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March 30, 2012

Digital Cover by Cat Staggs

Here’s an update on the process for purchasing the digital-first Smallville Season 11 comic.  Please notify ALL SMALLVILLE fans that this is happening!!!  Spread the word and make this comic an amazing sales event EVERY WEEK.  Make writer Bryan Q. Miller proud!


WHEN can I buy Smallville Season 11 digital first comics?

The first WEEKLY issue will be released on April 13th, a Friday.  Weekly digital-first comics can be purchased for 99 cents in the US.  Smallville fans can read each new issue on the same night of the week as Smallville finished out its 10 year run.

Before April 13th, you can experiment with the process by ‘purchasing’ free comics via your app or the website.  There are many free comics available.  We recommend Superman 101.


HOW do I get my hands on the digital-first Smallville Season 11 comic?

Comixology is the central point for all digital comics.  They distribute digital comics to the different apps.  So you only buy once and can read the comic on their website ( or on your device (Apple or Android).

  • Strictly web users:  You’ll need an account on  You can order and read on the website.  This is mainly for Windows OS users that have desktop, laptops, netbooks, etc.
  • You have a device app & another computer (for web read) – If you have an account on your device app, you will want to keep the same login name and password for the account for ease of use.  You only have to purchase once.  If you only read on the device, there’s no need for the Comixology. com account.
  • Android and Apple device users:  Apps are available through Android Market or iTunes, or websites.
  • Kindle Fire users:  Recently DC Comics for purchase have completely disappeared from the pre-loaded Comixology app.  Amazon, Kindle Fire apps, and Comixology customer services have answered inquiries into this situation.  DC COMICS HAS NOT ANSWERED POTENTIAL READERS WITH KINDLE FIRE DEVICES.

But have no fear, you can purchase Smallville Season 11 on the website and download it to your Kindle Fire.  This is a ‘work around’ since the loss of DC Comics from the pre-loaded Comixlogy app appears to be a contractual/licensing situation.  We’ll keep you informed when more details/facts become available. (Be sure to keep your login and password on your device app and the same for ease of use.)

  • Window apps users:  If you’re fortunate to get a DC Comics app via Windows Market for your smartphone and it’s reliable, then utilize it.  If you are unable to get a Windows app, you can use the website for purchase and reading


On Wednesday, May 2nd, you can purchase a compilation of four ‘issues’ in a print version.  Price will probably be $3.99 US.  Print compilation versions will be available monthly and on a Wednesday. Find a local comic book shop or if there isn’t one near you, subscribe print versions from the DC Comics or Comixology websites or national comic shop websites like Lone Star ( or  There are comic book shops all over the world, just like there are Smallville fans.

YOUR MISSION:  Smallville ended its run with approximately 3 millions viewers a week.  IF only 10 percent of us purchase these comics, we will out sell the top 3 comics of the new 52 combined.  LET’S GO FOR IT!!!  If possible, we recommend buying both versions of the comic.

Let’s show DC Comics who put the ‘fan’ in fanatic!  Smallville fans, that’s who!


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