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HOMECOMING: The Point of Moving On

October 21, 2010

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Season 10 Episode 4
Review and Recap by Holli

HD Screencaps available HERE.

Thomas Wolfe, who wrote You Can’t Go Home Again, also stated, “All things on Earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travelers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.” Which may pertain to this episode.

THE 200TH EPISODE! This landmark installment was written by Executive Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders. It is landmark for several reasons. One, it is the 200th episode of a show that was threatened with cancellation or non-renewal about every season. Two, Clark Kent has reached his pivotal moment to become Superman. Three, Smallville Clark is about to join his fellows in flying, loving Lois, and being the guy who fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Jeannot Szwarc directed the episode and no one missed a beat!

RATING: NEW GENESIS! Brian and Kelly have raised the bar clean out of sight with this episode. This benchmark will be difficult to surpass. We’re all wondering what they will give us for a series finale. CGI and special effects, editing, makeup, wardrobe, script, direction; all were superb. ACTING WAS PHENOMENAL! What a journey for the audience and Clark Kent! BRAVO SMALLVILLE! I bow in thanks.

RECAP: Kara says the darkness is not Clark’s fight and that he can’t fly. Ollie talks about blondie protecting his secret. Bug Boy is going to eat, molt and mate. The brain interactive construct should not be underestimated. Legion rings. Lois confronts Ollie about coming out as a super hero and how that will affect the other heroes. “Maybe people deserve to know the truth.” Ollie declares himself Green Arrow. Clark is told, “There is darkness in you and great power. You’re afraid you’ll never be the hero that you want to be.” BDJ tells him, “You’ll never be Earth’s savior.”

Kara, Ollie and the Blur (shield) have all made the covers of various magazines. Clark in the loft picks up the Time magazine that asks if the Blur is a hero. “Good question.” He tosses the magazines aside and picks up the Tom Sawyer volume with the octagonal burn hole. “Maybe you’re right Jor-El.” Clark looks in the mirror. “Maybe I’m not the one. Maybe none of us are.” He puts the book in the trunk that holds his red leather shield jacket and closes the lid. Lois comes up the stairs. He apologizes that he’s been out of it and that he left her message. She reminds him that was three days ago. Lois Lane has a crusade. She reassures him he didn’t miss any news but mentions the Blur has also been missing for three days. “There must be something going around.” Lois sees the magazines. “Hero haters.” Clark turns the Blur mag over. “People probably don’t want to put their trust in someone who is going to let them down.” Taking their separate ways, they meet at the couch. “He never would let us down. The Blur, I mean. And this person for one is going to stand by her hero no matter how much mud they sling.” Softly Clark asks, “Why?” Lois rises. “Because that’s what you do when you believe in someone.” Thoughtful Clark. Lois takes drastic action. She picks up a nearby football. “You know what you need? A pick me up.” She tosses the ball at him. He gives her a little grin. “Thanks, Lois, but I don’t think that playing quarterback is gonna make my day.” She gives him a sassy tongue biting grin. “Depends on the cheerleader.” Take the hint, Clarkie! Loft, couch, Lois. . . willing. Believes in you.

He’s not getting the signals. “C’mon, did you forget tomorrow’s our Smallville High reunion.” Clark can’t believe his ears. “Did you say our reunion? You were enrolled there like . . .” “23 days,” finishes Lois. “You showed up for five.” I guess he was counting. “That’s a record in my book. Smallville is the closest thing to a past that this military brat has and I am not going to miss it.” She reminds him they don’t have to be dating to show up at a reunion. Still feeling him out on where they stand as a couple. He tells her there are a lot of memories there for him. “C’mon, Clark, it’d mean a lot to me. Seeing all those familiar faces. Was like I had a place. Like I fit in.” I love what they’ve done here. They are showing that both Clark and Lois are outsiders. That they don’t quite fit into the norm and that’s why they gravitate to each other. “And YOU! I mean, you put the Smallville in Smallville, Smallville.” Best line ever! Almost as good as Lois is . . . Lois. [smile] “Besides what’s the worst thing that could happen?” Standard horror film line. But it also shows that Lois has faith. Worst case scenario. So what? We can handle it.

Voodoo Guidance Counselor’s office. Get ready for the freak-of-the-week opening. Grumbling and overworked because of a decade of counseling meteor freak students, she shows us Alicia Baker’s profile. Okay, she’s a little batty because she’s talking to a Clark Kent doll complete with farmer red jacket. She’s sick and tired of dealing with freaky criminals and she blames Clark because they always mention his name. Really strange. I thought the doll’s boots were a nice touch. Cracked me up! She’s going to take revenge on him for coming back for the reunion. (Word travels fast in small farm towns I guess – no wonder Clark is so paranoid about his secret.) So before she can stab the doll with a letter opener. There’s a freeze frame as papers suspend in the air.

In walks Brainiac (James Marsters – LOVE HIM!) He does the digit scramble the brain thing. We noticed he has a ring on his right hand, but we see only the band. Nice touch. We weren’t supposed to know he’s Brainiac 5 of Legion of Superheroes fame just yet. “It’s time to move on from the past.” <<== one of the themes of the episode. “Leave Clark Kent to me.” Credits.

Clark drives up in his big red truck and lets Lois fend for herself. He’s wearing the varsity jacket with blue t-shirt and blue jeans not the work boots though. Guess Smallville doesn’t deserve a dress shirt. Lois is in a smoking hot dress and heels. I know he’s an alien, but c’mon! Clark states he hasn’t been back for a while. Yea, guy, almost 6 years.

Lois is excited about seeing people she knew in the five days she attended SHS. She did work on the Torch and also managed to dunk the quarterback at a pep rally. And since it is a small town, everybody and their brother knew she was living at the Kent farm – and she wasn’t related to Clark. Plus she worked at the Talon where all the caffeine addicted went. But that is the thing about small town farm schools, if your family didn’t live there for 150 years, you’re an outsider.

“Lois, I don’t have a good feeling about this.” No handholding and Clark doesn’t protect Lois when voodoo guidance counselor literally runs into her dropping some books. All so he can remember blahna and her irrational line about Clark having a dark side. Blahna certainly had a dark side. We got to explore that for how many seasons? “So what are you? Man or Superman?” Clark picks up the books and VGC is standing there, dressed better than before but she looks like she’s gonna kill him. She doesn’t. She hugs him. Clark thanks her and she tells him not to leave early because they have something special for him. Lois saunters up to him. “A couple more hugs and maybe you’ll have the bah humbugs squeezed out of you.” Girlfriend is ready to party! Clark, not so much. It’s not like he’s walking into hell, right? I mean, he did give up being a hero in Season 7 to live on the farm with blahna to be with his peeps and sell them organic produce. Still letting Lois walk ten paces in front of him.

We see a Metropolis license plate. Yes, I know it’s a city and not a state. RAKNID Bug Boy is back! And he drove all the way from Metropolis. Clark just drove from the farm.

Okay, now they start with the inside jokes. There are two women who are helping people with the event. One is Susan and the other is Suzanne. The WB PR person’s name is Susan Kesser and the CW’s PR person is Suzanne Gomez. (Different last names used on show) We see ‘Susan’ guiding people explaining she has their whole day planned.

Lois sees some women nearby and she used to be in the chess club with them. “I even sat through an entire game once.” They don’t know who she is. Clark is still meandering in the background. Is he watching the floor show that is Lois? She then spots some ex-jocks (varsity jackets) and smacks one of them. “Hey, Mark!” He doesn’t recognize her either. Apparently they smoked behind the gym together – well, Lois did Nicorette. Mark’s last name is very close to Verheiden, comic writer and Smallville writer/producer in the first three seasons. “Really? Nothing?” Clark does comes and ‘save’ her. “Hey, Lois, let’s go inside.” He kind of escorts past the guys but then goes off on his own again.

The woman at the name tag table jumps up and screams out to Clark. “I can’t believe you’re here. What happened to the bumbling nerd?” Okay, apparently she didn’t get Voodoo GC’s memo and Clark was the quarterback of the State Championship team his senior year. He calls her Susan and she shows him her name tag. “Suzanne actually. You always mixed us up.” Really, was it Welling or somebody else? “Well, you haven’t changed a bit.” To which she replies. “Bok Bok Crow.” Okay, crows caw; chickens bok bok. So someone has gotten their feathery friends mixed up. And they repeat this battle cry later on, too. For someone who went to a small farm school – it was a WTF? Moment. Durance was raised on a turkey farm so it probably wasn’t her. Just sayin.

Suzanne hands Clark his name tag and she gets a thank you. She stares at Lois like she’s vermin. “Are you his plus one?” Mount Lois is about to erupt. Clark sees the warning signs. “I went to school here people.” So instead of helping her out, Clark looks around and walks away. Lois fending for herself again. She goes through the tags saying “Lane” until she picks up one. It’s blahna’s. So did they make up name tags for everyone who went there more than 5 to 23 days? She turns around and shows it to Clark. “Wow. Old flames. I should have known this would happen. I haven’t seen her since . . Your barn when we were about to . . .” Yep, the Arc of Suck in Season 8 when Lois Lane got kicked to the curb starting in BRIDE. Gone for 4 weeks on the show, 4 months real time. Apparently they couldn’t have blahna and Lois in the same episodes.

Clark finally tries to reassure her. “She’s not coming.” There is understanding gazes. “I forgot how many memories you have here.” Lois is still ahead on the understanding mate score. Clark looks at the name tags and sees blondie’s. So he goes into the Torch office and it looks like a storage room. Apparently the Torch has gone more high tech than the Daily Planet. The DP still has those massive desktops. That fertilizer plant must be pouring the money into the backwater educational system. Flashback to the Wall of Weird. Clark almost grins – which was not the reaction he had when he first saw it. Lois calls him back to the present. “Clark, I’m sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought you back here.” Before they can have a moment, blondie’s minion arrive complete with worship banner. So here stands Clark Kent and Lois Lane, reporters from the Daily Planet. Still working there. Didn’t get fired. Don’t use the computer system for full time hacking purposes. And the UnWonder twins go on and on about how blondie was destined to be a reporter at the DP yada yada yada. And now she’s vanished because she knew too much. Okaaay. “Looks like someone took a bit out of Chloe’s conspiracy cookie.” At least they didn’t say she was going to turn into Lois. Thank you! “I’m sorry to disappoint you but Chloe couldn’t make it.” And then Clark walks away. Brian & Kelly have had to repeat ad nauseum that Allison Mack wanted to do theater and that’s why her character is not going to be on the show as a regular.

The female minion only knows Lois as being the Green Arrow’s girlfriend, but she and male minion are not certain about the GA’s real name. Gee, hasn’t Lois had some front page stories above the fold? Lois gives Clark a glance as he turns around at the mention of Oliver’s real and hero names. (Ollie came out in the last episode.) Fminion wants to know what it’s like to date a real super hero. (Ollie is human.) “It was really quick. Just a flash, but I would date one again in a heartbeat.” She smiles at Clark. (and NO she did not date the Flash! Or Impulse or that guy) We don’t get to see Clark’s reaction. He’s more interested in what’s happen to the Torch. Mminion whips out his smart phone as they explain the Wall of Weird has gone viral. (No comment) So amongst the 3-eyed babies and other freaks, there is the burning Blur symbol. “The Blur,” says Clark like he’s not happy about it. Lois moves to his side and looks at the phone. So the minion have a theory that the Blur was born and raised in Smallville. Clark looks like WTH and then Lois tells them they are off track. So after equating blondie’s articles about miraculous saves and the Blur’s appearance in the big city, they question Lois about why she never thought of it. “I wouldn’t waste any more time on the Blur. It seems like he’s gone away and I’m not so sure he’ll be back,” says the packed my jacket guy (in the trunk in the loft, remember?). “I think what Clark is trying to say is,” starts Lois. This is funny. Usually Clark is trying to explain Lois. But Lois is in protective mode. “That it’s great that the Blur has been there to be a role model for kids like you to look up to. How many people in the world has he inspired?” If only Clark would get close enough to Lois to see himself through her eyes. Fminion states that maybe it was a good thing the Blur didn’t show up (did he have a name tag too?) or else he’d steal Clark’s thunder. “What thunder?”

OMG! Welling does the best faces. Another shoot me now face only this time with a crown on top of his head. So Lois was not crowned queen – but Clark was crowned Alumni Homecoming King. Really? I don’t think anyone has to worry about Clark wanting to be king of the world – he definitely doesn’t want the job. So while Clark wallows in his public humiliation. He is a behind the scenes kind of guy. Lois seated on a throne next to him is waving like Queen Lizzie. “This is the Homecoming I’m talking about. Thank God you squeaked off that State Championship your senior year.” So Clark sees Bug Boy looking menacing. Time stops.

Clark looks over at Lois who is frozen as are the balloons and the crowd. He tosses his crown on the throne and walks across the gym. Bright light comes through the entrance. “My sincere apologies for interrupting this festive trip down memory lane.” “Brainiac.” Clark is puzzled at his presence. He wants him to leave the people alone. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m only here for you. I wanted to slow things down. Make sure you can soak in this special moment.” Clark is almost snarling. “And what’s so special about this moment?” Brainiac puts his hand on Clark’s shoulder. “This is the moment that your life changes forever.” They vanish in a bright light as time resumes. Lois looks over and realizes Clark is gone.

Clark and Brainiac in a forest. “I don’t know if you’re a ghost from my past or the darkness that Jor-El warned me about, but this will come to an end! Just like it did the last time.” Brainiac hopes so for Clark’s sake. “For my sake!” Clark lists Brainie’s past crimes. Brainie says Clark has saved him from all that and now he’s going to save Clark. He shows him the Legion ring. (Green shirt, not green face) Clark is suspicious. Brainie tells him he’s joined the Legion as Brainiac 5. The ring, time travel are all his creations. “They helped you cure me. We were created one way or another by Jor-El. Both intended to save civilizations. To bring peace to a brutal world. But neither of us was immune to corruption, to darkness.” Clark wants to know what that means. Thank you! We do, too! “Then let me show you, Kal-El, we can’t always see it in ourselves. My corruption started with a nanobyte. Smaller than the eye can see. But that’s all it took.” The transition effect is amazing! Fabulous work! And Clarkie better be checking the FOS for nanobytes – BDJ is just talkin crazypants.

Shades of season 5! The 100th episode, RECKONING (where Clark reckoned wrong). Clark and Martha at Jonathan’s graveside with the snow falling. “If you’re trying to save me somehow, why show me this?” Uhh, that’s when you went all mopey and drove us nuts for at least 3 seasons. “Because this was a defining moment for you. Perhaps THE defining moment. The day you started to blame yourself. “ Clark tries to defend his guilt by saying it was his choice to change fate. “It’s my fault that he died.” B5 questions that. He takes Clark to the night of Jonathan’s death in the barn.

Jonathan is tossing Lionel around like a rag doll. YAY! Clark says “Dad” like he’s wowed. JK tells Lionel he won’t allow his family to be destroyed as he tosses him again. Schneider tosses a piece of wood – I love that bit. Jonathan is just royally pissed. Makes ya wonder. He tells Lionel that the Kents can withstand anything because they have each other. He tells Lionel to get the hell out as a chest pain is evident. B5 holds back Clark. “You can’t change his fate, Kal-El.” Clarks knows JK was just protecting him. “And that was his choice. Whether it happens this day or any other day. Jonathan set his own destiny in motion. You know that. You just won’t let yourself believe it. Why won’t you forgive yourself?” Clark watches his father staggering out of the barn. “He didn’t have a choice. He’s my father, of course, he’d sacrifice anything to protect me.” That makes two dads. “We always have a choice, Kal-El.” B5 goes on to say that Jonathan didn’t have to care for Clark and yet he did on a daily basis. “He chose to be your protector. Just as you’ve chosen to be the Earth’s protector. Nobody forced that on you. Yet you’ve embraced it. Nobody made that choice for you. We all choose our own fate.”

B5 drags Clark to Ollie’s Luthorcorp office. Watching the tv, Ollie sees how people are reacting to learning Green Arrow and Oliver Queen are one in the same. He’s got a drink handy. Some guy doesn’t want his kids to be a vigilante hero/billionaire. Really? Welcome to the present. “If you’re trying to make me feel guilty about something, you just said that we control our own fate. Oliver made his own decision to come out to the public. He didn’t think what it could mean to the rest of us.” So the tv newscaster chick calls Ollie out. He turns off the tv. He taps his phone and asks if there’s been any calls. Apparently all the news agencies have. “No, I mean, any calls.” His assistant reports that Mr. Kent hasn’t left word. So Ollie isn’t waiting on blondie, he’s waiting on Clark. Ollie needs forgiveness for past crimes (kryptonite arrow in the back causing death and destruction). And Clark needs to forgive GA to set himself free. “He’s always so Oliver, I didn’t know he needed me . . . I don’t know how not returning his calls amounts to some darkness within me.” Brainie straightens him out. “You don’t see it? The darkness is the past. And you hold onto it. You dwell. You punish yourself and everyone around you for past mistakes.” Clark tells him that even though they don’t expect perfection of themselves, the world does. “Then help Oliver be who he can be. Today. Tomorrow. Be there for him now and stop punishing him for his past with your silence and your distance. Let it go!” Helicopter noises. More on those later.

Back to the party! The minion twins don’t have a physical relationship. Lois, dethroned, walks to the refreshment table. “Which one of these has the ‘punch’ in it, if you know what I mean?” Meet Obtuse Maddie the punch pusher or as I like to call her – the voice of the fandom’s sinking (relation)ships. Lois decides on a flavor. “Lois? So who are you here with?” Lois tells her she’s an alumn. It says so on her name tag. “Lois Lane.” Obtuse ain’t cookin with gas. “I’m with Clark Kent.” So Obtuse goes into a fangasm about how dreamy
Clark is. “That farm boy next door turned local football hero. Doesn’t get any bigger than that.” Oy! No thinking outside the box there. She gets giddy talking about how blondie and Clark were meant for each other. “They had that whole best friend with the hope of more thing.” Lois shoots that notion down with. . . “Chloe’s my cousin.” More orgasmic whispering, “But then there was Lana . . .” The pain! Must stop the pain! Clark’s reaction to that is WTH and a eye roll. “How gorgeous can you get? Right? And hard working. . . “ Yea, the whole independent minor running her own business after being a varsity cheerleader in her freshman year – not to mention Homecoming Queen her freshman year and dating a teacher and marrying the local billionaire. Sending her senior boyfriend off to war with no nookie, supposedly. Yea, she was a peach. “Lana and Clark were perfect. You know that first love, you never get over it.” How in the hell would she know? She’s dancing alone at the party. Where in the hell did I put those puke buckets??? Lois tries to divert attention to the veggies after stacking cupcakes. “Wait, so you’re not hitched to Clark?” Clark takes that one in the gut – as he should. Well see, they had to find his balls in blahna’s jar of testes and then they had to do DNA tests on them because there were so damn many of them in that jar. Lois answers honestly. “Not exactly.” Obtuse keeps firing those questions. “Are you engaged?” “Nope,” as Lois tosses the plate of cupcakes. “Oh, how long have you been seeing each other?” This chick should have worked for the Torch. Tell her how you lived with Clark because he asked you to and how you slept in his bed, Lois! “Well we’re not really. Right now.” All to the strains of Lifehouse’s Everything – which played at the prom and Clark asked Lois to dance to FIRST! But nooo she let him dance with blahna while blahna was dating Jason who went on to better things and should have come back to exorcise the biatch from Clark’s life, but noooooo. We had to suffer through that shit for two more seasons. “Oh, you’re the moth, not the flame.” My son says that’s probably right off a fanboard somewhere. He’s probably right. Hate that line. “Are you sure he likes you?” I admit I’ve asked that question a time or two during the last half of season 6 thru season 7 and the Arc Suck and last half of season 8. Lois was basically kicked to the curb for blahna because Clark had to be a boy until season 8. So Obtuse leaves Lois because Clark won’t say thank you to her or hold her hand or protect her.

Brainie in all his 31st century wisdom asks the burning question. “Correct me if I’m mistaken but you care about Lois, don’t you?” Clark stares at Lois. “All I’ve ever done is protect her after what happened to Lana.” Brainie isn’t impressed with the answer. “Interesting outcome. Lois doesn’t seem especially protected.” I LOVE THIS GUY! Tell him, Brainie! “You spend so much time dwelling on the darkness of what happened in the past that you’re missing the present that’s right in front of your eyes.” Didn’t Bizarro say about the same thing in the premiere of season 7? How long have we’ve been waiting for this episode!!! Bug Boy appears heading towards Lois. Clark gets all impetuous and passionate because Lois is in danger. “I need to get back!” Brainie tosses him a line. “To do what? Weren’t you about to hang up your shield?” BB says he has a message for Clark Kent to Lois. “Give me the ring!” Clarkie is snorting mad. Brainie tells him to wait for the moment. CK ain’t listening. He grabs Brainie’s wrist (doesn’t touch the ring). “No, Kal-El, you haven’t learned the full lesson yet.”

Clark is thrown into the Daily Planet. We know he’s solid matter because the mail guy almost hits him and Clark retrieves an envelop. He walks down the hallway. A headline reads: Superman Saves the Day. Dated October 15, 2017. Superman had saved gold from being robbed the day before. Someone has caught Supers flying near the Daily Planet building in the photo.

Clark literally bumps into Lois Lane. It’s a meet cute. PresentClark meets FutureLois. Rule #15 – if there’s a Lois and a Clark in a building, on the same planet, in the same realm – they’re going to run into each other literally and/or figuratively. e.g. APOCALYPSE “Hey! Watch it!.” Clark does a breathy and bewildered, “Lois. How?” She looks at him in his school jacket, blue t-shirt and no glasses. “Not again! C’mon” and shoves him into the phone booth. She shuts the door behind him. Clark is trying to talk first. Fat chance, buddy. “Seriously, I know that we agreed that we would keep our professional lives to ourselves,” she says while stripping off his jacket. “But what kind of secret story got you to Dress Up Day?” He turns around and she hands him his jacket. Talking a mile a minute. “Honey, I know that you don’t like them, but you are the one who decided that you wanted to wear them and lucky for you I have a spare.” She puts the glasses on him. Clark shakes his head and says no. “Hey! I know they’re not fashion forward.” She caresses his neck and leans into him. “But if it ain’t broke, honey, don’t fix it.” She gives him a mischievous grin. And he is lapping it up like ice cream. You know he wants to make out with her in the phone booth. There’s some chest touching and hips pressing. But then she looks at his blue t-shirt. “Seriously, Clark. I thought we agreed on a Daily Planet dress code.” She’s always dressing him. She grabs her purse and starts to leave. Clark grabs her. “Lois, wait. How did you get here?” She looks at him puzzled. “I need to know about the reunion.” Lois has other problems on her mind. “We need to table this all until later.” She opens the door and backs out still looking at him. “We cannot have people thinking things.” She gives him a you-know-what-I-mean look. Her cell phone rings. Clark follows her out, carrying his jacket and wearing the glasses. “Perry! What the hell? How many times have I told you that Troope can find his own sources.” Lois is out of sight. Ron Troope was Lois’ brother-in-law and father of her nephew, Sam, in the comics. He also worked at the DP.

A man and a woman wearing suits approach Clark. The woman comments to the man that she knew it wasn’t ‘him.’ “It’s just the guy from the eighth floor.” Satisfied they walk off. Clark goes into the basement bullpen. He tosses the jacket down and sits in the chair. Welling looks like his movie dad, Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. This may have to do with the height difference between his co-stars especially in the early years. The girls (not usually Durance) were on ramps and he may have had to stand in a trench a time or two. Jeff the Intern walks in. He wonders what Clark is doing there. Welling is priceless. He puts his big arms up on the desk and sells it. “It’s my desk!” (Or it could be that Welling is quite the prankster and it was an inside joke.) Jeff informs him not for years unless he’s been demoted. Standing to full height, Clark says, “Years?” He spies a Daily Planet with a different headline, same date as the other one, and with a photo by Jimmy Olsen. YAY!!! We miss Jimmy! City Hall is closing something or other on the headline. So either the DP has a morning and evening edition. In these times? Or something got changed along the way. Jeff has a last name. It’s Hage. Lois comes to retrieve Clark. “Clark? What are you doing?” He grabs his jacket and walks with her. “Lois, we need to talk.”

Apparently on the eighth floor. Clark opens a door that has both their names on it. It must have been alphabetical. He grins at the billing and as we all know, Lois likes to be on top. “Gloat all you want but those names are getting flipped the second the boys from ops do a fly by.” Clark puts down the jacket on his desk (blue chair) and takes off the glasses. Lois sits opposite at her desk in a red chair. PresentClark looks like a man who is at his wit’s end. He is so vulnerable in this scene. Obviously he feels secure enough in front of Lois. He pinches his nose to try and get his bearings. “Clark? What is going on with you today? It’s like you’ve never been here before.” They both are leaning over their desks at each other. “I haven’t, Lois.” He takes a breath to break it to her gently. “I’m from another time.” FutureLois rolls her eyes. “No kidding. Clark, you’re from different planet. That’s not exactly a news flash.” P-Clark takes a turn around his desk appearing stunned by her pronouncement. This is his secret we’re talking about. “What did you say?” Standing face to face, Lois is being Lois. “I didn’t mean to come off so Lois. It’s just that sometimes when you get pensive I know it’s because you have the whole Last Son of Krypton thing weighing on your shoulders.” She pats his chest and he stares at her incredulous. Clark backs around her desk and she moves the other way so they meet at his desk. “But that’s why you’ve got me, okay? To remind you that if you were going to crash land your space ship anywhere you couldn’t have chosen better people to find you than the Kents. So you need to snap out of it.” OMG! How many times have we wanted to say that to him?! Go Future Lois! She knows him so well and knows the remedy.

Clark practically falls into his chair on this revelation. He stares up at Lois as she sits on the desk in front of him. “Wait. I know what this is about. I forgot again, didn’t I?” She turns to pick up a calendar. “Our anniversary.” Clark has all the wonder of the Hydro kiss on his face and more. He repeats the words with precious amazement. “Our anniversary?” He’s really digging the idea of them being married. FutureLois has no rings on her left hand however. (And yes I know they were married in the vision of 2013) “Oh don’t play dumb. You always hold it over me.” Clark is waiting for her to tell him what he hopes is true. “The day you told me? The day you finally trusted me. It was . . .it was romantic. And it was the perfect day. And . . .I always forget about it until the last minute, but I swear it is not until . . “ She shows him the calendar. “See. I told you.” She doesn’t give him time to see the date and he follows the calendar’s descent to the desk in front of him. “So what is it?” He doesn’t have an answer. Hurricane Lois has him dumbfounded. Love Febre’s Clark and Lois love theme playing in the background as these two interact.

Taking action as only Lois can. She grabs her man and plops him down on the desk. Love when these two manhandle each other! “What a minute! Oh no. Kryptonite again.” Nurse Lois does her checkup by taking her fingers and shoving Clark’s eyebrow up into this hairline. “Blue? Red? Not green. Please tell me it’s not the black because that was a disaster.” Clark stands up. “I just. . . I need the Legion ring. Lois, do you know where it is?” Lois shakes her head. “Is that a joke, Clark? Touch it once, shame on you. Touch it twice, shame on me.” Must be referring to Doomsday/Savior. “And actually, I could really use it right now.” She grabs his wrist and looks at the time on his watch. “Because we have to be on opposite sides of town in ten minutes.” She goes to grab her purse. “And unlike you, I have to drive. I can’t keep the mayor waiting.” She heads out. Clark follows her leaving his varsity jacket and the glasses on his desk.

Lois pushes the up and down buttons on the elevator. Clark comes up behind her and grabs her arm. “Lois, I’m not supposed to be HERE.” She knows because they are late. “Late? Lois, I need to get back. Look the Legion Ring is the only way to do it.” Lois is taking it in. “Back?” He nods. She has a suggestion. “Why don’t you check your trunk of tchotchkes at the farm. Isn’t that where you keep all your go-to phantom catchers and Fortress disks and stuff? And if you need me, I am there. No deadline is more important than you.” She smiles at him. Clark is soooo happy. She shoves him into an open elevator. He’s walking with his back to one side of it as she pats his ass. He wants her to join him. Big grin on his face. “Going up. You’re going down.” She makes the finger circles in front of her eyes indicating he should be wearing the glasses. The door shuts. Clark catches a last precious glimpse of Future Lois as he digs into his pocket presumably for the glasses he left on the desk. “She’s a handful, isn’t she?” says a voice from nowhere. Present Clark turns to see his future self. OMFG! Slicked back hair, glasses, three piece suit and tie under a trench. Welling is frickin Superman even without the suit!

There were people who didn’t want him to wear the glasses because they thought that would mess with the pretty. But Welling is rockin those glasses – and there have been many converts to the Buddy Hollys, err, Classic Ray-Bans with clear lenses.

Daily Planet. Two Clark Kents go into an elevator. (No joke.) They’re giving each other the once over. Confident Future Clark stops the elevator. Love the George Reeves over bumbling Clark. YAY!!! GRClark had a wicked sense of humor and just was more relatable. You could see why Lois would go for him. Future Clark is in control. “You’re right on time,” he says straightening his coat. “You knew I’d be here,” says Present Clark. F-Clark explains it’s time travel. “Think it through.” P-Clark does, “Because you were me when you went through this and I’m . . .” “Well done, my man.” F-Clark seems somewhat amused at his former self until he says, “How’d I become so uptight and . . nerdy.” Down to business. “There’s no time to chat about how, where or why. We’ve been though weirder things. I need you on the roof.” Cocky Present Clark half chuckles. “When did I start taking orders?” Future Clark sets him straight. There’s a nuclear reactor about to blow and an abandoned plane on the other side of town. “Now I can’t be two places at once.” Present C wants to know if he knew it was going to happen why he didn’t stop it. “You never would have experienced all this and you never would have would become me.” Present Clark doesn’t seem too impressed. “That’s too bad.” Future Clark opens the doors to the elevator and barks out commands. “Roof! Now!” F-Clark takes off at superspeed and you can see some blue on his chest. Now this impresses P-Clark as he walks out of the elevator. “That’s what I become.”

There’s an explosion and Clark heads for the outer windows (not the roof). Superman flies by the windows. SQUEE!!! Clark grins as Superman circles the radiation into submission. “May day. May day.” We hear Lois’ voice over a radio. Clark turns his attention towards it. “We’ve lost control. We’re going down. May day. May day.” Clark looks up towards the roof as Superman continues to save the city.

Straight out of Birthright #4. Right down to the clothes Lois is wearing. A helicopter hangs from the side of the Daily Planet. Alarms are going off as the helicopter begins its plummet. There’s a huge jerk as Lois loses her earphones. She sees her death many floors below. But the helicopter is going in reverse, scaling back up to the roof. It’s Clark with his hand on a strut lifting them back to safety. Lois looks into the rearview mirror and sees Clark. She smiles. She promptly knocks out the pilot ala EXPOSED as Clark sets the copter on the roof. As he approaches the door, Lois gives him the glasses signal. “What are you doing?” He helps her out of the copter. They have an arm around each other. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you but there’s a pilot in there with a raging migraine when he wakes up who wishes you would have at least put on the cape.”

Before they reach the door, Clark grabs Lois’ arm, looks into her eyes and with breathy wonder says, “Lois, you’re protecting my secret.” She grabs him and kisses him. And he goes for it. “What else was I going to do? I’d do anything for you. Hardly a news flash,” she grins. Face to face, this is the couple we have been waiting for. Welling and Durance have such great chemistry. Clark and Lois together. Nothing better than that. Lois Lane looks into Clark Kent’s eyes and says, “Thank you.” They smile and kiss again. “Oh, you drive me crazy,” says a loving Lois. Bodies moving together. Noses touching, caressing. Even though he’s having a great time, Present Clark seems to realize this isn’t his Lois. “I guess I should get going.” But he is not relinquishing his tight hold on his future girl. “Well, obviously, busy day for a superhero.” Lois finally moves away but never takes her eyes off of him and neither does he from hers. “Don’t be late. Dinner reservations at seven.” She opens the roof door as Clark smiles after her.

Brainie touches Clark’s shoulder. “Not every man is destined to find a woman like Lois.” Clark is definitely in love. “She’s definitely one of a kind. I know why you sent me here now.” Brainie is a tad upset because he was supposed to guide Clark but Mr. Impetuous interfered with the ring. “You wanted me to see how things would be with Lois and . . flying.” B5 clarifies. “I wanted you to see that your darkness lies not only in dwelling upon the past but in fearing the future.” Clark pauses. “I’d always hoped my life would be like this . . . with Lois . . with all of it. Lately I’ve stopped believing it could actually happen.” Brainie tells Clark it is up to him. “You don’t have to worry about the future, Kal-El. You can see that it’s just fine. As long as you shed the weight of the past.” Then Brainie gets snarky. Telling Clark the next time he defies him, “Don’t strand me back in the Dark Ages.” Yea, a Smallville High class reunion definitely qualifies.

In a flash, they are back at the reunion. Bug Boy approaches Lois. “I have a message for Clark Kent.” Lois makes light of being left with punch bowl Maddie. “Something tells me it was for a good reason. Y’know, Clark is the reason a lot of us are still here. I kind of got caught up in my web of obsession and he set me straight. It’s not every place that has a hometown hero like Clark Kent. Just tell him. Tell him, thank you.” Bug Boy nods and walks away. Lois is smiling so proud of her guy. Clark still with Brainiac confesses. “I guess you’re right. I’ve been so buried by the mistakes of my past. So worried about my responsibilities of the future that I’ve lost sight of the present.” B5 tells him that a hero is made in the moment. “Not from questioning the past or fearing what’s to come. Just remember that, Kal-El.” Brainiac 5 leaves by twisting the Legion Ring on his finger.

Clark walks up behind Lois and touches her shoulder. She smiles at him. Happy to see him. He takes her hand and they go out on the dance floor. They dance a few steps. Faces close as if they are about to kiss. And the lights go out and someone says, “Thank you all for coming. We”ll see you all again in another five years. Bok Bok Crow.” Clark apologizes to Lois. “That’s okay. Who wants to dance anyway, right?” Clark looks away. He knows she wants to dance. CRIMSON taught him that. BRIDE did, too. She makes the way easy for him. “You saved me the blisters, Smallville. Besides I have an early deadline tomorrow. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today?” They walk off the dance floor. “You’re quite a handful, Lois Lane.” She takes his hand. “Look who’s talking.” Yet another interrupted dance for these two. Lois Lane always going forward – making it hard for a super man to keep up. Clark likes the challenge.

Cemetery in the daylight. Clark with slicked back hair, wearing the new (holy) red jacket and rocking the black jeans. Damn! He’s standing at Jonathan’s grave. “You were right, Dad. I never stopped blaming myself for what happened to you. It was a way not to have to let go. It’s exactly what I have to do to move on. Get rid of the darkness of my past that I’ve been carrying around. Be there for the people who need me now.” Clark kneels by the grave with his father’s watch in his hand. With tears in his eyes, Clark remembers what Jonathan told him. “You said to hold onto Smallville. I will. I will never forget. It will be with me no matter where I go. I have to say the one thing I never could.” Peeling back some sod with his fingers, Clark buries the watch. Grabbing the tombstone, he whispers. “Goodbye, Dad.” (I still get choked up even after dozens of viewings of this episode.) He stands. “I promise to be the man you knew I could be.” He walks away.

Luthorcorp in the daytime. Oliver is giving the newscaster an interview. He looks nervous. She’s not giving him any slack. “Metropolis’ infamous bad boy and self admitted practicing vigilante, Oliver Queen, or should I say the Green Arrow? What’s on your answering machine?” Ollie is speaking in grunts and monosyllables. She’s on him about the green leather and playing cops and robbers while in dress up. “How does that work exactly?” He still can’t verbalize. “I think our audience would like some answers.”

Clark comes walking in and gives Oliver a slight nod while being silent. His presence seems to bring Ollie back to life. Oliver tells the reporter he lost someone that meant something to him. “No, you’re right. I’m not special, but this isn’t about who I am but what I do.” He brings up another rich boy, John F. Kennedy. In his inaugural address, Kennedy had said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” They talk about heroes. Ollie isn’t in it for revenge for past atrocities or looking ahead for personal gain. It’s quite the Green Arrow speech. Well done! “In this world of armchair bloggers, who created a generation of critiques instead of leaders, I’m actually doing something. Right here. Right now for this city. For my country.” He looks at Clark who gives him an encouraging glance. “And I’m not doing it alone. You’re damn right, I’m a hero!” This moment of bromance reminds me of the comics when Connor got shot and Ollie screamed, “Clark!” half way round the world. Clark came to save his son.

Smallville High. Torch staff is hanging out in the storage room. Must have been some hanky panky at the reunion because they’re all close and touchy feely. Message from blondie. Glad to see you’re carrying my Torch – CS. Doesn’t contact Clark or Ollie, but these two. Wow! What a lineup of operatives she’s got going.

Kent Farm at night. Lois enters and walks past the green tractor. “Clark?” A light switch is thrown and there’s a disco ball in the middle of the barn. Lois is dressed casually. It’s a barn. She smiles as Clark comes out of the shadows wearing a dress shirt and tie with dress pants. “Not that I’m an interior designer, but one of these things doesn’t exactly go with the other.” Baby I Need You by Kim Taylor begins to play for our benefit, but not for Clark and Lois’. Clark walks towards Lois. “I’m sorry we missed our dance.” Lois shakes her head. “You don’t have to worry about me, Clark. If anyone understands deadlines and urgent . . things. It’s me.” He’s still advancing. “I’m not worried about you. I’ve missed you.” Oh man! He actually said it! Lois is a little breathless and a little speechless. “Oh… well. . I don’t know. Neither of us are primed for dancing with the stars and, strictly speaking as friends, I don’t know that this is such a good idea.” She’s trying to feel him out to see where she stands with him. “Lois, get over here.” Damn! He learned something from Future Clark! Woohoo! Remember Lois has already begun to surrender to the Kent charm as witnessed by Oliver. She looks at him as if to say, “What’s going on with you?” Guess she’ll be saying that a lot for the rest of her life. Future Lois said it. “I’m not sure how we’re going to make this work without the jukebox nostalgia and the balloons. . . “ “Lo-is.” He gives her the look. She understands. “Shut up?” He nods and grins. “Right. Shut up,” she grins as she puts her arms around his neck. They take two steps and Clark steps on her foot. “Ow!” She smiling while in pain. He’s a ten year old trying not to get in trouble. “Sorry.” They both want this so badly. Lois apologizes giving him an out again. “Hey, I’m the one who put my foot under yours.” Clark is muddling trying to verbalize. Lois acts like they don’t have to dance. Clark isn’t going to allow that. “Let’s just try this.” Clark guides Lois’ feet on top of his ala Superman Returns. They dance while looking into each others’ eyes. “I love you,” says Clark. Lois with a big smile says, “I love you, too.” He smiles at her as they continue their intimate stares of wonder. Lois puts her head on Clark’s shoulder as he holds her tighter. “Clark, there’s something we need to talk about.” Clark is taking the lead. “Just for now. Can we leave tomorrow til tomorrow and just have this?” Lois seals her lips then nods her agreement perfectly content being in his arms. Clark closes his eyes, too. After a few steps, his feet lift off the barn floor and they are floating! Focusing solely on Lois and what they share gives him the freedom to take flight. As Clark and Lois dance in the air. The singer tells us “Everything changes. Nothing has changed.” This is their lives. With chaos around them, they have each other to go to. They will give each other their lives because that is all they have to give. And it is more than enough. “Baby, I need you.”

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this episode. It is my favorite of the series. Perfect. Kelly and Brian are bringing it. They are hitting every beat with perfection. Can’t wait for what comes next.

Next up – ISIS:
Clark tells Oliver he’s going to tell Lois his secret. Lois is not Lois but the goddess Isis who is looking for a bod for her hubby. Lois wants to tell Clark she knows and Ollie knows she knows. After the I love you’s and before the making of the love, there has to be secrets revealed, right? And Crazypants is a mommy with a rapidly growing boy!

Be sure to tune into for G2 Factor this Sat for the Superman media comparisons to HOMECOMING and Sun for the ISIS episode review.

The 2nd issue of OSCK Magazine is soon on it’s way. Lots of goodies and some great surprises. Nope, I’m not spoiling those.

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  1. Fate3 permalink
    October 22, 2010 11:41 am

    Awesome and hilarious review! I agree, I loved this episode, just loved it! And was sooooo excited and happy with the Future stuff we got with Clois, FClark, FLois, and Superman! It was awesome!!! And the “I love you” scene…sigh, about dang time! 7 seasons in the making!!! I loved it.

    • October 23, 2010 1:33 pm

      Thanks! HOMECOMING will be the benchmark. It’s just that good. Not a mis-step anywhere.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. eric p permalink
    October 23, 2010 9:02 am

    As always, great review. My only disagreement was about the “moth, flame” line. I loved it! I thought it was the perfect snarky putdown from someone like Maddy was supposed to be. It called into question everything about their relationship to that point. The supposed distance they were keeping from each other. And it couched in that sappy romantic langauge that a small minded, small town gal like Maddy would use. Following that with, “Does he even love you?” was the ultimate nail in the coffin. You could see all of Loises insecurities and doubts on her face. Love that Erika. She and Tom are great at the facial expressions. The non-verbals are amazing. It was just the sort of scene that would move Clark into action. Especially with B5’s clinical, “She doesn’t look very safe to me.”

    My biggest problem with this episode was the lack of former Smallville extras. We had four years of school scenes with various students. Not all of them are dead or at Belle Reeve. Having some of those actors come back would be a big shout-out to the long time fans. Instead, we reinvent the wheel and cheat and create new alums that have never been seen before. Lame. But the dance at the end was worth it all. The flying (which I immediately saw as a homage to Superman Returns) and the declarations of their love was fantastic! Love that Clois.

    I would like to see some more work episodes, though. Like where Clark actually does some work (hero or reporter).

    • October 23, 2010 1:36 pm

      Thanks, Eric.

      You’re right about the moth to flame line. It does describe how Clark wasn’t buzzing around Lois (as he should have been IMO).

      Yes, I agree more work episodes and also some every day life using powers episodes. Clark will be free to do that since ISIS.

  3. October 24, 2010 2:55 pm

    I’m still trying to figure out what the whole counselor-with-a-Clark-doll-thing at the beginning was all about. Initially it seemed like an episode from season 2, because she looked like a meteor freak.

    • eric p permalink
      October 31, 2010 7:22 am

      Yeah, it was a weird red herring subplot. I think it was supposed to be a threat to Clark that Brainiac neutralizes, but he does it in a way that makes us think Brainiac is saving Clark for himself. Brainiac has always been a strange villian. At times, he appears to be helping Clark, when in fact, he is just setting him up for something bigger. That was the point.

      Why the guidance counselor? It seems like a strange choice of villian. Apparently, having to deal with 10 years of meteor freaks and listening to their problems and trying to help them get on with their lives has driven her insane. Since they all mention Clark, she figures he is the cause of it all. The venom with which she calls her own patients freaks shows she has lost her perspective. Or she is just a terrible counselor.

      Anyway, they didn’t want to take away from Greg’s return by having the red herring be another krypto-freak but they needed a threat to Clark that Brainiac could eliminate to both confuse the audience and set up his reform. So that when we look back on the episode, we will see that he was helping Clark the whole time.

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