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ISIS, the Greatest of These is Love

October 31, 2010

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Season 10, Episode 5
Recap and Review by Holli

HD Screencaps can be found HERE!

Written by Genevieve Sparling, co-produced with Turi Meyer and directed by James Marshall.

Another possession story. If you’re going to do another then go for it, give it an additional layer or two. But the end scene just sold this episode. You could put it on loop and that be your 42 minutes. Clark and Lois met another milestone in this episode. Bravo!

RECAP: “Lois,” says Clark as Cat Grant berates her. Lois picks up the Isis necklace. We see new scenes from SHIELD where Lois accidentally tosses the necklace into her baggage. Carter explains the Isis mythology. Clark and Lois are partners once again. “Cat? She’s no Lois Lane.” The Blur flying up to the DP globe. Ollie comes out as the Green Arrow. Tess and Ollie’s trust convo in CHECKMATE where she asked for forgiveness and he never gave it. Tess with Alexander. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.”

Metropolis skyline. Ollie is walking through a storage room in the Metropolis Museum. The curator has huge ideas for his entrance – flying in using a grappling hook and Green Arrow girls. Fan adoration seems to be propping GA up. Tess arrives to snark Ollie. “Isis: A Tale of Eternal Love. That’s quite a title you chose.” Tess accuses him of being a caricature of his former self. Oliver wants to give something back to the city. “Groupie love isn’t real love, Oliver. You used to know that.” Ollie has his own accusation to toss. “Do you even know what real love looks like anymore?” These two have such great chemistry. They may not be romantic again but watching them spar is great. Adriana, the curator, informs Ollie that the amulet of Isis is missing. “According to legend, the necklace is cursed. Whatever soul dares possess it will be condemned to spend all of eternity in hell.” Uh-oh, Lo-isss. We see a carving of Osiris’ death by his brother Set, involving a knife and the sun. Set has the amulet in his hands.

Talon apartment, daytime. “Clark, you don’t have to hide the truth any longer.” Lois is rehearsing how she is going to tell Clark she knows his secret. “I know your secret and I get why you didn’t tell me for so long. But the fact is, knowing you’re the Blur makes me love you even more.” Dressed in Egyptian garb, she stares into the mirror to get the right things to say. She goes for a headline. “Hey Clark, you’re Blurrific.” Her alarm goes off indicating she has to leave to make it to work on time. She finishes packing her bag. Doing imitations of Clark answering her Blur kiss questions, she’s as giddy as a school girl. Clark brings out her feminine side. “When I realized the man I loved and the hero I admired were the same person then it was like everything just fit into place.” Packing a red shirt, she decides to get coffee and donuts while putting on her trench coat. “Carpe diem, Lois. You can do this. And by tomorrow you will be living in a brand new world.” Fans hope that once the secret is out, we will be witnessing this new world. Febre’s score heightens as we see the Isis necklace in her bag. Credits.

Luthorcorp. Ollie has the necklace on his laptop. He’s speaking Farsi into a phone finding out the necklace never made it to Cairo. Clark enters looking stoic and he’s silent. “I’m telling Lois my secret.” Remember Clark’s first words are usually significant. Ollie wants to know why now. “I saw the future . . . recently. In the future, Lois already knew about me. What I didn’t see was how I told her or when. My instincts have always been to keep my secret, but then I see five minutes of the future, that seems too good to be true, and . . .” Energized Ollie offers, “You came over here hoping that I would try and talk you out of telling her, right?” Clark stops him. “No! (pause) Maybe.” Ollie tells him to go for it. “Coming out was the best thing I ever did. I can finally be myself around here and it turns out people actually like the real me.” Ollie has numerous gifts now. Even his own breakfast cereal. Clark reminds him that his coming out to Lois did not have a happy ending. “You told Lois the truth and she dumped you.” Ollie corrects him. “We broke up. Look, Lois and I were never meant to be together. Clark, she loves you! That makes you a lucky man. Take it from me, living without love is not really living. It’s just sort of . . . existing.” Ollie gets serious. “The question you have to ask yourself is what are you willing to risk for love?” Clark thinks and then sort of grins.

So first Lois and now Clark are determined to get this secret business out in the open. Sounds good to me! Another milestone won.

Lois in the basement bullpen. She’s arranged her and Clark’s name plaques side-by-side. She’s brought coffee and donuts that she intends to share. She’s still wearing the trench. Clark enters straightening his tie and rubbing his hands together, admiring Lois’ backside. He gulps. “Morning, Lois.” It’s all smiles here. “Clark!” says Lois as she shoves the donuts at him. “Donut?” Clark is taken aback. He makes her choose first. “There’s so many choices,” she smiles. She takes the box back and they go to their respective desks. They turn to each other and talk at the same time. “Lois, I’ve been . . “ “I have a confession.” Clark signals she go first. “What were you going to say, Clark?”

Before either can say anything, we hear a loud slam. Cat has admirers who shove a desk along side the Lane-Kent team. She hopes she’s not interrupting anything. Plot device! Go away! She wants some of Lois’ donuts. Lois slams the lid. “No-no.” So Cat sees what Lois is wearing. “Wow, you Metropolis girls have your own sense of style, don’t you.” Small town girl with son (out of wedlock) better keep her yap shut. Hypocrite! “You should see what’s underneath the jacket,” grins Lois. Cat cringes, but Clark seems highly interested. She explains to him. “Oliver asked me to cover the gala at the museum. It’s themed.” Clark still seems interested. Lois has always handled Oliver’s secret – and now that he’s come out, he’s smart enough to want his friends around him. Lois looks at Cat. “Oh, did you not get an invitation? That sucks.” Lois hands Clark an invitation.

Cat sits on Clark’s desk and he gives her a what-the-hell look. She wants to go to the gala and is trying to schmooze Clark to be her partner on the story. “The sick to my stomach,” says Lois. Cat has confirmation that an exhibit piece is missing. She’s no Lois Lane because Clark’s woman snatches up the documentation first. Cat wants to check out the Luthorcorp loading dock. “Hey, I’ve seen this fashion faux pas before. When I was in Egypt,” says Lois as she looks at Clark. He rises from his chair telling Cat he appreciates her offer but he has a person interview. He moves around the desk and stares at Lois, “Roof in five,” he whispers. She’s got a big smile on her face. Lois hands the folder back to Cat telling her not to get burnt.

Lois on the roof with her bag. She is giddy at talking straight with her boyfriend. She decides to wear her lucky lipstick. I hope it’s not the one from CRIMSON. What she finds in her bag is the Isis necklace. Holding it up to the sun, it transforms her into Isis, and moves to the upper level of the roof. Clark enters gulping. He’s finally going to tell someone his secret. Something that goes against years of experience. “Wow, you look beautiful.” He climbs up to be with his girl and comments about the necklace. Durance brings a dramatic god-like quality to Isis which is totally different than her Lois. Isis informs him she’s looking for the treasures as she practically ignores Clark. He thinks she wants the article that Cat is working on. He’s got his mind on one thing. He’s bursting at the seams to tell her his secret. He says that Cat is at the loading docks. “And I know that it goes against every bone in your body not to chase down a lead, Lois, but there is something . . . that is more important that you need to know.” He nods his head. In a blur of dialogue he tells he how he’s tried to tell her before but things got out of control, but it wasn’t her fault, she was perfect. (INFAMOUS) He just can’t seem to get it out fast enough. “I’m doing this all wrong.” Clark still doesn’t know he’s not talking to Lois even though she’s been possessed before (BLOODLINE & HEX). Guess we don’t get to see that innate connection these two soul mates have this episode. Isis questions him about this thing of importance. He’s still nodding his head. In almost a broken whisper, he tells her, “I’m the Blur.” Isis stares at him like he done lost his mind. “That is of no importance to me.” Clark appears confused. “No importance in the way you feel about me or no importance in that you . . . “ She turns away from him and heads for the ledge. “Lois? Lois!” Isis does give him a clue. “This vessel might have once been called Lois, but now it serves Isis.” And with that his girlfriend’s body takes flight in a burst of light, leaving him stunned while still feeling rejected and confused. Plus his girlfriend is flying now. Poor Clarkie!

Watchtower daytime. Clark is frantically typing on a keyboard trying to find Carter Hall. Ollie enters full of snark. “Just typical, y’know. Just when we need a lesson on how to de-Isis Lois, Professor Hawkhead takes a sabbatical.” You can hear the frustration and desperation in Clark’s voice. He tells Oliver there is one other person they can call. “Tess!” Ollie volleys back with, “Did you hit your head?” Ollie thinks Tess can’t be trusted. Clark is depending on him to have some Egyptian facts then. The curator of the museum gave him some books and then he canceled the gala. “Please tell me these books are going to explain what happened to Lois?” Clark’s voice is heavy with emotion. Ollie informs him the myth is not just about a goddess. “It’s about what people are willing to risk for love.” Clark starts turning pages. “I’ve had my lecture on love for the day.” Ollie explains that Isis’s husband Osiris was killed by their brother Set out of jealousy.” Despite his trying to cheer Clark up about being only children, he continues. “Egyptians believes that a person’s soul remained in their heart. So when Set dismembered Osiris’ body and scattered all the pieces. . . “ Clark is nodding in understanding this time. Smart Clark is so sexy. “He wanted to make sure that his soul never found peace.” See, these guys can do exposition. Well done! Ollie picks up that train of thought. “But the mighty Isis vowed to resurrect Osiris. So she recovered his body piece-by-piece and she was never able to find the burial jar containing his heart.” Clark grows concerned. “And to make sure she never did, Set trapped her spirit into an amulet.” Clark realizes now that Isis is back, she’s going to finish what she’s started. “If we can find that jar, then she’ll find us.” Strains of the Superman theme can be heard. Thanks Louis! Before Clark leaves Ollie tells him the rest of the legend. “Oh, Clark. Because of his lost soul, Osiris was doomed to rule the underworld for all eternity. If Isis succeeds in resurrecting him, then his kingdom will also rise. She will literally release hell on Earth.” Kind of like Doomsday, huh. I thought with the advent of Isis that maybe Earth’s mythic gods and goddesses were a bit put out by the alien New God breaking into their territory. Didn’t go that route either.

Cat at the loading dock. She sees Isis rip open a steel door and toss a security guard. Isis hears voices as she spies a solitary crate. “Osiris. You’re here.” She pries open the lid barehanded and flies off. She finds the urn amongst the packing. Lovingly she holds it. “I have missed you for so long.” There’s a thump and it’s Cat who comes out from hiding with her trusty phone camera. “What is this?” Good question, goddess. Cat starts ranting. “I won’t let you get away with another crime, Lois Lane. At least not snapping proof of it first.” (uhh what crime did Lois commit?) Before Isis can hot plate Cat, Clark spoils all the fun by showing up and blurring Cat into a chair at the Metro Cafe complete with coffee and newspaper to keep her busy. Such a thoughtful guy. When he gets back to the scene of the crime, Isis is gone and so is the urn. He superspeeds out of the warehouse and readjusts the door that Isis crumpled. All the while, Isis watches him with cat eyes. She blinks and her eyes return to normal. She cocks her head in curiosity. This action is never addressed again in the episode.

Moon over Metropolis. The DP. Tess and a doctor discuss Alexander. His intelligence tests are off the charts. “Genius has a way of driving people insane.” She ought to know with the sparse background we have of her. She wonders if he’s stable. It’s still too early to tell. The doctor wants to move the lad to a facility where he can be monitored 24/7. Tess agrees. The doctor leaves as Tess looks lovingly at a picture of the adorable child. She is startled by Cat who knocks on her door. She rushes to hide the picture but it falls to the floor. Of course, Cat picks it up. OtherBlonde thinks Tess is the boy’s mother. “He’s the one person who loves you unconditionally. The one you’d risk anything for.” She informs Tess she needs Peter Pan and chicken noodle soup. Despite the motherly advice, Tess tells Cat, “This boy is not my son.” Tess has little patience with KittyCat. Apparently Cat did a riveting article about the squirrel population. One pink knows another, I guess. Cat tells Tess that she knows the identity of the Blur. “And that so-called hero is right in your bullpen.” Tess covers thinking she’s doing so for Clark. Cat goes on about how being a reporter is the perfect cover for the Blur. Tess shows the folly of her thinking. “You can be surrounded by people who expose secrets for a living?” Another reason why Clark should tell Lois. “It’s time the world knew the truth. That the Blur is nothing but a liar and a thief. Lois isn’t going to know what hit her.” Tess is amused by her petty attempt to one up a fellow reporter. “Oh, I’m not trying to scoop Lois. She is the scoop. Lois Lane is the Blur!” Tess lets out this hysterical belly laugh which was refreshing to see. So glad Cassidy got to do that. Cat is not phased. “I will expose the Blur’s identity and I will bring down this hero menace once and for all.” She leaves and Tess still can’t wipe the smile from her face. Tess’s heart has been opened by this small boy she took in.

Luthorcorp. Tess with a cell phone to her ear is walking and talking. “You’re telling me Lois Lane has turned into Isis. How in the hell does that even happen?” She’s talking to Ollie who is sitting at his desk. He tells her it has to do with the amulet necklace that’s around Lois’ throat. He snaps off the phone as Tess enters his office. I love these two. Don’t know that they work romantically – but the fireworks are amazing. Love the great chemistry. So while Tess gives us the Lois state of affairs, Ollie tries to usher out of his office. “I’m just trying to protect Clark,” she says as Clark whooshes in. “Protect me from what?” They tell him Cat thinks Lois is the Blur. Tess has erased all the security footage of Isis crumpling the door and tossing the security guard. Cat has no proof of what she saw. Clark thanks her for the backup but they have another problem. Lois has found Osiris’ heart and now Clark can’t find her. He looks pretty sad about it. Ollie begins to talk about how Isis has to get the heart . . . Tess finishes ‘with the body to make Osiris whole.’ Ollie tries again. He starts talking about a sarcophagus and a high priest and again Tess jumps in ‘the high priest is actually Osiris.’ Clark watches them go at it. “You stole my thunder there, Tess.” I’m wondering if Clark is seeing how he and Lois interacted when they were in the early stages of their relationship. Clark states the name of the museum are on the crates so Isis will know where to find them. Tess thinks she has a way to get Isis back into the amulet. She goes for Ollie’s laptop. He’s miffed she’s upstaging him cause he doesn’t trust her. He slaps the laptop shut. Even though Clark is standing there hoping that some one will come up with a solution to their predicament. “You don’t trust me still. Oliver, I get it but you need to stand back and take a look at the bigger picture.” He thinks she’s trying to butt into their team. “Our team, we protect secrets. We don’t keep them from one another. I’m not sure you know the difference.” Clark is not disinterested as he listens to Tess’s reasoning. Lex kept a record of active excavation sites but he also deleted it. “However, nothing in cyberspace is totally lost. So it might take me a little bit of time with your lo-tech laptop here, but I think I can reconstruct the files.” Clark interjects. “Time’s not a luxury we have. Please hurry.” Ollie asks where he’s going. “Try and prevent the end of the world.” His world if Isis remains in Lois’ body.

Metropolis Museum at night. Isis is firing up her magic. “At last, my love, we shall be together.” She opens the sarcophagus to discover her lover has turned to dust. There is no body to put the heart in. She cries and whimpers, “No!” Clark zips in. “You can’t bring him back. It’s over.” Isis is still sobbing. “It cannot be over. It is eternal.” Her whole world is shattered. “Even if his body was there, you can’t risk hell on Earth. Not just for love.” Isis glares at him and rises to stand. “Then you do not know love.” Clark states, “I do. The woman I love is the vessel you took over and I want her back.” He seems to be trying to reason with her. “You would not risk the world for her?” Clark retorts. “Not for such a selfish reason.” As if talking to a child, Isis snaps back. “Then do not pretend what you feel is love. For thousands of years, my heart beat only for one man. What you know of these things is but the wisdom of a child.” She tells him of how Osiris was cut into a thousand pieces. He was doomed to the Underworld. Her spirit was ripped from her flesh and blood and she has waited lifetimes for him. “All of what we suffered was worth the little time we had together and I would bear any cost to be united with him for a moment.” She’s risked it all – the entire world. “Your memory will have to be enough,” states a stoic Clark. Isis isn’t down for the count yet. “Have you given this woman your heart?” Clark does that little unsure thing. “She knows how I feel.” Isis knows she’s got him. She approaches him. “But you hold yourself back from her. Hm?” She’s very close to him and Clark looks at her with uncertainty. “If you will not risk your heart completely. . .” She has her hand over Clark’s heart. “then I will.” Magically she straps him into the sarcophagus. Clark tugs against the bindings. “Isis, I know how much you love Osiris, but you cannot sacrifice two lives just to see him again.” Isis looks him straight in the eye. “True love is worth any sacrifice.” She magic slaps him. “Time betrays us all.” Clark’s in a pickle.

Metropolis museum. The Cat version. She’s taking into her cell phone recorder. She sees Isis talking to some guy strapped down. “As once you lived, Osiris, so shall you live again. Through the Ritual of Life, I shall restore your heart and claim your body for your soul. I bring you forth, my love Osiris, so that we may stand together and face eternity.” Cat comments about liberals as Isis takes the heart from the urn. While Cat thinks she’s going to get a whole series out of this, she snaps pics. Isis holds the dead heart over Clark’s body. “Pulse with blood that once was spilt. Beat again with love and life.” The heart comes back to life as Clark struggles. Isis grabs the dagger of Teth-Adam of Kahndaq (Black Adam from the comics). “Take this body as your own and rise to rule from your rightful throne.” Isis aims at Clark’s chest as Cat backs into a statue. The noise shatters Isis’ focus and the heart goes dead once again. Cat runs for it and bumps into the Green Arrow. One of her enemies who she desperately pleads for help. Silently he picks her up and puts her into a nearby open sarcophagus.

Ollie nears the ritual taking off his hood and glasses. He snarks at Isis. “Your heart is brave, but I can see it belongs to a lonely soul. A warrior with a vacant heart. You try to fill it, but the harder you try, the emptier it becomes.” Clark is still strugging against the magic bindings. Ollie pulls out his crossbow stating he’s going to kick her Egyptian ass. She calls him out knowing if he really was going to harm her, he would have done it already. “But you do not wish to hurt this body.” In true Ollie fashion, he says he was taught never to hurt a girl. “And I was taught never to hesitate.” She tosses some magic at him and misses. There’s a standoff while Ollie gives Clark exposition. “Sunlight through the amulet.” Isis is still keeping Ollie busy as she taunts him. “But in the dead of night, where will you find the light of sun?” Somehow Isis’ focus on Clark wanes and he frees himself. He looks through the skylight which only has stars. Before Isis can blast Ollie again, Clark picks up the urn. “Isis! This ends now or I will destroy Osiris’ heart.” She backs down the magic and shakes her head no. “Then release Lois. I need her back.” There’s still some fight in the goddess. “I see now that I am doomed. Our undying love shall be denied for eternity. This vessel. She loves you completely?” With some assurance, Clark says yes. “You hold Osiris’ heart in your hand. What you take of mine, I shall take from yours.” She lifts up the dagger to plunge it into Lois’ heart. Ollie shoots an arrow. It catches the necklace and flings it into Clark’s hand. Mr. Solar Battery heat visions it as Isis’ spirit returns to it once more. Clark catches Lois before she hits the floor.

With worry and deep concern on his face, he calls out to her. “Lois?” Her eyes open. “Clark? Did we take a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum? I love you, Clark, but sometimes you are such a nerd.” She smiles up at him. He seems astonished at her acceptance of any weird situation. He smiles back.

Oliver in the Watchtower. Tess arrives commenting how he seems far away. “Sometimes you have to watch things from a distance in order to see them more clearly. You were right about me turning into a caricature of myself.” Tess apologizes for saying it. Apparently Ollie took what Isis said to heart. Tess is the only one that would call him on his antics. He talks about blondie and how much she loved him (not how much he loved her). He thinks he gave her too big of a secret to keep. “Oliver, when it comes to you, no price was too high . . .” Ollie tells her she can spot real love. He apologizes for what he said. She tells him not too. “It’s the truth and there hasn’t been a lot of that in my life. Just as there hasn’t been a lot of love.” She wants to know why she’s there. We hear Clark’s voice. “It was so we both could give you something.” He’s wearing a shirt and tie. Ollie jumps up. They couldn’t have saved Lois without her. Since she took care of Cat and figured how to put Isis back into the amulet on a low tech laptop, they are giving her Watchtower. YAY!!! At least a redhead will be in the driver’s seat. Babs would grin. “Welcome to the team,” says Oliver. “Thank you,” she says looking at both of them as if it weren’t really happening. She heads out into the hallway. She sobs knowing she has been forgiven by these men and that they are taking a risk by entrusting her with such power. Oliver asks the burning question. “You really think we can trust her?” Clark looks pensive. “We’ll find out.” Tess is able to cry now because her heart has been opened by a little boy who needed her.

Luthor mansion. Tess informs the doctor that Alexander is going to remain with her and not be put in a facility. “He doesn’t need to be watched, Doctor. He needs to be loved.” He warns her about the boy’s stability. She tells him she see’s the child’s heart. She enters the room as Alexander is playing with his army men. The boy is growing at a rapid rate. She’s brought him a book. Peter Pan. She tells him it’s about the adventures of growing up. (Peter Pan didn’t grow up though) Alexander sits in her lap and tells her he loves her. She’s having another heartfelt moment as she kisses his forehead. She begins to read the story.

Daily Planet. Daytime. Cat spies Lois doing her job. She grabs a pen and stabs Lois in the hand. (talk about crimes – assault & battery) Lois wails in pain as she pulls the pen from her hand. “What the hell?” as she rears back a fist. I’m screaming. Punch her! Punch her, Lois! Before we get any satisfaction, Mr. Diplomatic stops the fist from hitting its mark. “Ladies, who wants to go first?” Cat gets out that Lois is the Blur. Lois thinks Cat is stupid. Smart girl. Clark tries to clarify things but Cat won’t let him. She has photographic proof that Lois is the Blur. “I found Little Ms Liar conducting some sort of Satanic S-E-X ritual last night.” Clark appears confused cause he was there and he surely didn’t want to miss that part—especially with Lois. She calls Lois a deviant menace. Yea, Lois isn’t the one with the kid out of wedlock, sister – or the one who had to change her name and move to another city to hide from the dubious father. Before Cat can grab her phone, we hear a gust of wind to indicate that Clark has already taken care of things. When Cat tries to show her evidence, her phone falls apart. “Those were my only copies.” Lois tells her that’s a rookie mistake, not backing up her evidence. I think Lois learned that lesson in Season 7 KARA. Clark smirks on that one. Clark gives Cat the truthful explanation of what happened. Lois was possessed by the spirit of Isis. Cat’s not buying it. Lois tries to make her see the light as Clark grabs her wrist and drags her out of the bullpen. “This is Metropolis. Weird things happen here all the time. Get used to it!”

Basement storeroom. Clark is tending Lois’ wounds. “Cat was off her rocker. Lois Lane is amazing, but you and I both know that I’m not the world’s greatest superhero.” She grins at him as he continues to wrap her hand. He’s sorry she got hurt to have the truth to come out. “The truth, right, about the Blur? Who he is. The big mystery. Of course, he never told me his identity so I guess I don’t really know him, but I feel like I do.” Clark remains expressionless. She stands to look into his eyes. “The thing is, Clark. The Blur and I. I mean, we . . we have this special bond. Actually it’s kind of like what you and I have together.” He nods and cracks a light grin at her. “Because I . . .” She can’t tell him she knows. “God, I wish you were a mirror.” She lets out a breath and then turns to face him once again clearing her throat. “What I’m really trying to say to you is that . . . I know you.” Clark looks around. “But you don’t know the Blur. He’s probably keeping it a secret for a reason.” He seems contrite with that. Lois stares at him smiling, “He’s never going to tell me, is he?” With a husky voice, he says, “Not if it means putting your life at risk.” Lois steps forward and softly says. “I wish he knew I was willing to take that risk.” Clark is not giving her much to go on here and she won’t force him to tell her. She walks past him to the elevator doors and pushes the button.

Clark begins. “All my life, I’ve been afraid, Lois.” He turns to face her. She’s still facing the elevator doors. “Afraid of people knowing the truth about me. Afraid of them rejecting me and even if they didn’t, still losing them. I’ve been afraid of everything I can’t control.” The elevator arrives and Lois draws closer to it. Clark steps forward. “But when I was faced with the idea of losing you forever. It made me realize that there’s something that I would regret more than anything else and it’s not telling you the truth about me.” Lois turns to face him. “Cause that’s the only way we could share a life together. I know the odds are stacked against us and we’d be risking everything, but if you’re ready to take that leap . . there’s no one else I want to take that leap with.” The elevator doors close. She’s staying. He turns around. “Lois you’ve had a lot of questions about the Blur. It’s me.” Lois smiles. Clark turns to face her. “I’m the Blur.” With a big grin on her face, Lois Lane takes a run and the big leap at Clark Kent sending him flat on his back into a some confetti. His legs fly up in the air as she straddles him. They kiss as the music soars and the confetti floats down. Clark plays with her hair. Lois raises up to ask him, “What took you so long?” Clark incredulous asks her, “What?” She seals her lips with a grin. And he reads her face. She knew. “You?” Placing a finger on his lips, she grins at him. When she removes it, he’s smiling too with wonder like a kid at Christmas. His girl waited for him to take the risk.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10. Not sure why a possession story was necessary. Since it was done, not sure why more layers weren’t evident. The last scene was too awesome. A HUGE milestone for our Clark to finally tell someone his secret of his own volition and need. Beautifully enacted. Lois leaping on Clark has precedent in the comics. This iconic couple deserves as many milestones as they can get this finale season. Get your wish lists out and let’s see how many we get.

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  1. eric p permalink
    November 1, 2010 8:01 am

    great review, as always, holli. but I think you are letting your personal dislike for Cat color your analysis. let me explain. we do not know that Cat had her son out of wedlock. we know she got into a relationship, it went bad, she had her son, and didn’t want the father to harm her son, so she left and changed her identity. she could have been married and divorced the father. that seems more in line with her character.

    Cat is a carticature, to be sure. She represents a small town, narrow minded mentality. As a conservative, I could be offended by her banal antics as they represent how certain more liberal type writers see me, but I am not. She is meant to be silly and funny, to take the place of (Henry) Jimmy Olson, since they killed him off. She will always draw the wrong conclusion, jump in to prove it, and get in over her head. That is meant to be her charm. Like Jimmy, she is trying to prove herself. Trying too hard, which leads to the funny parts.

    obviously, you are not a fan. but she was correct, she saw Lois break into the museum and was wearing the necklace, so Lois is a thief and a superpowered one at that. Cat has already shown she completely bought into the Godfrey anti-hero conspiracy, so she is already suspicious of anyone with super abilities. Add that to her personal dislike for Lois (for being Clark’s partner and girlfriend) and of course she is going to think that Lois is the supercriminal Blur.

    just like with Jimmy, they changed the saintly Cat Grant from Clark’s blind date last season to this younger, naive version because they wanted her to be closer in age to Tom and Erica. The actress who played Cat last season was too old to be a viable love interest and competitor for Lois. this Cat, while obviously inferior in every way to Lois, is at least of an age that she could have been a love interest for Clark if he wanted. (which he doesn’t) i think they were setting up a weak love triangle like they did back in the early seasons. but they didn’t flesh it out because Clark is not interested and Cat is no Chloe. So Cat will like Clark and see his approval, but they won’t take it further than that.

    just like Jimmy, there will be people who like Cat and those that don’t. But she plays a viable role on the show. Somebody has to be wrong all the time. :)

  2. November 1, 2010 4:19 pm

    Hi eric!

    Thanks for commenting.

    Yea, you’re right, calling Cat an unwed mother was a cheap shot. I’ve never liked the character not even in the comics. Because. . . anything that comes between Clark and Lois, I don’t like.

    So basically Cat is a Jimmy substitute but in the wrong way. I do enjoy when Ollie/GA puts her in her place. Funny thing, when he arrived at the museum in GA gear, she didn’t mention his real name especially after he had just come out. And why is he wearing the disguise anyway unless it’s because it accommodates the crossbow and other paraphernalia better than slacks and a shirt. But I digress . . .

    I’m from a small town also but am not small minded. . It’s why I left the small town. Hello! I’m not going to psycho analysis Cat because I know too many people like her. It has already been established that Lois is a conservative (she was counterpoint to Ollie being a liberal) but I think Cat got it wrong. And I think that was the point of the line. It was supposed to show how dim she is. She’s dim but she’s also dangerous because of her possible influence working at the DP. She’s like Barney Fife from Mayberry — never liked his character either.

    Since I see her as a superfluous character, her storyline is not interesting to me. It’s like a yapping dog. Somebody call the Dog Whisperer! If they are going to go with her connections to Intergang, then fine, do it. Or if they’re going the Adam/Toyman route then do it. But they’ll never go there, not on this show. So what’s the point?

    Clark and Lois have now declared their love for one another and they are learning things about one another that will only make them stronger. I don’t get the Cat thing. I never did. So I’ll lay off the cheap shots.

    • eric p permalink
      November 4, 2010 8:16 pm

      Yeah, but the writers need the crutch of having a different perspective from Lois and Clark. They are afraid they will run out of ideas for our super couple, so they fall back on old habits. Cat is meant to be the third leg in a new love triangle, but imperfectly so. So she will constantly try to horn in on L&C and fail and get mocked and ridiculed. She is supposed to be the Anti-Lois. She likes Clark but not the Blur where Lois has traditionally been the other way around. (Not in Smallville, though, where Lois has liked Clark for years) Instead of being a worldly big city girl, Cat is a small-minded, small town girl. Just the opposite of Lois. She is the one who will jump to the wrong conclusion and then fight to prove it true. While I sometimes find such people annoying as well, it makes sense to have a character like that on the show. She is there to be a foil to Lois and Clark, not a support character. I can see how you could be annoyed by her, but since she is not a Mary Sue like Blondie was, Cat will always get her comeupance. At least be thankful for that.

      Keep up the good work!

  3. eric p permalink
    November 4, 2010 8:34 pm

    As for the GA thing, the costume is part of the persona. Oliver probably feels more heroic in it. Running around town in a suit is not functional. The costume is functional, and it has an intimidation factor involved. He looks more bad-azz in it. And the shades have all sorts of computer imaging functions. Like night vision. So it’s more practical, symbollic, and cooler looking than what he usually wears. Just like he doesn’t wear the costume to business meeting or TV interviews, he doesn’t wear a business suit while running around the city at night, shooting bad guys. Clothes make the man.

    I am more upset by the fact that Oliver exculsively uses the crossbow now. Whatever happened to the bow? We haven’t seen it since…. I don’t know when. Zod? Crossbow. Checkmate? Crossbow. JSA? maybe bow. Dark Archer? definitely used the bow once at least, then switched to crossbow. GA is the emerald archer, not a crossbowman. Bring back the bow. He probably doesn’t use it because it reminds him of Blondie and their target practice session. Lame.

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