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May 23, 2012

“Honestly, it mostly comes down to sales, John. My experience has been that people vote with their dollars, more than ever. With so many titles to choose from each month, both from DC and the other companies out there, I think we can reliably look at our month-to-month sales and gauge whether what we’re doing is working or not. As far as determining what, specifically is not working, that’s a little trickier.” – Matt Idelson, Superman Group Editor, on Ask Matt for

The average percentage of diminishing orders of the TOP TEN DC COMICS since October, 2011 is 29.41.  In other words, 29.41%  less books were ordered in April, 2012 than in October, 2011.   How do some of the Super books compare to that average?

Action Comics written by Grant Morrison has 42.82% less orders in April than last October.  Superman, who started out with George Perez for six issues, has new creators Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens who keep this book very close to the average month to month at 31.57% less orders than October.

Let’s take a look at Scott Lobdell’s Superboy.   At 44.45% less books being ordered in April, 2012, it has the highest deficit of the three books and yet – Lobdell has been tapped to take over the consistent  Superman (despite two writing teams already) in September.  WHY?   It certainly isn’t the numbers.  Why put a writer whose story about a young ‘Superman’ is failing to maintain orders month to month on a book that, all things considered, is maintaining its order numbers?

Superman wasn’t/isn’t in trouble.  Action and Superboy are.  The numbers have shown this month after month.  So why mess with the Superman book yet again?  Could it be something besides numbers?

Could it be that Lobdell will be more attuned to editorial’s desires to continuously hard reboot the character of Superman?  And if so, why this insistence that Superman would flourish as an alienated anti-hero rather than the true blue hero he has been for 74 years?  Why not just call him Mister Majestic and get it over with?  Or doesn’t the character of Mister Majestic not sell well even if you put him in Superman’s new 52 armor?  Guess the only way to find that out is to take the character from creators who have written Superman well and who have great love for the character and place him in the hands of someone who will tow the editorial line.

Final question:  At what cost to the iconic character and his fans?

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  1. June 7, 2012 4:25 pm

    The reboot will be the real “Death of Superman.” Doomsday can’t hold a candle to the current creative team at DC.

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