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February 4, 2011

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Review and Recap by Holli
Season 10 Episode 11

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Written by Genevieve Sparling, her best yet and major praise for her, and directed by Mairzee Almas, one the best directors Smallville has. She allows Tom and Erica’s chemistry work it’s magic.

RATING: LIFE EQUATION. Very life affirming episode. On par with HOMECOMING, my top of the series favorite. Acting was excellent. Script was well balanced between action, drama, comedy, romance, mythos, snappy dialog and it advanced Clark’s storyline. Louis’ score was amazing. Special effects were outstanding. Loved Hawkman’s CGI wings! Fabulous cliffhanger for the final midseason hiatus.

Clark is standing in front of the infamous jewelers as he admires the ring he has for Lois. He checks his watch. He’s ready. His girl starts apologizing for being late. “I know we said eight so I’m . . .” “Right on time. . . for you,” he finishes and gives her the big Kent smile. He has his hands behind his back. They have some great banter. Clark is very complimentary. “What do you say we’ll take your shoes and take my sports coat and go get a nice dinner?” She reminds him he’s not wearing a sports coat. He zips off and returns wearing one. Love it! “Show off,” she says. “Listen, why don’t we get something to eat at the new place?” He puts his arm around her. She states that they’ll never get a table since reservations have to be made six months in advance. THEY’RE HOLDING HANDS! From our point of view we see that farm boy has gotten said reservation and there are chocolates and champagne glasses on the table. Clark is such a romantic! “We’ll never know unless we ask and I hope the answer is yes.” He’s not talking about the restaurant. He’s talking about Lois.

Lois spies a VRA mandatory curfew street sign. Curfew ends at 7 a.m. Really? Damn. Lois is all up in arms about the curfew cutting their dinner fun short. Clark is ever vigilant. “We can’t let a citywide curfew prevent us from having fun with the time we do have.” Ever the crusader, Lois gives him a grin as she pulls out a ‘Believe in Heroes’ leaflet and puts it on the curfew sign. Clark lets out an exasperated breath. “I promise even if I have to run to Madrid, I’ll get you churros and hot chocolate for dessert.” Lois just wants to be home with her man. “And we can just pretend for one night that the world hasn’t gone totally crazy.” They discuss the VRA’s raising the vigilantes status now to terrorists. “But unlike the rest of Metropolis I haven’t forgotten who the real heroes are.” Clark watches a florist delivery of white roses. Lois grabs his arm. “And there is one in particular that I would love to snuggle up with AWAY from the search lights.”

Clark sees all his planning has been for naught. “Yea, we should probably just go home.” Lois has a smile on her face. Being alone with Clark Kent is heaven. “But wait a second . . .I think I hear a situation that needs . . .saving. I’ll be right back.” His departure tousles Lois’ hair. The phone booth across the street rings. Lois rushes across the street to answer it. “Did you save the day?” Clark answers, “I don’t know yet. Look up.” White rose petals begin to fall. Lois hangs up the phone looking amazed. She walks out onto the sidewalk as the petals fall around her. She chuckles as she catches a petal. She sniffs it with her eyes closed as another petal falls on her hand. Durance’s smile at the impromptu miracle just adds more magic to the scene.

The camera pans to reveal Clark standing on the corner across from her. Lois turns as he walks across the street smiling. “You don’t make it easy to ask a simple question.” He’s face to face with her. “But that’s what makes you . . . YOU. The woman I want to spend my life with.” And as he goes down on one knee. “The woman that I love.” He shows her the ring. She lets out a little gasp. He opens the box. “Lois Lane, will you marry me?” His face is one of inquiry as if the second is a lifetime. She answers with a smile as if she would have said, ‘Oh’ first. “Yes.” There is no doubt in Lois’ heart or mind. Clark’s smile could light up the world. He puts the ring on her finger. Pan up to Lois’ smile. Clark gets off his knee, takes her into his arms. Switches the box from one hand to the other as they kiss in a tight hug with a hand on the back of the others’ head. Petals still falling as Louis Febre’s score reaches romantic heights. PERFECTION! Credits.

Even though they had some weather problems and had to do some looping. The scene is just too marvelous for words. It must be experienced over and over and over.


The Daily Planet basement looks like the TSA has invaded. VRA scanning everyone. Lois is descending the stairs and is on her cell phone with Oliver’s voice mail. It seems all their friends are incommunicado. “We have a big update. . . Oh, hey, gestapo is on the other line. Gotta go.” She has to line up to be wanded by VRA nazi boy. “Keys, coins, phone.” Lois complies. “Oops, I forgot to give you this. I hope it doesn’t set off any alarms.” She flashes her engagement ring at him. He ignores it completely and Lois is disappointed she can’t tell anyone about her joy. We see the Threat Advisory is set on High as there is high risk of a terror attack.

Lois goes to her desk and receives her mail. She opens a large envelop and inside is a orange envelop. “Lois, They say you never know what fate has in store for us, but I say you can see some happy endings coming from a mile away.” There’s a flashback to a scene filmed during LAZARUS with Lois and Chloe. Blondie is putting something into her bag when Lois enters. I wonder if that’s significant. Lois has not left for Africa yet. “Question cuz. You and Oliver. You’re busy with work and he’s REALLY busy with work and then there’s . . well, all those other responsibilities.. . . So I’m guessing that between the two of you things must get . . complicated?” blondie wants to know what she’s really talking about. “Chloe, what really happened between Clark and Lana? She couldn’t make the sacrifices he needed, could she?” Chloe smiles. Apparently she realizes Lois knows the secret. “Let’s just say that Lana wasn’t the one fated to be in Clark’s life.” Lois has tears in her eyes. Her fate is set. (see Dr. Fate in ABSOLUTE JUSTICE)

Back from flashback, Lois continues to read the note. “For the big day, here’s something borrowed. I’m there in spirit. Love, Chloe.” So I guess blondie won’t be at the wedding. Yes, there better be one! “I don’t know how you do it, Chlo. It’s like you can see the future.” And we all know she has because of LAZARUS and Dr. Fate’s helmet. Foolish girl. There’s a necklace with two charms. One looks like a menorah and the other some kind of scrolls. It may be for protection as they appear to be symbols of hope.

As she looks at the necklace in her left hand, Cat is all peachy keen with the gestapo tactics of the VRA. “They’re just doing it for our own good.” While Lois looks at the necklace with her left hand, Cat spies the diamond. “Oh my God, Lois Lane. Are you expecting?” Uhh really? I would have punched her for that but Lois doesn’t. Learning restraint I guess. Lois is taken aback at this line of reasoning. “Spread that rumor and you can expect my fist in your face.” Lois gets to hear about Cat’s ill-fated engagement and romance. Oh joy. “So know I’m just married to my work which is fine.” Lois goes to say something and gets interrupted. Cat thinks that the VRA ‘cleaning up the streets’ means Lois doesn’t have any stories to write. She thinks Lois is going totally domestic and offers the Reporter a snickerdoodle. Lois still doesn’t punch her.

Tess enters asking if she’s interrupting something. Lois turns to address her as Blabbermouth tells news that isn’t hers to tell. “Future Mrs. Clark Kent.” Tess lets out a little ‘oh’ as Lois gives Tess a peak at her ring. “Well I hope your new responsibilities at home don’t interfere with your ones here.” Lois looks puzzled. Tess knows what all her responsibilities are including the Clark and Watchtower stuff. Tess looks at Cat. “Neither of which concerns you.” I could kiss Tess! Cat slinks away.

Tess steps closer to Lois to tell her that Watchtower needs a new retinal scan of her for security. “And you’re up at nine. Don’t be late.” Tess exits. Lois realizes Tess was playing the game for Cat’s benefit.

Watchtower at night. Clark and Lois arrive from different directions. “Lois? Retinal scan?” They both are confused as to how Tess got her wires crossed. They enter the Watchtower doors. And it’s a surprise party! Tess is throwing them an engagement party. Carter, Emil, Ollie, and Courtney are all in attendance. “Congratulations you two,” says Stargirl. Congratulations all round. Ollie chuckles as to the look on their faces. Clark and Lois smile.

After one champagne bottle bites the dust, Ollie snarks about a lifetime with Lois needs a lot of moral support to Clark. The Kent smile blasts back. While Ollie starts to talk, Clark looks over at Lois and the girls. Ollie says he won’t attend the wedding because of the VRA proclaiming him a terrorist. “Well that’s too bad because I was just about to invite you to be my best man. You’re the guy who stands next to me on the worst days of my life and I want you there for the best one, too.” Ollie thanks him as they shake hands.

Carter puts a hand on Clark’s shoulder. “All I can say when it comes to planning the wedding, just nod.” Clark chuckles with a brilliant smile. “A lot.” And the Hawkman Green Arrow bromance begins. Ollie says that Carter married Shayera about a hundred times. Emil tries to get in on the act. “I’ve heard of relationships that stood the test of time but that is remarkable . . or not, I suppose . . for you.” Everyone looks puzzled except Clark who smiles and chuckles. No one is gonna burst his bubble. The man is happy!

Someone is asking about prescription sunglasses in the male section while Courtney examines Lois’ ring. “Ah, that sounds like a proposal only Clark could pull off.” Clark and Emil move across the room to the women as Clark tells him, “Soon to be.” Would love to know what they were talking about! Clark stands beside Lois as he smiles and turns to her. She smiles up at him. She gives out a little, ‘hey’ as he gives her a big sexy, “Hiii!” Still grinning from ear to ear, they clink glasses. Love this! Want more!

Carter and Ollie discuss the hundred marriages. “I had to lose her that many times as well.” Carter brings up blondie like she’s Ollie destined one. Sorry, that’s Dinah. Ollie doesn’t want to talk about it. “You’re not going to hug me now, are ya?” Actually I think there’s more chemistry between Ollie and Carter than him and blondie. Then the convo changes to Clark and Lois. “Well let’s hope they never have to feel that kind of loss,” says Ollie. “No relationship can avoid that possibility but if I’ve learned anything . . . it’s that fear should never decide love,” says Carter. Ollie agrees and proposes a toast. “To the happy couple who has finally figured out what we’ve all known for a very long time now. You two are DESTINED to be together.” Cheers and congratulations. ‘So happy together’ from Courtney. ‘To Lois and Clark’ from Emil as Clark and Lois smile at one another. They may have cut off a kiss there.

Metropolis at night. Ollie walking the streets tears down a wanted poster of himself. Some woman getting mugged screams for help. Ollie chases her attacker. It looks as though it is a set up. So as Ollie apprehends the guy, some people recognize him as a villain and they attack him. Yea, vigilante style. Carter comes and starts tossing people aside. Courtney breaks through the mob to get to them. They see they are surrounded by people who are picking up convenient bricks on the pavement. Courtney summons her Cosmic Staff and gets them out of there.

Luthorcorp at night. VRA SWAT team invades Ollie’s office with helicopters flying outside.

Kent Farm day time. Clark and Lois enter with their arms full of packages. Lois’ hair is down now but they are still wearing the same clothes as night before. “Watching the sun rise from the Daily Planet globe. Talk about making a girl feel like on top of the world.” Clark says just because the party was over didn’t mean their night had to be. He’s such a romantic! “Hey did you realize that was the first party where we didn’t have to hide anything from anyone,” says Lois. Clark wishes them being married [SQUEE!] would mean they could always be that open. Lois reminds him that a super-marriage is about having two lives. “I signed up for that when I said yes. Which is why I’m fine if sometimes our relationship has to take a back seat to your responsibilities.” Clark takes her into his arms. “Lois, those responsibilities have controlled my life for way too long.” His hand gently holds her head. He is so sweet. “And I . . .WE can handle both as long as we stay together. And I promise we will.” They kiss. “Well, then nothing can stop Mr. and Mrs. Kent,” says a confident Lois. He grins at her using his name and she smiles as she heads for the fridge. She gets out the ice cream and tests names. “Lane . . . Kent-Lane. . . I don’t know. I’ll figure it out,” she says reaching for a spoon. Clark is all grins. “Hey, I signed up for a double life. You signed up for news with ice cream. I’m a journalism junkie. What are you gonna do?” She takes a bite of ice cream. “Get my own spoon,” replies Clark. She goes to the living room and turns on the tv. The news is spinning the report as if Oliver and the rest attacked the citizens of Metropolis without provocation. Lois goes gets the Holy Red Jacket (HRJ) for him. “I guess the honeymoon is officially over.” She hands him the jacket. He seems irritated they’ve been interrupted. Lois tells him with a touch on his arm. “Go.” He zips off and she looks happy and proud of him.

Metropolis daytime. Tess at the Metro Cafe enjoying some fruit. The Daily Star has the headline with a picture of Ollie. Queen Without A Country. Cat arrives to berate the owner of the Daily Planet about smacking down her article on Oliver. Tess reminds her she’s the boss and that Cat didn’t have her facts straight. “And your writing is juvenile.” Cat screams that the Daily Star is outselling them and Tess better get on board with the VRA or someone will notice. As soon as Cat walks off in a huff, VRA gestapo show up. Hello Kitty is an informant apparently. They rattle Tess by telling her they’ve cleared her schedule for questioning.

Two more VRA thugs pick up Emil Hamilton at the hospital. A VRA SWAT team breaks into the empty Kent house. Clark needs to repaint that front door.

At the Watchtower. While helicopters hover over the city, Hawkman is trying to work a keyboard. Courtney is seeing to Ollie’s wounds. Clark zips in wearing his blue t-shirt and jeans. No jacket at all. “You going to stitch that up yourself or call Emil?” Clark tells Ollie he saw the other guys ON TELEVISION. He’s not happy. “Why didn’t you call me?” They all look at one another. Ollie fesses up that he thought Clark could use some time alone with Lois. Before Clark can answer, Carter chimes in. “I told the Human Speedbag you’d want to know he got his bell rung.” (boxing analogy – Ollie isn’t Wildcat.) Dinah Lance is on a monitor. C’mon on down, Black Canary! Hope she and Ollie had a convo while Clark was ditching his jacket.

Ever observant Courtney grabs a monitor remote to show them that Slade did not die in the explosion. That was a foggy point in PATRIOT. So tragically disfigured Gen Slade Wilson tells everyone Ollie created the explosion. He wants the vigilantes to pay for their ‘crimes.’ “It’s time he paid for his,” says Clark! You Go! Love justifiably angry Clark.

Courtney points out it’s not just the government but the people, too. Dinah reminds them that with Slade alive, he knows too much about them. Carter says it has to be radio silence between them. Clark takes the lead. “We have to go underground. Our lives as we knew them are over.” Was that a reaction shot between Dinah and Ollie? “Courtney Whitmore, studying abroad. Carter Hall, on sabbatical.” Hawkman looks at him. “And Clark Kent?” “Gone,” says Clark as the Superman music begins to play. Ollie gripes they’re all fugitives now. “We have to protect the secrets we still have. So until it’s safe, I’m shutting down Watchtower.” Clark pulls the plug which means Dinah got cut off without a goodbye. Clark steps into the light and shuts the large round stained glass window. Strains of the Justice League theme play as they walk out in the dark and Clark shuts the doors.

Daily Planet, daytime. Lois is holding wanted poster with pictures of Impulse, Supergirl (really??), Stargirl, Aquaman, Hawkman (civilian photo) and Zatanna. Sketch/pic of Green Arrrow and Black Canary. Blur insignia for Clark. She has her coat, purse and a work folder as she enters the elevator. One of the VRA female thugs comments on her beautiful ring and congratulates her. Lois has just been marked as a person of interest. Lois makes chit chat until the thugess reveals she knows who Lois is. “Now let’s talk about the extraordinary man who won your heart.” They exit the elevator as Lois tells her she’s the daughter of the General. They enter a lobby with Emil and Tess on a couch together and Cat sitting by her lonesome. The thugess goes into an office and shuts the door. “This is bad.” Lois starts to text Clark as she sits on the back of the couch. “Lois, like I said if you broke your phone during that interview, you should just expense it,” warns Tess. Emil clears his throat and taps the crossword he’s been working on. Three words. “Phones bugged. Cat.” So Kitty Worst is a plant in the room. “Fine, I will,” grins Lois in Tess’s direction as she tosses down the phone.

First up for interrogation is Emil in the copy room. Thugess questions his flexible hours at the hospital. “I’m a very valuable member of the staff and my work is not confined to the Emergency Room.” She wants to know about outside the hospital hours. He intimates he’s helping the poor. “I made an oath to help those in need. No matter who they are.” She knows he’s been on Ollie’s payroll for years. “If you’re trying to imply that I’m involved in these terrorist activities because of Oliver Queen’s funding . . .” She interrupts him. She knows he values truth. “Oliver Queen is relatively unimportant. The only assets of his that we’re interested in, are his friends. What are their names? Their REAL ones! Emil is tight-lipped.

Lois is interrogated in Tess’ office. Thugess remarks on Lois being known in the news world. “Well, Women’s Lib me got me pants and a fair wage, I figured I’d make the most of it.” Trotter (Thugess) hopes her fiance’ isn’t jealous of the Blur. Bwahahaha! “I wouldn’t call a relationship between two people who never speak close. I’d call it non-existent.” Trotter reminds Lois about all her articles about the Blur. “And they all have quotes.” Lois remains silent as Trotter insinuates all their communication has been pillow talk. “I want the Blur, Lois. You’re not leaving this room until I have Clark Kent.” Lois doesn’t react. Trotter is probably fishing.

General Wilson’s office. VRA leave the office. Clark swoops in picking up the file they just had. VRA Classified. He hears a door shut on the other side of the room. It’s Carter. “So much for going off the grid.” They’re both looking for answers. Carter has a centuries old idiom. “Don’t go underground until you’re dead.” Clark wants to fix the situation. “I promised Lois that she and I would be together, but what if we can’t. Literally. If her only relationship was with the Blur and not Clark Kent. I’m not sure what kind of marriage that would be.” It was called the Silver Age, Clark. Let’s home the next film doesn’t incorporate it, again. Ollie sticks his head through the door to hear his remark. He’s concerned Clark is thinking of canceling the wedding. He has a speech all ready.

And the bromance begins. “You’re not supposed to be here,” says Carter. Ollie lobs the same line back. “I guess that makes three of us. What are we doing? We’re supposed to be heroes. We’re supposed to be setting an example for the kids and we can’t even follow orders. Even if we gave them.” Ollie’s been thinking about Slade and the Mega Market Darkness thing. “Omega,” says Carter. GA is onto something. He says the darkness is driving everything and he’s never seen anything like it. “Well, live long enough and you will,” says Carter going through a folder. “I’ve seen this level of hatred before. Humanity’s darkest hours. Spanish Inquisition, The Third Reich. Clark chimes in. He’s playing monkey in the middle at the moment. “You’re saying the darkness has been here before.” Carter continues. “Several times. But every time it looked like the world would be consumed by hatred and darkness, another force arose. Much brighter one. To send the darkness back.” The strains of Hawkman’s theme begin. “And you had something to do with it. Well this time it’s us. And we need to start by stopping Slade.” Carter comments. “Justice isn’t blind right now, it’s broken.” They need to contain Slade. Clark mentions he has a place to put him until they can make things right. “A place where he can’t hurt anybody.”’

Back to Lois’ interrogation. She has a question for Trotter. “If you think you know the Blur and the other vigilantes, why aren’t their pictures all over the news.” Thugess berates Lois’ lack of knowledge regarding strategy. Public opinion is now with the VRA. “But if you start targeting civilians without proof then you’re not going to be seen as the good guys anymore. I think what the public needs is some truth. Front page style.” Trotter threatens her. Lois better cooperate or she’ll never be writing again.

Daily Planet at night. Trotter is interrogating Tess, the head of the DP, in a storage room. There’s a no blink contest. “You couldn’t stare at me in my office,” quips Tess. “You’re trying to make me uncomfortable. Why don’t we just cut to the chase?” Tess becomes angry talking about Oliver sharing letterhead with her. “I work and he plays,” she says slamming down a chair and making for the door. Trotter pulls out the used be playmates card and she thinks Tess is lying about it being over except for their business dealings. “So where are the vigilantes?”

Lois in a darkened Tess office. She’s searching everywhere for something to use to escape. She finds a remote under a table. She clicks the button and we see the slide from CHECKMATE. “I’ve got to get the name of her custom closet guy.” Yea, she does in order to hide Clark’s supersuits. She stares at it. “It’s just a slide. You love slides, Lois. I hate slides.” She goes down it anyway, because she’s . . . Lois.

Kitty Cat is carrying a box of files. Probably turning over more evidence. She sees Lois in the hallway. Lois tells her she’s been released to return to work. Tess has strict rules about that. “That’s not in the employee handbook and I’ve read it cover to cover. You escaped!” Lois knows she ratted them out to Trotter. Cat is just doing her civic duty and plans to march Lois back to them. Lois grabs her and tells her, “No! You are not!” Lois has to find Emil and Tess and then get out of there. She tries to reason with Cat. “The people that the government is targeting, they are not villains. They’re honest-to-God heroes and they’re putting their lives on the line to protect us.” Lois then tries to speak to Cat’s reporter instincts, which fails. Lois then beseeches her to realize what kind of hero she wants her son to look up to and to rethink about who she calls a hero. “But what if I told you that the Blur has saved you at least twice without you even knowing it? I know you love your son, but the only reason he still has a mother is because a man she says is a bad guy actually saved her life.” They hear someone down the hallway. Lois hides. One of the VRA goons wants to know if Cat has seen Lois Lane. She lies and says no. It’s the one of the guys she’s been working with. “Thank you for that,” says Lois as she starts to walk down the hallway. Cat tells her she overheard Trotter is going to use Oliver against the others. “Who knows what they’ll find if they dig even deeper,” says Lois.

Slade’s office. Ollie at a laptop. “If you’re going to make your move Clark, you better make it quick because Slade already has. Carter walks over to the desk to peer at the laptop. “Operation Icarus?” Heroes who reached too far. It’s a black list of vigilantes and their supporters. “Tess, Lois, and Emil are Slade’s top draft choices,” reads Ollie. They’re uploading video files every two hours. “Clark, you’re not going to like the latest ones, c’mere.”

Emil’s dossier doesn’t have a picture. And unless, Lucy got married since AMBUSH. Lois is not related to Ron Troope and doesn’t have a nephew named Samuel yet. Cat is listed as the rat for Tess and Lois.

Clark is upset. “It’s the Daily Planet. They’re using our own security system against us.” He takes off. Carter starts punching keys on the laptop. “Really?” says Ollie. “I miss my typewriter,” grumbles Carter. “You miss the telegraph,” says Ollie as he swats at Carter. “Just, get away eight track.” LOVE THIS EXCHANGE! Carter reasons that if Slade is using DP cameras he’s probably using the cameras across the city. He is indeed using all the cameras. Ollie watches as they rip apart his Luthorcorp office.

DP. Moon over Metropolis. Trotter and henchman run into other minion who have Tess and Emil with them. “Why don’t I see Lane in your custody?” They’re still searching for that wascally bunny. She tells them to take Emil and Tess to the secured location.

Clark is zipping around Metropolis. Just runs through a door of a basement, he’s gonna save Lois y’know. I love it when he has no finesse. Brawler! Go Clark Go! There’s only one guy with Tess and Emil walking through the DP basement. Tess is griping so Clark must hear her. We hear Clark’s zip and then thuds. He’s taken out the VRA guy. He meets up with the brainy couple. “Where’s Lois? Where is she?” I love that, too! It’s the reason I got into Superman comics, television shows and also into the movies. YES, FEMALES READ COMICS if the writers and artists give us a reason to! Get the Clark/Superman and Lois relationship right and you’ve got a hit. Hope Snyder knows that. Singer didn’t.

Luthorcorp at night. Lois Lane, intrepid reporter. She’s not Clark’s sidekick or his bit of fluff. She’s a hero in her own right. Smallville gets it right! Our Lois is in Ollie’s office looking for clues. The place is a mess from the VRA search and untidy mission. She finds a file with photos. Slade’s behind her. “Lois Lane. Where’s Clark Kent?” She tells him she doesn’t know and he slugs her. With a bloody lip, you can’t keep Lois Lane down. “GI Joe when are you going to accept that you can’t beat the real American heroes? Last time you tried you went down with the ship.” She picks up a heavy object from the desk and uses it as a weapon. Slade blocks it. Glass breaks. Was there a doubt? Slade expounds about how he has a second chance to take out his target. He says family takes care of itself. “And for better or for worse, I’m standing by the Blur,” states Lois. She’s got that part of the wedding ceremony down pat. Slade puts a gun to her head. Literally. “No. No, wait. You win.” He removes the gun. “That’s my girl,” he gloats. “I’m not your girl. I’m HIS!” She smashes something glass against his head. He grabs her hair and bounces her head on a table. She falls to the floor unconscious. He aims the gun at her.

We hear flying noises and a winged shadow appears in Ollie’s coat of arms window. It’s Hawkman! The CGI is fantastic! With folded wings, Hawkman opens them while in a crouch. He stands and the wings retract into his back. Slade shoots and Carter deflects the bullets with his armbands. Slade pulls out a sword. Hawkman has his mace. The fight is great. Lots of destruction and grunting. Lois awakens to see part of it. Slade smashes through a gas line of some kind and a lamp is sparking. He’s behind Hawkman and runs him through with the sword. Lois rises in shock as Carter falls to his knees and Slade removes his helmet. Lois screams, “No!” as Carter opens the wings for protection. The lamp sparks ignite the gas as flames flash through the room. The blast sends Lois through the window and she falls to the street below. There is no lying down and taking it as in ACTION. Lois is flailing with a shocked expression as Carter hauls ass to save her. He’s on fire.

Slade unscathed apparently walks out of the Luthorcorp building to the loading dock. Clark zips in. Slade starts snarking at him. “I heard the explosion. You were in it, how did you . . .” And we get Slade’s comicbook name. Deathstroke. “Where’s Lois?!” Slade tells Clark that people in his life just get in the way. “You don’t believe that. I know you had a family before.” Slade says a soldier can fight for others but he can’t afford to love them. Slade must have watched Star Wars too many times. He wants Clark to join him. Clark gives his usual answer. “Never.” Slade named the project Icarus because he thought Clark would fall with his own sense of invincibility. “But then to actually see a man with burning wings plummet from the sky,” chuckles Slade. “God, I do enjoy the irony.” Clark yells, “What did you do?” He superspeeds in front of Slade as he tries to walk away. “Where are they?” Slade tells him they’re dead. Clark thinks he’s lying. “A true soldier does whatever it takes to finish the mission.” He shouldn’t have said that to Clark who thinks Lois is dead. Wrong answer! “Then consider this ‘finished.’” Clark hits Slade’s chest with the Phantom Zone crystal. And poof, no more Deathstroke.

Luthorcorp with a burning office. Hawkman’s helmet is on the street below. Clark superspeeds in to see Carter lying on the ground. “Carter!” He nears his body. “Good, you’re here. I have something for you.” Carter lifts a wing and reveals Lois Lane. She’s in shock. “Lois!” Clark kneels to pick her up into his arms. They desperately hug. “What happened?” Clark asks. “You okay?” Lois breathing heavily looks at Carter. “He saved me. He saved me.” She touches Carter. “I’ll get you help, okay?” Lois is always thinking of others. “No,” says Carter. “It’s too late.” She gets up from the ground as Clark leans in closer. “Hey! I’m a pro at dying, remember?” Lois stares at him not wanting to believe he’s going to die.

“I should have been there, Carter. I’m sorry,” says Clark. “It can’t always be you, Clark! This is all of our fight.” Carter struggles for breath. “Listen! This is what we do.” Clark nods. “And my passing means, I’ll be with Shayera again.” Lois gulps. Clark is holding on with both hands. “I owe you so much. I don’t know how to begin to thank you.” Clark looks at Lois. Carter watches them and their love for one another. Lois is crying and staring at Carter as he closes his eyes. “You just did.” Clark turns his attention back to Hawkman. They grasp hands. “You hold onto her. Because there has to be a balance, Clark. We can’t do what we have to do if there’s an emptiness in our heart. You remember that.” “I will. I promise,” said with great conviction. Lois nods. “I am sorry I won’t be there to help you fight the darkness,” grins Carter while in pain. He looks at Lois then returns to Clark. “But you have all the help, you need.” Clark acknowledges he does. Then Carter’s head falls back to the pavement as the light on his breastplate goes dark. “Carter?” Clark bows his head as Lois lets out a gasp. Both are reverent as we see Hawkman’s abandoned helmet and Clark knelt beside him as Lois stands with bowed head nearby.

The Sahara desert. It’s a funeral procession in a tomb with hieroglyphics. City Lights by Paul Traneja begins to play. Stargirl is carrying Hawkman’s helmet and mace. I walk alone into a quiet home . Lois Lane and Black Canary are the front pallbearers with Clark and Green Arrow behind them respectively. YAY! We get teases of Aquaman and Cyborg finishing out the pallbearers with Zatanna behind the casket. J’onn and Impulse follow her. A sound I hear….is someone there? Carter is placed in his crypt which is beside Shayera’s. Great shot of Clark and Lois. A shadow moves then disappears The crypt is sealed. Stargirl places the helmet on top of it. The mace is there also. We see Shayera’s mace and cracked helmet on her crypt waiting for him.

The camera pans up to show a reverent Ollie, Lois, Clark, Black Canary holding Stargirl. Clark takes Lois’ hand as the others stand guard on the other side of the crypts. Clark seems to be praying as Lois’ attention is drawn to something nearby. A white obelisk comes out of the sand as Lois stares at it. There’s a flash of light and everyone is unconscious on the ground. Clark and Lois are beside one another as Ollie and Canary surround them. Cliffhanger!

Act Five was beautifully shot and just awe inspiring.

Originally scheduled with a January 28 airdate, the CW dubbed Smallville unworthy of airing to make room for Vampire Diaries repeat, so we will see what happened to our heroes on February 4th. Hopefully.

Blondie is back and she is a nemesis to Lois. Black Canary doesn’t trust Chloe. Which is always a good thing. Clark says he has no powers, but there may be a bit of a Matrix take to this episode. Looks very interesting. Can’t wait.

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