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SUPERGIRL Repelling the Darkness

October 13, 2010

Season 10 Episode 3
Review and Recap
by Holli

HD Screencaps for the episode are available HERE.

Written by Anne Cofell Saunders and directed by Mairzee Almas. Two of our favorites.

Three Weeks Ago. Again we see Darkseid form on the Gargoyle Tower by the Tess-built crystal console where the fake Book of Rao (in my estimation) aka motherbox formed boom tubes to send the Kandorians off to Never Never Land. And we’re not talking about Peter Pan here. This time the mist forms and bursts into ravens or crows or magpies. Okay, blackbirds. Some kind of foul fowl.

Gordon Godfrey (Darkseid’s propaganda minister of the Fourth World in the comics) is a regular human with a late night radio show talking about illegal aliens in regards to truth, justice, and the American way. He apparently likes a stogie. A blackbird pecks at the studio window. He begins his sign off thanking his loyal followers. “We’re small, but we’re loud.” Reminds me of a very small portion of the Smallville fanbase which wields a lot of unnecessary attention (in my opinion).

Taking off his earphones, he hears a god awful noise and sees birds and dark mist breaking through the window. Supernatural fans will recognize this phenomena. He is possessed by Darkseid, complete with demon black eyes.

Today. Metropolis skyline. Gordon is side show hawking his book, Super-Heroes or Super-Menace?, in the streets. An applauding crowd has gathered to listen. “Don’t put your faith in this hero menace! . . Terrified for the innocent people of this country who are counting on these vigilantes to lift them up out of the darkness.” Clark Kent with his hands in his pockets and crinkled brow takes in the scene. “Out of the darkness and into the light.” Enter Lois Lane seeing her guy and biting her lip. She walks up behind him. “Fifty bucks says the crackpot with the Blur in his bonnet is just gunning for a little attention.” Clark’s grin starts at the sound of her voice. “Lois,” he says with breathy excitement as he turns to face her. He takes her into his arms and they hug tightly. We see that megawatt Kent smile and hear Febre’s Clark and Lois love theme. Lois hangs onto her guy. When they look at each other, there is some definitely lip staring going on. Clark releases her and adjusts his jacket. Lois apologizes for the lame note she sent him (LAZARUS). “I’m lousy with goodbyes.” They are inches from one another. Clark starts to stutter. “I just figured something happened.” She smiles at him. “You mean something like, Go to Africa Lois?” He again bungles his words. Adorkable. “I may . . maybe I said that, but I . .” Lois whispers through clasped jaw. “I thought you wanted me to take the job.” Clark tries to answer. “No! Well, it . . . it, I knew it was a big break for your career.” She’s staring at him as if she’s waiting for him to tell her the real reason (and she probably is). He continues. “Right, well, um . . but now that you’re back are we uh . . .” He lets out a breath. “partners?” She shrugs and gives him a big sweet smile. “Of course. Unless you’re disappointed I’m not blonder?” He realizes who’s she’s talking about. “Kat.” He gives her a reassuring smile. “No, she’s uh . . .” “Misguided,” finishes Lois. He nods his head and grins. “Misguided,” as if he’s grateful for the word. He looks into her eyes. “She’s no Lois Lane.” Sexual tension is hitting the stratosphere. Lois smiles. “Well, obviously.” Clark leans towards her as he looks at his watch. “She, uh, actually was supposed to meet me here.” Talk about not being able to take their eyes off one another! Always returning to each others gazes. Kat and Clark was supposed to cover the signing. Lois tells him that Kat conveniently volunteered to cover dogsled races in Alaska. (Sorry, not at this time of year which makes that statement even funnier. Can you say wild goose chase?) Clark looks puzzled and takes a glance at the applauding crowd while Lois leans towards him as if she wants to smell him. Pheromones going on here. As if realizing where they are they turn slightly towards the crowd but do not increase the distance between them.

Note: I was one of those who wanted these two to kiss for their reunion. It’s been months since the fans have seen Clark and Lois kiss. The Blur and Lois kissed in the finale in a dark alley. But after some thought, I realized what Anne might be doing here. Showing us how these two interact in public. Think of Clark wearing the cape and Lois as the reporter trying to get the latest rescue story. Smallville has set the foundation on how these two will react to one another publicly (no matter what clothes they have on) time and time again in the future.

Godfrey continues to proselytize. He must think that he’s a Marvel character. “Faceless mutants.. . . Their powers serve their secret vigilante agenda.” Clark is worried about how the crowd is into Godfrey’s rants. Lois tries to calm his fears (even though she’s not supposed to know he’s the Blur) that the Blur knows the guy is just trying to sell books. Clark agrees. “Yea. This guy probably isn’t even on the Blur’s radar.” Lois smirks while he’s not looking.

Everything seems fine until Godfrey calls the Blur a freak. Clark is calmly standing allowing Godfrey to say he’s a ‘pariah so disfigured’. Lois has heard enough and goes into protect-her-man mode. She heads for the stage. “Break out the marshmallows, Clark, I’m gonna roast this turkey.” Chutzpah! Clark tries to warn her. “I say stop the menace” which is the cue for Godfrey’s mile high billboard campaign to be unveiled. A red ‘curtain’ is removed. Lois looks up. Clark lets out a sigh. But the construction must have been a very bad design because it begins to fall as it catches the red ‘cape’ and plummets towards the crowd below. Clark speeds to grab it, pushing Lois aside to protect her when the sign stops its descent. It is set aright in midair by none other than Kara Zor-El in a more tradition costume minus the S. The red curtain flows behind her looking like a cape. The crowd applauds as Godfrey realizes she has wrecked his entire speech. Lois Lane peers over Clark Kent’s shoulder. “Isn’t that your cousin, Clark?” Mr. Kent opens and closes his mouth as Kara winks at him from above. Then we hear her streak off.

No S on her costume so the hero of the show can display it first on his costume and the cape hint was great also. Obviously not using Apokolipsian technology with the billboard unless they wanted people to get hurt or a hero to expose themselves.

Daily Planet. Daytime. The mail person has a mock up of a DP headline with a photo of Kara with the sign. MAID OF MIGHT. (One of Supergirl’s nicknames.) Lois scoops it up. “Alliterate much?” She hands it to Clark. “I need to find Kara.” He doesn’t even notice when Lois shoves Cat’s stuff into the trash can. “Bye Bye Barbie Dream Desk.” He walks to his desk. “At least figure out where she flew off to,” he says without thinking. He’s leans over his desk. “I can’t believe I just said that out loud.” LOL Lois moves towards him. “You must have been pretty surprised by your cousin’s supergirl status?” He looks up at Lois. “Yea, she didn’t tell me about it.” Lois offers a plausible theory. “She must have had a close encounter with a meteor rock?” He can barely look at her. “Yea. A meteor rock. That’s what happened. She was infected the last time she was in town.” He really doesn’t like lying to Lois. BUT Kara was infected by Brainiac in Season 7 and Lois supposedly doesn’t remember BLOODLINE from Season 8. Lois moves around him wondering why Kara would flaunt her abilities. “Coming out is a terrible, terrible move.” She picks up a copy of Godfrey’s book. “You saw those crowds, Clark. All their doubts and mistrust.” She hands him the book. (Lane and Kent working as a team.) “Yea, mutant vigilantes. I can’t believe people would turn on their heroes that fast. But in the end, Lois, she did win them over.” Lois lets out a breath. “You never know maybe if the Blur was . . . more honest , if he showed his face like Kara. People would be able to trust him. Maybe Godfrey’s book wouldn’t get so much attention.” Lois grabs the book from him. “That’s a horrible idea.” She’s scared for him. She must think he’d come out as Clark Kent. (INFAMOUS) She tells him the Blur got it right and Kara could learn from him. “By not staying in the shadows, she not only puts herself in danger, she puts you in danger, too.” Clark grows attentive at the remark. “She’d put me in danger?” Lois now has to think of an excuse because she doesn’t want Clark to know that she knows. “I mean everyone around her.” She walks around him again. “All I’m saying is Ubergirl makes for a good headline, but people will swamp her with love today and crucify her tomorrow.” You can see the true concern she has for him. “Think about it, Clark, your captivating cousin needs to hide those baby blues behind some glasses and go undercover before a hero hater like Godfrey turns his sights on her.” Now Clark is concerned for Kara’s well being.

Good ‘excuse’ making by Lois. Clark has never been good at lying. He really needs her to run interference. He just has to find out she’s on his team or he could tell her the secret himself. Clark would like to come out into the light, but is wary of the timing with this new threat to the city. Darkseid uses doubt and mistrust as weapons.

Kara on the roof of the Ace of Clubs. Old Glory billows behind her as she poses for pictures. Clark shows up and she calls for a break so they can talk. They hug saying how they missed each other. Clark wants to know how long she’s been in town. “It’s critical that I get my image around the city as soon as possible.” She asks him to trust her because she’s doing it for him. She talks about her search for her mother and how she came back to Earth because they are family. “Well, what you’re doing right now flies in the face of how I’ve chosen to live on this planet my whole life.” Clark is mad. “Tell me what you’re doing here and stop avoiding the question.” Jor-El has given her a mission. Displaying her powers and image around the city are a part of it. Clark is incredulous and skeptical about this mission. “What did he say?” Kara has to give him the bad news. “He’s let you go, Kal-El. I’m sorry. He says you’re not longer his son.” Clark can’t believe his ears.

Godfrey in a church. Apparently Darkseid doesn’t believe in holy ground. He sits beside a woman reading the Bible. Lois closes the book. “Not a bad read.” She wants him to comment about his embarrassing save. “Bless my soul. It’s Lois Lane.” Does he have a soul? She calls him on his window dressing holiness and is sick of him taking potshots at Metropolis’ heroes. “You’re just a blind follower of these vigilantes.” She reminds him that one of the ‘vigilantes’ just saved him. “She risked people’s lives in a ploy to undermine the message of my book.” He thinks Kara is no angel even if she can fly. He’s going to find out about her and the other super-powered mutants. Lois threatens to poke around in his life. “I have nothing to hide, but I do know one vigilante that does. Green Arrow.” Apparently a connection of his (who could that be? Flag?) who has toyed with him has given me evidence that archer is really a certain depraved playboy. Your ex-boyfriend, I believe.” Ollie’s secret identity will be revealed when Godfrey releases the final chapter of his book online tomorrow. “Even his true believers’ faith will be shaken.” He walks away as Lois looks horrified.

Oliver knows that Lois knows his secret. Clark doesn’t know that Lois knows his or Ollie’s secret. What a tangled web.

Ollie shirtless at Luthorcorp. Thinks of blondie’s kiss and breaks a board. Lois applauds and tells him he has bigger worries. Friendly snarking ensues. “Tell me what brings Lil Ms. Cut-and-Run back to town?” She tosses a towel at him. “Destiny.” He grins at her. “that ole thing?” She says uh huh. He tells her she’s not fooling anyone. “I know about pre-emptive strikes, okay? You hurt them first, you don’t have to worry about the way that you have to let them down later on. Then you give them whiplash because you regret it.” She tells him she thought she was going to mess things up for Clark. “We are so different. Not a bad different. I just don’t know how his chocolate and my peanut butter are gonna mix.” Ollie seems surprised. “Huh, I’ve never known you to surrender to anyone or anything.” She tells him she’s not there to talk about her. “There is a guy out there, Gordon Godfrey, and he thinks Green Arrow is my ex-boyfriend.” Ollie thinks that leaving him alone is the best policy. She tells him about the evidence. “He knows who you are!” Ollie acquiesces. “Maybe people need to know the truth.” Lois is furious. “People deserve to be saved!” She tells him it’s safer for him to be in the shadows like the other heroes. He thinks the price of his secret is too high and maybe it’s time to pay up. “If you’re seriously not going to kick this creep to the curb, then I will.”

Ollie needs to stay in the shadows. He’s vulnerable and human. Clark needs to step into the light (once he flies) because when people see his face and heart they won’t be afraid that he’s an alien.

Gordon in a limo. Bad guys are always in limos. His publicist gets in with him. She wants to see the final chapter. He tells her he keeps it close to him for safe keeping. This is where the villain pulls a dumb move. Why is he carrying the thing around with him? “The secret stays with me.” She talks about his 3 week meteoric rise to fame in Metropolis but he wants her to take it worldwide. “I want to touch every soul.” There’s that word again. “If I can plant an idea. A seed of doubt within people. It will grow until it devours their faith in each other and in these heroes. Faithless. They’ll be ready to be led down a new path. Humans are the best architects of their own undoing. All you have to do is give them enough rope. They’ll hang themselves.” She thinks he needs to take a break with all this scary talk. She leaves.

He pulls out a card. Maxwell’s Club DeSaad Metropolis’ Premium Fetish Party. Featuring Performances: XX-KITTEN, POSS SINTRESS, MISTRESS SHEA + MORE. “Take me to Club DeSaad.” We see the driver’s face in the rearview. “Yes, sir.” It’s Lois dressed as a chauffeur.

Wow! Smallville really went there. Any kind of twisted darkness and kink is fine but to show two loving adults in a committed relationship naked making love is a no-no? How American! Violence over sex or with sex is okay, of course. But to have the main couple kiss when they see the person they love? Hold hands? Is it any wonder why I watch foreign films?

Kent Farm. Clark pulls Tom Sawyer with the octagonal burn hole as Kara zips up to the loft. “I know about your little trip up to the Fortress.” Kara has the FOS key. Clark wants it to talk to his father. He wants to know why Jor-El disowned him. He takes the key. “This is bigger than Jor-El. A darkness has come to Earth.” She’s been trying to draw it to her so she can stop it. Clark is adamant. “I was the one sent to Earth to protect it. Jor-El should have come to me.” Kara says BDJ says Clark isn’t ready. Clark is shouting. “He’s afraid that I’ll fail. After all the trials and all the training that I’ve gone through. Well, he’s the one who’s confused because I know my own destiny.” Go Clarkie! Love it when he gets his righteous anger on! She tells him he doesn’t have all the answer. The evil that’s coming is nothing like he’s ever seen. “It takes advantage of people’s doubts.” Clark is not facing her. “There’s nothing out there I can’t handle.” She tosses his not knowing his own powers at him. “You’ve been on the Earth all this time and you can’t even fly.” He can’t go after this thing without all of his abilities. “What if you can’t fight it on your own?” He tosses back at her. “You’d rather put the world at risk and trust Jor-El than believe in me?” He takes a deep breath. “You’re my only family. And I need your help.” Superman score rises. We’re going to hear a lot of it this season. YAY!!!

What is up with Big Daddy J? Has the AI tossed a circuit? How did the console in the FOS get fixed after Zod destroyed it? Did BDJ make a deal with the devil and that’s how he knows the evil is coming? To get rid of the replicant Kandorians (abominations) he used boom tubes to send them to Apokolips? Then Darkseid had a better idea? Things to contemplate as the season progresses.

Clark asking for help is a step in the right direction. But he needs for someone to believe in him. Enter Lois. Their faith in each other is what makes them strong and incorruptible.

On top of the Kent windmill. “I liked it better when I was showing you the ropes,” says Clark pacing. “I guess change is in the air,” says Kara. Clark closes his eyes to concentrate. “This is easy for you, huh?” She tries to explain. “It’s not easy or hard. It just is. I reach for the sky and the world just falls away. I’m not thinking of anything. I’m just in the moment.” Clark closes his eyes again and we can hear sounds of emergency vehicles, dogs barking, people talking and finally a baby crying. “When I try to clear my mind, the more I hear,” Clark says with crinkled brow. Kara sees a butterfly nearby. “Why you just focus on one thing? Like that butterfly. Live inside that one noise.” The butterfly wings sound like a heart beat. (Please, please let Lois be the key to his flying!) “Make it your whole world.” With the windmill turning behind him, Clark looks up and HE’S FLYING! Apparently he lost sight of his focus, blinks and plummets through the Kent barn roof. He is not a happy camper. He’s tossing debris. Kara whooshes in. “It’s a start,” she says as she gives him a hand. “It’s not flying if it’s mostly falling,” he gripes. She apologizes and then says she shouldn’t have gone against Jor-El’s wishes. “No! Look. I just need to figure it out” She on him like white on rice. “You’re doubting your powers. You’re frustrated. You can’t focus. You are not ready.” Clark is determined. “I am not going to stand here and do nothing.” She tells him the darkness came through a rip in the universe 3 weeks ago and it’s not going to wait for him. Clark realizes what happened.

They take off for the Gargoyle Tower. He shows her Tess’ crystal console. “Three weeks ago I was on this rooftop and I opened a portal using the Book of Rao. If the darkness came through a gateway, maybe it can leave through one.” Kara takes off her bracelet and reminds him she used it to open a portal before. “This dark force is like a disease.” Clark wants to know how it became so powerful. “It can see your thoughts and feelings. It can find the one morsel of doubt that even the purest person doesn’t realize they have of them. It can possess you but it can’t possess someone that is pure of spirit. Who has true clarity of purpose, but your father . . . “ “Thinks it will prey upon some kind of weakness inside of me,” finishes Clark. She warns him about the dark force possessing him with his abilities. “You could be the greatest weapon this planet has ever seen.”

Ollie at the church talks to his parents long dead. He thinks he has failed at his hero duties. So he’s off to commit hero suicide.

Maxwell’s Club. Lois in driving uniform opens the doors to the fetish party. It’s your basic black leather orgy with paraphernalia. Red flocked walls. Lois then descends the stairs in white blahna wig, purple filigree face mask and the basic Selina Kyle dominatrix outfit. With riding crop in hand, she saunters over to Gordon. She bends over. “You look like a man who needs a little corrupting.” He tells her he’s on the hunt. She smacks his face with the crop. “for a little distraction.” With purple lips, Lois tells him. “I think the hunter has become the hunted.” She grabs him by the shirt and drags him into the back.

She shoves him on a couch to teach him who’s boss then smacks his chest with the riding crop. “Dangerous. What’s your favorite tool?” In true Lois-in-over-her-head style, she says,” Ohh, I’m pretty good with a torque wrench.” He’d probably go for that. “Kinky! I’m a torque wrench virgin.” He tries grabbing her again. She tells him hands off the merchandise while she grabs a burning candle and pours the hot wax on his chest. He likes that too. Plan C. She tantalizes with a boa neck rub. She smacks him and grabs his wrist and chains him up. “Looks like someone likes to be punished, huh?” Before she can crop him again two fetish queens come in. She becomes the general. “You, Sin on a Stick, you just, y’know smash your body up against his. And you, you are the girl his momma warned him about.” While the girls take care of Gordon, Lois gets out her trusty cell phone camera. “That’s right, make him pay.” Her voice sounds almost bored as she concentrates on getting the photos. “There we go.” She puts the camera away when he starts talking. He wants to know what she’s going to do to him while he’s under her control. She tells the girls to go and spank each other. They leave.

Lois leans into him and looks him in the eye. “Gotcha.” She takes off her mask and reveals her identity. She tells him she has front page photos. “Impressive. You’re a formidable woman, Lois Lane. You’re seething with ambition. With you it’s all about the byline, you’ll do anything, sacrifice anyone for the story.” Lois tells him he’s being harsh. He wants to know how much the photos are worth and makes her an offer of more. He’ll give her the Queen evidence and give her a banner headline. “Tempting, but nobody is going to believe a word you have to say after they see these sexy photos.” She presses a button to send them to her editor. With a dual voice, Gordon breaks free of his chains. “I don’t care about the photos, Lois.” She hopes the chains were fake. He grabs her by the wrist and takes in her fetish outfit. “I can see you are pure of heart. It’s too bad. Taking over that body would have been fun.” She grabs a convenient taser and tells him to back off. She gets in a couple of good punches before she’s knocked out. Yes, again. Yes, I know. Maybe after HOMECOMING, but don’t hold your breath. Gordon gets the demon eyes.

So Lois is incorruptible while her boyfriend with the super powers has doubts. She believes in him though and what he does to protect Metropolis. He needs her.

Watchtower at night. The Els enter. Clark tells her that they’ve banded together a group of heroes. “Maybe Jor-El underestimated you.” Clark Kent using a computer. YAY! While Clark accesses the news feeds, Kara tells him the darkness probably chose a host with influence. “This Godfrey guy he’s everywhere. He has a personal vendetta against heroes.” Clark thinking. YAY! They listen to Godfrey’s vigilante meance message. “They pretend to be your saving grace but they turn on you and violate your trust.” Clark hears the darkness behind the human voice. He asks if Kara hears it as Godfrey speaks against the Blur. She hears it. “The darkness is in Godfrey,” says Clark. Kara uses the keyboard, too. She locates a street camera that shows the limo. “That driver with Godfrey. That’s Lois!” He zips off. Kara follows.

World is out of focus. Lois’ point of view. It’s aerial silks gone bad. Lois is suspended in the air with an ever tightening silk around her neck. The more she struggles the worse it gets. Godfrey appears with his Darkseid voice. “Congratulations, Lois. You’ve proven a true believer of these vigilantes. And your saintly suffering is just the lure I need to bring the Blur to me.” She tries to avoid his touch as the ribbons are tightened. “Fight all you want. You won’t be able to escape your fate.” She crying with a gag in her mouth.

Business as usual in the club upstairs. The Kryptonians arrive. “What is this place?” asks Kara. “Kind of hard to explain, but just to . . . blend in,” says the farm boy. Kara tracked Lois’ cell phone there. Clark wants to be sure. “Let’s split up. We’ll cover more ground.” How many times has he said that before something bad has happened to him?

Clark in a fetish storage room. Fake Eiffel Tower and all. Gordon appears against a window with flashing lightning. “Godfrey! I’m here for Lois.” You go, Clarkie! “Her idealism and blind faith in the vigilantes she loves has gotten her in way over her head.” Clark is mad. “What have you done with her? Let her go!” He says Lois has served her purpose. “She brought one of you to me.” So Godfrey approaches spewing his rhetoric. “Are you sure you can win against me? You know what I am. You know the doubt in your heart. You so called heroes are false gods, all of you. And when people stop believing in you, you’ll shatter like glass.” Clark is yelling. “Just tell me. Where is she!” Godfrey chuckles. “I can see it. Under all that bravado, you’re afraid you’ll never be the hero you want to be.” Clark blinks. “You wish you could kill me. And I’m not the only one, I can see that. You’ve felt this way before. . . You’re at war with yourself. Your turmoil is overwhelming.” Clark has single minded focus. “Where is she?” Godfrey continues. “There is darkness within you and great power. I think we’ll go far together, you and I.” Clark tells him. “I will NEVER help you.” Godfrey tells him he won’t have a choice. Clark blinks again. (gotta work on that)

Blackbirds and dark mist come swirling around Clark. He takes a fighting stance. Kara comes in and holds up her bracelet. It repels the darkness. Godfrey collapses. She asks Clark if she’s all right. “It was like he could see inside me.” They stare at one another. He hears Lois’ groans and he’s gone. He moves a curtain and sees her slowly being strangled by the web of silk. It disgusts him. She tries to speak. He zips towards her as another red covering blocks our view. We hear Clark moving at superspeed. And as the red cloth settles on Lois, it is pulled away to reveal Kara by her side. Lois takes off her gag and coughs. Kara asks her if she’s all right. Lois nods as she gasps for breath. “I think it’s time to blow this bondage ball.” Clark watches it all as he gulps. Lois Lane is the one person he can’t save face to face. STILL.

Lois still in laced boots with Kara walking down stairs behind the club. Someone has given her a jacket to complete her ensemble. “Who knew Mr. Family Values had such a dark side?” Kara says Godfrey is not special. “There are two sides to everyone even heroes.” Lois wants to know what it’s like to have powers. Kara tells her she’s not beholding to anyone. She’s free. Which is not the case with Clark obviously since he’s having these doubts and all according to BDJ. Lois thinks that Clark has the same feelings. “That’s too bad.” She wonders if Kara gets lonely. “Maybe it’s easier to be a hero when there’s nobody tying you down? I’m sure you think of people without powers as . . . differently?” Kara tells her it’s easy for people to see the powers and not the person behind them. “I guess even heroes need someone to come home to, huh?” Kara leaves her to think on it.

The DP. Clark slaps down a file as Lois puts an Inquisitor on top of it. Godfrey was arrested at the fetish club and there’s a picture of him with the two honeys. “How’s that for tying up loose ends?” smiles Lois. “It’s going to take more than a loud mouth with a deviant sex life to stop me.” She walks around him again. Clark is not smiling. Lois tells him a buddy of her at the Inquisitor did her a favor since the DP isn’t into leather and lace. She’s trying to cheer him up. “Lois, I think you went too far trying to discredit this . . annoying hero basher. You could have been killed.” Lois shoots back. “Godfrey was undermining Metropolis’ faith in its defenders and I couldn’t just stand by and let that happen.” Didn’t he just say that to Kara in the loft? Hmmm. “What you did was brave but . . .” He shakes his head struggling with his feelings. “Between you and me, I was terrified. My worst fear is to be alone in the world without heroes.” Can you say PANDORA? She gives him a little grin. “Thank God. Uber girl, Power Girl, Mega Girl was there to save me from the gallows. Your cousin needs a better handle.” Lois always trying to name heroes and villains. Clark still looks glum. “Just remember heroes like her or . . . the Blur. If you put them on too high of a pedastal, they might let you down.” Lois has beaded in on him. “Thanks, Clark, but I get it that the superpowered are people, too. They wrestle with their own flaws. But the Blur is different. He’s MY hero. No matter what he’s afraid of. I know he will always be there for me.” She manages to get a tiny grin from him as she walks away. She believes in Clark. It’s exactly what he needs right now. He turns to watch her go. The DP Atlas statue with the weight of the world on its shoulders peers over Clark’s head. Clark will not disappoint Lois Lane.

Clark walking down the street bumps into a woman. He apologizes before realizing it’s his cousin in her Linda Danvers disguise. Dark wig and glasses. “I think you look completely different. Why all of a sudden the cover up?” She explains that you can’t save people if you’re the center of attention. “But I’m not going anywhere until I know the Earth is safe from the darkness. It could be anywhere.” Clark takes her arm as they walk down the street. He thought her bracelet repelled the darkness not send it away. “I don’t think the bracelet will act as a portal. The dark spirit is trapped inside of a host.” Clark wonders why the spirit didn’t want Kara since she is superpowered. “Because you’re pure of spirit. That’s why you could never lure the darkness to you with all of your saves.” Kara tells him she doesn’t feel pure of spirit. “I have just as many issues as anyone else.” Clark tries to understand. “But still you risked your soul to save me. If you hadn’t jumped between us. . . “ “the dark spirit would have possessed you, Kal-El,” she finishes the thought. “It was like he could see things within me I didn’t want to face.” Kara reminds him the creature could yield of his powers. “The people of this planet would be doomed.” Clark bemoans her and Jor-El’s expecting him to fail. “Failure is something we all have to live with, but it’s how you overcome it that defines you.” She takes off her glasses. “I know this isn’t easy for you, but I need for you to leave the darkness to me. This isn’t your fight.” She walks away.

Godfrey’s No Blur sign is painted on a brick wall. A man buys a paper. “It makes you wonder if we put too much faith in these vigilantes.” He walks away. Clark turns and faces the street. “Maybe the Blur isn’t the hero he thinks he is.”

Lois Lane at Luthorcorp. Hands over Godfrey’s last chapter on a flashdrive to Ollie. “Who’s your momma?” She’s at least gets a snark out of Ollie. “Is that a trick question?” She picked Godfrey’s pocket. “So you can rest assured that your secret is safe.” With some prodding, he thanks her. “But I can’t have the people that I love fighting my battles for me anymore, Lois.” He’s putting on a suit jacket. Apparently he lied to Lois about blondie’s whereabouts. Oh well. “When the person that you love knows your secret, it becomes their secret, too. And she was willing to give up everything to protect it which unfortunately included me.” Consider yourself lucky and move onto Dinah already. Lois has faith that she needs space and that she will be back. “I hope you’re right but this has gone on long enough.” Lois asks him what he’s doing. “Doing what I have to.” He calls in the press. “People have these so-called vigilantes all wrong . . . I am Green Arrow.” Lois stares at him from across the room.

So Lois got strangled and trussed up like a turkey for nothing. She saved Oliver’s identity as he tosses it to the wolves thus endangering his fellow heroes. HELLO! Yea, Ollie is committing hero suicide. Now he will not be able to function as a billionaire or a hero. Smooth move, you jackass. Blondie just destroys all the DC characters.

Rating: I want to give this a 9. I don’t think the editing or the CGI were as good as usual. The acting was great. Anne knows these characters. Not wild about blondie being mentioned or shown in every episode she’s not in especially when we went through years of Loisless episodes and she never got a second thought. Lois Lane is a mythos character and has been for over seventy years! HELLO! Mairzee did a great job with direction. Really enjoyed her imagery with Clark and the Atlas statue. Great job. Louis gave us another primo score. Welling and Durance just are a tour de force. Not a bad note ever.

Another reason I gave it a lesser score than perfect – it seems we have to wait for Clark and Lois to re-establish their relationship for the 200th episode which happens next. Clark gave his girl a goodbye kiss forever in the finale and now he’s not even holding her hand, kissing her cheek, etc. Guess we’ll have to wait for the next episode for Clark to start living his life instead of being afraid of it. Fine. Another 7 day wait.

We got a sneak peek that was longer than the trailer after this episode. There’s a fantastic scene that is not to be missed. HOMECOMING has all the things we dreamed about and more. At least that’s the promise. So if you know of someone who has never watched the show, used to watch the show or thought about watching the show – the October 15th episode, the 200th, HOMECOMING IS THE ONE TO WATCH!

Join us on Sunday, Oct 17th for the episode review of HOMECOMING on Superverses blogtalk.

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  1. eric p permalink
    October 21, 2010 8:04 am

    Holli, love your reviews! Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to read your take on Homecoming.

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