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May 1, 2012

Courtesy of Bryan Q Miller

Let’s talk about pic above.  The Cat Staggs digital cover, you’re very familiar with.  The other cover is Gary Frank’s print cover which now includes Lois and Clark’s face has been tweaked.  THIS is what you need to look for when you go to the comic shop (local or web) on Wednesday, May 2nd.  Smallville Season 11 #1 PRINT day!!!  If you’ve got it on a pull list, great, you’ve helped the book already.  But buy two, if you can,to make it go into another printing.  MINT THE PRINT!!!

Many people need for this book to be successful for a variety of reasons.  Digital first comics could be an opportunity for creators and readers to have even more content — content they enjoy and are willing to purchase week after week.

The comics industry is still very focused on its print business and digital-firsts (as well as other digitals) are new territory.  Let’s show DC Comics that Smallville Season 11 can compete with its print-first cousins as well as being a digital phenomena.

Smallville Season 11, GUARDIAN, Chapter 3 is still racing up the digital sales charts as we speak.  Remember it has to sell 4:1 in order to  beat the $3.99 digitals.  Let’s hope we see it at the #1 spot revenue/download-wise by Wednesday morning — in order to greet its print counterpart’s debut.

This third chapter presents friendship between heroes, reconciliation and familial love, continued character development and the introduction of the ‘situation’ Clark and his team will encounter.   We see Superman doing what he does best, Metropolis’ underbelly, coffee cups (was there a doubt?), Watchtower (in a state of flux again) and how Clark and Lois say and talk about the same things even when they’re not together.

Bryan Q. Miller appears to be nurturing some healing to a very fractured fan base.  It is much appreciated.  The politics of television will no longer determine plots or who appears or who doesn’t.  He has a full palate to work from and he’s doing it brilliantly.

Pere Perez seems to be getting into the groove of getting the actors’ faces represented.  Clark as Superman is an exceptional panel and Lois’ last panel is definitely Erica Durance.


As we may have mentioned in previous articles, Smallville Season 11 seems to be helping its pre-52 Superman siblings.  Superman Beyond (another digital first, based on the pre-52 Superman) and Superman/Batman (print firsts) have appeared in the top lists of digital sales.  Superman/Batman was not promoted or given a sales special.   Even Superman #8, Giffen and Jurgens under-editorial-restraint’s Superman has remained in the top 10 of digital sales this week.

Grant Morrison recently gave an interview with Playboy and he stated, “No one wants to be the son of a farmer now.”  Smallville Season 11, Smallville, and Superman fans have an answer for him with their financial support of the mild mannered Clark Kent who was raised by the Kents and taught him how to have faith, hope and respect for all living things.

Friday, May 4th, Smallville Season 11, GUARDIAN, Chapter 4 comes out.  BUY IT!  It’s only 99 cents in the US.

For more news and reviews, G2Factor on talkshoe provides lively discussion regarding the latest Superman stories.

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