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November 27, 2010

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Recap & Review
by Holli

Season 10 Episode 9

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Written by John Chisolm, whose first episode was last season’s CHECKMATE. Apparently Mr. Chisolm is given the task of explaining organizations like Checkmate/Suicide Squad and the Vigilante Registration Act and Deathstroke’s rogue military unit.; and how these villanous entities will challenge Clark. Just as last season’s big bad was Zod, this season’s is Darkseid. This is his first time writing for the Lois Lane character and the Clark&Lois relationship. Tom Welling directed the episode. Alan Ritchson returns as Aquaman/Arthur Curry/AC/Orin.

Clark screaming in pain while protecting Lois from the kryptofire in HARVEST. “He’s never going to tell me, is he?” ISIS: “I’m the Blur” Clark confesses. Lois jumps him. “You’re still okay with that?” Back to HARVEST with candles & lovemaking. “Are you kidding me?” Return to Isis–”What took you so long?” AMBUSHed by the General, who is in charge of the Vigilante Registration Act. “You’re searching for enemies that don’t exist.” The Blur saving Lois when the Talon apartment explodes. “As soon as you’re threatened everyone else’s rights go out the window?” Ollie’s subdermal tatoo. “It’s the signal for the Suicide Squad led by Rick Flag. To him you’re all freedom fighters.” Flag says, “America has turned against us. More superheroes are coming over to my side.” As his minion, Teen Titan villain Warp destroys an anti-hero facility. Putting the heroes in the cross hairs. Ollie at the press conference. “I am Green Arrow. Damn right, I’m a hero.” GA jumping during the full moon. “And I’m not doing it alone.” Aquaman’s visit to Smallville in season 5’s AQUA. “The name’s Arthur Curry. Perimeter breached, proceeding to target.” The explosive scene of season 6’s JUSTICE. Gordon Godfrey preaching in SUPERGIRL. “Don’t put your faith in this hero menace. Deadshot and the Amelie bullet. Clark getting tagged with the subdermal tatoo.

As with my last review of a Chilsolm episode (CHECKMATE), I’m going to change my usual format. Unfortunately there is nothing cool to use for structure like chess play.

RATING: 9.5. Solid Clark episode. Really hate giving it that score on a Welling directed episode during this fantastic season. Pacing was great – BUT there was no Snap, Crackle or Pop. There was no loop watching and there certainly wasn’t any memorable catch phrases. The only time I cheered was when Lois manhandled Dr. Emil to find out where Clark was. Good information regarding Darkseid and his modis operandi. Omega sign was a OMG moment for me – but I had to explain it to other people on Twitter. And I didn’t have to explain the very last scene because – most people didn’t care. I guess ‘know your audience’ needs to be said especially with the introduction of new comic book based characters. Also, was it just me or did everyone’s phrasing seem strange this episode?

I rated ISIS a 9.5 as well – there wasn’t enough plot layers (IMO) but it’s saving grace was the reveal scene at the very end. It totally made up for the rest. And it concerned a HUGE moment for the main character of the show; something Clark has been dealing with since day one. This episode had good characterization but there were some offscreensville shenanigans on important points. What the viewer took away was . . . kind of a non-reaction or MEH. Who gives a rat’s ass about Colonel Slade Wilson who was obviously bonkers, one of Darkseid’s disciples and now he has one eye. (Especially since his comic’s background has been almost entirely retro’d for the show) He is not Clark!

People talked more about the LUTHOR trailer after this episode then they talked about the actual episode which is sad because there were some good moments even though they seemed somewhat underplayed.

Was there an invisible barrier between Clark and Lois? These two barely touched the entire episode and their plot line was about Clark opening up and realizing Lois needs to be in the loop on his entire life in order to protect her and so she can shield him. Although Clark did get Lois chocolates while chasing after Kara for darkness intel, he certainly forgot his and Lois’ first form of love communication – physical touch. From the beginning, Clark has manhandled Lois and Lois has socked his arm like a grade schooler. These two can’t keep their hands off each other – even when they weren’t a couple. And now that they are on the brink of engagement, they stand five feet apart constructing the foundation of their future? Even in their initial scene in SUPERGIRL, although there was no actual touching – there was the lean and sway of underlying sexual tension. You knew they wanted to jump each other. And to add insult to injury we are TOLD that Clark brought Lois home in his arms. We didn’t get to SEE it. Although that may have been for time or budgetary reasons – casual touching between these two is a MUST, especially in an episode that shows one of the building blocks of their relationship = Lois totally in the know; no separation of ‘professional lives’ since she is Clark’s shield. It makes one wonder if Clark was resistant to the change so much so he resented it and shut down his primary form of communication? Or was it bad editing?

CLARK (the Earth’s hope):
Clark was brilliant throughout the episode but especially in his last scene which really should have been the last thing we took away from the episode. (I could have cared less if Wilson was alive or dead – since we had to ASSUME what happened and weren’t TOLD or SHOWN what happened.) Clark all nervous about stepping to the forefront to be the leader of the JLA was a HUGE moment. Welling played it perfectly. And his direction of Clark standing tall and separated from the others to depict him as leader was totally on the mark and noteworthy. The viewer could understand this distance. Clark is no longer hiding in the shadows or the background. Stepping out to be that hope to the world. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

Thus, why the end scene was kind of MEH for most people who don’t read comics. Even though ‘Deathstroke’ was still alive – we weren’t privy to his save or the explosion that would have killed him if it wasn’t for Clark stuck in a kryptonite cage. How Clark escaped in time to save Wilson, hopefully we’ll find out later. Or maybe not.

In HOMECOMING future Clark and Lois had a ‘deal’ to keep their professional lives separate — and they weren’t engaged in 2017 (but they were married in the 2013 vision). That means that our Clark probably changed his future. We know he already has the engagement ring; so learning his lessons is making him change that potential 2017 future for the better — ramping it up so the 2013 vision will replace it (possibly–or maybe the year 2011 will have it all).

In PATRIOT Clark learned that keeping Lois out of the stadium (using their metaphors) was not a good idea. She’s Lois Lane. Again he trusts her but he wasn’t exactly trusting with letting her in on what his other job entailed. They are peeling away Clark’s layers of him thinking he’s protecting Lois when in fact — he’s not. A Lois-not-in-the-know is more likely to get herself in trouble than a Lois who knows what is happening and can help out. She knows Clark better than anyone, even better than himself — ORACLE and PATRIOT. So she can also point things out for him like in PATRIOT or get him to meet his challenges head-on like in ABANDONED. That’s why them being so different is so great. Lois moves forward meeting everything head-on. Clark is more emotionally oriented and takes things in and lets them ruminate for a while.

At the end of PATRIOT, with Lois’ encouragement, Clark steps out as the leader — telling his comrades all he knows about the darkness so they can be better prepared also. Clark has lived his life keeping secrets — and now he’s learning that being more open (like Lois) is much better for everyone. That’s why the world needs Lois (as Ollie puts it). She is Clark’s compass. She is the key. She has a pure soul — which Clark still doesn’t realize from his speech in the Watchtower. If they are in sync — the darkness can’t touch him because Lois will be his shield. The way she thinks and the way she knows him. If she tells him, there is nothing inside him for the darkness to latch onto — then he’s going to know it’s true. She is his hope as he brings hope to a darkened world.

Clark no longer has the subdermal tatoo so the Suicide Squad and probably Darkseid can no longer track him. Not sure if the others got theirs removed as well. Maybe we’re just supposed to assume that.

As in the comics, sometimes what Clark says is considered naïve but in retrospect, his remarks are spot on. “We need to prove we’re the good guys and not the terrorists.” “We came in and took the law into our own hands. People need to believe in this country and the systems that have been here for centuries. I do.” (This line could have been from when Lex was President in the comics.)

In the beginning, Clark was a little shaky on the trust thing with the people closest to him. Oliver, Lois, Aquaman – he’d rather do it himself because of his great sense of responsibility. This was worked out by the end of the episode. And I would have really liked it if Clark had answered the question of ‘Who’s your hero?’ if not when Mera asked it but later when he made the pact with Lois.

His confrontation with Slade (first name basis?) was heroic. The prison is about to self destruct. “I’m not going to let you destroy people’s faith in justice.” Wilson asks him if he’s man or steel. Clark lets the bullets bounce off him but is trapped in a kryptonite cage. Again. “What are you doing? I need to get you out of here.” Clark tries to persuade him to let the heroes work with him. “Let me save you. You’ll never get out. Shut it down. Let me help you.” Wilson says he’d rather die than to be saved by an abomination like Clark. Oh please, don’t let Clark get all mopey about that. Clark x-rays him and finds the Omega symbol on his forehead which means Darkseid has this guy in his pocket. “You asked me a question. I guess you’ll get your answer. I am man and steel.” Facility blows up. What happened? Who knows!?

LOIS (Clark’s hope):
Lois Lane was phenomenal in this episode. “I miss you too, Clark.” Fighting for Clark and fighting for their relationship just showed why she is the one female in the universe he chose to love and share his life with. She is relentless and always forward moving. Everything out in the open for her. It’s the one reason she has a ‘pure soul.’

Lois is impatient and again we see in this episode that the only person she tolerates patience for is Clark Kent. She doesn’t bully or gripe. She waits for him to tell her. And she is an asset to him when he allows her to be.

Her meeting with Mera. Yea, I was puzzled by the one-sided ‘boob off’, too. Is that how guys think girls fight? Or was it just so the male audience could see some skin? Although they got cheated.

Clark probably will be learning that Lois doesn’t always get into trouble because of him or what she knows about him. Lois just gets into trouble because of her natural curiosity and analytical mind. She is totally willing to throw herself into whatever situation she’s passionate about. Often she gets into dire circumstances because of her military connections or whatever story she is investigating. That’s why communication of all forms is crucial for this couple.

Lois saw the heroes who Wilson has knowledge of on his bulletin board. Did she convey that information to Clark – or would that have meant an even bigger smile from her guy? Apparently that was done offscreensville also. She goes to Wilson for a story and to find out what happened to a hero when they ‘turn themselves in.’ So the VRA is being investigated on two fronts., Ollie and Lois. Wilson tells her, “You’re not playing for your team as you should be, Ms. Lane. We all must do our part.” This parallels how Clark should be thinking about his girl. Lois’ slight of hand and her line, “I thought you might like a light” was good especially after we find out how dark Wilson truly is. “These days you just don’t know who you can trust, right?” Thus Clark’s plotline for this episode.

Lois tries to tell Oliver not to go with the military and since there’s nothing she can do about it, she tries to save her man. LOVED the Lois and Emil scene. Classic for both characters. Emil plays dumb while Lois has surmised Clark and the good doctor are in cahoots. “Now he’s mentioned your name a lot and he’s never even had a yearly checkup.” Under life snuffing duress, Emil tells her Clark went to see AC in Miami. She grins and tells him she was bluffing while straightening his tie and patting his shoulder. This is the most she touched anyone in the episode. Should have been doing more than that with Clark. And there seems to be more admiration for the intrepid reporter from another member of the JLA.

Lois tries to find Clark in order to inform him Oliver has been captured and she ends up giving him a key piece of intel (regarding the prisons which may be Luthorcorp related) that she absconded from Wilson. Lois knows exactly where they are holding AC. Clark’s reaction to her competence is a little short. No great revelations here from her guy as to how amazing she is.

Mera analyzed Clark and Lois’ relationship quite well before the porch scene. “You’re in the dark. Protected but not included.” And yes, Lois Lane can handle the harsh light of truth. Clark did keep Lois on the periphery when it came to his heroics, but those days are over. Like he said in HARVEST. “I want you to know me completely.” Apparently he didn’t realize what all that entailed.

I’ve been thinking about this in regards to the next episode. Maybe Clark still needs to learn how awesome Lois is and how much he needs her in his life – his entire life and will do so next time. But while watching this episode, Clark’s reactions seemed stilted when it came to this amazing woman.

COLONEL SLADE WILSON (a Darkseid goon):
Another Teen Titan villain (later to become a Batman/Nightwing villain) is nothing like his comic counterpart – aside from the name and the one-eyed thing which we don’t see until the final scene in Act Five. Stationed at the once abandoned (COMBAT) Fort Ryan, Kansas. Wilson is leading a rogue military unit to build prisons for the heroes that register under the law or the ones they capture. He basically describes Darkseid when he talks about Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam Hussein and that the threat is within. “The trust of the American people doesn’t lie in the trust of the Oval Office anymore.” How he makes the leap between a tyrant to the JLA is beyond me.

Basically what Darkseid is doing here is making the heroes the enemy even if they do come out of hiding – then he will step in as the savior from the hero menace. But a world ruled by Darkseid is dark, not hopeful, not free and not really living. Need I mention the Anti Life Equation?

He shows a bulletin board with a pyramid. The S symbol at the top. A pic of Ollie and a silhouette of Cyborg on the next. Really? Strange that Dinah (sketch) is not connected to Ollie on the next level. A pic of Impulse from Ollie. Kara direct line from S symbol (even though she never wore it). Aquaman (pic) and Starman (silhouette) down from Impulse. Stargirl (silhouette) and Zatanna (silhouette of her top hat) down from Black Canary. Looks like Wilson’s intel is a bit faulty. Like my friend, Christine, pointed out. Zatanna has had her face plastered all over Metropolis which is not that far from Fort Ryan. If they knew of Cyborg, there should have been a pic of him where he got his hardware. You know Lex was always about the visuals. And they should have had a pic of Canary because Tess had her tressed up like a turkey in ODYSSEY. Hawkman had his face splashed all over the papers/newsreels when the JSA was taken down by Checkmate. It appears that J’onn J’onz is under their radar, but he was captured by Checkmate – But I doubt that the Suicide Squad is going to release any information they have on the heroes since they want them to work for them.

He knows General Lane and has now met his daughter. This could prove troublesome for Lois in the future as Deathstroke will be returning. The duel of wits between these two was great.

AQUAMAN/ARTHUR CURRY/AC/ORIN (Future King of Seven Seas):
I have to admit I’m not an Aquaman fan, but I find his portrayal on Smallville so singularly focused (one note), it seems constipated at times. AC arrives a married man who is fighting the good fight with some violence. Even though the JLA did not blow up an Anti-Hero location (Suicide Squad did in AMBUSH), Arthur is blowing up these prisons that are being built by Wilson. He has better intel than the JLA who think they’re only oil rigs. On the ground or under the sea intel is always superior. Of course he gets captured. Is strung up semi-nude again only this time it’s the dueling chests between him and Oliver. Clark kept his clothes on this episode even when he got wet. Director Welling seemed to try to compensate for that with these two [wink]. When AC talks about his wife with Clark – they are things Clark should be thinking or saying about Lois. “She’s pretty amazing. Smart, passionate, fiery. Even helped me understand my true origins. (ABANDONED) I’m so much more than I ever was solo.” And AC can’t understand why Clark doesn’t have a real partnership with his girl. He got major points for that!

At least AC got to kiss his woman while the bombs burst in air. Talk about explosive.

Did it look like they may have used some footage from Season 5’s Aqua when AC went to go after Oliver?

MERA (Wife of Fishsticks):
She took the royalty thing to a whole new level. She looks down at Lois and her relationship with Clark. She walks like she’s still in the water. And is a firm believer that showing your chest is best. She did save her husband and Oliver. She was smart enough to know to crack Oliver’s fish tank in order for water to revive her hubbie. She gets to hug and kiss him which is more than Clark and Lois got.

There was some good makeup talk in the kitchen with Lois and it showed that Lois is all about working together as a team. A good thing since Clark will be stepping up as leader of said team and she is his true partner now in all aspects of his life.

OLIVER QUEEN (Hiding out after coming out):
Ollie has to sneak around because he’s come out as a hero. Interesting development there. He has to put on his best moves just to walk around as Oliver Queen so he can have a ‘private life.’

We don’t know if he got his tatoo removed or not. He thinks Flag was right, but unfortunately no one knows the SS exists so the heroes are getting blamed for it. This is pointed out by thinking Clark.

Cynical Ollie vs Stalwart Clark was great. It really presented Clark as the true leader. Clark was going to volunteer himself and show that the government had nothing to fear from the heroes.

Oliver ‘sacrificed’ himself (became a ‘patriot’) by registering with the government as a hero before Clark jumped at the chance. It also was a way to find out what happened to a registrant after that. Apparently arrest and ‘waterboarding’ – WOW! What a way to encourage the ‘vigilantes’ to sign up. Yea, like that’s gonna work. Pfft.

He wanted to be sure that Lois was covering his vigilante signing. In true Ollie fashion when he talked to Lois, he dropped the bomb Clark was going to volunteer to register. “We can’t let Clark try to fix this on his own for his sake and everyone else’s. The world needs you, Lois.” Seems Ollie has some faith in the power of Lois.

Director Welling had Justin go through his workout paces while Oliver denied being alien. And he won’t rat out his friends. He makes a plea to Wilson to allow the heroes to be who everyone needs them to be. So Ollie gets knocked out this episode (somebody always does) when he sees what they’ve done to AC in the torture basement.

Ollie saves Mera with a piece of glass looking remarkably like a bat-o-rang. LOL

Tess in either her duties as owner of the DP or as Watchtower has been monitoring Lois’ computer. She questions Lois about her article on the VRA. Lois informs Tess that Oliver is going to register. Something that she should know as Watchtower. Again, no communication within the JLA.

Loved the she knows that she knows but she doesn’t know she knows she knows convo in the elevator. Freeman and Durance just light up the screen. Lois gives Tess a plausible excuse for his absence. There may have been a hint of admiration that Lois contains Clark’s secret with seeming ease. Lois gives Watchtower (even though she doesn’t know Tess is Watchtower) info in regards to Wilson and the VRA.

Her next scene was also with Lois. When Lois hand delivers a message to Clark, Watchtower pops up on the screen. Awkward much? And she mentions an alloy that change properties. Nth metal? Something from the comics related to Hawkman. Or could it be that Doctor Alchemy will be making an appearance on the show?

EMIL HAMILTON (Nutty Professor):
LOVE Emil!!! He figures out that the SS used blue K to infiltrate Clark’s skin to tatoo him. With a chunk of Clark’s subdermal tissue, he drops it into a beaker destroying it. Thank you, Dr. Emil! Can’t have Clark’s DNA lying around. He knows about Clark’s globetrotting for secret meetings with Kara. Is he still running to those? Gotta get on that flying thing, Clark. Or he could have flown and we not have seen it cause that’s the way this episode was happening with some important moments. Loved Clark’s comment, “You could have warned me this would sting a little.” LOL Poor Baby!

Apparently there was some offscreen chit chat where Emil informed Clark of the offshore oil rig bombing. Oliver is the one to disclose to us that lately the communication between the JLA has been null. Probably should have paid more attention to that.

Kent Farm. AC and Clark in the barn moving hay bales around. Clark admits doubt in his beliefs. “Don’t let an overzealous Warhawk shake your faith in people, Clark. Your endless optimism is the one thing I like about you.” First real grin out of Clark, he comments on Mera’s influence over AC’s vocabulary. AC admits that taking the bomb route makes them no better than Slade (Wilson). Clark points out the government got what they wanted from the VRA. “We got scared. We stopped communicating. We stopped trusting each other.” Uh, Lois didn’t – oh yea, she’s not included yet. “There is no way we can beat this if we splinter.” AC pledges, “I may not trust the commandos in Washington, but I trust you, Clark. So we’ll do it your way. Lead by example, not by resistance. I think you have another battle brewing on the homefront though.” Clark gulps and nods. Everyone knows but Clark that Lois should have been included from the get go. “I thought if I told Lois my secret that everything would fall into place.” That’s like a pregnant woman saying if she concentrated on the delivery, raising the kid would be a breeze. WRONG! “I guess I’ve kept her on the outside.” Guess? He says while picking up a bale. Words of wisdom from AC. Now you know Clark is really in trouble. “The away games don’t matter unless you win the ones at home, too. Which you definitely can’t do if you refuse to have a co-captain.” I hate sports metaphors, but it’s guy stuff. “What I’m trying to say is . . . if anyone can handle you and what you do, it’s Lois.” This from the guy who dated her for like a DAY! “You can’t bring her on the team and keep her benched.” Understatement of the last two centuries. “Question is . . . can you handle THAT?” Man, being married has made AC really introspective. Clark has his blank face on. So maybe that’s the question for the next episode.

Lois in the Kent kitchen unpacking her things from her trip to Florida. “You do carry a lot of baggage,” says Mrs. AC. Lois threatens to shrivel her with a hair dryer. Mera apologizes for her hasty judgment of Lois. “You’re not like us. Not like Clark but . . . you are what he needs. You treat Clark not as your superior but as an equal. And insist that he do the same.” Lois thanks her. “You make a good partner for him, Lois. . . in your own way.” Lois wisely states, “If he lets me.” Mera lets her in on her relationship. “It took months and more than a few water blasts to the head for Orin to let me stand with him, not just beside him. Give Clark time.” Yea, he always needs time. Clark and AC enter the house. Mera speaks with Lois beside her. “I thought Orin was exaggerating, Clark, but everything he said about you is true. Even when the tide is turning, you work hard to bring change by delivering justice not bombs.” Lois looks proud of her guy. “You’re a patriot to the country not just the cause.” AC agrees. “That’s our Boy Scout.” Lois invites the water people back again. “Aye, aye Captain,” says Orin. Lois thanks Mera again. AC and Mera leave the Kent house hand in hand. Clark and Lois don’t.

“In case I forgot to mention it, I’m really glad I only booked a one way to Miami. Your arms are a lot better than a seat in coach.” She gets a devilish grin and he’s standing 3 feet away. She taps his elbow before walking behind him and then stands a good five feet away from him. “You shouldn’t have had to fly all the way to Florida just to find me.” Does he think he’s in the dog house? Lois certainly is not giving that impression. What is going on in his head? Why isn’t he closer to her? “Don’t sweat it. Those mileage points needed to be used up anyway.” He still has her at arms length in more than one way. “Lois, you were right to be upset. I’ve been running around acting like it’s just me . . . instead of us.” Clark takes two steps towards her. “Truth is, I rely on you more than anyone else. I trust you to know parts of me that I don’t even trust myself. That’s why you’re the only person who I told about the darkness that I’ve tried to fight. Failed.” Uh, when did that happen? Offscreensville? Was it implied at some time? She answers. “I know. It’s just that when you look at AC and Mera, how they work together, how alike they are. It kind of makes you wonder, if we’ll ever be like that. I mean you’ve got to admit, I’m . . .” He finishes the thought. YAY! “. . . everything that I’m not.” There’s some grinning glances. “Lois, that’s why it works.” Lois replies. “Yea, but two pieces may fit together, but if they’re not from the same puzzle, it might end up looking like a Picasso.” She backs away with her arms raised. Clark leans forward trying to discern her meaning. “Does that matter?” Does their relationship have to look like everyone else’s? “It depends,” she shrugs. Clark looks blank again. She continues to explain. “When you went off to save the world, I remember what my mom looked like everytime my dad left on deployment and it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. But she . . . she remained stoic until that door closed. Because she knew that was how she helped my dad do what he had to do. Because they were in it together, no matter what. And so am I.” She’s been smiling with the memory and then has tears in her eyes. Clark gives her a slight grin with love in his eyes. “But I’m not the only one.” She takes a few steps towards him. “You didn’t tell anyone about the darkness because . . . you think you’re supposed to be invincible, right?” Clark gets shifty eyed because she’s hit home to the bone. His woman knows him better than he knows himself. “And it terrifies you that you’re not.” He lets out the breath he has been holding. He licks his lips and begins to articulate his feelings. Big deal for Clark. “Lois, how am I supposed to protect people, protect you, if I can’t even protect myself from the darkness.” She shakes her head slightly and gives him a small smile. “By not trying to do it alone.” His eyes show realization. “We’re in this together now . . . all of us. And the team needs to know the bigger war we’re fighting.” Clark crinkles a brow and it’s a quick change to the Watchtower.

Would have liked more of a reaction shot and some touching in this scene. Lois is giving Clark all kinds of back up and showing him the way and he’s kind of just standing there. Were reactions and scenes edited out?

Lois opens the Watchtower doors herself as Clark walks three feet behind her. “Wow!” We see the monitors as Clark says, “Welcome to Watchtower.” Another missed opportunity to show how this couple stands or how Clark is handling their partnership. “The official headquarters of the home team.” Still not touching. Lois gives him a smile. “Which you are clearly on now,” says Tess from the stairs. “Finally.” Tess seems pleased that Lois is now on the team and will be an asset. Clark walks away to prepare his leader speech on the other side of the room. As Tess descends the stairs, Lois stares at the techno. “Is that a CommSat hookup? I take back that whole work wife thing. Your satellite officially trumps my cell phone.” Reminiscent of her line in PANDORA when she first saw Watchtower. Tess is amused. “Forget it. From now on me CommSat es su CommSat.” Lois thanks her. Ollie strides in and sees Lois. He’s stunned. “Clark, I got your mess. . .sage. Lois! Hey!” Clark turns around to face them. Ollie is amused. “What’s goin on?” Clark is nervous. He’s not used being the center of attention. “Um.” He’s not sure what to do with his hands. Typical first speech mannerisms. Then he goes for it. It’s obviously something he’s prepared. “We all know what the government was up to but those prisons were part of a much bigger threat.” Lois looks at Tess for a reaction. “Hate crimes are up. People like Slade are getting more control. And Godfrey’s antivigilante message is . .It’s reaching more ears than ever before. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence.” Tess doesn’t think that’s a valid hypothesis as she looks at Lois and then Clark. “Sadly, Clark, there’s no mystery to human fear and hatred.” Lois seems to be encouraging Clark to continue. He takes a step forward. “This time there might be. I think there’s something more behind the darkness. Something that hero haters like Slade don’t even know is affecting them. When I sent the Kandorians away through the portal in space, I opened a door for something else to come to Earth.” Ollie is in shock. “Are you seriously trying to tell me that out of all the intergalactic bad boys we’ve ever faced, this one’s actually worse?” Clark admits. “This is much worse. We can’t even see it to fight it. This thing is like an evil that’s spreading over the Earth. It preys upon the dark side we already have. It feeds on our doubts, our fears and our distrust.” Lois is quiet. Ollie remarks, “Well I say from where I’m standing, they’re already on the winning side.” Clark nods. “I think it even affected Slade.” Clark turns to what he was doing while Tess and Lois talked. “Just before the facility exploded, I saw something on Slade’s skull.” He shows them what he has drawn. “The Omega symbol. It was like it was branded there. Almost like the mark . . .” Tess finishes. “.. of the Beast in Revelations.” Lois watches as the others are starting to see what they are facing. “Which would explained why he veered so far off his marching orders.” Ollie contribues. “I’m guessing you don’t think that Slade’s the only pledge for that Alpha Omega dyed fraternity, right?” Clark is leading now. “I think the Omega is a sign of corruption. A mark that the darkness has fully taken over someone.” Lois steps forward with a worried look on her face. “Didn’t Kara say that a person had to be open to the darkness? That it can’t infect anyone of pure heart?” Didn’t Godfrey tell Lois that in SUPERGIRL? Clark comes back with. “And which one of us doesn’t have that weakness?” Uhhh, according to Godfrey, that would be Lois. Hello! “A hidden hatred or fear that this thing couldn’t prey upon?” Ollie steps up. “So basically this thing doesn’t have to do anything . . .” Lois finishes his thought. “It just waits for everybody’s weaknesses and then we destroy ourselves.” Tess looks to Clark. “If we can’t stop it, the darkness will infect every person on this planet.” Clark has tears in his eyes as his team realizes the dire straits of the world. How he thought he’d be able to handle this alone is beyond me.

Quick move to x-rays of skulls. Scissors cutting through bandage and then falling. Gauze being removed to reveal Slade with his humungous eyepatch. Flashes of the Omega symbol and then it doesn’t fade to black but to television snow. Meh.

Clark’s first lines of the episode were, “Nothing I can’t handle. You could have warned me this would sting a little.” Apparently Clark got a big sting when his two worlds collided realizing Lois needed to be on the team. Equals. Lois Lane waits patiently again until the Big Guy ruminates on this some more.

After a rerun of AMBUSH the day after Thanksgiving, we get LUTHOR.

Clark wakes up in bed with two Lois lookalikes. (after not touching her in previous episode) “I woke up this morning and everything is different. Darker.” Clark entering a dark barn. A flash of Lionel. Clark on his knees at the Watchtower with Tess, Oliver and Lois pointing weapons at him. That is in color. Lois saying, “Stay away from me, Clark.” Clark asking, “Why are you so afraid of me?” Ultraman symbol inside a upside down shield burned on a wall. Tess in dark barn, “Like a parallel reality.” Of course she kisses Clark. Clark with an Ultraman t-shirt on looking into a mirror. Lionel saying, “I am your father and I alone raised you in my own image.” Clark and Lionel sword fighting. Apparently the Luthors have the Mona Lisa. Tess being abducted. Lois fleeing from Clark. Clark looking up on a darkened street with leaves flying around. Clark with a WTF look on his face while Lionel screams, “Clark Luthor!”

So double your pleasure with double the Welling. Can’t wait.

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  1. eric p permalink
    December 1, 2010 7:10 pm

    You know what I like to do? After I read your review and comments, go back and look for the little things you mention. :) It’s like the director’s commentary for movies. Your insights are funny and interesting and I always enjoy them. Keep up the great work. I agree, we need more touching between Clois. They don’t need to devour each other every time they meet, but an arm touch or hug or even a hand holding here and there would be nice. Especially in front of AC and Ollie. Lois’s exes.

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