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AMBUSH: Blessed Are the Peacemakers

November 11, 2010

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Recap & Review by Holli
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Season 10 Episode 7

This writing pair knows how to scribe a real loving relationship and show how it works. This is something that has been sorely lacking in the various Superman comics FOR YEARS! And also seamlessly showing family dynamics. Thank you’s to Donald Whitehead and Holly Henderson! Christopher Petry’s direction of this episode was a joy. Michael Ironside and Peyton List reprise their roles as General Sam and Lucy Lane.

NO RECAP again! Yay!

Smallville. The Suicide Squad’s Humvee barrels down the village streets. Emil LaSalle AKA Warp, a sometime Teen Titan villain of Brotherhood of Evil and Society of Sin fame, reports. “Our eyes on the ground report that our target is in Smallville, Sir.” Rick Flag looks at the GPS. “Right on schedule.”

Kent farm. As a morning breeze billows the kitchen curtains, Clark Kent finishes putting on a white t-shirt over his pajama bottoms as he descends the stairs. Lois Lane has on her man’s state championship football jersey and is right behind him. He runs a hand through his hair and lets out a breath. Gee, I wonder what these two have been doing? Hmmm. [Why is there confetti and balloons falling from my ceiling?] Looking behind him, he grins as Lois follows. She walks up to the counter and her eyes dart down to appreciate his behind. He’s busy getting them something out of the refrigerator. When he turns around, his grin is almost a chuckle. He watches as Lois cuts a strawberry and pops it into her mouth. She lets out a heavy satisfied sigh. Putting her fingers to her mouth, she gets a wide Kent smile from Clark. He sets up two tumblers and pours the last of the orange juice in the house. Lois laughs as he gives her the fuller glass. Such a gentleman. There’s grinning over tilted glasses. Clark looks into her eyes and smacks his lips. “So what are you in the mood for?” Her no nonsense straight-to-the-heart stare can mean only one thing. “Oh, I’m in the mood.” She leans towards him. “Just not for breakfast.” She accents it with a little shrug and smile as he receives her message loud and clear. With a smirk and a toss of her mane she heads past the stairs and towards the living room. His girl amuses him. “Lois.” She rests her hand on a pillar and turns with eyebrows questioning. “The bedroom’s upstairs.” Clark can be debonair when he wants to be. Faintly reminding us of her dance in EXPOSED, she nods and says, “Um hum. But the porch swing is out there.” She gives him a come hither look as she sashays to the front door. He appreciates the view and as her hand grabs the door knob, he superspeeds for her. Turning her with arms raised, he stares into her eyes and kisses her. She is up against the door as her hands go around his neck.

The Humvee. They realize the target is on the move to the Kent farm indicated by a blue Suicide Squad symbol. Remember Clark got tagged in SHIELD. It’s come back to haunt us.

Meanwhile back at the real action. Lois is riding Clark’s thigh as they pull off his t-shirt. Damn they’re having fun! Success! Lois holds Clark’s head as he tosses the t-shirt and has his other hand is on Lois’ butt to steady her on his leg and the door. There’s some wild abandon going on here. Clark’s nose is getting smashed as they deeply kiss. OH YEA!

Warp announces the target is closing in on the farmhouse.

Lois sticks her tongue out at Clark as she wickedly grins. She grabs for the doorknob behind her and backs out of the door as we see a man in full dress military uniform getting out of a vehicle. The shot comes into focus and we see it is General Lane, Lois’ father. Looking like a reverse shot of GONE, Lois is wide eyed as Clark has a grin on his face. “Daddy.” Clark’s eyes dart back and forth and he takes a step in retreat. “General Lane,” says the big man as he crosses his hands over Clark Jr’s salute. As the grim general ascends the porch, he is not alone. Another shock for Lois. “And Lucy?” Lucy is enjoying this predicament. “Happy Turkey Day, Sis.” Clark and Lois chance a glance at one another as Lucy declares, “Great! The whole Lane family is together for the holidays.” Even the General seems pleased with it as Lois and Clark appear to wish for anything but. . . Credits.

FINALLY some rowdy sexy sexy with this iconic couple. It’s cathartic to see two passionate, physical, wonderfully-in-love people express themselves. Clark Kent has a smile on his face! We should probably write that 200 times on a blackboard somewhere. Damn, that is great to see. Lois is just as enamored and sassy and able to make him keep up with her. THANK YOU!!! Now we have to have a dose of this every episode, these two have a lot of years to catch up on! Forge ahead!

I do have a couple of questions. 1) Obviously there was a tracking device on the vehicle the Lanes arrived in so the SS had to get one on the General’s person? 2) How did the General and Lucy know to go to the Kent farm for Lois? If Clark and Lois didn’t eat, I doubt that they took time out to text or phone or write – they were too busy . . . y’know.

Kent farmhouse. Fully dressed, Lois is first down the stairs with Clark closely behind her. She’s wearing plaid. He is not. “You don’t have to be nervous, Lois. Your Dad just wants to spend time with you.” Lois has her own suspicions. “Oh, I think he’s more interested in doing recon on the man dating his daughter. So hopefully someone’s monogrammed jacket has vanished.” Clark reassures her. “I took care of it. Look, your Dad’s met me before.” Naive Clark. “Before we were a couple, Clark. None of my other boyfriends have survived the General’s assault.” He grabs her elbow and she turns to face him. “I’ll be fine.” She informs him ‘fine’ won’t pass inspection. “You have to be perfect. It’s important to me that my Dad likes you.” She says straightening his pristine shirt. “And it’s important to me that you’re happy. There’s nothing to worry about.” Lois definitely thinks otherwise. She confesses with a smile. “Except maybe, if he finds out you’re a superhero.” She shrugs. “My Dad hates superheroes.” She smiles and hightails it elsewhere. Clark appears dumbfounded by that little bit of info.

The General at the Kent dining table going through a scrapbook of Clark’s accomplishments. Clark Kent for Class President. HERO. Headlines of the meteor shower and Clark saving something. Clark as the quarterback. Sam, now dressed in olive drab civies, sips some coffee as Lois enters. “Ah, that’s a good cup of coffee.” She kisses his cheek and tells him to make himself at home. Lucy is going to take all day to unpack apparently. Lois heads for the kitchen as Clark enters the dining room. “It’s good to see you, sir.” Lois watches them intently. “So. Nothing much has changed around here. Your mother still owns the place.” Clark tries to answer. “It is in her name, but I . . “ The General acts like it was a rhetorical question. “I see. You live in your mother’s house and you work in a basement. Is that correct?” Even though Ironside is much shorter than Welling, his presence is looming. “Well, it is the bullpen at the Daily Planet. I work side by side with Lois.” Sam gives him a uh huh as Lois heads for another room still not taking her eyes off her guys. “She seems to write more articles than you. What exactly do you do with your time, Clark?” Lois peers through the doorway to come to the rescue. “Hey! Daddy, Clark and I work together a lot. It’s just he gives me the byline sometimes, that’s just how sweet he is.” Lois is protecting the secret. Clark gives him a Kent smile. He seems amiable and comfortable with the situation. Everyone loves Clark, right? “We look after each other.” The General’s eyes focus around the room. “Good. Because if Lois is going to be spending any time around here . . . I’ve had a look around and there’s a few things that are going to have to be brought up to code.” He whips out a list and hands it to a stunned Clark, who smiles hoping that will suffice. Trying to lighten the mood Clark retorts, “Like scrubbing the bathroom tile with a toothbrush?” The General has moved over to the sink. “That’s number 17 on the list.” Clark looks at it on the official embossed general’s stationary. 1) Chop & Stack one cord of wood, 2) Repaint barn door, 3) Rotate tires on truck, 4) Clean stables, 5) Fresh gravel on driveway, 6) Put up storm windows, 7) Clean gutters, 8) Scrub pantry, 9) Iron all linen, 10) Wash windows, 11) Till garden, 12) Fix gate, 13) Reroof chicken coop, 14) Grease windmill, 15) Stack hay in barn, 16) Paint silo, 17) Scrub bathroom tile with a toothbrush, 18) Recaulk shower, 19) Fix weather vane. “I guess you’re not kidding,” says Clark. “No, I never do. Though I do feel a bit uncomfortable inspecting the enemy camp. Your mother is my major opposition in the Senate.” Clark looks paralyzed. Lois, who is beginning to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, tries to divert the direction of the conversation. “Does this mean you’re finally running for office, Daddy?” She’s all smiles. “Uh,no, Sweetheart. I’m the senior military adviser on the new bill. The Vigilante Registration Act.” Clark is a bit slack jawed. “And by vigilante you mean . . .” Lois appears to be standing in front of a fire squad as she waits for it. “Vigilantes. Weekend warriors in masks who run around inciting anarchy.” Lois plops down the carrots. She is between the two alpha males she admires and loves the most.

Clark begins to argue his point. “I don’t think that they incite anarchy.” The Lanes give him sidewards glances. He presses on. “They stop crime, protect people.” The General has a response. “And they commit acts of terrorism.” Clark looks slightly perplexed. Sam goes on talking about the RAO Tower being blown up. Oops, he had to mention that! Clark puts on his blank mask. “One of those super freaks did it.” Lois has heard enough. She goes into action and asks her father to take a furlough from work. Sam ignores the request and talks about the real heroes of the world. Enlisted men and women of the armed forces who go through background checks, get training, obey rules and are held accountable for their actions. Sam’s afraid if people begin to believe in the superheroes, the heroes will form ‘cells’ and start taking the law into their own hands. He is adamant about not allowing national security being compromised.

Clark makes a strategical error. “Lois, what do you think?” He smiles. He’s called her out in front of her father. Lois grabs a grocery list and hands it to him asking how he’d like his potatoes cooked. “Whatever the General would like, of course,” says Clark as he leaves. Lois realizes Clark doesn’t understand and is disappointed in her. She just wants to have a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner with her family – her entire family which includes Clark.

Watchtower. Ollie enters battered, bruised and bleeding searching for the first aid kit. He’s acting bitchy since he met up with an ax wielding maniac. Tess is sitting at a desk in front of a round stained glass window. She’s wearing glasses. Shades of Barbara Gordon as Oracle, especially with her red hair. She gets the First Aid kit for him. Tess has redecorated the place with new chairs and couches. Remember what Stargirl said about the place in ABSOLUTE JUSTICE? Tess is trying to make it a place where heroes can relax. Blondie never had a clue. Ollie is being unreasonable about her presence there. It’s because he misses blondie. Wah wah wah. Definitely some Wimp-Ass-Clark action going on here. Can we just leave that stuff alone?

While she tends his wounds, she tries to lighten the mood, Ollie can’t be deterred from his pathetic bitch path. When she presses on a wound with iodine, she sees something that isn’t quite right. Getting an electronic device, she finds a subdermal tattoo. She’s seen it before. “This is the symbol for the Suicide Squad.” With her experience at Checkmate, she knew of this team who did dirty jobs. “They were led by Rick Flag. But they all died when they were attacked.” She pulls up Flag’s dossier on the screen. Flag AKA Colonel Richard Stafford. “I know this guy,” says Ollie as he expounds on how he was tortured by Flag. Tess is shocked at the news Flag survived. “He’s recruiting a whole new squad. I politely declined.” Ah, thank God. Old Ollie is back. “If he tagged you, he’s tracking you.” Ollie believes her. “Something tells me I’m not the only one.” Love these two together. Doesn’t even have to be romantic. The chemistry is off the charts!

Football on the Kent television. It’s an Edge City Bullet game (apparently there’s a coach lawsuit also). Lois is fixing the potatoes as the General watches the game. There’s a news bulletin an oil refinery in Smallville is on fire. “Clark should see this. Remind him what a real hero is.” Clark comes in carrying two bags full of groceries. He informs Lois the store was out of cranberries. Quick thinking Lois tells him, “The story must have had a FIRE sale. Huh, Clark?” She nods towards the tv. Clark sees it and while the General’s back is turned, he zips out the door. Balancing the two bags Lois turns to her father, who sees she has her arms full and the kitchen door is wide open. “Where’s Clark?” Ironside kills me with his gestures. Lois manages to say, “He went upstairs.” Sam takes her burden. “Leave you holding the bags.” Yea, she gets that a lot while he dashes off to save people. Great line. “What happened to being a gentleman, hm?” The tv announcer states the fire is out and there’s the big ole Blur symbol signature. “Thanks to the Blur.” Sam is not impressed. “Leave it to the Blur to turn a fire into a photo op.” Clark walks in with a dab of oil on his cheek. “I found the cranberries. They were in the truck.” Lois wipes away the oil. “Where were they, Honey, under the hood?” He cocks his head as she pats his shoulder. They turn to grin at Sam who sets the grocery bags on the counter. He starts interrogating Lois about what she said earlier. She goes wide eyed as Clark goes into this blank face again. In perfect synchronization, they have an answer. “Yea, he was upstairs . . . outside.” “Checking the chimney.” Lois turns to give him a big grin. “Thanks.” Always protecting his secret and always thanking him for what he does. Clark’s phone rings and it’s Oliver. Clark excuses himself as Sam watches him leave while appearing to be asking Lois another question. Clark in the hallway takes the call. “Not a good time. You’re where? I’ll be right there.” He takes the General’s To Do list out of his pocket. “Lois, I need to go chop some wood,” he says while rolling his eyes. As he walks along the outside porch, Sam looks out the window and calls someone. “Get me a workup on Clark Kent. Kilo. Echo. November. Tango. He’s hiding something.” Always loved NATO military code.

Clark and Ollie in the Kent loft. Ollie is using the device to see if Clark has a subdermal tattoo also. He shows it to Clark. Flag is tracking him, too. “He must have used blue kryptonite. Oliver, we have to find out why he’s tracking us.” Ollie starts complaining about Tess taking over the Watchtower. “If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t know about these tattoos. We wouldn’t even be on Flag’s trail.” Clark hears something down below. “You gotta go.” Ollie looks at the loft window. “What? Out the window? What are we, sixteen?” Clark points. “Now!” Ollie obeys and does a somersault into the hay mound below. Love when he does that!

“Lucy?” When Clark sees how she’s dressed and what her demeanor is, he says her name like it means trouble. “Lucy.” She asks him if he was talking to someone. “No, just me,” he says nervously toying with the list. She’s brought him a lemonade which she hands to him. He thanks her. She stands by the open window. “The General give you a list?” Clark looks at it. “Yea, I’m afraid so.” As she talks about the General testing Lois’ boyfriends, she walks over to the desk which has Clark’s yearbook and the Swann journal. “He thinks they all have something to hide. So far no one’s passed.” Clark is relieved she didn’t open the journal. “I’ll be the first,” he says with a confident grin. Lucy strips off her apron. “Well if anyone can do it, I’m sure you can.” She walks up to Clark and toys with his shirt. “You’ve grown into quite a man in the past six years, Clark.” He’s not buying. He backs away. “I’m sure Lois can use your help.” He directs her towards the stairs. “I think I’ve earned a ten minute break.” He extends an arm at the steps. “Lucy.” He’s trying to get rid of her. “Well at least show me around the barn.” As he looks the other way, “There’s really not much to see.” Lucy grabs his face and kisses him just as Lois comes up the steps. Big Sis clears her throat. She does that a lot on the stairs of the loft. “Really?” Clark moves away from Lucy. “Lois, your sister just . . . “ “ambushed you,” she finishes for him. He seems relieved she realizes what happened. “Well, this has Lucy written all over it.” Lois steps up to their level. “In backstabbing, bitch berry lip gloss.” Lois looks at Clark for a second but signals Lucy. “You. Come with me,” she says as she grabs her sister’s arm. Lois gives Clark a fleeting glance as she turns and heads down the stairs. He goes to say something but doesn’t. Is he really sure he’s off the hook?

On the porch, Lucy complains Lois is holding her too tightly. “So, so what? You thought I’d catch you two tongue wrestling and then what? Have a big fight with Clark?” Lucy isn’t even bothered. “Lois, I . . .” Lois doesn’t allow her to explain. “Just save it! Now the only reason I am keeping you around is for Dad! So go make yourself useful and get us some ice.” Lucy snarls there is ice in the freezer. “Dad likes crushed.” As Lucy leaves the porch, Lois sighs. One fire out. Then Lois hears a racket coming from the barn.

Clarkie has his mad on. I always love that. He’s taking his fist and chopping the required cord of wood to obtain his Lady Fair. “Chop and stack one cord of wood. Sir, yes sir.” He wipes his hands as the wood flies into the air. “Careful Dad doesn’t catch you making with the Kung Fu there, Paul Bunyan.” Clark with his arms spread in apology. “I’m sorry about what happened with Lucy.” Lois does some arm spreading of her own. “It wasn’t your fault.” There’s that mirroring again. Clark gestures he’s glad she knows that. Lois smiles and then cringes. “Still. You can contain a burning building but you can’t contain her hot lips?” Intellectually she knows it wasn’t his fault, but emotionally, she’s a little hurt that her sister’s lips were against his. Clark can’t believe she just said that. “She surprised me.” Lois doesn’t answer. “But you know what’s a bigger surprise, you couldn’t stand up to your Dad.” Hurt fills her eyes. Clark is still angry. “Unless you actually agree with his Vigilante Registration Act?” Now she can’t believe what he’s saying. “Clark. I am just trying to get through this holiday without a fight.” He’s not backing down. “Lois! You either agree with him or you don’t.” He’s looking at the big picture. She’s trying to keep everything copacetic. “I don’t!” Clark appears to not believe her. “But this means something to the General. So please do not make me choose sides.” She’s standing right in front of him. “I thought you were someone who stood up for what you believed in. And then when it comes to your father, you do the same thing that he does. You make your choices based on fear.” Lois tears into him. “Hey, just because you don’t have a . . . .” Lois Lane bites her tongue. She wouldn’t do that for anyone else but Clark. “A what, Lois? What were you going to say . . a father?” Silent standoff. Lois gulps and implores with her eyes. “Okay. What I am trying to say is that you haven’t had to deal with a family for a really long time. All you have to answer to is yourself. Clark, if you want to be with me, you’re going to have to deal with my family, too. I hope that you can respect that.” He is silent and she lets out a breath and heads for the house. Clark closes his eyes. These two fight fair and they work things out. A real mature loving relationship.

Lois is trying to keep the peace, the secret, and her entire family in tact. Not to mention cook Thanksgiving dinner by her lonesome. The General and Lucy are testing and investigating Clark to see if he’s the right man for Lois. Gotta love the holidays.

Lucy at the local gas mart getting ice. Rick Flag ambushes her. He’s in camouflage fatigues, a uniform she is familiar with being a military brat. He shows her his ID (fake) and tells her he’s stationed at Fort Ryan. He wants her help in getting the General away from the farm and Clark for his safety. “Kent is a vigilante sympathizer. Whether he knows it or not he’s helping agitators who want nothing more than to stop your father from completing his current mission.” Flag is sly. It’s always best to plant some truth in your lies. He’s definitely referring to the Suicide Squad. Lucy asks for proof. There’s some Lane in that girl. Flag whips out a manilla envelop and she questions him why he doesn’t give it to the General himself. He doesn’t want to arouse Clark’s suspicions. The killer line is – Flag doesn’t want her to mention she got it from him. Sirens should have been going on in Lucy’s head. “Tell him you found it on the farm. He’ll know what to do.” She takes the envelope and then he pulls out a pen which he wants planted on the General as well. He must be pretty confident that she’s going to do what he wants. “It’s a homing device. It will help us track and protect him. The US Army is depending on you, Lucy. So’s your father.” She takes the pen. “You can count on me.” He tells her to make her father proud. She leaves.

Lucy was the perfect daughter until Lois left the house. Then the General had to deal with Lucy ‘directly’ – no middleman. We know how much trouble she got into in LUCY. She still is looking for her father’s respect. She thinks she is protecting her father. Lucy’s character has not changed much since season 5.

Watchtower at night. A monitor warns ‘Assassinate Hero Target in Smallville’ as Tess fingers the keyboard. She’s intercepted a Suicide Squad transmission. Flag is planning on killing someone but they still have to decode the ‘who.’ Ever supportive Ollie snarls blondie would have had it done yesterday. Shut up Ollie! Can’t we enjoy one episode without her name being mentioned or seeing her face! This is Clark’s show! Apparently Ollie is resistant to change as are certain portions of the fandom. Tess is understanding of his tantrums. “But at some point you need to start treating me like I’m on your side.” Hello!

Clark with his list of chores enters the pitch black barn. “General?!” He sees a chair with a spotlight. “List completed and accounted for, Sir.” Sam comes out of the darkness. “Clark.” He takes the list from him. He seems amused. “Have a seat, Son.” Clark sits in the chair as Sam turns on the spot. This reminds me so much of the first time that Clark met the General in GONE. Bright light shining in, he’s terrified the military is going to take him away and test him in various tortuous ways. Yea, it’s not much different. Sam starts in. “Lois likes to date ‘men of action’.” I thought he was gonna add, ‘like her Daddy.’ You know he was thinking it. “Men who make the news.” He moves around the chair as Clark looks up at him with a scrunched face. “Now you, Clark, you just report the news.” (HEX callback) Clark is wringing his hands and giving the General sidewards glances. “Why would she possibly be interested in you?” The bouncing knee starts and stops. His answer is confident. “Why don’t you ask her, Sir?” The General informs him he’s asked the Pentagon instead which came up with nada. “Nobody’s record’s that clean.” Well, he does have a Momma who is a Senator. And in fact, Sam has surmised that already. Clark’s had enough. He gets out of the chair. “Excuse me, Sir, but what gives you the right to spy on us?” So Sam tells him. “Oh, I’m a four star general, Clark, and a war hero. I know a smoke screen when I see one. Nobody could have done this list by themselves.” Clark tells him he’s searching for enemies where they don’t exist. “Just like your vigilante witch hunt.” He turns to leave. “I was talking about you, Clark. Why would you bring up vigilantes?” Does Sam think Clark got some of the superheroes to help him with the chores? Good thing Lucy didn’t see Oliver in the barn. Sam has a smile on his face. Clark turns. Sam hands him the manilla envelope stating that Lucy had found it in the loft. Clark sees photos of him and Kara during her photo shoot on a Metropolis roof. (SUPERGIRL) “You’re in league with them, aren’t you.” Clark stares back at him. “I’m not on trial, Sam.” Whoa called him by his first name. Leveling the playing field. “You want to protect the United States, but as soon as you’re threatened every one else’s rights go out the window?” He tosses down the photos. “No wonder Lois is too afraid to be herself around you.” Sam takes offense. “You’re questioning my relationship with my daughter?” Clark is on the attack and rightfully so. “You have been questioning me all day!” The General is angry. “It’s my right to protect my family!” Clark stands his ground. “It may be your right. But you’re wrong to think that we don’t belong together.” He steps forward to emphasize the truth of his words. “I love your daughter and I don’t want a day to go by where I’m not with her.” More confetti and balloons fall from my ceiling. Happy Days! Well, almost. The General does some stepping forward of his own. “Well, I hope you enjoyed today cause it’s the last day you’ll ever spend with her.” He leaves Clark with that point. Clark gulps as if a little unsure.

Lois with a roasted turkey. She can cook. Can’t wait for her to make beef bourguignon for Clark. OH YEA! She definitely looks frazzled. There’s a war goin on. Clark enters looking at her pièce de resistance. She turns and looks like a deer in the headlights. “I’ve done everything I could to make today work.” He nods and waits for the rest of it. “I’ve dealt with my family. I helped the Blur. I even found my inner Iron Chef. And all I asked . . the only thing you had to do was to deal with my Dad for one day.” His approach is soft and considerate, yet he has important information to tell her. “Lois, your Dad had me investigated by the Pentagon. He has surveillance photos of me with Kara. She’s in her costume. I think your sister planted them in the loft.” Lois has let out a heavy sigh knowing what he says is true. Lucy and their father descend the stairs. Lucy announces she thinks it would be a good idea if they all stayed at Lois’ apartment. “Without Clark.” Lois is incredulous as Clark turns to look at her seeing how shocked she is – she’s just been bombarded. He faces their opponents with her. As Lucy gives her father a Fredo kiss, she plants the Flag pen on him and then heads for the car. “Thank you, Sweetheart.” Lucy is now in Sam’s good graces as he gazes upon his oldest daughter (who should have been a boy) and her vigilante lovin boyfriend. “C’mon, let’s go.” Lois looks trapped as Clark clenches his jaw. “That’s an order, young lady.” Damn, he pulled the chain of command card; something Lois has lived under all her life. Lois is wide eyed. You can see her turmoil. She looks at Clark who is still staring down the General. She steps forward to try to make peace. “Can’t we stay and work this out?” Her eyes plead for him to see reason. “There’s nothing to work out.” That takes her aback. “Your friend, Clark, is a dishonest man.” Clark has his blank face on, but his head moves as if saying ‘you know that’s not true, Lois.’ Again she is between these two titans. “And he has dangerous friends. When the vigilantes try to take over this country with anarchy, he’s going to go down with them. So c’mon now, let’s go.” Clark gives her a little smile wanting her to stay. She opens her mouth to say something and then closes it. “I am sorry, Clark.” She shudders. He looks hurt. She’s near tears and turns and leaves. The General stares him down and leaves.

Lois knows that if she stayed with Clark at this moment, her family would fall apart. Her main goal is to have a family Thanksgiving dinner together. That would mean acceptance and peace. And she’s also protecting Clark’s secret. She knows how honest and honorable he is. Rather than get into a vigilante friend argument, she’s chooses her battles and her battlefield.

In the SS surveillance van. Warp informs Flag the General is leaving the farm. “Which means Clark Kent won’t be able to blur to his rescue.” So Flag has a missile to take out the General. Just how that’s going to incriminate anyone non-military, I’m not sure. Flag is whack-a-doodle so I guess it’s a moot point.

Talon apartment. Clark’s girl is on the offensive. “Please, Dad, go back to talk to him. It’s Clark. You know him.” The General says he can’t do that. “Why?” She was probably born with that on her lips. “Because he’s in league with masked vigilantes.” Kara wasn’t wearing a mask. Just sayin. And Oliver has come out – and Lois used to date him so wouldn’t that put her in league with the masked crowd? He’s emptying his pockets on the counter. “When he finally pays the price for this, I do not want you to get hurt.” She’s trying to tell him all vigilantes aren’t bad. “Why do you have to go to Def Con 1? You haven’t met a single one of them.” Lucy butts in with her criticism of Lois’ damage control. “We’re just trying to protect you.” Big Sista speaks! You go girl! “Back off, Lucy! Or do you happen to have some compromising photos of me you’d like to share with the class.” Dad breaks it up. “Please! Both of you! Trust me. Clark isn’t who you think he is. A couple of calls to the NSA and we’ll find out what he’s hiding.” He starts to dial his phone. Lois charges ahead. “It doesn’t matter because I love Clark! Everything you need to know about him is standing right in front of you! Talk to me! The only thing that matters is how I feel.” Sam starts to interrupt. “Daddy, I appreciate that you like straight talk so I will give it to you in one razor sharp line. I am staying with Clark and if you love me, you will respect that.” A tear falls from her adamant face. She has stood up to her father in support of the man she loves. Lucy sees how it is. She has tears in her eyes, too. “Daddy, let’s go.” Dad seems a bit in shock and awe. His little girl has grown up and chosen the man who she will give her heart to. Another man has taken prominence in her life and she is willing to defend him. She has asked for his respect. Lucy and Sam gather their things to leave. Sam looks like a man shell shocked. The day has come where he will have to let Lois go. She’s a woman now. Lucy shuts the door.

We see the tracking pen on the counter activated. While Warp puts in the coordinates, Flag recites the Star Spangled Banner. His favorite part at least. “The bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the night. That our FLAG was still there.” Get it? “The missile is locked on target, Sir.”

Watchtower. So instead of moping in the barn, Clark has slicked back his hair and put on his Holy Red Jacket. [wink,Chris] Lois is good for him. They’re looking at the flashing monitor. “There’s only one tattooed hero at that address,” says the Green Arrow. “I’m the target,” says Clark. Tess disagrees. “Flag would try and recruit you before he’d try to kill you, Clark.” He wants to know how she can be so sure. She explains that Flag has spent a lot of time on the front lines with superpowered people that he identifies with them. They are all freedom fighters. He would attack anyone who threatens that. She goes down through the list of prominent people. She mentions military. “There’s about to be a new law. The Vigilante Registration Act. It’s biggest supporter is in Smallville right now. It’s General Sam Lane.” Smart Clarkie zips off.

Flag hits the button and the missile sails into the air. “God Bless America.”

The General and Lucy are walking on the street in front of the Talon. Sam hears incoming and looks to the sky. Shouldn’t an old war horse like him but shouting something like Incoming or Hit the Deck? The missile sails into Lois’ apartment window as Lucy turns and Sam grabs her to protect her. The special effects department outdid themselves on this scene. Lois is hurtled into the air as flames and debris surround her. Clark enters through the door. (So polite but he really needs to be flying) His jacket is not zipped so it gives him a more caped look. He grabs Lois as the place explodes. The Talon is scorched and sterilized. YAY! More balloons and confetti fall. The General screams “Lois!” We hear the familiar zip and there is Lois standing beside her father as her apartment implodes. She’s breathless. “Daddy.” Sam grabs both his girls. “Oh my God!” And then to add to the flames, the Blur scorches his symbol on a nearby wall. Lois smiles at it. Sam is astounded. “The Blur saved your life.” Lois with silent tears is so proud of her guy. Febre’s score is wonderful.

The SS van. Warp informs Flag that the General survived. “Dammit.” Grappling hooks appear through the wall of the speeding van. That means Ollie. Clark would have just ripped it. Flag and Warp are thrown to the other end of the van. Someone must be playing Ben Hur with the steel reins. Would have loved to see Clark taking care of business. Clark flings the door off its hinges and enters the van. His jacket is zipped now. Lois gets the cape-like saves apparently. Which is fine with me. Ollie is right behind him in full GA splendor including voice modulator. They inform their captives they know he blew up the building and attacked his country. “I did it for my country. Kill Lane, kill the movement.” He regards the Vigilante Registration Act as a weapon to hunt down and profile all the heroes and he considers Ollie (aka Shamrock) the poster boy for coming out. In his opinion it’s a way for all the heroes to be counted and to be killed. “We’re not going to let that happen,” says the Blur. Flag says it’s already happened. “America has turned against us. We have to fight back. Show strength. Make them choose us as their leaders.” Yea, whack-a-doodle. “You’ll only stirring up Anti-Hero hysteria. Violence isn’t the answer.” Clark is like that. “Violence is the only answer,” says Flag. He looks over at the recovering Warp. “And more and more superheroes are coming over to my side.” Warp touches Flag’s shoulder and they teleport out of there. (see Alicia Baker) Clark and Ollie look a bit disconcerted.

Kent farm, same night. It’s been a long day. Lucy descends the stairs as Lois is setting the table. There is tension between them. Lucy asks if they can talk. “That depends. Can you form a sentence without lying to my face?” Lucy sets down her bags. “I can’t believe I almost got you killed.” Lois reminds her that her apartment is now toast. “I’ll replace everything you lost, Lois. I promise.” Does she have a job? “Just like you’re going to make Clark and I trust you again?” Lois goes for the kitchen as Lucy picks up her bags. Lois decides to make amends. “I’m not happy that you went behind our backs. Again. But . . . I do get trying to protect Dad. Our larger than life hero needs someone to protect him? Who wouldn’t want to do that?” Lucy confesses she should have told her what was going on. “But I thought that if I helped Dad on my own, he’d stop seeing me as . . . “ “the Troublemaker,” finishes Lois. Then she confesses. “Part of me sort of liked the fact that you turned into the Troublemaker because I was finally able to be the Good One.” The roles that you play in your family. Lucy admits it sounds exhausting. “Yea, I think that we were so busy trying to be the perfect daughter, we forgot how to be sisters.” Lucy shakes her head. “No, Lois. You’re a great sister.” They hug. Lois looks happy.

Watchtower. Tess at her desk. Ollie brings a six pack and Chinese. This is the old Ollie that we love. He’s charming and . . charming. She has Emil (YAY) looking into the tattoo removal research. “No need to worry, my friend,” she says. “I think it’s a little early for friend,” he says. “Friendly, I can do that. Be friendly.” Can he really? Tess grabs the beer he handed her. “I’ll take it.” They sit on the desk together. “I was beginning to think the best that I could do was frenemy.” Ollie grins, “I don’t even know what that means.” Tess laughs right out loud. Wow! Listing all the things they’ve been through together, Ollie says. “I think we’re practically like family at this point.” Tess remarks they’ve come a long way. They toast over “from the middle of the ocean to the top of the city.” Ollie informs her since he’s come out as Green Arrow he’s putting the Watchtower and the heroes who visit there at risk. He’s made the right decision. “Watchtower’s in good hands, Tess.”

Clark is working on the green tractor. So what else is new? Still not flying yet. “Clark.” It’s the General. “I owe you an apology. I’m not so set in my ways that I can’t appreciate the way you stood up to me earlier. And you were right. I have not always been a perfect father.” Clark tries to make amends. “No sir, I . . .” “No, I needed to hear that. Nobody has had the guts to talk to me like that since my wife passed away.” Both Clark and Lois stood up to Sam fighting for their love. Sam sits looking sad. “You must really miss her.” Clark shows empathy. He wants to be with Lois every single day of his life and knows what pain would come if that suddenly ended. “Every day,” confirms the widower. “But, thankfully I can see my Ella in our daughters’ faces.” And in their Chutzpah probably too. It would take a strong woman to be in a relationship with Sam Lane. The elder warrior wishes to convey some wisdom from his years of experience. “Can I give you some advice, Clark?” The farmboy hero says ‘yea’ softly. There is solemnity and respect here. “Going to war. Having to deal with the rush of battle and the struggle to save lives, it made coming home and doing the simple things difficult. Y’know it’s funny that it’s the simple things like taking a walk, or dancing with your wife, tucking in the kids that make us human.” Clark looks at him with blankish inquisitiveness. “Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved serving our country. I even got to be a hero a couple times. But if I had to do it over again, I’d spend more time with the family.” Sam walks around. “The girls love you, Sir. You’re their hero,” says Clark and Lois just said that in her last scene. “But I think Lois has herself a brand new hero now, huh.” He looks directly at Clark. A slight smirk of the lips but still the defensive blank face from our hero. “I almost lost her tonight. But, by the grace of God, we’re all going to have ourselves a home cooked Thanksgiving meal.” Which is the thing that was most important to Lois. Clark nods. “And that’s all thanks to the Blur, hm?” Still with the blankness, but then Clark asks a penetrating question. “So Lois being saved by a vigilante, that would change your mind on the bill?” Clark not only is feeling him out on the secret but also whether or not he has changed his views of the heroes. “Oh. I gotta admit I kind of like her having her own private guardian angel.” Sam grins as Clark smiles with his eyes. “BUT, not every hero has the Blur’s code of honor.” The Blur did just save his daughter again. “And not all politicians have yours. Some would use the law to destroy people.” The young hero showing the older hero some new ways to look at things. “I’m a military man, Clark. I have to believe that when push comes to shove, America will do the right thing.” Superman believes the same thing – and that’s why the people electing Lex Luthor as their President in the comics was so devastating to him. “Kind of like how Lois did the right thing by you tonight. For years, I’ve been giving her boyfriends an impossible list of chores to do. Not to test them.” Clark realizes, “to test Lois?” Sam nods and smiles. “Those poor bastards, I put them through hell.” Clark chuckles. “Lois never said a thing. That’s how I knew she didn’t love them.” Sam nearly winks as he begins to leave. Clark is happy that his girl stuck up for him and her father knows she loves him. He gulps. “About Lois and I . . .” Sam stops and turns to give him that domineering commander look. “There’s a question I was hoping to ask you.”

Brilliant scene. Some fans came away thinking the General definitely knows that Clark is the Blur. I have to disagree. It’s vague on that point. I’d like to think that Sam realized what Clark meant to Lois as a man and as a hero (Clark’s scrapbook and his reporting. And Lois must consider him a man of action or she wouldn’t be attracted to him). This is the young man his daughter has chosen to be her life partner – she is in love with him and has stood up to her father for him. The warrior speech was partially Sam’s life experience and best advice. Be mindful of the simple things in life. We could take it further – Sam had to leave Ella and the girls behind when he went on missions. Lois should never be left behind. (SIREN)

I feel Sam still thinks of the Blur and Clark as two separate entities. He thinks Clark has close ties with the heroes (photo of Clark and Kara). Notice Clark kept his blank face on – never looked at Sam like ‘oh, he knows!’ He just let it play out. Of all the heroes, Sam believes The Blur stands out as their best leader because of his exemplary actions (such as saving his Lois and he knows how closely Lois has followed the Blur’s exploits. His daughter is a smart cookie).

If Sam believed definitely Clark was The Blur – it makes Clark’s question a little troublesome. If Clark believed Sam knew, then he probably wouldn’t have ventured asking. Giving your blessing to have your daughter marry a vigilante that you’re trying to expose is problematic plot wise. And we won’t even go into the alien issue. So I think they left it ambiguous. Still makes the scene powerful. It doesn’t matter really. I doubt that Smallville will address the issue again. If they do – they would probably make Clark and Lois still wonder if Sam knew or not. And if there is a wedding – they may not be able to get Ironside back. They filmed this episode out of sequence because of his schedule. The scene is great either way. Love it!

General Sam Lane has died (supposedly) at least twice in the comics. Both times Lois witnessed his death. He was never impressed with Superman or Clark. We learned more about Sam after his first death from his wife, Ella, who said he was a bigot and really not the greatest human being. He at one point he refused to attend Clark and Lois’ wedding. Later after his reappearance, he definitely was against aliens in a HUGE way. He never knew that Clark and Superman were one and the same.

BTW – Love Clark the gentleman doing the right thing by Lois. When Clark ‘popped the question’ to the General. A giant air balloon came through my ceiling with confetti flying and a brass band and . . . BLISS! Thank you Don & Holly and Brian & Kelly!

The Lanes and the Kent are bringing the feast to the table. Lois is looking back at Clark who is grinning from ear to ear. The answer from the General must have been to his liking. (And ours!) Done without dialogue, these actors do what they do best. Facial expressions say it all. As Lois and Clark sit at the table, the General carves the turkey. His role as patriarch is being respected. Clark pours Lucy a glass of wine. There is forgiveness. Lucy passes the cranberries to Lois. Sam sits from his duties to join the others. He gazes at his younger daughter and she responds. Lois is happy and thankful her family is there to celebrate the holiday with them. She looks at Clark who hands her the carrots. She knows he’s up to something. She gives him an inquisitive eyebrow launch. He’s grinning and keeping mum. Sneaky Clark. Gotta love him!

Daily Planet headline. Vigilante Registration Act Passes. Article by Mark Black (prop master) . New law gets fast approval and mixed reviews from the public. Flag is reading it. “No more hiding in the shadows. That’s a declaration of war. Go.” At the other end of his walkie talkie is Warp. A building with ‘Stop the Menace’ banners. Warp walks out, hits the detonator, and teleports as the building explodes. The last thing we see is a button with the circle slash through the S shield. So episode began and ended with Warp even though we didn’t get to know him very well other than a minion.

RATING: HIGH FATHER. LOVED IT!!! This is one of those episodes that meets the mark of HOMECOMING. Excellently written. Whitehead and Henderson know their relationships of all kinds. Superbly acted. Not a miss anywhere. Loved the themes of love, family, respect and peace. Just the right balance of action (of all kinds, hubba hubba) and emotion. A Masterpiece. Well done by cast and crew.

Tess and Clark investigate Granny Goodness’ orphanage where Crazypants may have some history. Clark is shirtless and tortured. Lois watches videos from her dying mother and visits the Fortress of Solitude. Lindsay Hartley (Justin’s wife) also appears. Definitely another NOT TO BE MISSED episode.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. eric p permalink
    November 13, 2010 10:50 pm

    great review, as always, Holli. I look forward to them every week.

    I, too, thought that Sam might suspect Clark was the Blur as Michael Ironside had such a twinkle in his eye during that whole scene. He really is a great actor.

    I didn’t know the Teleporter was Warp. I am going to have to watch the episode again. Warp is French, at least in the comics, but as we always say, Smallville ain’t the comics. It just borrows from them. :)

    Some really great Clois moments from the morning nooky to the way they instinctly sided with each other as Sam and Clark argued.

    Here’s something I didn’t get. Sam apparently doesn’t read his daughter’s articles. Everyone else knows Lois is the Blur’s biggest fan and his go-to reporter. If her father read any of her articles, he would know she is a “hero sympathizer” as well. But he doesn’t even address that issue. Sam ignores it and goes right at Clark. They could have had at least one line devoted to his reaction to her position. But that would have been an attack on her and she needed to maintain her neutrality. Lois had to be caught up in the middle to make the conflict work.

    But Sam was right. Clark needs to start pulling his weight as a reporter. Based off what we’ve seen of his body of work, Clark should have been fired a long time ago. Even if they don’t show him chasing a story or doing work, they should mention it every now and then. A good job on that government corruption story from Tess or something. Like they do with Lois. We don’t know what all her stories are about, but everyone talks about her work and she mentions she has a deadline all the time. Clark doesn’t. He is more interested in being the Blur then being Clark Kent, reporter. Which begs the question, what DOES Clark Kent do with his time? Show him focusing on his work every now and then. Write stories at superspeed, turn in a story or two. He’ll never get that 8th flr office with his current work ethic.


  2. Muffy permalink
    December 26, 2013 1:31 am

    When this aired I remembered when Lois thought they slept together in “Crimson” and Clark told her they didn’t and she responded by saying if they did it would be the highlight of his life. : )

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