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May 4, 2012

Bryan Q. Miller has tweeted Smallville Season 11 digital-firsts will be back on May 18th.  It appears DC Comics is basing the release of the digital on the print dates and backtracking 3 Fridays.

Smallville Season 11, GUARDIAN

Chapter 4  May 18th digital #4 Friday

Chapter 5  May 25th digital #5 Friday

Chapter 6  June 1st digital #6 Friday

Wednesday Print (Chapters 4-6)  June 6th Smallville Season 11 #2

Chapter 7  June 15th digital #7 Friday

Chapter 8  June 22nd digital #8 Friday

Chapter 9  June 29th digital #9 Friday

Wednesday Print (Chapters 7-9)  July 4th Smallville Season 11 #3

Chapter 10  July 13th digital #10 Friday

Chapter 11  July 20th digital #11 Friday

Chapter 12  July 27th digital #12  Friday

Wednesday Print (Chapters 10-12)  August 1st Smallville Season 11 #4

DC Comics came out with this schedule due to popular demand.  Keep up the pressure.  Let them know you are sincerely interested in this book’s (digital and/or print) story and success.  One way to do that might be the number of hits DC gets on their Smallville Season 11 schedule webpage.  Here’s the link.

Please don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm for this comic and story.  Smallville fans have dealt with the CW and Superman fans are dealing with the new 52.   Neither will ever take away our love and hope for Clark Kent.

Let’s show DC Comics that Smallville Season 11 is no fluke.  Let’s come back like the champions we are on May 18th and keep on fighting until the very end.  There’s a lot depending on this Little-Comic-That-Could.  It’s the Neverending Battle.

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  1. Chris permalink
    May 10, 2012 12:00 am

    I got the first issue and loved it. Compared to the drek they are peddling in most of the new 52 books it was a wonderful alternative! Green Arrow issue number 9 was so bad, I have been trying to get friends to try the Smallville book as refuge. The schedule won’t bother me given I am mostly buying pre NDCU books now in any event.


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