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HARVEST: Reaping of Legends

November 5, 2010

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Season 10 Episode 6
Recap & Review by Holli

HD Screencaps for the Episode can be found HERE.

Written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien and directed by Turi. Great job!

No recap! YAY!!!

Clark is driving Lois’ red convertible in the countryside. They’re playing 20 questions. He does have a unique life. She’s asking about the Phantom Zone (BLOODLINE), Doomsday (BRIDE), and the spaceship she found (KARA). All are answered with “Kryptonian.” “Sorry about the third degree, Clark, but it’s not every week that a girl learns her boyfriend is a . . .” He shyly cringes and finishes for her “ . . . alien?” Well that’s a first. I thought he preferred intergalactic traveler. But it is good to see Clark bringing EVERYTHING out into the open. It means there won’t be barriers between these two, not if they can help. “You’re still okay with that?” He seems a little unsure about her answer, but Lois is Lois. She’s all smiles. “Are you kidding me? It’s like dating a god . . . or Bono.” He sighs and his smile shows he is relieved. He truly is amazed by his girl.

Lois is excited to be on a story and is happy that Cat is not around. “It’s lucky that Tess sent us out here to cover the Cherry Festival.” Lois has a ‘wait a minute’ look on her face. “Clark Kent doesn’t believe in luck. Whatcha do Clark?” Clark licks his lips. She waits. He finally answers. “I didn’t want you in the middle of tonight’s Anti Hero protest.” He can’t even look at her. He knows it’s coming. “Clark, that should have been my story. Why did you chalk block me?” He reminds her when she writes about the Blur it puts her in the middle of the anti hero storm. She’s nearly chuckling with her ‘what am I a damsel in distress’ rhetoric? “Lois, I just want to make sure that you’re safe.” She thinks about how to phrase her appreciation for his point. “Clark, I love that an intergalactic powerhouse wants to protect me, but this Earth girl can take care of herself.” While they’re smiling at one another, the car has run over something. Clark pulls it on the soft berm. They get out to find that the rear tires are both flat. Clark is rolling up his sleeves. Lois gets out her cell phone. “This looks like a job for . . . AAA. Anndd there’s no reception.” Lois offers to change the tire as Clark chuckles. Lois has been known to do her own car repairs. (DISCIPLE) He opens the trunk. “I think I can handle it.” He gets out the really muddy spare. It was just sitting in the trunk apparently. And it’s not a doughnut, it’s a conventional tire.

Lois stands on the side of the road and watches him while he kneels down and lifts the car. She giggles at his antics. And she’s wearing nail polish. Yea, Ms. Nail Biter. Maybe she’s maturing. Yea, she is but the nails are a plot device. Clark has a hold of the shredded tire when Lois says, “Thank you.” See, who else does that? A young girl comes up to them wearing Amish-esque garb. “Praise the Lord, you’re okay.” She’s apparently been selling produce from a nearby buggy. Man, Clark and Lois must have been in their own little world. That’s okay, they deserve to be.

Clark reassures the girl it’s nothing a mechanic can’t fix and asks where a mechanic is located. She tells him up the road. “All right, Lois, well if we leave now we’ll be back in a flash.” Lois wants to make a point. “Oh, but Clark, I’m such a delicate flower. I will. . I will wilt in that heat.” She tells him she wants to stay with the little girl named Charlotte, who offers Lois fresh squeezed lemonade. LOIS! Don’t drink the Kool Aid! All chipper, Lois says, “Lovely! So we will have a big glass as we damsels in distress wait for Clark to . . . come rescue us.” She gives him a huge smile. As Charlotte runs off to get the Jonestown brew, Clark grins. “Lois. Is there a problem?” She explains that first he didn’t think it was safe in the city and now he thinks she’s not safe in the boondocks either. “Look, we’re in the middle of nowhere.” Lois doesn’t believe she’s in danger from the child, who hands her a glass. “Now, why don’t we watch while my knight in shining armor . . saves the day.” She’s grinning at him as he backs away. “It’s gonna be a long walk, Lancelot, but we will be right here waiting for your triumphant return.” Clark walks off swinging the tire like it’s a feather. Big hands. He turns to look at Lois. “Still watching!” she says gleefully. He waves and continues down the road. It’s only a two mile walk – and he does have superspeed.

Remember INSTINCT from Season 8, also written by Meyer & Septien? Lots of references here. Back then Lois told Clark he needed to think outside his wheelhouse, which he wasn’t aware of. “Of course you do, pretty, friendly, damsel-in-distressy. You need to try a scoop of the other 31 flavors. Maybe less sweet vanilla and a lot more wild cherry.” So we have the Cherry Festival and Lois apparently thinks that Clark still is clinging to his old wheelhouse. She wants to him to know that his Wild Cherry girl can take care of herself. Hello!

Time passes as Clark superspeeds back only to find the car empty with a door ajar. No sign of Lois or Charlotte. “Lois? Lois!!!” Credits.

Clark yelling! “Lois!” He checks his phone and there’s no service. He lifts the repaired tire with difficulty and grunting. He manages to get it into the trunk but not before cutting his hand. He’s bleeding! A voice out of nowhere asks, “Something I can help you with?” Clark closes the trunk to find a sheriff’s deputy standing by his car. “My girlfriend. She’s missing.” Excuse me. I have to savor the girlfriend thing. [smile] Clark is explaining the situation, about Charlotte selling produce beside the road. The deputy is not buying it. Clark is frazzled and is told to calm down. Clark shows him a board with nails in it which would have caused the flats. When he states it may have not been an accident, the deputy gets angry. Clark tosses the board beside some fresh buggy tracks. With evidence before him, the deputy agrees to go up the logging road to search for Lois.

You have to wonder what’s going on in Clark’s head. We literally see what’s happening in his heart. Lois is missing and he has to find her. But he is also powerless and vulnerable – does he have a thought or two about that?

Lois and Charlotte in the buggy. The girl has told Lois that she would take her to the train station. Lois is impressed with her confidence in driving the wagon. Charlotte tells Lois her father will take her into town from their village. “I am not going to miss out on a front page story just because he thinks I can’t take care of myself.” Typical Lois Lane.

We see a rustic village. Lois is informed the entire congregation lives there. They’re ‘Believers’ from Idaho. When Lois inquires about the obvious shindig, she is told “It’s the Harvest Festival.” Doesn’t look much like the Corn Festival in Smallville. In fact it looks like something out of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery.

Charlotte’s mom greets Lois announcing they are unprepared for a guest. Yea right. Charlotte explains Lois wants to get back to the city. Ruth, the mother, says her husband has to eat his dinner first, so there’s another delay in Lois’ escape to Metropolis. “You know if you just point the way, I’m sure I could just hoof it from here.” Ruth won’t hear of it, scaring Lois with getting lost in the woods. Psst, Lois, I’d chance the woods. It’d be like bivouac with the General. “Stay. Break bread with us.” Charlotte encourages with how her mother fixes enough food for the Fifth Army. Lois looks at her watch and acquiesces. “Good. Good. Go fetch your father, Charlotte. Tell him the ham needs carving.” Did she just call Lois a pig? Code words, Lois, beware. While Lois goes into the house, Charlotte scurries to her father for some praise. “Good work, child, you’ve saved us all.” Creepy!

(At one point I checked to see if Ruth was played as the actress who will be playing Granny Goodness.)

Speaking of creepy, the Luthor mansion. It’s a birthday party for Alexander. There are rowdy children sitting at the big table as the cake is brought in. Why do these kids have pewter mugs? Are they drinking ale? Probably Wicked Ale, it is the Luthors. Potato chips and pretzels seem to be the side dishes. Really Tess? On a budget? Connor Stanhope has reprised his role as Lil Lex from seasons 7 & 8. He blows out his candles and hugs Tess – there is no affection in his eyes. Tess is the adoring mother. He thanks Tess for the party. She has to go to work but she asks him to save her a really big piece. While the children play amongst themselves, the birthday boy, who could be alone in the room, picks up a candle. He’s not serving the cake to his ‘friends’. Did Tess hire them?

While Tess is out in the hallway talking with a doctor about a remedy for Alexander’s rapid aging. Lil Lex is drawing madly with the candle on a paper plate. Obviously, the children didn’t warrant the good china.

While Lil Lex continues to draw obsessively, Tess is given the bad news about her protege’. His body will eventually give out. (Mysteriously a piece of neatly cut cake has appeared beside Lil Lex.) The doctor tells Tess he belongs in a facility and he will never be normal. Tess says, “I just want to protect him.” Sounds like Clark and Tess have the same intents this episode. “I just want to give him a second chance.” Since the doctor helped Lex with his horrific experiments in the past, Tess has given her the opportunity to make things right. “You find a cure for Alexander and I promise you, I will not let him become that monster.” They hear a commotion in the birthday room and rush in to find Lil Lex is having some kind of seizure on the floor. Tess sees he has been drawing Clark’s shield on the paper plate.

Clark and the deputy at an abandoned cabin. “Lois! Lois!” The deputy is ‘reasoning’ with Clark that his search is fruitless. He tells Clark it’s only natural to be worried about his girlfriend. “She’s the most important thing in my life.” Hold on, having another moment. [sigh of bliss] The deputy tells Clark that Lois probably hitched a ride to Metropolis and is waiting for him there. Clark kneels beside a water trough and notices there is blue crystals in the bottom of it. Bingo! He is told they’re from the meteor shower of ’89 which hit the spring, killed one local and acres of crops. But it did give them a gift. He pumps out some water. “Best drinking water in the county. Meteor seemed to purify it.” Clark has questions. “Because I grew up in Smallville, the green meteor rock has been harming people for the last twenty years.” The deputy says he’s been drinking the water his whole life and has never even had a cold. Clark hears a bell ringing in the distance. “If there’s nothing out here then what was that?” The deputy hits him with the butt end of his rifle. Different – now Clark is knocked out. A form of kryptonite got redeemed in this episode. Clark learned that his bringing of devastation may have had an upside. Although kryptonite seems to still make humans whack-a-doodle.

Luthor mansion. Elaborate chessboard. Lil Lex picks up the queen, the most powerful piece on the board. “I’m sorry I ruined the party.” Tess tells him it wasn’t his fault. “I know something’s wrong with me. I’m a freak.” (Shades of Clark Kent) “No you’re not. You’re a beautiful little boy.” She promises him she will make everything okay. Meanwhile while she’s hugging him, he pilfers the key to the room from her pocket. So much for nurture beats out nature. She asks him about the drawing. He acts like it is nothing. He has more shield artwork in his closet. She asks him what they mean to him. “It’s the symbol of the bad man. He comes into my dreams to hurt me.” Tess declares she will never let anyone hurt him. “You can’t stop him.” She says he’s safe there. “No! He’s the strongest man in the world. You can’t protect me.” Tess reiterates she will never let anything happen to him. In a fit of red-head rage, Lex flings something across the room screaming, “He wants to kill me!” Tess begins to pick up the mess while trying to calm him. Her back is to him as he produces the key. She tells him she is there for him as he scurries out of the room and locks her in. Yea, she can’t handle the kid.

The village at night. Lois is trying to make light dinner conversation with the family from Hell. They don’t believe in technology or worldly temptations. They stay on the righteous path. Lois wants to get going. She is reprimanded by her host that she should make time for her fellow man. “Trust me. You don’t forget Sunday School on a military base.” Warriors deal with life and death. She is told to finish her dinner and Ruth says it would be bad luck to have someone leave their table early during the Harvest celebration. Luck? Should they believe in luck if they are believers? Clark doesn’t believe in luck because he has faith. Lois is still eager to get going to the train station. They are drawing lines in the sand here, making deals. When Lois offers she’d like to see the festival one day and says it must be fun. Charlotte can’t look at her. Daddy Demon says fun has nothing to do with it. They glorify the day that they were given the Lord’s sigh. Shouldn’t that be that they glorify the Lord . . . not the day. Lois asks about the sign. Fire came from the heaves to burn down their village. Ruth says their daughter Esther was taken from them. She was ringing the town bell to warn everyone of the danger. She was struck down where she stood. Lois gives her condolences. “That’s awful.” Lois and Ruth share a moment and as the father continues Ruth looks remorseful.

Before the fire from the sky, they suffered a terrible drought and years of bad crops. People were hungry and sick. “But our daughter gave her life so we could all prosper.” Lois is looking at him slightly slack jawed. Charlotte continues the tale. Ever since their crops have been bountiful and their people never get sick.” Lois questions them. “You think this happened because your daughter died? I’m pretty sure that didn’t make it into the Good Book I read.” The leader of the village, her host, chastises her. “You’re not a Believer.” It seems every year thereafter they offered their Lord a sacrifice. “And he has rewarded us.” With that, dinner’s over and Ruth takes Lois’ plate. Lois thanks them. Ruth and her husband take the dishes out of the room. Lois tells Charlotte she’s not going to wait for the slaughter of the fatted calf and starts for the door. “We’ll never let you leave. You’ve been chosen. Just like my sister.” She chuckles. “This was your last supper.” Lois makes a break for the front door and the townsfolk already have torches. She is grabbed on either side by two men. The leader declares they have their sacrifice. Durance just goes for it eventually breaking free from one of them. “What is wrong with you people?”

Do I even want to delve into the twisted belief system? Nahhh.

Clark with eyes close on a braided rug. “Clark! Clark! Wake up!” Lois in a bonnet! He opens his eyes. “Lois.” He gets up. “What happened to you?” She’s dressed in virginal white. Guess it’s standard sacrifice wear. She tells him how she really made a mistake going after the rally scoop and getting them trapped here. With tears in her eyes, she is very repentant. Clark takes her into his arms. “I’ve been looking for you for hours. I’m just glad you’re okay.” While she tells him she’s going to be sacrificed for bigger tomatoes, he goes to check what’s happening outside. “I promise to eat a heaping helping of crow when we get back home, but right now, do your super-speedy thing because this fair lady needs some rescuing, big time!” He sees the crowd outside and tells her he can’t. He’s searching for a way out while he tells her about the water being contaminated with blue meteor rock. “They’ve been drinking it for years.” Lois surmises that’s probably what has made them so healthy. “Not to mention a little whack-a-doodle.” (New fav phrase) “That’s not all, Lois, it’s infected their bodies. When I’m around them, I don’t have my abilities. I’ve got to get far enough away from them so my powers can come back.” Lois listens intently. “Meteor Rock. Maybe that’s why I pulled out that blue dagger out of your chest, you healed.” She stares at his chest and grins. Clark is dumbfounded. “You did that?” She looks up at him. “Yea,” like it was no big deal. He is shaking his head and smiling. “Lois, you didn’t just heal me. You brought me back! You saved me.” Lois gulps humbly. “Sometimes a hero needs a guardian angel, Clark.” He gives her a grin . . . .Could we just have had like 5 more seconds of a reaction shot? This was a big deal. Jor-El didn’t bring him back, Lois did and when he realizes she’s the one who did . . . he tears off back to look outside???? Really???? A touch or a moment would have been nice here. Nothing elaborate. Just a moment. He wishes she had wings to fly them out of there (Hey! That’s your job!). The house is surrounded. He needs to get around them before they start shooting. Classic line from Lois. “Okay, I hate to burst your bubble, Smallville, but without your powers, you won’t be able to outrun their speeding bullets.”

She notices a creak beneath her feet. She uncovers a cellar door with her foot. “Clark!” As he looks down her dress, she tells him there may be a way out of there. Together they move the table from on top of the door. “Clark.” She shows him the padlock. He grunts trying to break it with his bare hands. “I can’t.” Lois takes off the bonnet and reaches for something. It’s a large bobby pin. She shows it to Clark. “Whenever the General grounded me, I always found a way to escape. This army brat has picked more locks than Harry Houdini.” Knowing Lois and the General, she got grounded A LOT! So Clark is learning things about his woman. While she picks the lock with her wild cherry nails, she suggests he changes his clothes. (Shades of APOCALYPSE) “Or you’re gonna stick out like a stripper in a seminary.” Clark walks over to some farm clothes on a peg and starts to strip. We only see his back. Boooo! Mr. Welling has been working out like a mad man. Why the tease with the goods? Always making us wait on this show. Drat!

Lois is appreciating the view as his broad back comes into view. She sighs. “Why are we never someplace romantic when he takes off his shirt?” She goes back to getting them out of there.

Kent barn. Lil Lex can’t shake old habits. Tess has had him followed and has arrived to speak to him in the loft. “Alexander.” The barn is just as he remembered. “But you’ve never been here before.” He says he has and shows her the scrapbook. Clark’s first bowtie and how he had tied it for him in the loft. Tess tells him it was a dream. He’s insistent it wasn’t. “Right here he told me we would be friends forever. That he wanted to be my brother. . . . I told him our friendship would be a thing of legend.” Tess says he has a chance to make that happen. “How can I ever trust Clark again? He made my father hate me. He took away everything I ever cared about.” They use that line a lot. “I begged him to tell me the truth about himself, but as always, he denied who he really was.” Tess is shaking her head. “Clark is not the bad man, Alexander. Lex is. He used you just like he used me. And you don’t deserve what’s happened. You don’t have to buy into his memories. I will help you.” She’s smiling at him. He’s not buying it. “Why? So you can feel good about yourself? So you can exorcise those demons deep within your soul? Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted. To save the world so you could redeem the evil inside you?” She tells him to stop it as he lists the powerful men she’s clung to ending with Clark. (He mentioned Zod – how?) She slaps him and apologizes immediately.

On her knees in front of this child, really creepy, “I just want to help you. I know that I can do this. I know that I can save you.” He throws his hands from his body. “How can you save me when there’s so much you don’t even know about yourself.” Oooo so they’re hinting about Tess’ origins. YAY! Stanhope and Freeman are compelling in this scene. She begs. “Please, please Alexander.” He’s angry. “Don’t call me that. My name is Lex!” Tess sees the monster she couldn’t stop.

Candles in the cornstalks. Ritualistic goings on as a cloaked Lois and a Fedora’d Clark walk amongst their captors. (Clark Kent in a hat – yes, I’m having another moment!) As they clear the gathering, a woman calls out to Lois. She offers her flowers for the celebration. Clark is gulping. Lois takes them thanking her. And this is where her fingernail polish gets her in trouble. She’s caught and de-hooded. Lois punches her as Clark grabs her to make a run for it. They run for the edge of town as scarecrow hooded men with torches chase them. Why the hoods? Don’t know. Lois has already seen their faces. Lois falls and Clarks grabs her up just as a guy on a horse rears in front of them. Clark takes a heroic stance even though he has no powers. The leader takes his hood off. He tells Lois she will be offered up tonight. “I won’t let you hurt her,” says Clark putting an arm in front of Lois. “You’re a mere mortal. And you will not defy the will of our Lord.” So he slashes Clark in the gut with a scythe. Apparently these are not a peace loving bunch – carrying around farm tools just in case. It wasn’t part of the sacrifice ritual. This is really an odd bunch. Yea, whack-a-doodle says it all.

As Clark bleeds (something I always hate to see), he falls to his knees as Lois tries to get to him. She’s being carted off as he collapses to the ground. She’s screaming Clark, but he never says Lois. Strange.

Okay, what is with people who get hit by kryptonite? First blahna’s parents get pancaked so she wears a piece of their killer around her neck and now these yahoo’s have the bell turned upside down with burning blue K in it. Just . . .what? There must have been a stone bell tower at one time. The rest of the village has frame buildings. Just . . . what? Virginally dressed Lois is chained to stand beneath the dastardly bell. She just saw the man she loves slaughtered. Something she thought was impossible. But even Clark is vulnerable under the right conditions as this episode shows. More info regarding Clark. “You didn’t have to kill him.” So because they think Clark was a blabbermouth, they killed him. “No one can keep us from our holy task. Our Lord has shown us the light.” So leader guy starts fussing with Lois’ hair. Apparently their deity is a hair stylist or a Vogue photographer. Lois does not like being manhandled by anyone except Clark. “You justify this by calling it a sacrifice but you know it’s murder. Whatever happened to thou shall not kill?” So leader guy says they follow his example. Twisted! So annually they recreate the blue K pancaking of Esther so their crops will grow. “You won’t be the last.” Just . . . what?

Lois gets into his head. “I can’t imagine the pain you must have suffered when you lost Esther, but killing all those women in her name was wrong! She would be ashamed of how you led your people astray.” Of course she gets the Silence! Routine. “You do not understand because you do not have faith.” Uhhh, do you know who you’re talking to? “I have faith! I have faith! Faith has nothing to do with blindly following this misguided messiah. I believe in knowing right from wrong just as you all do. Deep down you know this isn’t right.” So to put down any stirrings among his flock he goes into the ‘crops didn’t grow’ speech. I’m trying to follow the logic here – yea, I’m a glutton for punishment. So because they don’t want the vengeance to smite them again – which was a blessing and that’s why they’re doing this sacrifice routine – they have to sacrifice Lois. So a second blessing won’t happen? The kicker is that they don’t sacrifice one of their own – they sacrifice something they consider desecrated according to their beliefs. This is not a worthy sacrifice no matter what religion. Sacrifice is supposed to be of the best that you have – but they’re cheating. But it’s a moot point since these people and this Believer’s perspective is a bit whack-a-doodle. Just . . . what?

Ben gets singled out. He takes off his scary mask. Uhh. no. He won’t sacrifice his daughter. “I say better to sacrifice a non-Believer then to lose another one of our own.” Then it’s not really a sacrifice, right? Lois is traumatized as he approaches her again. Oh please don’t mess with her hair! Too creepy. “You don’t have to do this. This won’t bring her back.” He shushes her by touching her lips. “God forgives you.” Oh puh-leeze! Lois swats his hand away. She’s had enough of his crap, too.

Meanwhile back at the grave. Deputy and his woman have finished burying Clark. They aren’t sure he was dead before they did so. Really? So Clark has to listen to these ding dongs talk about how he should have headed back to the city. They hear the crowd at the bell and decide to join the ceremony. As they walk away, the effects of Blue K on Clark vanish and it appears that the moonlight (ricocheted sunlight) gives him strength. His hands appears from the ground (kind of like when Dean rose from Hell).

Burning Blue K in the bell with Lois under it. Leader guy is praying to accept the sacrifice. Lois is crying. “Take her! So your people may see another bountiful harvest of crops and another year without sickness.” Y’know I really shouldn’t have watched the Salem Witch Trials before this episode. It’s all about the land and power, isn’t it. Anyway . . . leader guy goes for the bell switch as Ruth looks sadly at Lois. Before the bell can be ‘rung’, there’s a gunshot. Clarkie has a gun! Jonathan would be proud. Since Clark has a no-kill policy, no one got shot. Pfft. He cocks the gun and the used cartridge flies off. “Get away from her!” Lois trembling cries out, “Clark!” He sees the predicament she’s in. Leader guy goes for the switch as Clark runs for Lois. Blue K fire starts to pour down as Clark covers Lois and screams in agony. Lois has her eyes closed closing in on herself. The sound of Clark’s pain terrifies her. A shot of his burning back is pretty cool. Clark stands as the leader backs away. “This is a trick.” Lois grabs Clark’s hand. “Clark.” She’s deeply concerned. He looks into her eyes then faces the crowd. “Clark.” The deputy yells, “ Look at what he’s been through, Joshua, and he’s still alive. It’s a sign!” Lots of those going around.

Lois notices when the towns people back away, Clark heals. She steps in front of Clark. “Yes, it’s a sign. Move back! Way back. Far away from him! You are not worthy to be in his presence.” Leader guy, Joshua, picks up the rifle as Lois keeps walking towards them. “Drop your weapon and beg for forgiveness. Now, I don’t think you get it. He is a messenger sent from the heavens.” They keep backing up and Clark gets stronger. Joshua doesn’t believe her. Clark’s back heals completely and he signals his girl. “Lois.”

Lois is on a roll. “Oh, you better believe it. Because if you don’t listen. He will strike you down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.” Lois calling on her inner Pulp Fiction. Clark walks to stand beside her. She’s going for it. It’s Lois. “And he will use his heat vision to raise your village. And his superbreath to smite your crops.” To let her know he’s okay now and to solidify their unity, Clark says, “Amen!” It’s Lois’ turn to back away from the gun toting townspeople. “What do you say you speed us away from these Children of the Corn, Honey?” He heroically picks her up in his arms as she gives out a little squeak. Love this! Then he superspeeds them away. As the Believers fall to their knees, mouths agape.

Lois totally accepts Clark and his uniqueness. She’s resourceful and has faith in him and what they share. Clark can rely on his Lois to take care of herself, but is more than happy to save her when she needs it. Love these two! Welling and Durance are this generation’s Clark and Lois.

Tess has a vial of 283LX which will help cure Lex. The doctor has used Dr. Dinsmore research to find a cure. Tess is doing the Luthor thing by tossing down whiskeys. “The cure to save Alexander.” Guess her little Alexander is dead – long live Lex! “This could be the redemption we both have been praying for.” Silly doctor. “I wanted so badly to save that little boy.” Crying Tess tosses the vial into the fireplace. “Destroy all of your research. And in the morning, he will be locked up again for everyone’s safety.” Warned that Lex will be dead in six weeks, Tess reasons, “That’s the point. Because he’s not just a clone. . . he is Lex Luthor!”

Kent Farm! One of my fav songs is Harvest by Power Station (originally recorded by the Isley Brothers). “As the seasons come and go, we won’t wait in vain.” That about sums it up for me. 7 years in the making. It’s finally going to happen! Clark is looking at his slashed shirt. Lois is coming up the stairs to the loft with a newspaper in her hands. “Hey!” Rural Cultists Arrested for Murder. Their story pushed Cat’s Anti-Hero story off the front page. A Lane Kent byline. YAY! Clark tosses the shirt aside and walks towards her. “Leave it to Lois and Clark to turn a quiet day in the country into a major scoop.” He’s grinning. Lois informs him that the Believers were a solo sect and weren’t on anyone’s radar. Clark regrets not finding them sooner so they could save more lives. “I just don’t understand how the Believers would allow themselves to be led down such a dark path.” Lois moves past his deeply furrowed brow. “I guess there’s so much chaos out there. People are just desperate for something to give them hope. Now more than ever. The world needs someone to believe in.” Clark who has been listening intently turns to her. “I think I know where this is going.” She explains. “Hear me out, Clark. Hey, I wasn’t a big fan of Ollie’s coming out party and I used to think that it was best for you to stay in the shadows, too. But . . . maybe some day soon you’ll have to step into the light. You can be a symbol to inspire everyone that this planet could be a better place.” She smiles at him. “I’m not sure that anyone is ready to believe in a stranger from a strange land.” She looks into his eyes and steps closer. “If they know the real Clark Kent, then I am sure the rest of the world will believe in you as much as I do.” Ahh, Clarkie has someone who believes in him. [smile] “I’m sorry I was so overprotective. I was just trying to keep you safe,” he says stepping closer. “If it wasn’t for you, I would be a crispy critter in Hellsville,” she’s still grinning. Clark shakes his head. “No, you held your own. Even when I didn’t have my powers. Lois, you saved my life.” He’s all about the sanctity of life. “Guess there’s enough danger out there for everyone. We just have to trust that we’ll always be there for each other when times get tough.” She nods as he grins and walks to the desk. He pulls the Swann journal from a drawer. “Which is why I want you to have this.” Lois takes it and opens it. “Um.” One page we see has the symbol for family. Lois is his family now. “The unabridged users guide to all things Kryptonian?” He grins. “It may fill in a few blanks.”

Placing a hand on Lois’ face, Clark becomes intimate. “I want you to know me completely with no secrets. Because you’re the one. You always will be.” AHHHHH! FINALLY!!!!!

She smiles at him. He grins then kisses her. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by the Carey Brothers begins to play. ‘I’ve come to tell you all the truth.’ Lois lets the journal fall from her hand. ‘And though you always had . . ‘ Clark naked lies down on the bed with Lois in his arms. She’s snuggled on top as they continue love. ‘the proof of it.’ Clark and Lois kisses! Lois’ back with Clark’s hand. ‘My arms will grow. Chest expanding’ Clark playing with her hair while they kiss. ‘Of all the boys you could have landed’ He rolls with her in his arms. ‘why’d it have to be me?’ They kiss in slow burning passion. ‘You . . . ‘ Clark lifts his head and stares at Lois. ‘can’t take my eyes off of you.’ With his hand caressing her temple she opens her eyes to look at her love. He grins at her deeply in love. ‘You . . ‘ She returns her sentiments. They kiss again. ‘can’t take my eyes off of you.’ With an extended arm, Clark’s fingers intertwine with Lois’ as the candles burn brightly. The camera pans down to the floor where their clothes lay.

Couldn’t we have just ended with that? Great scene, beautifully played. Great first time. It is making love on so many levels. What a bounty for a long awaited scene!

Back to the Luthor funhouse. Super shields scattered on the floor. Febre’s music grows malevolent. Red hair falls onto the papers. Lil Lex is shavin his head! I guess baldness is a choice now. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was Rosenbaum standing in front of that mirror. Stanhope has got him down cold! With an evil smirk, Lex looks at himself in the mirror. The camera pans away to show this dark solitary figure having a narcissistic moment. A monster is harvested.

Rating: 10.5 for the Clark and Lois moments. Fantastic performances from everyone. I thought the Lex storyline was a bit thin but maybe it’s because I’m still wanting 42 minutes of Clark and Lois. Clark completely trusts Lois and Lois trusts Clark. They depend on each other to be who they are. They have faith in one another. I love this show! Still would have liked a Darkseid hint in this.

AMBUSH. Clarkie is going to have troubles with his future in-laws. Rick Flagg is back. The vigilante registration act gets ramped up. Lois wants her dad to like Clark, but in a chair and under a spotlight? And what is with Lucy liplocking on Clark? Hope big sis puts her in her place – like punching her one!


OSCK Magazine #2 is HUGE. You can locate it on this website.

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On Sunday at 7pm ET, OSCK Superverses will be discussing AMBUSH. Both shows at

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  1. JandBsMom permalink
    November 5, 2010 12:35 pm

    Your reviews are great! I love how you notice all the little moments that most people skip over. Thanks!

  2. nessy permalink
    November 5, 2010 1:43 pm

    Realmente disfruto más el episodio, después de leer tu revisión, me gusta mucho!!!!! gracias….


    (Sorry my English isn’t good)

  3. Anissa permalink
    November 5, 2010 2:32 pm

    I think I have seen this story before but whit other actors, hmm….:-D

  4. eric p permalink
    November 7, 2010 11:48 pm

    As always, Holli, great review. I especially liked that you didn’t focus on the religious aspect of the episode. Too many people are hypersensative about religion and how they are perceived that they took offense at the kooky cult. They felt it was a slam on religion in general. But I agree with you…. they’re just whack-a-doodle.

    Loved the Clois moments, from the way Lois made Clark walk all the way to town (or at least until he was out of sight) to the love scene. Tom and Erica are so great together.

    Enjoyed your take on the Lex stuff. Keep up the great work!

    By the way, it was “raze your buildings” with the heat vision, not raise them. Raising a building is what Clark and his dad did after the second meteor shower. Raze is what he did to RAO Tower last season. Spellcheck doesn’t cover words that sound alike.

  5. November 11, 2010 3:59 pm

    Thanks for your comments everyone!

    I truly love doing the reviews.

    JandBsMom — LOL We spent years looking at every nuance of the Clark and Lois relationship or their perceived relationship. This year has been just rich with them. Enjoy!

    nessie — Thank you. I’m so glad you feel that way. I understood what you meant and that’s all that matters. :D

    Anissa — Cool. Care to share?

    eric p — You are correct. It should have been razed. I blame late night writing and poor proofreading. :D

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