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Warner Brothers and CW Congratulate Smallville in Variety and Smallville wins Ratings for 200th Episode

October 16, 2010

Smallville celebrated its 200th Episode last night. Ten years is a long time for any series and nobody ever expected Smallville which opened with Clark Kent as a high school freshman to be on this long with the audience seeing young Clark Kent grow into not only Superman but also the leader of the Justice League. The last two seasons we have seen Clark embracing his work life as a mild mannered reporter at the side of Lois Lane.

The network proudly promoted the show’s landmark status with the a nice thank you in Variety.

Viewers thanked Smallville by tuning in in droves. reports that Smallville won the night in the 18 10 49 demographic. YES you read that right! Smallville was the number one show in its demo for the night- over 3.2 million people tuned in for a season high rating. Super paired show Supernatural did well too with a 20 % increase over the previous week- plenty of folks enjoying Jensen Ackle’s directorial debut.

Smallville has plenty of epic guest returns ahead- this week James Marsters returned as Brainiac 5 and Laura Vandervoort was in last week’s Supergirl.  We have already seen Michael Shanks ( Hawkman) and John Schneider ( Jonathan Kent)- and the season will be filled with many character returns as we countdown from Smallville to Superman. Make sure Smallville is on your schedule and lets break even more records!

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