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‘Lost’ mastermind takes on ‘Super’-milestone

April 26, 2011

(CNN) — “Even Superman has daddy issues.”

Damon Lindelof — who, along with Carlton Cuse, oversaw “Lost’s” six-season run — had that to say when asked to compare the story of Superman to the story of the TV series for which he’s best known.

Lindelof is one of a dream team of writers contributing stories to the landmark 900th issue of “Action Comics,” in stores Wednesday. The others include David Goyer, writer of “Batman Begins” and the upcoming film “The Man of Steel”; Richard Donner, director of “Superman: The Movie”; Geoff Johns, DC Comics’ chief creative officer and one of its most popular writers; Paul Dini, best known for producing “Batman” and “Superman: The Animated Series”; and Paul Cornell, who has been writing “Action” since last year and is best known for his work on the “Doctor Who” novels and TV series.

Nine hundred issues is the most any monthly comic book has ever published (though it went weekly for a brief time in the 1980s), with the first issue of “Action” having introduced the character of Superman in 1938. (That issue also recently sold for $1.5 million.)

CNN recently interviewed Lindelof and Cornell, separately, about the historic issue and Superman’s legacy. They addressed a few topics of heated fan debate in the process.

Read the interview

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