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April 9, 2012

Print Cover by Gary Frank

Smallville fans have been waiting for this week since we heard our beloved show was being carried on in the comics!   This Friday, fans will be able to download the first installment of Smallville Season 11’s first episode, Guardian.

We’re anticipating when Comixology will put up the icons for the digital download.  Keep a sharp eye out on their website or your device application.  This is reminiscent of when Smallville fans were waiting for their weekly PURCHASED episodes from iTunes or Amazon Unboxed videos to get uploaded.   We’re a little nervous as Smallville Season 11 will be released on a Friday, not the usual comic book Wednesday — so if there’s nothing up by Thursday indicating it’s coming.  Make the call.  Send the email/tweet.  Show how interested you are in this digital-first comic.  If there’s a big enough response to this digital-first, then maybe Comixology will start subscriptions for digitals — wouldn’t that be great for a “dying industry” ?

INTERNATIONAL FANS:  Comixology has tweeted that you should not have a problem with purchasing and downloading the Smallville Season 11 comic on Friday the 13th.


There’s a reason we put Gary Frank’s print cover at the top.  (Cat Staggs will be doing all subsequent print covers.)  PRINT IS IMPORTANT!!!

If you are planning on buying the print compilation issue to be available May 2nd — Tell your local comic shop NOW!  This is so they can order enough so you won’t have to wait for a second printing or something.  One way to do that is . . .

Start a pull list

You tell the clerk you’d like to start a pull list, they hand you a form or whatever and take some rudimentary information which includes which comics you would like to be set aside for you.  Often a pull list will give you the benefit of a discount, not only on the comics but on other merchandise as well.  Check with you local comic book shop to see what their policy is.

Print numbers are important.  It’s why we recommend you buy both the digital and the print.  Digital is the future and print is the status quo for now.  Digital sales numbers have never been released, so let’s make them so HUGE for Smallville Season 11, that DC will want to boast about it.  “Print sales numbers” are really the count of how many books comic book shops order.  That’s why it’s important for you to let your local shop know you’re interested in purchasing Smallville Season 11 print on May 2nd.  They have to order it . . . like now, so you can get your copy.  Print ‘sales order’ numbers are reported one week after the month.   Let’s show DC Comics what Smallville fans can do!!!

FOR UK SMALLVILLE FANS:  Our friend, Karen, has found out Forbidden Planet is already taking pre-orders for print issues #1 and #2 at 2.65 pounds each.  If you don’t have a local comic book shop, this might be a venue for you.


Smallville fans don’t need no stinking target audience.  Since the WB became the CW, Smallville fans have defied the target audience.  Remember when Dawn O wanted her teenage girl network?  And how Smallville got treated because they had a huge male fanbase?  Reverse that for DC Comics.  They want the young males and Smallville fans have an equal amount of females.

Smallville fans, remember what Jonathan Kent said in LAZARUS:   Well, then, do what you do best. Prove him wrong!

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