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April 13, 2012

by Holli

Before I begin my review, I want to be sure that you have PURCHASED your copy of Smallville Season 11 digital first comic.  If you haven’t, do so now.  I’ll wait.

If you still haven’t bought the book, I’m not going to be giving too much away.  So go ahead and buy it.  It’s only 99 cents in the US and is available internationally.  If you don’t have a comic app, then go to

Why am I being a hardass about this?  Because if you don’t buy the book but get it via other means, then there will be no more Smallville ever again.  We’re talking the future of an industry transitioning into another media.  If Smallville Season 11 doesn’t sell well, then it will be no more.

Superman fans will find this comic amazingly nostalgic for several reasons.  One being, it is weekly.  In the 90s there was a Superman comic book released every week including the 5th week of the month.  Secondly, when you read these mere 12 pages, the emotions you had reading those comics return like a tidal wave.  Smallville Season 11 gives you hope in your heart and the joy of reading comics.  I had tears in my eyes reading this book, because Clark was Clark Kent, Superman, the Big Blue Boy Scout.   He’s back!!!

As you can see Cat Staggs draws a fantastic Tom Welling Superman on the cover!  Pere Perez is to be commended and praised for capturing the likeness and spirit of Tom Welling’s Clark Kent with his interior art.

Bryan Q. Miller gets Superman.  It’s evident from the get go.  Even in the opening pages when we don’t see Clark yet, the hope is back!!!  Miller surprises us, reassures us and introduces his characters beautifully.  The plot?  This is a character driven story and we’ve missed those so very much after all the event-oriented story arcs of the past few years in the Superman books.

Some familiar characters you do see:

The newspaper guy from Infamous, Green Arrow and Chole Sullivan Queen at the Watchtower, Lois Lane wearing her fav t-shirt dreaming in bed alone, Lex Luthor with a surprise character that everyone will recognize immediately, cosmonauts and best of all, the REAL Superman.

Miller made me cry, smile and hopeful that my Superman (spanning all the ages of comics pre-WONK) was back.  He made me BELIEVE!  And in doing so, makes me a fan of his writing and insights into the Man of Steel with his human ‘tethers’/cast of supporting characters firmly in place.  His pacing is great, there are thrills and chills and there isn’t even a fight.  It’s Superman just being Superman.

People who don’t understand Clark Kent wonder why we love him so much.  They consider him boring and out of touch with today’s world.  But that’s precisely why we need him.  He gives us the hope, the inspiration to be better than we are which makes the world a brighter place to be.  Superman is an oasis in a dark, seethingly angry world.   If we aspire to be more like him, we can make the world a better place.  He is the light in the darkness and convinces us we can be, too.  I think that is lost in the mindset of the new 52 where it has to be Batman all the time, every time.  Not every character should be like Batman — and definitely not Clark Kent.  Smallville Season 11 doesn’t allow that darkness to encrouch on our hero.  Thank you, Bryan Q. Miller and the rest of the crew who gave us this book.

This first installment is all about Superman.  It will make you believe again.

Added thanks to Comixology, who released this issue EARLY.  Smallville fans are special.

If you’re ‘not into digital’ or would like to support the book in all forms, there will be a monthly compilation print book available beginning May 2nd at your comic shop whether it is brick & mortar or on the web.  We suggest setting up a pull list for the shops to know how many of the issues to order.  Do it now because the release date for print is fast approaching and you don’t want to miss out.

I’ll be back next week for the review of the second digital first installment.  Can’t wait!


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  1. Reilly permalink
    April 14, 2012 6:52 am

    Good review – I agree with how good it is to see Tom’s Clark flying and with the idealistic Superman from former times that has been developed so beautifully by Smallville in continuity with the tradition. I enjoyed the first installment very much. My complaints are: too short; Lois doesn’t look like Erica Durance; and most importantly, I wish they didn’t make this Superman wear the ridiculous update of the costume. Smallville predates this update and connects with the classic Superman of previous years and of Christopher Reeve. Our Clark should be able to wear the classic costume. Among other reasons, the Tom Welling Clark, when not under the influence of red kryptonite, is extremely modest and it seems very unlikely he’d go with the more nude look of this design. This look connects more to the darker tone you describe in the newer versions and doesn’t fit here. All of that said, I’m glad they are at least allowing Smallville to continue in this format, even if a movie would have been so much better.

  2. daxam permalink
    April 14, 2012 8:05 am

    “It’s Superman just being Superman.”

    That says it all for me. It’s been months since we’ve just had that in the comics.

    This is the intro to what promises to be some good new stories of the beloved hero we knew. It is short, yes. But it’s really only a part of the comic we’ll end up with in print, and it’s a bargain.

    Hold on to Smallville by supporting Season Eleven by buying both!

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