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May 31, 2012

After some difficulty with its various apps, Smallville Season 11 #5 went to the top spot on Wednesday, May3oth.  One day later, after the print firsts were released, Smallville Season 11 #5 was third, only to be surpassed by a $2.99 comic based on another television show and a Batman Annual at $3.99.  Well done!

Superman fans are awaiting to see how Bryan Q. Miller makes Hank Henshaw into his comic canon self.  For fans who are not familiar with the history, his most famous appearance came during the unprecedented Death of Superman  story arc.   All the elements are there for Smallville Season 11 Henshaw to meet his tragic metamorphosis with some encouragement from the budding evil master genius, Lex Luthor.

Will Smallville Season 11 digital #6 give us more about the mysterious person at the end of digital #5?  Will STAR labs keep this arrival secret from Clark or will our hero have multiple jobs for Superman to contend with?  Get your apps ready to purchase  the download Friday, June 1st to find out!

Also available in comic shops and digitally on Wednesday, May 30th, was/is Superman Family Adventures #1.  This comic is for EVERYONE!  (including grown ups)  Give it a try – you may find yourself chuckling at Art and Franco’s take on Superman and his cast.  This comic is a joy to read!

Smallville Season 11 print #2 will be available in comic shops on June 6th for $3.99.  Packed with more story than any new 52 book and more of the Smallville tv series episode guide.  BUY IT!  (Print numbers are important to the future and continuance of this comic.)

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