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Helen Slater & Julian Sands to Return in ABANDONED

October 22, 2010

Helen Slater recently sat down with to talk Supergirl and revealed this info about her return to SMALLVILLE:

The other way you’ve come full circle too is with Smallville, a seeming alumni club for those involved with Superman!

I have to say I think it’s my favourite job in the last 10 years. It’s so fun, and then when I did the conventions the fans loved the connection. It’s been such a positive experience. They’re so nice over there, and they make me very goddess-y over there! [laughs] Lots of make-up, and beautiful hair.

And the outfit isn’t quite as cold…!

Yeah! [laughs]

So, you’re just doing some stuff on the final season…?

Julian Sands and I are doing an episode. I wish it was more because it was so much fun doing it. But I guess they’ve got it all written. We’re just doing one episode.

And what are you up to next after that?

Right now, I’m off to Vancouver to shoot Smallville, so that’s what’s right now. And I’m finishing my third record as we speak!

Read the entire interview HERE!

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