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March 2, 2012

Lois: "Smallville Season 11, BQM remembered what you said?" Clark: "That's right."


Smallville Season 11 by Bryan Q. Miller, former Smallville story editor and writer, is a digital first comic.  That means you can digitally buy and read it on your computer, fancy cell phone or tablet before it’s available in print.  Apple, Android, Kindle Fire or web — you’re covered.  If you have an ipod, Android, ipad, Kindle Fire, or iphone you probably are already aware of the apps available for downloading comics.  If not, you can go to, or iTunes and download them for your different devices.

Some digitally savvy Smallville fans are familiar with downloading and/or subscribing to iTunes or Amazon (Unbox) Instant Video to get the episodes of the show.  Digital comics work a bit differently. does not, at this time, have subscriptions or pull lists available for digital comics.  Also, only offers subscriptions to the print versions online.  Sad but true.   (Read more about print later in this article.)

HOW do you get your hands on the digital first Smallville Season 11?

Comixology is the key.  This is the place that distributes the comics to the different apps.  So you only buy once and can read the comic on their website or on your Kindle Fire or Android smartphone, or on your iphone/ipod or ipad.

  • Strictly web users:  You’ll need an account on  You can order and read on the website.
  • Kindle Fire/Android users:  You mostly likely already have the free app for Comixology.  You’ll need an account on website so you can download and/or read on the website. Unfortunately, there’s a glitch in the communication of new comics between the Kindle Fire and Comixology.  The workaround is to purchase on the Comixology website and then download to your Kindle Fire.  After issue 3 of the new 52, Kindle Fire users no longer can go strictly through Amazon.  This appears to be a contractual glitch as opposed to a software anomaly.  New Marvel comics issues appear on the app just fine. Android users using the DC Comics app do not have this situation and are credited on the Android Market account.
  • iphone/ipod/ipad users:  There are free apps for both DC Comics and available on iTunes.  You can order through the DC Comics app and it will be charged to your iTunes account.  If you’re ever without your ipod or ipad, you can make an account on and your comic purchases will be there on the web.  (I assume you’d have to use the same account name for the app account and Comixology).

So that’s the how as it stands now.  When we learn of updates, we’ll let you know.  Onto the . .

WHEN can I buy Smallville Season 11 digital first comics?

The first WEEKLY issue will be released on April 13th, a Friday.  Weekly digital first comics can be purchased for 99 cents in the US.  The same night of the week Smallville finished out it’s 10 year run.  This is a comic anomaly.  Usually comics, both digital and print, are available on Wednesdays.  But Smallville fans are a special lot, we deserve the uniqueness.  However, let’s not allow this ‘special arrangement’ to diminish the numbers purchasing these digital first comics.  (More about this later.)

In the meantime, you can experiment with the process by ‘purchasing’ free comics via your app or website.  There are many available.  We recommend Superman 101.

WHERE can I get a Smallville Season 11 comic?

If you live outside the US or you’re just not comfortable with the whole digital thing, you can purchase a compilation of four ‘issues’ in a print version on May 2nd, a Wednesday.  Price will probably be $3.99US.  Find a local comic book shop or if there isn’t one near you, subscribe print versions from the DC Comics or Comixology websites or national comic shop websites like Lone Star ( or  There are comic book shops all over the world, just like there are Smallville fans.

THE QUEST:  Smallville ended it’s run with approximately 3 millions viewers a week.  IF only 10 percent of us purchase these comics, we will out sell the top 3 comics of the new 52 combined.  LET’S GO FOR IT!!!  If possible, we recommend buying both versions of the comic.

Let’s show DC Comics who put the ‘fan’ in fanatic!  Smallville fans, that’s who!


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