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November 19, 2010

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Recap and Review by Holli

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Written by Drew Landis and Julia Swift and directed by Kevin G. Fair. Multiple guest stars: Teri Hatcher as Ella Lane, Helen Slater as Lara Lor Van, Julian Sands as Jor-El, and Lindsay Hartley as Mad Harriet.

No recap again!!! Woot!

Dark and Stormy night at the Luthor mansion. Scary Stories Boys & Girls! Count Floyd would be proud. Tess aka Crazypants is having a nightmare of when she was a little girl. A music box playing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky eerily plays. We hear church bells as the girl puts the music box into a pillow case. Someone outside the door is doing a lights out check. She runs for a hidden compartment inside the floor. The girl pulls out a spoon which also is a skeleton key. She opens her room door and then replaces the key in its hiding place. Barefoot she runs down a hallway with her pillowcase. Down a flight of stairs (the ones where Clark died in ODYSSEY) she makes it to the front doors but can’t get them open. We see the shadow of a woman coming upstairs. The girl makes another run for it. Trying several doors in another hallway, she finds them locked. She seeks refuge in an armoire (or wardrobe if you’re a C S Lewis fan). Her music box plays some notes, she stops it, but it’s too late. The door to the wardrobe is flung open. She is grabbed by the throat. We see her being dragged by a foot as she digs her nails into the side of her hiding place. “Help me!” The woman continues dragging her as we hear the music box chime away. The thing just won’t stop – and without a battery pack. “Noooo!”

Tess awakes with a start. Of course, there are lightening flashes and thunder crashes. That damn music box is still playing except it is in real time and in the mansion. She follows the sound and finds it on her glass desk. A fire burns brightly in the fireplace. How Dickensian! There are even ghostly sounds reverberating. That music box just started to play the entire suite! Don’t touch it Tess! She picks it up. Louis Febre is obviously helping this box out. It’s no longer just chimes. That ballerina is just spinning and spinning. Credits.

Dark of Night at Kent Farm. Lois is in the kitchen opening a large box. She doesn’t seem too excited about it. Clark turns on a light switch and descends the stairs. “Y’know if you’d just admit you moved in with me, you wouldn’t have to sneak down here in the middle of the night and unpack your things,” he grins as he goes for the frig. Lois explains that they aren’t her things as she goes for some coffee. Clark gets the OJ. “What is it?” She pours herself a cup of java. “Something I’ve been avoiding for 15 years.” Clark pours himself a glass. “The General sent it after he left. It’s been in the back of my closet growing up. I’ve never opened it. It’s the keepsakes my mom gave me after she found out she had cancer.” Clark pulls out a cobalt blue glass bird from the box. “Oh my God! It’s Old Blue.” Lois is near tears. “Mom used to keep it in her kitchen window. I haven’t since she . . . “ Clark is sympathetic. He sees her pain. Lois confesses, “I never went to visit her in the hospital, Clark. What kind of kid refuses to visit their sick Mom?” Clark tries to comfort her. “A really scared one.” Lois explains her mother was in the hospital for five weeks. She’s nearly sobbing. “I didn’t say goodbye to her.” Clark, it’s called a hug! Lois looks at the box. “I guess she did.” Lois pulls out a video cassette labeled ‘To Lois, Watch this one first, May 3’ Lois wonders if her mother was angry she didn’t go see her. “I’m not sure I can face this.” Clark, this is Lois Lane saying this – it’s a flashing alarm – hug her! “Lois, you shouldn’t feel guilty for not wanting to open up old wounds.” This from Mr. Denial. Lois isn’t made that way. “Haven’t you felt like something is missing in your life since you cut ties with your Dad? Clark starts back away, sputtering. “Well, Jor-El really isn’t my Dad.” He takes his glass of OJ to the sink. “He’s a machine. It’s different.” Always moving forward Lois walks up to him. “He sent you all the way here. Created an ice house and he trained you. He wouldn’t do all of those things if he didn’t care about you.” Clark closes his eyes and his lips. The wall is up. “Look if I’m up, I really should be on patrol.” In other words, talking about BDJ is off limits. Lois goes silent. Clark walks over to grab his Holy Red Jacket. He turns to her. “I can stay if you need me to.” Considerate but he looks like he wants to get the hell out of Dodge. Understanding Lois smiles and shakes her head. “That’s okay, Clark.” He seems amazed she’s not going to badger him about it – she’s not a Smallville girl, Clark! With one last look, he zips off. Lois goes to the box. There’s a child’s handmade card inside that says ‘I love you Mom.’ She takes out the first video tape. In Russia the bluebird is a symbol of hope. Maybe if Lois puts it in the Kent window – then Darkseid won’t be able to get to them.

Watchtower, same night. Clark tosses down his jacket and sees Tess looking through a photo album. “Tess! You said you needed help. I thought you meant Watchtower, not scrapbooking.” Tess says she thought it’d be tomorrow morning. “Well, since I’m here.” Man, he really doesn’t like to face things, does he. Tess tells him someone broke into the mansion and shows him the music box. “Someone’s messing with me, Clark.” She tells him about her nightmare and how the music box was involved both in the dream and in reality. She thought she might find the music box in an old family photo album. She did not have the best childhood. Clark notices that the Happy Birthday, Tess label has something underneath. Clark uses a computer. Savor it people. There’s not reason for blondie to return. Everyone is doing fine without her. He sees what the faded label says. Property of St. Louise’s Orphanage. [St. Louise had a similar background to Tess.] Clark asks if it means anything to her. “I’ve never been identified with any saints.” Clark types in a search engine. Oh yea, this just keeps getting better and better. Dude is smokin!

He finds an article about Granny Goodness and an anonymous generous endowment. **coughLIONELcough** Her orphanage helps wayward girls. “She’s like the Mother Teresa for needy children.” Yea, right. “They call her Granny Goodness.” Tess seems to recognize her from the nightmare.

Granny’s basement. Busy place. She’s got a young girl tied to a wheelchair. Don’t know. She tells the girl to relax. “You just trust Granny and you’ll leave your past behind.” She’s brushing her hair and the girl is terrified. She doesn’t want to forget. “Your memories are just holding you back.. . . And after we’re done, you’ll thank me.” She’s just strapped the head down with leather. Dressed as someone’s 50’s grandmother and talking soothingly just adds to Granny’s menace. With her hand over the child’s head, there’s a red glow and the girl screams. Granny likes to torture and brainwash.

Kent Farm. Lois puts the first video tape into the Kent VCR. She covers herself with a plaid throw. She stares at the remote. She appears to have been crying and this is not easy for her. Running a hand through her bangs, she presses the remote. We see Ella Lane (Hatcher). This scene was filmed on her end in California. Durance was shot in Vancouver. “I hope I’m doing this right.” She has the 90’s Lois Lane bob we all know. “Lois.” This isn’t easy for her either and she puts a hand through her bangs. The mirroring in this scene makes it all the more poignant. “My little girl. I’ve asked that you girls not be brought to visit me at the hospital.” See Lois has taken on guilt that wasn’t hers. Let’s see how she deals with it in comparison with Clark. Lois puts her hand on her chest. “I know you don’t like being told what to do.” This gets a smile from the daughter. “But I want you to have happy memories of me.” Lois lets out a sighing, “Mom.” “The Colonel is convinced I’ll pull through.” Another smile from Lois. “He packed a bag with my favorite nightgown and sweater.” Ella chuckles. “I didn’t know your father noticed those things.” Lois is probably seeing her father through new eyes. “He even managed to slip in Blue.” Lois swallows a sob. “Your father got this for me the day we found out I was pregnant with you. We were stationed in Russia. And there this is considered a symbol of hope.” One of Clark’s nicknames is Big Blue. Ella shows her the bird and then puts it down. “He’s going to do a wonderful job raising you.” With tears in her eyes, Ella continues. “But sometimes, girls need their mother.” Lois sniffs with tears in her eyes. “So as hard as these tapes are to make. They’re for the days that I want to be there. And won’t be.” A tear falls down Lois’ face. “Play the tapes. Think of me. Because . . .losing a parent. It can create a hole in a person’s heart.” Lois continues to shed tears. “Someday you’re going to meet someone special. Knowing you, I’m guessing, tall, dark and handsome.” Lois smiles through the tears at how well her Mother knew her. “And you can’t commit to that person fully if you think there’s a love that you’re missing from some old memory . . . like me.” Lois is reflective. “You can’t let someone leaving you stop your future with someone else.” Lois wipes a tear from her face and puts fingers to her lips. Ella also wipes tears. She chuckles and gains her composure. “You know the thing about being a parent is . . . it doesn’t end. Not with age. Not with death. I will always be your mother, Lois. And I will always love you.” The tape ends and Lois lets out a sob. Tears flow freely as she smiles. Her mother has given her a gift. The gift of moving on. She snuggles on the Kent couch.

St. Louise’s orphanage. Tess holding a picture of her ‘parents’ standing in front of the building. She swears she’s never been there before. Clark in reporter clothes tells her she was here twenty years ago. Which would make Tess older than Clark and Lois – Cassidy is younger than Tom and Erica. “Someone broke into your house to remind you of it.” Clark leads the way as Granny comes down the steps to greet them. She’s tickled (which can’t be good) that reporters are there to feature her girls in the Daily Planet. Very young girls line up on the steps and begin singing Amazing Grace. That gave me shivers. Amazing Grace was Glorious Godfrey’s sister on Apokolips. She had the power of manipulation and an encounter with Clark in the comics. So this sweet little scene was waaaay creepy for me.

Clark superhears a little girl in distress. “I left my notebook in the car,” he says before walking a safe distance and then superspeeding away. He finds the girl who Granny had tortured. He removes her gag and bindings. “Hurry before Granny comes back.” Clark realizes Granny did this and tried to wipe out the girl’s memories. They start to leave but here metal clanging. “That’s what Granny turns us into.” Clark reassures her that he won’t let it happen and puts her in the safety of a nearby electrical room. “I’ll be right back.” Clark walks down a basement hallway. He sees leather clad babes with sharp objects going at each other. He just keeps on going. Then he gets the stomach cramps. Oops. Green kryptonite. Make that burning green K used to forge weapons. Nimble girl somersaults and kicks him dead in the chest. He gets hit with a staff and a fist of metal. “I’m here to help you.” Then a whip snaps him and he goes down like a ton of bricks. A stiletto boot and leather leg spikes his chest. It’s Mad Harriet. Only not so mad like the Joker looking one, but it’s Smallville and they can’t give up the pretty. “No one here needs saving except you.” Clark grabs the toe of her boot. I can’t decide if he’s digging it or looking defiant. I’ll let you be the judge.

Portrait of Granny on the wall. Tess is getting the grand tour. “Y’know I’ve always be able to tell an abandoned soul when I see one. It’s a gift.” Christine is giving me the willies. Great Job! Tess inquires if the girls come to the orphanage as babies. “They come at any age.” Tess has her notepad out acting the journalist. Tess asks the standard question about older girls being adopted and then wonders if some of them spend their entire childhoods there. “Mercy me. You make it sound like punishment.” In the comics, Granny had a dog she named Mercy – who killed on command. Febre’s music is dark, eerie and just the right amount of creepy. “I’ve been training my girls for decades.” She says this as they pass two portraits of clowns. Killer clowns? “Not to blend into society but to conquer it. Here and around the world.” If your eyes were sharp enough, you would have seen Tess’s pic on the wall just as Granny stood in front of it. Tess sees the wardrobe of her nightmare. “My girls know I’ll always be here for them.” Tess goes to examine it. “And I know they’ll never desert me.” Tess turns and looks back at Granny. Tess takes a look at the side of the wardrobe and sees her fingernail marks on it. Just like in the nightmare. “I do hope you enjoyed the birthday present. That music box brought such comfort to you when you were young and I knew it would draw you back to me. This is when Granny finally moves away to reveal Tess’s picture on the wall. And it’s not a subtle move. It’s more of a lunge. It actually says Tess Mercer, CEO of Luthorcorp below the picture. Tess stunned.

This was one huge act. Something like five scenes in it! The pacing was just off on this one. It was better watching without commercials because the flow wasn’t as fragmented.

Kent Farm. Lois in the loft doing Kryptonian research. She sees a drawing of the Fortress. Shelby whines behind her. YAY SHELBY! She’s talking to the dog. “Smallville and I can’t move forward until he deals with the super sized hole his Dad left in his heart. . . Fine, be that way. I’m still gonna try for a thaw in the Cold War between Clark and his Dad.” Another sketch showing the octagonal key and the stone lock in the cave. Is this Lionel’s journal or what? Lois goes rummaging through Clark’s desk as if she knows the map in the Kawatche caves is in there. She finds Tom Sawyer with the burn hole. “If this is the door, where would Clark hide the key?” She spies the bookcase where Clark has an eclectic collection. Peter Gray’s Psychology to Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb. Really? Lois finds the key behind the bookcase on a barn beam. “No going back now.” Yep, it’s all about letting go of the past and moving forward.

Granny’s Grand Tour continues. Tess has no photos of herself before she was five. Granny informs her her adoptive parents didn’t have her then. “I did.” Tess realizes the dream was a memory. There is some disagreement on pain being love when Tess asks the burning question. “Who am I? What happened to me?” Granny goes guilt trippin. “Do you think I wanted to say goodbye to you? I was already training you. You had so much promise. Then your birth parents found you a home. Forced my hand. They wanted you far away. Told me to forget about you.” Tess wants to know who her birth parents were. “They were powerful. They would have closed us down if I fought back, but I never stopped watching over you.” Creepy! Granny tells Tess it was she who took her from the hospital. “I had to save my dear girl.” Tess remembers the Cadmus labs. Granny seems pleased the scientists did great plastic surgery. Tess knocks her hand away. Granny is displeased. She starts down the hallway. “Abuse is a horrible cycle to break even for a strong woman. But nothing could break you. I’ve always known that you were stronger than any girl I’d chosen before. You’ve always been my favorite. You see, I’m your true family.” Scarey! Tess wonders why she doesn’t remember her real parents. Granny says to look what she’s become on her own. Tess wants to know why Granny is coming after her now. “With your power, you’ll accomplish great things and my brilliant girl, very soon lines will be drawn. Believe me, you’ll be glad to have me on your side” Granny is upset Tess didn’t come alone, but her girls are taking care of Clark. Tess storms off to find out how. “I’ve had quite enough of that behavior. With a psionic wave, Tess is tossed down the hallway. She finds an old rotary phone. St. Louise’s hasn’t gone digital. There’s a chase scene with Tess running Granny walking merrily along. Tess goes into a dorm room and puts a chair under the door knob. It’s broken to pieces as the door opens to reveal Granny. “None of my girls ever leave me.” Another wave of the hand and there’s bars on the windows. “I lost your broken soul once. Trust me, I’m not going to let you go again. I have plans for you, Tess. You will be my most valuable soldier in the coming war. Whether you want to be or not.” She leaves and the door slams behind her. Granny’s victorious voice tells Tess it’s her old room. Apparently Tess scratched on the wall, Somebody Save Me. Get it?

Meanwhile back at the krypto fire. Clark, shirtless. YAY! In chains. Oh yea, the kink factor just shot up. “You don’t have to do this. I can get you out of here. Help your younger sisters find real homes .” Harriet informs him no one could ever love them as much as Granny. Yea, brainwashed. “She controls you. That’s not love.” While Harriet gives him the Season 7 fears. Clark is doing just fine. “Someone who loves you doesn’t make you forget who you are and where you came from.” Whoa, go Clarkie! Harriet racks her metal Wolverine nails against a cement pillar. Sparks fly. Granny is their family now. “Power is absolute.” She teases him with the sharp blades. “And she’s smarter than any human.” Uh, he’s a Kryptonian. So while she sings the praises of green K tempered weaponry, she’s cutting open Clark’s chest. “She’s preparing. Soon a great Fury will consume this world and no one will be able to stop us.” Just as she’s about to give Clark cataract surgery, Granny stops her. “I told you to look after our lost lamb, not slaughter him.” Leather clads are dismissed so Granny can bring peace (did I misspell that?) to Clark. Even though he’s bleeding, he doesn’t lose heart. “I don’t care how powerful you are. I won’t let you ruin anymore lives.” Like a concerned great aunt, she tells him he is in no position to stop her. “Once I bury your memories, you’ll see life can be so much better without a painful past.” If this was Season 7 Wimp Ass Clark, he’d be in for a crap load of trouble . . . but he isn’t. He’s season 10 Superman Clark. So Granny might have some resistance. Quick cut to . . .

Tess in her old room. She remembers the spoon skeleton key in the floor and unlocks the door. More running down hallways. Harriet confronts her on a staircase (the same one where Clark died in S8). Fighting ensues. Badass Tess wins with a kick. Then Tess is pulled with a whip around the neck. Quick cut to . . .

Fortress of Solitude. Clark’s Grand Central Station. Lois Lane in the Fortress and she’s fully conscious. Everybody party! And she’s dressed appropriately for the Arctic. “Not exactly home sweet home.” She starts talking to Jor-El. From dogs to disembodied voices. “Hello, Mr. . . El? I’m here to talk about your son, Clark. Kal-El.” Durance does this thing with her arms that seems like a royal bow. “Look I know as a parent you had to make the hardest decision ever to save your son and send him here alone.” She talks about her dying mother and her protection. “And I love her, but she was wrong. I will never get to hold her again, but you . . . you can still be there for Clark. I mean, Kal-El. Your son needs a father who believes in him.” And Jonathan Kent has you beat in that department. “I wish knowing that I love him was enough, but Clark can’t really hear it with the ghost of your disappointment haunting him. You’re stopping him from fulfilling his potential. He’s an amazing man. He’s a hero.” She’s answered with silence. “Really? Nothing? You know you may not care about anybody else but yourself, but Clark does. And you are not one tenth the Kryptonian he is.” Now she’s got her mad on and is fighting for her man. “He is lucky to be rid of you.” Big Daddy J takes offense to that and shuts off the lights and blows her hair and then puts her in one of those whirly tubey thingies without the Kryptonian glyphs. Maybe a holding cell?

Granny’s basement. Clark is getting his head strapped in the torture wheelchair. Granny is there to ease his pain. “I have no pain.” She tells him he’s an abandoned soul. “It’s not your fault your parents didn’t want you. Let me push all that anger away.” Clark refuses. “Challenges are what make us who we are.” Has he been hanging around Lois or what? “The people that I’ve lost. The things that I’ve learned. I wouldn’t be the same without them.” Woohoo! Lovin Season 10 Clark! Granny can take away regret and people who have let him down. “I’m the most compassionate one of all.” Clark sees the hood over the kryptofire is held on by chains. He blows his freeze breath trying to make the links brittle. Granny puts the red whammy on him. He yells in pain and appears to pass out. The chain breaks and the ‘lead’ hood falls down on the fire. Clark escapes the chair and Granny is no where to be found. He zips off and dresses instantaneously before finding Tess hanging by the neck. He heat visions the whip and catches her. LaShina is doing her whip thing at the top of the stairs. Clark ain’t playin. He tresses her up like a turkey in a millisecond. He helps Tess up and she thanks him. Tess apologizes for trying to do it on her own and looking after herself. “You’re part of my team now. I wasn’t going to abandon you.” Ahhh, good Clarkie.

Quick zip to the Kent Farm. No, really. Clark changes his clothes again. More casual attire. Such a fashion hound. He’s in the loft and sees what Lois has been up to. He goes to find the key and it’s gone. “Lois.” He zips to the Fortress. Lois is suspended. “Jor-El, let her go. I may have not lived up to your expectations, but if you hurt her, you would have failed all of mine.” He zips forward and Lois drops. Not sure why. “Lois, are you all right?” She assures him she is, but she has more pressing matters. “Jor-El! He’s here! Clark is here! Come out, come out wherever you are.” Clark tells her BDJ isn’t talking. “I’m fine with that. After what he did to you, I’m done.” She grabs his hand as he starts to walk off. “No. Wait. I love you too much to let you and your father to give up on each other. Just try one more time. Please.” Clark gulps and looks at his woman. She’s fighting for him. More darkness in the FOS. And then a circle of light as if it had been activated from what had transpired. Lara and Jor-El appear in all their Kryptonian glory. Lara speaks first. “My Son. I’ve only had the joy of knowing you a few weeks. I wish I could be with you always to guide you and to protect you.” At times the images stutter. They recorded this when Krypton was coming to its end. Jor-El informs her they don’t have much time. Clark steps forward to get a better look. “My dearest, Kal-El. Our love will always be with you. I can already see that you carry within you your father’s independent spirit.” Hello! One of the things that will deter the Anti Life Equation. Jor-El speaks. “But more importantly, your mother’s neverending bravery and her compassionate heart.” He puts an arm around his wife as the image stutters again. We hear background sounds of destruction as Lara looks weary. “Your Father tells me the new world you’re journeying to, Earth, is full of complicated beings capable of great emotion.” Clark puts a hand through the image. Lara tries to gain her composure. “My wish is for you to live a full and wonderful life.” Lois smiles at her words. “But I need you to know that you were born of a great love.” Clark looks taken aback at the passion she shows. “And brilliant father has devised a way for you to carry on that love without us.” Again it looks as though the transmission will be lost. Lois takes a step with a worried face. “The ship I designed to carry you to your destiny can only hold one Kryptonian. One who has so much potential. So unlike your father.” Didn’t Lois mention potential. Lara shakes her head at his words. She loves her husband very much. Clark must get his mopes from his Daddy’s side of the family. Lara clasps the side of Jor-El’s face and kisses his cheek. With their planet dying around them, they have little time to convey to their infant son how they feel about him and each other. Clark is witnessing this as he gulps. “Your mother and I cannot come with you. To do so would be to burden your innocent soul with our frailties and failures.” Clark looks as though he wants to tell his Father differently. “But you have it within you the best of both of us and I’m sending with you all my knowledge and none of my ego or regrets. They will die with me here on Kryptin [ouch!]” More sounds of destruction and imagery loss. Jor-El and Lara know the end is near. “Whatever trials I put you through. I will never lose faith in you.” Something that Clark has always had in the comics and needs to destroy Darkseid’s evil. Lara whispers, “Quickly before it’s too late” to her husband. Then to her son. “We may not have been able to save our planet . . .” Jor-El continues her thought. “but we are confident you will become Earth’s greatest savior.” Clark gulps as Lois smiles. Jor-El carries on. “And never doubt that just as you are a part of us, we will always be a part of you. Farewell, my Son.” As the sounds get louder, Lara tries to breath through her emotion. “Farewell.” There’s a whoosh of sound and light as the image disappears. The Fortress is now alight. Clark takes a step forward realizing what a gift this has been. He then turns to Lois who grins at him.

THIS is the story we’ve been wanting to see and wanted Clark to see. The story of Jor-El and Lara who’s hope for their son to live on brought hope to Jonathan and Martha Kent and the Earth. Clark emerging as the Superman we’ve always known will defeat Darkseid.

So glad Brian and Kelly retconned Jor-El from the AI ass wipe to a more human father who loved his son enough to save him.

Interesting that Clark and Lois received information about their pasts and heritages so that they could move forward to a brighter future. YAY!

Granny lets her hair down. In the basement, the Unholy Trinity meet. Our first time seeing DeSaad, another Darkseid minion. We saw his club in SUPERGIRL. Yea, Smallville goin for the pretty again – cause this DeSaad is nothing like the comics one. SV’s is young, sexy and in leather. “Hello, Granny.” He kisses her hand. She is not impressed. Godfrey is there as DeSaad explains that he has been chosen by ‘our Dark Lord.’ Godfrey is the prophet. Darkseid’s third minion seems happy about having a higher purpose. Granny is still not impressed. She gives DeSaad a tear down about his clubs. “Our Unholy Trinity is complete. I bind their bodies. Godfrey breaks their spirit. And you, my beloved friend, you clear their minds, preparing the way for Lord Darkseid.” EVIL!

Kent Farm at night. Lois puts Blue on her window sill. “Yes and no,” says Clark. She turns looking inquisitive. “Yes, I think your mother is still watching over you and no, I don’t think you’re crazy.” She looks into his eyes. “She didn’t want me to see her because because she was afraid she would look weak. I think she felt that she had failed me by leaving.” Clark ponders. “Clark, she’s the bravest person I know.” He grins at her and takes her into his arms. In the hug, he tells her. “Maybe our parents thought that their mistakes would be some sort of burden on us.” They release each other. Lois ponders smiling. “I would have liked to have said goodbye. I think I could have handled it.” Clark thinks that maybe they couldn’t. “I used to think that Jor-El was this strong unshakable force. Kind of like I thought was supposed to be.” Lois offers. “I don’t think he’s the easiest guy to reading being he’s a ice fortress and all.” Clark nods with a grin. “But there’s part of him that’s very human,” she says with a big smile. Thoughtful, happy Clark. “Yea. He blames himself for losing our home. All the weight I thought I had on my shoulders, he was carrying something so much heavier.” Lois finishes the thought. “And he didn’t want you to carry it with him.” “I’m glad that you got to see him. Thank you for showing me that.” She grins back. “Thank my Mom. Oh, and uh . . .” She goes to her purse and pulls out a toothbrush. “You can thank her for this, too.” Clark takes it from her. “A toothbrush.” “MY toothbrush. I’m in!” She grabs her mother’s box and heads for the pantry. “Why don’t you let me take you out,” offers Clark. “It’s power ballad night at the Ace of Clubs.” Go Clarkie! “Clark Kent and Karaoke? Isn’t that one of the signs of the Apocalypse (Apokolips)?” Clark snickers. “I’ll go get our coats.” Lois sets the box down and pulls a card from it addressed to her. ‘For Your Wedding Day. Love, Mom’ Lois grins, hears Clark coming, and tosses the card back into the box. She looks highly suspicious. “Are you blushing?” Last time he asked that she was remembering having major sex with him in the future. “No, I’m just . . . happy.” She takes her coat from him. “But if we don’t get there soon someone is going to steal all the White Snake songs.” She turns and hightails it for the door. Clark Kent is smiling! I love typing that. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small box. He opens it to reveal . . . . an engagement ring!!! Let there be dancing in the streets!!! Smallville is going mythos! YES YES YES Lois outside. “Hurry up, Clark. It’s gonna start soon,” she grins. Clark inside with the ring. “Sooner than you think, Lois.” Sly Clark puts the box back in his pocket. Lois takes the pain away.

Luthor mansion. Does it always storm there? Tess at her glass desk looking at a birth certificate. Memory time. Granny standing at the front of St. Louise’s and it’s raining. Young Tess steps out of limo. Clue #1. She’s with a man whose face is hidden under an umbrella. Long hair, black coat. Clue #2. He touches her red hair. The man walks back to the limo. “Daddy!” She runs to the car. “Daddy wait! Don’t leave me!” The Metropolis plates say . . .LUTHOR! (Oh gee, who would have guessed since ODYSSEY. . . uhhhhh some of us did.) A truly great moment! YAY! “Daddy, I love you!” Granny puts her arm around the girl. That can’t be good. Tess in real time. It was indeed her birthday. Lutessa (really?) Lena Luthor. The Lena is mythos. Father: Lionel Luthor the Magnificent Bastard. Mother: Pamela Jenkin the Nanny from Season One. Tess rushes to the window with tears in her eyes. “Happy Birthday, Lutessa.” I’d be crying too with a name like that. And the Luthor stained glass is back to being just an L. No Veritas crap on it.

So Tess is double mythos at the moment. She’s Lena Luthor – Lex’s sister or daughter and she’s one of Granny’s Female Furies. No wonder she is Crazypants. Looks like lots of great inner turmoil for our Tess. I like that.

RATING: Ten. The flow was kind of awkward. Pacing was strange. The third act was HUGE! But the plotlines and dialogue were superb. Acting was stellar. Really enjoyed everyone. Great guest stars!!! So many wrongs righted. Clark found out he wasn’t abandoned, forgotten or forsaken as did Lois. Poor Tess has been through the mill again. To go from Lionel to Granny to abusive parents. Wow! It’s a wonder she’s coherent Loved all the special effects and Louis’ great score. And SHELBY!!!

The return of Aquaman and his wife, Mera. Ollie goes VRA and gets trapped. Mini JLA to the rescue. Colonel Slade “Deathstroke” appears. Lois in the Watchtower wanting to prove she can play with the big boys. Clark has something to say and do with it all. A Tom Welling directed episode. Written by John Chisolm.

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  1. eric p permalink
    November 20, 2010 3:21 am

    great review as always, holli. I loved this episode, too. True, it was weird that Tess and Clark didn’t shut the place down after he rescued her, but other than that, great episode. maybe there is a scene missing where Clark searched the place and couldn’t find anyone else. that would fit the eerie theme of the episode. a sort of Granny escape plan or something. hmmm…. but they felt it was more important to get to the fortress scene asap. Tess must’ve searched the office to find her birth records, so they did some sort of clean-up there.

    it was a retcon for her to be Pamela Jenkins’s daughter. while Pam’s importance to the Luthors is well established, she was Lex’s nanny and a good friend to Lillian. she only cared about getting Lex’s forgiveness, not finding her daughter. if you were dying, you would want to find your own daughter. but she has red hair and a connection to the Luthors so she is a good fit to squeeze Tess into the Luthor family tree. there is a problem with the timeline as well. she became Lex’s nanny two years after she had Tess. she was Lillian’s good friend. given what we have seen of her character, she doesn’t seem like the cheating kind. but if this is correct, she had an affair with Lionel, had a illegimate child, gave her up to adoption or something, THEN stayed in the Luthor household as Lex’s nanny and Lillian’s confidante. that is a kind of duplicity worthy of Crazypants’s mom. Lionel also would have used her sins against her when she came back in season 1. and he didn’t. but whatever. Lutessa, heh.

    if Tess’s adoptive father was a drunk and abusive like she said in the plane back in season 8, why would Lionel have removed her from the orphanage to put her with this kind of guy? Lionel may have been a major bastard but he still cared about his kids. at least, insofar as he could control them. it seems like a disconnect between the two origin stories. but at least we understand why Lex promoted her now. She’s family.

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