely be having a good day.  Well deserved.

Soon Smallville Season 11 digital #6 will be released and we all can enjoy a REAL Superman comic.  Let’s see if Smallville S11 #6 can soar to the top of the digital sales faster than #4 & #5.

For a more tactile read, don’t forget Smallville Season 11 print #2 will be in your comic shop on Wednesday, June 6th.  Hope you’ve started your pull list so you can be sure to get your copy.  This helps with order numbers which is a important determination of success in the comics world.  Support this book so we can feed our Smallville/Superman addiction.

While you’re at the comic shop, if you haven’t already, pick up Superman Family Adventures #1 by Art & Franco.  It’s a book for EVERYONE (including grown ups).  Bring the joy of reading comics back into your life for another day.  Read it to the munchkins.  Gotta start that Superman addiction early.

These two books will save the Superman fan in you.  Somebody saaaaaave meeeeeee.

Hold onto Smallville!

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