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May 28, 2012

If you’re using the DC Comics app, this may be the case.  While the folks at Comixology work on the situation, let’s get you that copy of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #5.

All digital comic purchases go through Comixology.  Yes, even when you have a DC Comics app or use the DC Comics digital website.  You only purchase once, but all purchases go through Comixology, that’s the hub for all the digital comic app and webpage ‘spokes’.

To purchase your desired digital, go to and login using the same user name and password you use on your app.  If you haven’t ‘registered’ on the Comixology website before, do it now.  This will hook you up with the same account that you use on your app — be sure to use the same user name and password for this to go smoothly.  You will see all your purchases in the My Comics section.  Find Smallville Season 11 #5 — it will definitely be on the top selling page, and purchase it.  (You may have to register a credit card if you’ve been purchasing through iTunes or some other venue).   Then you can download onto your device as usual.  Added benefit, you can read your comics on the Comixology website if your device is not handy.

If you have any problems, either tweet @cmxlgy_support or contact Comixology support via the website using the Contact webpage for email.  Give them all the info they will need to help you — like which app or webpage, your device’s operating system, etc.

May 28th is a holiday in the US, so they may only have a skeletal crew working, please be patient.  Comixology has always been very good about helping its customers with their situations.

Let’s get Smallville Season 11 #5 in the top spot by the morning of Wednesday, May 30th.

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