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May 24, 2012

Look into my eyes & find a surprise!

SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 digital #4 hit the top of the digital comics’ chart, beating out well established and new print-first digitals.   This after a two week hiatus which many feared would effect the sales momentum.  Smallville Season 11 is a 99 cent price point so in order to outsell a $3.99 digital, it has to sell more than 4:1.  But the excitement doesn’t stop there.  Less than 24 hours from now, Smallville Season 11 digital #5, chapter 5 of the episode GUARDIAN will be released on Friday, May 25th.  Let’s see if #5 can beat #4’s race to the #1 spot.

If you haven’t purchased #4 yet, do so now.  A review follows (but I’m not going to reveal too many details, so buy it).

A change of cover and digital icon, see above, for this chapter since it and #5 & #6 digitals will be made available in print on June 6th, a Wednesday.   Cat Staggs is the cover artist.  Fantastic job on Lex’s face (Michael Rosenbaum).   The Kyrptonian glyphs may spell out MURDER.  Written by prolific Bryan Q. Miller with amazing interior art by Pere Perez, chapter 4 of GUARDIAN starts at the Metropolis General Hospital.  Keeping with the Smallville tradition of scenes in a hospital.

Lex’s incredible brain function is explained by the Series (Season Ten) Finale neurotoxin.  This plot point also allows us to see how Lex does recover some memories.  Keep in mind Tess always protects Clark’s secret.   Otis shows up to get his boss on track.  And Superman has some cool gadgets while investigating in space.  Batman has a utility belt; Clark has an electronic utility belt buckle.

Virgil Swann (Christopher Reeve’s character on the show) is represented while Dr. Emil Hamilton and Chloe discuss the latest findings of the mysterious energy burst and also Clark’s growing powers.

Superman fans will appreciate the HEDs since they could be several ‘instruments’ from the Superman comics.

Miller knows these characters inside out.  There is never a mis-step in what they say or do.  Clark is Clark, Lois is always Lois and Lex is becoming the greatest evil mind of our time.  Clark and Lois reporting on Lex!

Another cliffhanger with the introduction of a ‘hero’ to Smallville fans.

RATING:  Please, Sir, may we have some more?!

This book is a beacon of hope to Smallville and Superman fans alike.  Let’s make sure it continues.  Support this book by purchasing it!

Would you like to hear what Bryan Q. Miller has to say about Smallville Season 11, Smallville tv series, Batgirl and doughnuts?  Take a listen to G2Factor’s interview on talkshoe.  (Also available on iTunes)  Bryan arrives about 70 minutes into the show.  Amazing guest.  Truly a great guy.  HE made US feel at ease.  We ‘tortured’ him for 2 hours.  Fun time had by all.

Important Dates:

5/25, Friday — Smallville Season 11 digital #5 released.

5/30, Wednesday — In print, Superman Family Adventures by Art & Franco.  It’s not just for kids.  

6/1, Friday — Smallville Season 11 digital #6 released.

6/6, Wednesday — In print, Smallville Season 11 #2.  Look for Lex on the cover.

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  1. Chris permalink
    May 30, 2012 9:13 pm

    This book is wonderful. A refuge against everything that is going wrong with the New 52. I hope they bring in Booster and the JSA, the sales numbers will double.

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