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COLLATERAL: Standing Side by Side

February 13, 2011

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Season 10 Episode 12
Recap and Review by Holli

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Written by Jordan Hawley and directed by Morgan Beggs.

Collateral’s focus often veered towards the subordinate or side story. Namely, the blondes.

Dual Rating: Yea, one of those. It’s back to pick and choose and fast forwarding. Shades of previous seasons. Never wanted to return to that pattern of viewing, especially in a final season. Blondie’s back.

10-plus for the Clark/Lois storyline as we see real progress for the soon to be Man of Steel on Smallville. Lois is Clark’s true helpmate supporting him to think with his heart and to set aside the fears of his mind. FLYING!!! We have flying!!!

The blondes were wrapped up in the Matrix homage. Beautifully shot, but having blahndie (new moniker) be badass in a cyber world because she’s a hacker extraordinaire is . . . just kind of boring. 7 for the blondes because of the stunning cyber effects. There’s no real passion here. Unless her avatar missed an opportunity to make whoopie? Oh, but that can’t be because she was all huggy feely when she saw Clark in the cyber world. I really dislike non-mythos pandering.

Black Canary, played by the very talented Alaina Huffman, is the real badass no matter what the world. Showing Ollie’s soulmate doing what she does best was very well done – and dare I say it, outshined blahndie. As it should be. Does a student of Ted Grant AKA Wildcat really need a Wimp Ass Ollie in her life? Didn’t we have this dilemma with Lois while Clark went WA in last half of season 6, 7, and the Arc of Suck in season 8? Aren’t we supposed to let go of the past (HOMECOMING)?

I found this hysterical: Ollie sees a glimpse of blahndie in a vision and heads straight for the nuthouse. Five and a half minutes of screen time for that little reunion. I’m going to have to put new batteries in my remote if that continues these next few episodes.

And speaking of seasons 7 and 8. Uh, any viewer who actually watched those will remember the antics of blondie when she told Clark to kill Lex and the whole Doomsday debacle. The second half of season 8 was historical rewrites to make blahndie Clark’s brain and Davis a nice guy who always was psychopathic and became blahndie’s boney boyfriend. All to protect Clark – which is the Smallville girl excuse for everything. Didn’t work then. Having all her crap rebooted in this episode so that she really is a trustworthy person having made such great decisions in the past. Nah, I wasn’t buying it. Besides her crap caused Jimmy’s death.

BUT let’s talk about what did work – and was amazing. Black Canary, as I mentioned. And the star of the show, the main character – the guy who we keep coming back to see season after season. CLARK KENT! El Primo. The Super Dude! Hawley’s insight into Clark Kent of Smallville and his relationship with his Lois Lane is phenomenal! Very well done! Straight out of the comics.

There was a previously on Smallville since this was the midseason premiere. Remember Clark proposed to Lois and then Carter saved her. Clark, Lois and the JLA/JSA attended the funeral, all to fall to the ground because of a mysterious obelisk.

We won’t go into why this episode was shoved back a week because someone panicked at the executive headquarters of the CW. That’s a whole other story! Needless to say, Smallville got shafted again – and may continue to do so.


The Blue Danube Waltz is playing in the Kent farm house. Baroque music is sometimes played to relax callers when government agencies put them on hold for hours on end or give them the federal bureaucracy run around. We see Lois standing by the window holding a glass. On a desk, is a front page headline of PLANET REPORTERS PULL NO PUNCHES which was (CHARADE), and some dating pictures of Clark and Lois. Plus there is Lois’ trusty notebook with all her call back numbers and notes. Lois is searching for and missing her Clark.

The phone message gives the VRA website to a dazed Lois Lane. A human comes on the line stating Clark is not in their databases. Lois rushes to the phone to pick up, drops the glass and there’s shards everywhere. Glassbreaking is a Smallville tour de force.

“Yes, I tried the Justice Department, not to mention the Department of Domestic Security, the State Department and the Defense Department that referred me back to you.” When the person on the line tells Lois Lane not to get huffy . . .Watch out! “No, I am not getting huffy! I’m a General’s daughter. I don’t even know how to get huffy, okay? I do happy. I do sad. And I do stop giving me the run around bitch or I will come for you!” She hangs up the phone and sees the mess on the floor.

Kneeling down in her pencil skirt with broom and dustpan, she starts to clean away the glass shards. She looks very sad and about to cry. She can’t find Clark. The door opens and she runs to the hallway. It’s Clark wearing gray t-shirt and khaki pants carrying a duffel bag as if he’s been walking. There are tears in her eyes and he gives a smile. He’s glad to see her. She runs to him. “Clark!” He drops the bag and takes her into his arms. “I was worried about you. Are you okay?” His first line of the episode. She tells him she’s fine and how she’s been trying to find him everywhere for the last couple of days. “Lois, it was the VRA. They were waiting for us at Carter’s funeral.” Lois tells him the VRA has denied any involvement. “We’ll get answers tomorrow. For now let’s just be happy they let us all go.” He’s quiet. Lois knows there’s something bothering him. She asks if he is okay and he answers with a rapid, ‘yea.’ She knows how he is about secrets and she decides to wait for him to tell her what’s bothering him. Lois gives him a little grin and then offers to fix him something to eat.

She heads for the fridge side stepping the glass. Clark follows. “Lois, I’m fine.” He bends down to the floor to take care of the glass. “Any idea why they released you now?” Besides Lois going postal on them. Clark picks up some shards and cuts himself. Lois turns at the sound of pain. “Yea, this.” He shows her a bloody finger. “They took away my powers, Lois.” Love Febre’s mystery piano music in this. She shuts the fridge. “No, Clark. How could they?” He doesn’t remember. “Do you remember anything?” She doesn’t remember either. “It’s all hazy.”

Clark acts as though he’s getting a headache as Lois goes foggy. “Clark?” We see flashes of him in a glass container. The memory puts him on the floor looking dazed. In the tube, he’s fighting them off as blondie puts a hand on him. They put something in his airway as she looks on. Then they inject something in his neck as he passes out. “Put him back under,” says blahndie wearing black leather which is never good.

Lois is trying to revive him while he stares off into space. “Clark! Clark! What’s going on?” She grabs his head. “Clark! Come back to me. What’s happening? Come back to me, Clark! Look at me!” He grabs his forehead. “Come on, Baby. Come on, Baby. Honey. Honey.” He gains some composure. “Lois, I just . . I had some sort of flashback. Someone was experimenting on me.” With tears in her eyes because her man is hurting, Lois asks the burning question. “Who? Who was it?” He looks into her eyes and waits for her reaction. “Chloe.” Credits.

Great teaser! It’s fantastic Clark and Lois are together in the cyber world. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Clark cutting his finger on broken glass may be a reference to the Wedding Album where he had lost his powers and reproposed to Lois Lane.


Ollie returns to his Luthorcorp office which has been sealed off by the VRA, has a drink, sees the glam porn blahndie shot and goes into a fetal position against a wall. Oh yea, he has a vision of being under glass with blondie wielding it over him. More glass breaking with Ollie slamming the table.

Clark enters Watchtower. Dressed in his journalist clothes. Dinah tells him not to move. She is not wearing gray t-shirt and khakis. “Dinah, it’s me.” She has a fresh wound at the bottom of her throat. She puts away the knife she was going to use. Clark confesses he no longer has his powers. She touches her wound. “You, too? We have to find out who did this to us?” Woman on a mission. Lois is at the Daily Planet trying to get more information. Clark asks her what she remembers from the last 3 weeks. “Nothing after Carter’s funeral except these flashes I’ve been having. I’m in a lab somewhere.” Clark wonders if it’s under a glass cover. She says someone is standing over her. Clark wants to know who. “Chloe.” He confesses he saw her, too. Dinah offers they could take their powers away because they’re working with someone who knew all about them. “Chloe wouldn’t tell them anything. Not after what we’ve been through.” Dinah gets down to the nitty gritty. We could have kissed her for this line. “Face it. Her dirty dance with Doomsday nearly destroyed the League.” Clark thinks blahndie would have learned her lesson and not make the same mistake. “I know that you want to have faith in her, Clark. But you and I both know what we saw in those flashbacks. Right now, Chloe, is the only chance we have of getting our powers back.” Clark wants to find the facility where they saw her.

Dinah wants to know if they find out blahndie has turned on them. “Are you prepared to do what needs to be done?” Clark looks like he doesn’t want to touch that question in any way, shape or form. Dinah’s phone rings. “Oliver just turned up at Met Gen.” So who sent the text since it wasn’t a phone call? Supposedly Tess? Probably the Blonde Master Control. “It’s not good.”

Clark visits Ollie in the psych ward. Billionaire can’t imagine padded cell, just cement walls? He’s doing a fetal in a straight jacket crouched against a wall. Staring off into space. Yea, that’s the same reaction we had of the glam shot of naked blahndie. Although there was some whining and gnashing of teeth as I recall.

Clark enters the observation area. “Oliver. It’s me.” Ollie looks at him. “Clark, they win.” Our hero tells him not for long that they will fight this. Ollie wants to know how. “They’ve taken my friends, stripped me of all my weapons, messed with my equilibrium and now they’re in my head, Clark. They’ve got me thinking Chloe is behind this whole thing. I saw her.” Clark wants to know what she was doing. Ollie isn’t sure. “She was running an experiment on me.” Clark gets antsy. “Clark, did you see her, too, huh?” Ollie knows that Clark saw her but Clark won’t tell him what. “I’m not ready to give up on her yet.” Ollie starts yelling the question over and over. “I’m going to figure out what’s going on here and get you out of here. Everything’s going to be alright. I promise.” Clark is not sticking around. He’s creeped out by the situation. “Hey! You’ve got to tell me what you saw, Clark! . . .Don’t you leave me here, Clark!” I thought of ODYSSEY and how Ollie and the League sought relentlessly to find Clark. Why didn’t Clark try to figure a way out for Ollie even without powers? Answer: Blahndie had to have something to do.

So lights flash indicating something is gonna happen. Light bulbs burst as a figure comes through the cement wall. It’s blahndie looking like the Virgin Mary or Glenda the Good Witch. And Toto, too. “Hello, Oliver.” (Notice no huggies, no kissies for her ‘love of her life.’)


The Exposition Queen returneth. “Trust me.” The government (no agency or group is specifically identified) captured them at Carter’s funeral and have them hooked up to a mainframe and imprisoned their minds in a virtual world. Now, if you can’t remember that . .. don’t worry, she repeats it again and again. Oh yea, and Chloespeak is back. Canary gives a dig about that later. Blahndie broke into the lab. Originally she was taken away by . . . the Suicide Squad? The VRA hadn’t been passed through Congress until after AMBUSH. So who are these mysterious government personnel?

So blahndie made an avatar to visit virtual world because disconnecting caused the bodies to flatline. “Simple mind over matter.” Something Clark will learn later. “I have power.” Ohhh nooo. Blahndie said that like Blahna repeated incessantly during her Arc of Suck. And Mack directed the episode by the same name. [sigh] Let’s hope there’s not another Arc of Suck in this final season. Ollie gets out of the straight jacket with a thought. Blahndie guides him through the cyber hospital and brings out the big guns blasting away antivirus badguys. It’s a virtual world and hacker is in her element. Five minutes of screen time to fast forward through.

Clark at the Daily Planet. He’s looking at facilities as Lois tells him she’s contacted the General for information. None look familiar. “What if Dinah is right and Chloe is responsible?” Since we don’t know what facts Lois knows concerning her cousin’s past errors, we see Lois take the loyalty route. She’s badmouthing Dinah’s past affiliation with her former radio audience. Some political rhetoric is expounded. [rolls eyes] Dinah enters and is all business. “Clark, I just got word that Ollie escaped from Met Gen. She shows him some surveillance camera footage. They see Ollie is with blahndie. Lois says they have to find her. “She knows how to contact us. She obviously doesn’t want to,” says Dinah. Clark thinks she must have a good reason. “C’mon, Clark! You and I both saw her experimenting on us in a government lab.” Clark points out she’s helping Oliver escape from Met Gen. Lois adds that blahndie would never hurt Oliver.” Dinah, who hasn’t forgotten history before it was retconned, “Not unless he gets in her way.” She shows them blahndie taking out the guards. Lois thinks it can’t be right. She won’t believe her cousin is a traitor. (Good thing she was out of the loop in Season 8, huh.) So while Lois and Dinah bring up the past, Clark walks away. The discussion is so heated Lois doesn’t realize Clark is gone.

He’s gotten a message on his cell phone from blahndie to meet her on the roof. So apparently Lois thinks more of her cousin than blahndie thinks of Lois. Typical. Why not have them both go to the roof? Or even include Canary? Selective saving?

Clark on the DP roof. Blahndie throws herself at Clark, not her supposed boyfriend. Pandering! “Clark. I really missed you.” Didn’t say that to her boyfriend either. She talks Chloespeak. Clark saw her take out two guards. Ollie explains in plain English. “Clark, all you see here is the creation of a government computer.” Again non-specific. If it was VRA, why didn’t they say so. “Right now you’re lying in a lab while government scientists are trying to figure out how your brain activates your abilities.” So since Clark doesn’t think he has powers in this world, then scientists can figure out how that works and not allow him powers in our world. They can control him by turning his abilities off and on. “They want us to work for them.” Clark questions blahndie’s involvement. She re-explains. They figured out how dangerous it was and didn’t disconnect Lois. “That’s why Lois didn’t see them,” says Clark. In order to leave the cyber world, Clark has to believe it’s fake. Goons are trying to break down the barricaded door. Blahndie tells Clark to follow her. They’re going to jump off the roof cause it’s the only way through the portal. Ollie tells Clark to join in. Clark is reluctant. “Clark, do you trust me?” says blahndie. He wants to but he wants answers about where’s she been and who she’s working with. She tells him she’ll answer later – which she also did several times. Always later. Blahndie starts getting irritated with him. “You either trust me or you don’t.” She scolds Ollie when he offers help. Clark has to believe the world is fake. But then she goes into the trust thing again which is not necessarily the same thing. “Clark, take my hand. Do you trust me?” He goes to grab her hand but can’t do it. The fanboy in the house cheered when he didn’t. “I can’t,” says Clark. “I’m sorry.” He screams ‘no’ as they leap from the roof. Ollie looks like a dweeb falling through the air without his usual skills. Blahndie, of course, looks fabulous soaring downward like a . . . whatever.

So the guy who leaps from building to building doing somersaults looks like a giant spaz. Poor guy. Reminds me of the Arc of Suck. And blahndie didn’t want to save her cousin? Just Clark and her f-buddy. Niice. She knows Clark and Lois are engaged and if she knows anything about Clark Kent, she knows he would never leave Lois somewhere dangerous without him to protect her – with powers or without. And how did Clark get off that roof without the goons and helicopters finding him? Ninjaaaaa.

Ollie awakens in his tube. This is when blahndie kisses him. Rick Flag and Deadshot interrupt. I love those guys. They pull guns on Ollie and blahndie tells them to ‘stand down.’ Ollie tries to be the manly hero he supposedly is, but his ‘girl’ has the upper hand. Nice emasculation there. “You’re working with them?” She’s going to explain later. Yea, right. She gives the fateful blahndie line. “I did what I had to do.”


The lab facility. Black Canary in her tube with her hero identity label. “1 down, 5 to go.” That’s not right. There was Ollie (found), Clark, Lois, Dinah, AC, Cyborg, Impulse, Jonn, and Zatanna at the funeral. Uhhh. Oops. Blahndie can’t do math. So apparently this government agency does not know their secret identities or if they do, they label the tubes in the hero names. Still a mystery. The VRA doesn’t know they are there. Blahndie et al are planning for the attack. So blahndie goes back in after only bringing one hero back.

In a dark alley. You’ll find a rat. Canary finds blahndie who says she’s her only way out of there. “Where did you take, Oliver?” Dinah has her priorities straight. More Chloespeak. Ugh. All Canary has to do is meet her on top of the Daily Planet roof. “Save the Blondespeak!” YES YES YES! Tell her! “I want my powers back and so do Clark and AC.” So we go into the explanation of the virtual world. AGAIN! “The only illusion here is you!” Dinah thinks Avatar is a traitor. Dinah holds her badass own in the virtual world with the hacker. Because Black Canary is BADASS! It’s mythic and widely known she is. Dinah throws a knife and it stops in midair. Darnit! Blahndie plucks it from thin air. Wizard of Oz reference and “Where’s Lois?” Oh NOW she thinks about her cousin – only because Lois is the key to Clark. Lois is his best friend for life now and she always speaks the truth. He knows he can trust her no matter what.

Trotter and the VRA move in.

Black Canary awakens. While Ollie watches over her. He’s barking orders. “You can thank us later.” [Shudder] What a great influence blahndie is on him. NOT. So Canary eats crow and thanks blahndie who gives her the Vegas line cyber style. There’s a look between the mythos soulmates and then it’s down to business protecting the facility from the VRA. Ollie says they need Clark. “I know, Oliver, but I can’t make Clark believe in me. Somewhere along the way he stopped having trust in me.” Can you say season 8? Ollie thinks it’s because she left them. Nahhh. So now there’s a time limit on getting Clark out of the tube. The Blur.

Clark on the Metropolis street. Man, it must have been cold during filming. Everyone’s breath is showing up. “Lois!” She tells him it’s going to be okay. Clark says he’s seeing things that aren’t real, things that aren’t there and that aren’t possible. Sounds like faith to me. He says he’s acting like Ollie (nuts), needs to find out how blahndie is working with ‘them’ and get his powers back. Apparently Lois spoke to blahndie and knows what is going on. Offscreensville! “I saw Chloe and Oliver jump with my own eyes.” He checked the street and they weren’t there. How’d he get off the roof without the goons or helicopters not catching him? Lois tells him the world is fake and they escaped. “No! No!” he argues with Lois. He never argued with any of the Smallville girls because they’d always pull a distrust thing or were hiding something from him. Lois he trusts implicitly. He knows she will put him straight because she cares about him and deals with the truth. Great showing of this relationship. Love it!

Lois tells him the game plan of her cousin knowing he will trust Lois. She can’t understand why he’s not seeing the sense of it. He offers it could be post traumatic stress. They are hashing it out together. Lois says ‘normally you would think so, too.’ “Because Chloe said so,” he says and I could kiss him for it. “In the world of Clark and Chloe this is just another day at the office. What’s really going on?” She knows him. “I don’t know Chloe anymore. I don’t know who she’s working for. I don’t know what she wants.” Good points. Valid points. Lois thinks it’s because she left. “Because she didn’t say why.” Which is a whole other line of thinking than pettiness. Lois reiterates about their history together. “Maybe all that history has blinded me from the truth. Chloe and I are on different paths. I don’t know where she’s headed.” Which is true. Lois knows he wants to trust and believe in blondie, but what she doesn’t seem to know is that this is NOT the first time her cousin hasn’t confided her motives to Clark. “If Chloe really believed in us, she would have told us she was leaving us and why.” He pulls out his desk chair to fiddle with things on his desk. Lois is watching him and he knows it. “All this time this has been festering under there and you didn’t say anything.” He opens his arms in surrender. “What am I supposed to say?” I love this conversation. It’s not about what Lois wants him to say and she tells him so. “That it stings. That it’s the hardest thing ever to trust someone enough to let them have their secrets. Because you know their doing it for a good reason and trying to protect you.” Clark nods and sits. “You know where I’m going with this.” “Yes. I expected you and Chloe to trust me all those years before you knew my secret.” Lois says now it’s their turn to trust blahndie. “She’s earned this, Clark. Everything you see and hear in this world is telling you, you shouldn’t trust her. But I can tell that your heart is saying the opposite. And if I know one thing, is that Clark Kent’s heart is usually right.” LOVE IT! Lois knows Clark’s secret. He thinks with his heart first. That’s what blondie and the government scientists don’t get. It’s not his brain but his heart that activates his abilities.

Clark realizes Lois has shown him the truth. “Chloe and Oliver jumped off that roof because . . .” “it really is a portal to the real world and she can’t hold it open much longer. But she can’t make you believe it’s real. Clark, that part’s up to you.” Faith is the belief in the unseen things. Trust is the belief in a person. Lois showed Clark the way to faith and allowed him to decide for himself. Notice she never said “Trust me” because she doesn’t want that. She wants him to trust himself. To trust his gut (heart). Welling and Durance make this mythic conversation come to life. It is real and is a true version of the iconic couple.

Blahndie at the keyboard. Trotter hits her in the head and tells a flunkie, “Make sure Kent never makes it out of there. Do whatever it takes to stop him. Use Sullivan’s avatar.” So the Blur is laying right beside her in the tube so does she know or doesn’t she? New guy at the controls. Avatar crossing street goes dizzy then recalculates. Mack does a great job of showing the new personality behind the mask.


Lois and Clark in the Daily Planet. New avatar walks down steps. Lois tells her that they’re on their way. Clark is ready to go to the roof and jump to the portal of the real world. While they try to get ‘Chloe’ up to speed, the avatar tells them they are suffering from post traumatic stress. “Clark, are you actually going to allow Lois to jump to her death?” Oh, nice try there bad guy. But Lois is not a weakness. Clark looks taken aback. “Wait. You’re not Chloe,” says Lois. “Someone’s highjacked you. And if none of this is real . . .” Lois back hands blahndie through glass and into the next room. Unfortunately it’s not THE blahndie. It was always the REAL Lois that got tossed through glass or across the room. But the visual is nice. Doesn’t make it even though.

Lois grabs Clark’s arm much as she did in GONE and they head into the elevator. “Clark, let’s go.”

Meanwhile back at the lab. VRA ops have blahndie captured. She’s not so tough in the real world. Trotter states they have the Blur right where they want him. So she knows Kent is Blur. “Do not let him out!” She goes out to take care of prisoner.

Blahndie under heavily armed guard and blindfold walks out to vehicles. Flag starts shooting up the scene. Not the best shot. Goes John Woo with 2 guns. Trotter orders, “Kill her.” Sorry, guys. Didn’t happen. They throw her to the ground so she can get back up. Why? Deadshot gets off two rounds which do their magic around blahndie and take out her firing squad. Great effect.

She runs and is stopped by op and a green arrow. He takes out one guy by tossing him to the ground then he barks orders to Canary. “Trotter ten o’clock.” Canary goes into her gymnastics as Trotter misses her every time. Ending in her signature move which is awesome. Trotter out of ammo. The Canary Cry! YES! Takes out Trotter and more broken glass. The ‘heroes’ meet up.

Moon over Metropolis. Daily Planet roof. Clark and Lois arrive to find the avatar waiting for them. She challenges Clark to take the leap. “But from everything we’ve learned, I know you never will. You’ve always been the most reluctant to accept your abnormalities. So badly wanting to believe in everything you hear and see and feel. So afraid to let go of this world that tethers you to any sort of normalcy and reality.” Clark gives her a eat shit bitch look and heads for the ledge. She warns him that if he takes the leap and has doubt about the world being fake, it will kill him. Doubt is something he has to let go of in order to fight Darkseid. It’s part of the AntiLife Equation. This mental exercise is all for his benefit storywise since he has to cast aside his perceptions and think with his heart.

Multiple blahndies appear and circle him and Lois. If they wanted to prove how abnormal the world was, they just did it. No doubt. Lois goes to him. “Don’t listen to it, Clark. Just trust yourself. You did it for me when you told me your secret. You trusted yourself and you were right. The only way to see the truth is to close your eyes and ears and take a leap of faith.” Clark has his scrunchy face. “I believe in YOU!” He gives her a little grin and then the music soars. Clark grabs Lois by the waist as they squat down. The power swirls around them. He looks up. CLARK KENT IS FLYING WITH LOIS LANE IN HIS ARMS!!! SQUEE!!!

Added bonus: All the blahndie’s fall down from the impact.

Across the Metropolis skyline they fly. Lois has one arm around his shoulders as he holds her by the waist. His other hand is fisted back. The Daily Planet globe turns as they circle around it. Clark can fly! He flies with his heart! As the wind blows over them, Lois peers up at him to see him confident and powerful. He gazes back at her and there’s the Kent smile. He is joyous! He’s had a breakthrough and is sharing it with the woman he loves. She smiles back. You wonder if Lois ever in her wildest dreams thought that a man, her man, could fly. Clark looks out at the city and then they fly down to the portal. No hesitation. No doubt.



Kent Farm, daylight, real world. Picture of blahndie, Clark and Pete from the early days. And a picture of King Clark and Lois on their thrones at the reunion. (HOMECOMING) Love the plaid shirt Clark is wearing. “It wasn’t the same without you,” he says to blahndie. They’re talking about the reunion. Chloe thinks she’s been living in a virtual world (yea, since season 5) and Clark is glad she was there to take Trotter down. Well Black Canary actually. Not humble she does give half credit to the Fate helmet which she snatched to find Ollie. Clark is not comfortable with her heading the Suicide Squad. She says when she found out Flag was going after the General (AMBUSH) she put a worm in his missile system – sounds a little late for Lois and the Talon. Good thing Clark saved Lois! Blondie is blackmailing the Suicide Squad to behave.

Clark wants to know how she trusted him before she knew his secret. So the true test of believing in someone is knowing their lies are there to protect you. But Blondie was up his butt with a flashlight every chance she got – so what’s this trust thing? “It’s not really trust if you ask someone to explain themselves.” So Blondie will never give up.

Lois enters carrying two bags of groceries and her drycleaning. Clark, manners! Lois is still jazzed about flying apparently. “Sorry, I’m late but unlike the virtual world I can’t leap traffic jams in a single bound.” Lois refers to Watchtower as Tess. Hehehe So all these rogue elements, Slade Wilson & Trotter’s gang, are from various military and government agencies and keeping Trotter in the virtual world is a good imprisonment. “Good,” says Clark.

Lois grabs Clark’s hand. “Since we are all together in the same room and the same plain of existence, and with our lives who knows how long that will be? We wanted to ask you a question.” Clark intervenes, “I think that what Lois is trying to say is . . .” “Will you be my Maid of Honor?” Blondie doesn’t answer but hugs her cousin. Clark and Lois smile.

Oliver in the Watchtower with red roses. It’s a date over the Jimmy bloodspot! You remember, Henry James Olsen, blahndie’s husband. Yea, he died right there. There will be a bed over that spot soon. Oh yea. Since Ollie quit looking for blondie, that means he trusted her. [snort] Old voice mail listening. Blame the Fate helmet. Yada yada yada. Yea, he searched for her even though he trusted her. Uh huh, yea. Blondie didn’t trust herself to leave. Ollie is rather stoic like a wounded man. But he says ‘good’ and they suck face on the bloodspot.

The loft! Clark is reading Carter’s journal. Lois read it while in Egypt. He’s sitting in the desk chair as if waiting. He finds an old photo browned with age of Carter as an archeologist. Hands clasp his eyes. It’s Lois with her shiny engagement ring! YAY! She’s finished picking out the flowers and the bridesmaid’s dresses so he can come back in the house. Carter told him to leave all the wedding plans up to her. She notices Clark is looking at Carter’s book. “Yea, I’ve been thinking a lot about him lately.” She reassures him. “He would be proud of you, Clark.” He gives her a grin. “I’ve been thinking about what you said. That I should shut my eyes and my ears to the outside world and figure out what’s true.” He steps towards her. “You made me believe . . and you got me to fly.” They grin at one another. “Even if it was just in cyberspace.” He’s so happy. He kisses her. She gives him a sweet moan then puts her arms around his neck. “Well, I have to say, Smallville, that soaring over the Daily Planet and the spires of Metropolis was amazing.” Huge smile from his girl. He lowers his head and looks up at her. “Well who knows? Maybe one day we’ll get to fly in the real world.” She tilts her head. “I’ve always believed you could do the impossible . . . and one day you will.” He grins before kissing again. “And speaking of the real world, I have a conference call with Perry at seven.” She gives him the familiar slug and says, “See ya,” before she bounds down the steps. Lois is always Lois. Clark loves it! The Kent smile beams. Clark is thinking about something involving his girl. I wonder what it is as their love theme plays out over the first credits.

Lois Lane is Clark’s partner. Not a love interest – but a love for a lifetime. She inspires him. Kara tried to get him to do the same thing in her flying lesson, but it was his trust and faith in Lois always being Lois that made him see the truth.


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