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April 19, 2012

Pere Perez's (Tom Welling in the suit) Superman just doing his job.

FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH, SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #2 ARRIVES!   BE SURE TO PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD YOUR DIGITAL BOOK.  Available through your DC Comic app or Comixology app on your devices or by going to the DC Comic website or Comixology website.   Issue 1 was released early, 9:30 am EDT, last Friday, so maybe it will be again.  Cause a frenzy for this Superman story!

This is the second installment of the ‘episode’, GUARDIAN.  There are rumors we’ll get to see Clark Kent doing every day things with Lois Lane, his fiancee.  The extraordinary and the ordinary makes Superman a unique character.

Issue #1 remains the Top Selling Digital Comic on Comixology (digital comic central).  Help to make comics history and save an industry!  Purchase each week.  It’s the future and you get a great story by Bryan Q. Miller, too.  Let’s also keep in mind purchasing the print (3 to 4 digital first) compilations to see how this book sizes up against the more traditional competition.

If you don’t recognize the above comic panel, run to your computer or smart device and purchase the digital first Smallville Season 11 issues.  This is the REAL Superman.  If you’ve never bought a comic or if you’ve never seen an episode of Smallville, you will have no problem understanding what is going on in this Superman story.   THIS is the book you can read, or you can read to your kids, or have them read.  Everyone can enjoy it’s uplifting tale of an alien farm boy saving the world.  He’s just doing his job.  It is short but then it is only part of a 12 issue arc.  Each digital first issue is available weekly (Friday) and only 99 cents in the US.

Smallville fans, you’re rocking it.  Spread the word and the Clark Kent love!  Fridays are Smallville Superman day!

IMPORTANT!  If you’re interested in the compilation print books (and we recommend getting both versions if possible), please inform your local comic book shop because they are NOW ordering their books for May and Smallville Season 11 first print book is due out May 2nd.  Start a pull list that way the shop can set aside the issues you want — and you might get a discount, too.  Check their policy for pull list benefits.  

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