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May 17, 2012

Buy these in your comic shop!

FRIDAY MAY 18th (maybe between 9:30 am and 10 am EDT) fans will be able to purchase Chapter 4 of the episode, GUARDIAN.  SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 IS BACK!  Digitally speaking.  If you’re not aware of how to purchase a digital comic, click here.

SMALLVILLE FANS – In case you aren’t aware, Superman fans have had a rough time of it with the hard reboot of their beloved hero and his cast of characters.   Let’s embrace them.  They know Clark Kent of Smallville.  They may not realize it yet.  If we want more Smallville, these digitals and prints have to sell well.  Let’s show DC Comics what we’re made of!

SUPERMAN FANS – If you weren’t enamored of World of New Krypton or Grounded and you’re hoping for your Superman to return, this article from Matt Idelson, Superman Group Editor, may dash your hopes even further.  Supermanhomepage Idelson Questions  But take heart, there is still a Superman alive and kicking butt in SMALLVILLE SEASON 11.    Susan Kwanzaa is the editor of the book.

Even if you never watched the show, you know this Clark Kent.  He has heart, hope; he inspires.  It’s the early days of his career as Superman in Metropolis.  Living and working with Lois at the Daily Planet.  He has a few additonal characters, some you may recognize, some you may not, but give it a try.  Many reviewers have said that Smallville Season 11 Clark Kent and story is the REAL SUPERMAN.  You be the judge.  Buy it and see.

Plus, I’m sure you will enjoy Bryan Q. Miller’s style of writing.  There is action, mythos, humor and inspiration.  Just what a Superman story should be.  Pere Perez, interior penciller,  is doing a great job of getting the actors’ likenesses and Cat Staggs has been giving us radiant digital-covers.

Here’s a teaser:  Miller is bringing Hank Henshaw into the story.  AND Wayne Industries seems to own the Daily Planet now.  Somebody might have to come and inspect his assets.

The first 3 digitals are in Smallville Season 11 #1 print — still available at your comic shop.  Let’s show TPTB at DC Comics some great numbers.

If you want to spend this Sunday afternoon (May 20th)  listening to talk about Smallville the tv series, Superman, Batgirl or Smallville Season 11 comics, you might want to listen to the G2Factor.  Bryan Q. Miller will be making a guest appearance.  Downloads will be available on iTunes and talkshoe.


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