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May 3, 2012

Is this a possible print cover for SS11 (GUARDIAN) #4 in August?

Smallville Season 11, the digital-first series, is doing exceptionally well.  And that’s thanks to all the Smallville fans and Superman fans who need their Clark Kent fix.  The third issue is hanging in there at the #3 spot of top selling (revenue) digitals, only behind two $3.99 comics which were introduced yesterday, print comic book day.  On May 2nd, Smallville Season 11 #3 was the top dog over all digital comics sold (downloads and revenue).  At a 99 cent price point, Smallville Superman is killing them all and acting like a boss.

Digital issue 4, to be released Friday May 18th, may give us answers regarding the space craft we saw coming from the rift, another peak at Lex’s conscious aka Tess, Lois’ next story and how Clark will deal with all of these.  That’s pure speculation, BTW.

On May 2nd, the first print version (chapters 1-3 plus partial show episode guide) went on sale at comic shops around the world.  If you’re not sure where a local shop might be.  Check here.  It includes international shops.  If you don’t have a local, you can buy from DC Comics website, (Lone Star in Texas), (New York City) or (UK).  Choogle to see if your country has a web comic shop or a local.

The print version has lots of story pages for a monthly comic book.  It’s well worth the $3.99 price.  Print versions will go on sale the first Wednesday of the month.  Each print will contain 3 chapters plus more of the episode guide.  That means GUARDIAN which is 12 chapters will not finish in print until the August issue.


The above ‘cover’ was shown in a TV Guide article last week with a preview of digital issue 3 panels.  If this is the POSSIBLE PRINT cover for Smallville Season 11 #4, then we should be VERY excited.  Lex and Tess looming over what appears to be things/creations which may be a version of OMAC/Brother Eye as Clark looks vigilant and ready for a fight.  The ‘things’ could well be Lex’s Guardian project, but if they are ‘modeled’ after Brother Eye, then that could mean the head of Wayne Tech may be making an appearance, possible by episode 2 (which digital fans will see in July).


Saturday, May 5th, besides being Cinco de Mayo, is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  So venture down to your local and see what goodies you can walk away with.  DC’s free offer contains a story about the mysterious Pandora who brought down the old DCU and also 5 preview pages of Superman Family Adventures.  (That’s another book you should consider reading, its first issue comes out May 30th).

On Sunday May 6th at 5pm EDT/4pm CDT G2Factor will be reviewing Smallville and other Superman news.  There’s a live chat room and streaming.  If that doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can download on iTunes or talkshoe.

Let’s keep Smallville Season 11 selling like a speeding bullet!

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