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SHIELD Covers All the Bases

October 6, 2010

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Smallville Review and Recap
by Holli

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Season 10, Episode 2 written by Jordan Hawley and directed by Glen Winter. Heavy hitters in the Smallville bullpen. (Why am I using sports metaphors?) Michael Shanks returns as Carter Hall and Keri Lynn Pratt is introduced as Cat Grant.

Superman does good for its own sake. He is a protector of the weak and a champion of good in a world with plenty of evil. He believes the world can be a better place. In this episode, we see how much Clark Kent has matured. He has learned to let go. He shows respect, he trusts, and he has hope. He’s going to need that with Darkseid and his minion showing up.

RECAP: The Blur replacing the DP globe and the Blur/Lois kiss with the voice over of Clark asking Lois why she would stay. “I would stay for you!” She realizes Clark and the Blur are one. Ollie and Carter discuss Shayera and how her death affected the JSA. Hawkman’s lovers’ curse. Ollie vows to find his torturer (Rick Flag) and Flag knows he’s the Green Arrow. Tess wishes she could be more to Ollie. Perry invites Lois to Egypt. Lois tells Clark about it and Clark tells her leaving Metropolis it’s the best thing for her right now (SALVATION). He reads the letter she went to Egypt after all. She cries in the desert.

The Egyptian desert. A woman arrives in a jeep and reveals herself to be Lois Lane. She’s talking on her cell to Perry White’s voice mail. She is not happy. The site is a newly unearthed tomb of Isis. Entering an abandoned tent, she announces herself. “Lois Lane, Daily Planet.” Looking around she finds a picture of an Egyptian couple. A male figure stands in the sunlit entrance of the tent. “They were star crossed lovers.” Enter Carter Hall (Hawkman). “I guess you never know what fate has planned for you.”

Metropolis skyline in the daytime. Clark is trying to get a hold of blondie. “Jor-El warned me some dark force is coming. I need your help.” Some guy is very exuberant about a page 3 story and slaps a newspaper against Clark’s chest. “Someone hit the big time!” Lois Lane Joins Perry White on Planet’s Foreign Desk. Her Dad’s quote is a bit harsh. (Yea, I’m reading the article.) It gives her background of leaving Met U to serve as Jonathan’s campaign manager and Martha’s chief of staff as well as gaining a readership with stories of Metropolis’ heroes, especially the elusive Blur. It also gives Perry’s history but unfortunately misspells his name as Parry. Typo!

Clark stares at Lois’ picture and then notices her desk has been cleared except for her name plate. With determination he keys in a ticket to Cairo. He’s going to go after her. (Apparently Metropolis is not a hub for an airline. It’s not listed.) He prints out his itinerary and now notices that there is a purse and lipstick on Lois’ desk. “Lois?”

Oops, not so fast, Clarkie. It’s fast talking pinky sweet, Cat Grant. She offers him a cookie but warns him they are gooey because she uses twice the sugar. She’s no relation to the woman on tv (CROSSFIRE) and offers her hand to shake. “Clark Kent. Welcome to the Daily Planet.” Unloading her paraphernalia which includes a lollipop jar, pink shoe tape dispenser, a pink computer mouse with face, a kitten mug and an Amy Grant CD. **shivers** (Run, Clark, run!) She’s so excited to be at the Planet after ‘weeks’ on her small town paper. She shows Clark her big story – it’s about Ollie, of course. Apparently he destroyed a playground. “Now I can finally have an influence on millions of people.” Scarey.

Clark walks back to his desk as she gets out her pink boom box. She loves Gordon Godfrey, shockjock. “You say hero mania, I say hero menace. .. . Don’t tell me this abomination too grotesque to show his face while he vandalizes our town with an S, is a hero. What’s the S stand for, huh? I’ll tell you what. SHAME.” Clark slaps his hand down on the machine to shut him up. “HR doesn’t allow us to listen to radio during work hours.” Undeterred Cat tells him she’ll get him the podcast. “Y’know Godfrey is so right about everything.” Clark’s had enough. “Let’s find you a permanent desk. This one belongs to someone on temporary leave,” he says as he walks past her. Cat stops him dead in his tracks with two words. “Lois Lane?” Behind his back she continues, “She’s the one who got this who thing started. Calling those costumed vigilantes, heroes? Please! Like it’s not totally obvious she’s in love with the Blur.” Clark turns to face her as she puts Lois’ nameplate in the trash. With tight jaw, he tosses the cookie into the trash and pulls out the nameplate. He smacks it on the desk in front of the cookie pusher. “Lois Lane is the best crime reporter this paper ever had.” He is none too happy with this chick. “Now there is a desk available over here by the copy machine.” She stops him and calls him ‘busyboots.’ “I don’t think you get it. I’m your new partner.” Clark Kent looks like he wants shot between the eyes with a kryptonite bullet. We really needed a thought bubble over his head even though we can read Welling’s face loud and clear. “OH SHIT!”

Both Clark and Lois are not enjoying their time away from each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

Credits. Note: Allison Mack’s name does not appear in the credits since her character was not in the episode.

Watchtower in the daytime. Ollie is choogling for blondie. She’s wiped her existence away apparently. Crazypants enters the open door. So Ollie has sent for Tess since blondie is gone and left no breadcrumbs. “Trust never was the golden rule for the kids in this clubhouse.” Amen, sister. They snark at one another. “Now if you think that I’m just going to sit around doing nothing here and just wait around for my girlfriend to come back like Clark’s doing. You don’t know me very well at all.” Tess thinks Ollie is being a little harsh. “I say Clark’s using every ounce of strength he has to not skip over the Azores and bring Lois home. He respects Lois enough.” Ollie goes whiney. “That’s because Lois hasn’t completely disappeared.” So no digital record of blondie – maybe someone needs to go paper. “It’s like she never existed.” (Oh, what a crushing blow to humanity — NOT!) “The only one who could erase Chloe is Chloe,” surmises Tess.

So there’s a huge shift in gears. Ollie thinks Tess sent him an email which she reads. Talk about twice the sugar! Even Crazypants just about goes into a diabetic coma from it. It makes you think that Ollie wanted Tess to think of him as her knight in shining leather. She lets him down easy by saying they both know blondie wrote it. Tess confesses she did help blondie reset the system and that she might be the only one to understand. Tess knows it is what blondie wanted and she hopes that blondie had a plan. “Maybe it’s time you trust her, too.” So he didn’t trust his own ‘girlfriend’? Bwahahaha And how does Jimmy calculate into all this. Was he just another nonleather clad guy in blondie’s life? Even if he wasn’t the real Jimmy?

Egyptian tent. Artifacts and relics. Lois picks up a necklace and snarks about gaudy taste. “You might tell that to it’s owner, the Goddess Queen Isis. She spent eternity searching for the cut up pieces of her dead husband.” Lois can relate to that. Her relationship has broken into pieces and she doesn’t know how to put it all back together again. While Carter notates in a journal, Lois is picking up artifacts and inspecting them. “If they’re in tact and well preserved. In other words, hands off.” While shaking his head at her antics, he picks up his cell phone and txts Clark. “Lois Lane is safe. You owe me big time.” She is admiring a bird headed relic. “That is the Sun God, Ra, Bringer of Light and Life. He was revered.” She remarks it has the head of a parakeet. He tells her it’s a falcon. “So why was this hawkguy so important?” Carter rolls his eyes. He tells her Ra traveled through the sky and in the underworld to be born again at sunrise. “A god reborn with the sun.” Lois is intrigued. A veiled servant brings tea and Carter calls her by name so you know that’s trouble.

Lois pours herself a cup of tea but never drinks it. She admits this assignment is not her usual. She tells him she was raised by a very grounded four star general. “Who believed in what you could see, touch, blow up.” Carter smiles as he works. “Things that can be explained.” Lois talks about faith. The belief in things unseen. “You can live your whole life without any proof of something like a god or whatever and then one day you look up and realize the guy sitting across from you is . . .Ra!” She sits down the cup. “You think the guy sitting across from you is an ancient sun god?” She smiles. “No, of course not! But what if he were? One minute you know you know what you know and the next you realize you don’t know anything but you want to know everything. What is it like for him? Does he feel pain? How does he heal? When does he sleep? Does he even sleep? “ Face to face Carter realizes this is no easy task. “This is going to require something stronger than tea.” He grabs a bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses. Lois is still at it. “How can he stand driving in a car when it moves so much slower than he does? That would drive me crazy!” Carter slams the bottle and the shot glasses on the table. “Maybe you should just ask Clark,” he says somewhat exasperated. Lois realizes he knows who she’s talking about and why. He pours their drinks. “Now why don’t you sit down before you drive me crazy!” He hands her a shot.

Love what they are doing here. Lois’ natural curiosity and concern for Clark is highlighted. She wants to know what life is like for him. She wants to understand how he perceives things and why he does what he does. Lois thinks first and feels second. This is a huge turn on for her!

Outside the Planet. Clark is following the cookie pusher. We see Deadshot dressed more like Pre-Crisis Terra-man watching them enter Cat’s car. Big Clark stuffs himself inside amongst the pink décor and stuffed animals. CG reminds him to put on his seat belt. The guy is in pink hell right now. Deadshot pulls the trigger. The bullet does some aeronautical ballet before it goes up the tailpipe. (Reminded me of the film, Amelie. Great job, Glen!) Hyperpink declares, “My grand daddy always told me. Seat belts save lives.” KABOOM! The car flips over in midair and Clark realizes what’s happened. He superspeeds them out of there. The back of his coat is damaged with flames. “Oh my gosh, Clark. We almost died.” Well, you almost did, sweetie beyond sweet.

Clark is examining the remains of the bullet. There are letters on it. ‘ARNT’ Cat is saying some mysterious stuff on the phone. “I’m not going to make the pickup tonight.” Clark wants to know what she’s into since someone just tried to kill her. The overachiever was a valedictorian and no one wants to kill those (yea, right). “Maybe they got you mixed up with someone else?” Maybe Clark thinks ‘they’ thought Cat was Lois. “Would you listen to yourself? You sound a lot like Lois Lane. Conspiracy around every corner. Always railing against the establishment. Against the normal people.” Whoa! Look at the expression on Clark’s face. “Normal?” Cat explains. “Like you and me. It must have been hard listening to Lois’ justification for all these alternative values and lifestyles.” Clark can’t get away from her fast enough. “Lifestyles.” He smooths out his tie. She chuckles at him and besmirches his country upbringing. “Like you were going to tell me that these vigilantes are part of the natural plan. It’d be one thing if they actually had remorse or wanted to change. But they have no moral center.” Clark goes to make a point. “Well that’s easy to say when they can’t come out and defend themselves.” Cat thinks they can get out of the shadowy gutters and into the light . “They just choose not to.” She wants to repeat Godfrey’s platitudes. “Look. Stop!” He tells her he’s found out that the police found a bullet in the engine block. Cat is horrified. “Why would anyone want to kill me?” Clark seems to have an idea about that as he rolls his eyes and tells her they need to get her someplace safe. “My friends won’t mind if you stay in their apartment. They won’t be looking for you in Smallville.”

Lois’ apartment. Smallville’s Motel Six. Ollie is pilfering through blondie’s things and finds a naked glam shot of her. Ewww. Who keeps a naked pic of themselves on a shelf for anyone to see? Blondie, apparently. Maybe it’s some kind of rodent deterrent. Cat arrives ‘home’ as the Green Arrow appears in his leather. That’s gotta chafe putting it on that fast. So Cat pulls out the pepper spray. He boomerang lines it out of her hand. Then she pulls out a taser gun. He holds up a cutting board as a shield. [wink] Then there’s the air horn. Arrow took that out. She goes for the door. He shuts it before she can escape. With eyes closed, she tells him just get it over with. Watch it, sister, you’re about as annoying as blondie and he might consider that a turn on. Check his codpiece. “You call yourself a hero but you’re just an arrow for hire.” Using the voice modulator, he says, “Trust me, I’m not doing this for the money.” She calms down and opens her eyes. He tells her he’s not a criminal. She doesn’t believe him and has evidence of a photo of the Suicide Squad torturing people down at the docks. He grabs the phone from her and she goes for the door again. She turns around and he’s gone out the window. “See! This is exactly what I’m talking about.” Uh, yea.

Clark going through Tess’s files. Cat Grant is really Mary Louise Shroger according to her file. Tess enters and tells him that all he had to do is ask and that she knew Cat and him would have a lot in common. “Let’s face it, Clark. You’re not going to like anyone who’s sitting in Lois’ chair. So why don’t you just take a coffee break, run over to the Sahara and bring her back.” Clark grows somber. “Lois left for a reason. If I care for her, I’ll respect that.” This is a different Clark or his heart belongs to someone he can trust now or both. Before with blahna he could never trust her because she was like water on a hot skillet. Pinky was intrigued by the dark side and was always getting herself into lifestyle messes. Lois is Lois. He can count on that. She’s not petty or flirting with the darkness and she can take care of herself. Besides he has Carter to make sure she doesn’t get herself in too much trouble. Tess pronounces him progressive if he really believes that.

Clark gets her back on track. Something is going on with Cat. He tells her about the car bombing and the engraved bullet. Tess has seen this before. She shows him Deadshot, a Checkmate target that they never got and who they feared. So this guy always gets his man and all the witnesses, too. But why not this time?

Deadshot in his tool shed talking to Rick Flag on the phone. “I don’t make it a practice of letting my targets walk away.” Flag tells him it was a test to make sure they were looking at the right guy. Yep, guy! Deadshot thought they were on the same team. “You should be thanking me. I just handed you the hit of a lifetime.” Deadshot believes fate gave him the target. “Somewhere out there we all got a bullet with our name on it.” The bullet he’s been working on says CLARK KENT.

Night time Talon. Cat with a bulletproof vest on is packing her pink ‘I believe in unicorns’ t-shirt. She hears footsteps approaching her door. She grabs a butcher knife and raises it as Clark opens the unlocked door. “I thought you were one of the so-called heroes. Thank God it’s only you.” She tells him he should get a bulletproof vest. “We all think we’re made out of steel but really we’re just made of marshmallows.” While toying with the knife, Clark asks her if she’s all right. “Well, I’ve just been attacked by Green Arrow.” She wishes. And Clark finds it hard to believe. “It’s all part of that vigilante agenda.” Clark sets the knife down. “And why would he want to hurt you?” She thinks she’s too honest a reporter for them to allow working at the Planet and exposing the truth about them. Clark wants to know why she lied to him. “You seem to be hiding a few secrets of your own.” He wants to know why she changed her name.

Clark holding a picture of a little boy. Ahhh. Like blahna, Cat has bad man trouble. She dated the guy, things turned ugly. Her parents are watching her son, Adam, until it all blows over. She doesn’t believe Prince Charmings exist. Clark sits beside her and tells her, “You just have to be patient. I thought I had found someone who made me happy.” Cat wants to know if he thinks they’ll get back together. “I used to.” He even has a light grin when saying it. Some hope. “And now I’m not sure. It’s funny. When doing something that you think is right for someone, it can feel so . . . wrong.” He misses his Lolo! He inquires about her relationship. She tells him that not everyone is as nice as he is. She had to get her son away from the guy. That’s why she changed her name so he wouldn’t find her or her son. “I had so much that I was fighting for. Trying to change the world. And now I have to hide behind the power of the pen and a new name. Because nobody knows who’s behind the words I’m printing.” Kind of like Clark. “Kind of like the vigilantes.” Clark says it must have been scarey for her escaping from him. “All I know is I protected my son. You know the world may never see me as some big hero, but maybe someday my son will.” Kind of like Lois with Clark.

Tess txts Clark to meet her at the Planet. Cat starts to freak about the Green Arrow and the shooter knowing where she is. Clark tells her to stay put. She’ll be safe. “I promise.” He no sooner closes the door behind him and Cat finds a black wig and coat. Looks more like Crazypants’ disguise from CHECKMATE than something Lois would wear.

Carter Hall slams down an nearly empty shot glass. Lois is talking across the table. “It feels like somehow I was destined to be with Clark, but his destiny is so much bigger. And the last thing that I would ever want is to be the one thing that holds him back or stands in the way.” I LOVE LOIS! Carter confides. “And what if you’re exactly the thing that might help him be the person you know he can be. What if you’re the one that makes his burden easier to bear?” Lois leans in closer. “Do you think that’s why he sent you? To make sure I was safe?” Carter grins. “He worries about you. He still thinks you don’t know about his powers.” Lois shakes her head. “See that’s another reason for me to be here. When it comes to big secrets I’m not exactly Mati Hari. I could blow it all for him.” (She knows Ollie’s secret, just saying.) Her drinking buddy ponders. “With every great relationship, Lois, comes a great burden and the strength to carry it.” Lois must be feeling the effects of an eleven hour camel ride and the whiskey. She thinks she needs her rest. “All this dry heat,” she says heading for the entrance. Carter calls out to her. He wants her to have a book. “It was given to me by my wife. It’s a story. About two star crossed lovers.” He tells her how (he) Prince Khufu and Shayera were murdered by an evil man but their love was so strong they were bonded for all eternity. Kind of like what Lex did to Clark and Lois in the cornfield. He continues to tell her that lifetime after lifetime they were reborn to find their one true love.” A hopeful tale. “Only to lose each other in death again.” Lois tells him it’s a terrible story. She goes to leave. “I like it,” says Carter. That got a big grin from me. “. . .if you’re into the whole Egyptian groundhog day thing,” quips Lois. He tells Lois after many years Khufu grew tired of always waiting to find his beloved. So he traveled the world, seeking other women, trying to forget Shayera. Unable to rid her from his heart, he returned home resigned to his fate. No sooner did he arrive at the palace when he saw her.

We see Shayera standing where Lois had been. “She was there all along but he didn’t recognize her because the time wasn’t right. He needed to wait because it made their love stronger. And their kiss that much sweeter.” He thinks he’s kissing his wife when it’s Lois who smacks his face. “Try that again and the next thing kissing your lips will be my fist.” She turns and leaves. Carter looks a little shocked at what just transpired. Nice hands off there, Carter.

So what we have here is an explanation of why Clark Kent didn’t jump Lois Lane’s bones in Seasons 4 through 8. He had to wait. So METALLO is when he realized his love was right in front of him. When Lois greeted him with a huge smile and hug and sparkling eyes (SALVATION).

Tess and Clark at the DP. Tess has the bullet analyzed. Clark thanks her. “I’m not asking for your thanks, Clark. Just your trust. You need me.” Clark ain’t buying. “You said this was urgent.” She shows him the crumpled bullet actually says CLARK KENT. “The target is me.” Clark tries to reason out why this guy doesn’t know bullets and car bombs don’t hurt him. Tess offers they are just testing him. Clark thinks there is more to his plan. Tess says that maybe Deadshot will find someone for Clark to save. “To act as a shield.” He realizes it is Cat he will use. Tess has GPS’d Hyperpink who is at the bus station.

Metropolis bus station. Deadshot sees through her disguise. “I liked you better as a blonde.”

Cat tries to make sense of this. “Funny thing about fate. You can’t outrun it.” She begs for her life and for her son, going for that moral compass she doesn’t think he has. “Trust me, he’ll get over you. . . People about to die think that special loved one won’t be able to go on without them, but the truth is that person just finds someone else to love. Everyone is replaceable.” So Cat has given up hope for humanity. “Some people are just born dead.” She takes off the wig while running. Does the dumb girl thing by running into a dead end alley where the only door is locked. Deadshot walks away to get the big gun. She’s still trying to find a way out when she sees the Suicide Squad symbol (I think).

The big gun is on a remote. Clark arrives and takes a swing at Deadshot but not before he hits the button. Bullet with Clark’s name on it heads for Cat. Clark runs down the alley as it hits him in the back. He grabs the bullet and grabs Cat (who has her eyes closed) and pushes her on the ground and sticks the bullet into her bulletproof vest.

She opens her eyes to find Clark staring at her. She tells him he’s so brave. Louis’ score sounds too much like the RABID in the rain music for my liking. She thinks her bulletproof vest saved her. He tells her he’ll pick one up. “See I don’t need a masked hero to rescue me. I’ve got a real flesh and blood one right here.” Clark doesn’t know what to say to that. “People need to see someone’s heart to believe in them. We need to be inspired by people who stand out in the light. Not people who shrink into the shadows. We need a good ole American hero in red, white, and blue. Or at least red and blue.” Superman music begins to play. She smiles and walks away. Clark seems to be thinking. Meanwhile at the bullethole in his back. There’s bluish liquid that forms the Suicide Squad symbol and it goes into his skin. Blue kryptonite? A bit too high tech for lowly humans.

Back in the desert. The servant girl brings a bowl of water for Carter to wash his face in. We see a yellow symbol form similar to Clark’s. And Plastique’s eyes fire up under her disguise.

Ollie back at the scene of the crime. He’s in the torture chamber only fully clothed in green leather this time. Flag appears wanting to know if Ollie missed him. He pulls a gun. “The tide is turning. People are getting nervous about vigilantes roaming the streets, taking the decisions and the glory out of the suits in power.” Flag tries to convince him to stop wavering . “That’s the beauty of my group. Everyone thinks we’re dead.” He gives Ollie a one time offer. So they both shoot each other. Ollie has a yellow symbol, too. Ollie gets a little payback while he kicks Flag. He wants to know where blondie is. Flag tells him that it was a trade for him and that blondie took a cyanide pill. “She’s dead.”

Everybody sing PAR-TAY. Oh sorry.

Brooding Ollie at Watchtower. As long as it’s not Clark! He’s looking at a bottle he got from the Talon apartment. Clark enters the open door. (So much for security) Ollie tells him what Flag told him about blondie. “It’s a group of people who call themselves crimefighters. They think we should all remain hidden in the shadows.” So blondie had cyanide antidote in the bottle – so when did she take that? Wasn’t she at Watchtower when she went missing? Oh who knows . . .and who cares? Clark has an epiphany. “She was planning to go. She saw the future. She put on Dr. Fate’s helmet trying to find you and said it was going to be okay.” Ollie gets his tighty whities in a twist. “She begged me to trust her and the decisions that she made. If she put this much thought and planning into leaving, she knew what she was doing,” responds Clark. Ollie rails against the unknown faces they save with no gratitude and the one person he wanted to protect is gone. “We didn’t chose this,” says Clark. “We both know this is what we were born to do.” Ollie ain’t buying. “The woman you love ran away!” Clark shows him the plane ticket. “You don’t think I don’t want to go and get Lois and bring her back.” Ollie looks at the ticket. “They left us, Oliver. With our lives, we can’t blame them.” Wait a minute, Clark doesn’t know that Lois knows. He should be thinking Lois left to go to Egypt because of a story and working with Perry White.

“But what if we hadn’t remained hidden? Huh? What if we hadn’t put our identities out there to be held hostage? Would this still be happening? Clark, I think we have to forge a new fate here. We’ve lost way too much. Something has to change.”

Deadshot is in lock up and Flag and Plastique come to get him out. “You nailed your target.” Flag unlocks the cell with a key. “Our costumed counterparts are officially tagged and released. . . . We can track their every move.” They walk down the hall together. “Let’s give these boys a taste of what it’s like to mess with the Suicide Squad.”

The desert. Lois toying with her camera. They killed Jimmy off in Season 8. Oh yea, not the real Jimmy. Carter comes running calling out to her. He apologizes for the night before. “I guess I just got too caught up in my story.” Lois tells him he forgot to mention the most important part. “It was an autobiography.” She hands him a piece of paper she found in the book. It says, “To Carter. My once and ever Prince. With Love, Shayera. Shanghai 1824.” Sealed with her crescent in wax. Guess someone found their Prince Charming.

He tries to deny it. “Let’s just say I wasn’t born yesterday. You’re not the only one of Clark’s friends with a ‘mysterious past.’” Carter still fingering the note. “Clark did say you were wise beyond your years. I hope that last night will remain between us. I’m not sure Clark would forgive me if he knew.” Cool, Hawkman is scared of Clarkie. He should be. And that means Carter knows that Lois means a lot to Clark. “Some leads are better left buried,” she assures him. “So if you’re just here to babysit me as a favor for Clark, what was with the heart-to-heart? Something tells me that story time wasn’t exactly part of the agreement.” Carter confides in her. “It’s my wife. I’ve been hearing her in my thoughts. And last night I had a vision of her. When that happens, I know I will be joining her soon in a new life. But to do that I must first leave this one.” Lois becomes concerned. “Leave? Like die?” Carter shows no fear. “It’s time I meet my destiny, Lois. But before I go I wanted you to meet yours. He can’t do it without you. You’re his Shayera.” Lois shakes her head. “Carter, I am not like you and Shayera and . . . Clark.” She turns away from him and looks out at the desert. “My future is here in Africa.” Carter tells her about Nietzsche. “We shouldn’t live for the future but for the present. He thought that people who chased after some far off future dream were really running away from their true destiny.” Lois says Nietzsche can call her chicken. “But he has never dated someone like Clark Kent.” Carter continues. “To him the true hero was the person who embraced the life he or she was given and made it better. He called that person, Ubermensch.” The Superman score rises. “A Superman.” “Nietzsche believed we all could be one. . . in our own way.”

The score continues. A darkened hallway atop a building. Someone is walking into the light. It’s Clark with his hair slicked back wearing a red leather jacket. Standing on the edge of the Daily Planet building he releases the plane ticket. With lighter blue t-shirt underneath, the leather jackets bears the El family crest. The Daily Planet globe spins behind him. As the bright sun reflects off of it. Black jeans remind us of Kon-El as Old Glory waves behind him. He has hope and is the hope.

Clark trusts and hopes that Lois will return to him. It is their destiny. He will need faith and hope while fighting Darkseid and his mental and emotional attacks on the people.

By coming out into the light, Clark sets himself up as a target. No longer will anyone near Clark Kent at the Daily Planet be in danger – especially if he starts wearing the glasses.

RATING: 10. Yes, another one. Things didn’t happen the way I wanted them to, but we can see SV Clark becoming the Man of Steel right before out eyes. He now has the mental and emotional strength to be who he is meant to be. Allowing Lois the free will to make her own decisions will counteract Darkseid’s plans for Earth. Lois is Lois and he can rely on that.

Next episode is 10/8 SUPERGIRL. Laura V of V fame returns wearing a Linda Lee Danvers disguise. Supposed to teach Clark a thing or two. And Lois returns to Metropolis. Let’s hope that Clark gives her a very warm, wet welcome.

Saturday join us on the OSCK Superverses G2 Factor for a flashback of RECKONING for preparation of the 200th episode HOMECOMING. 7 pm EDT on

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  1. October 6, 2010 8:23 am

    Loved the callback to the man or Superman comment from the pilot with Carter talking to Lois about philosophy and what it means to be a hero. This season is all about setting things right and aligning the story to mythos but I love that along the way we are experiencing some fun new twists. Lois knowing the secret and Cat being the idiot is a nice twist. We can see her developing a crush on Clark that is completely one sided. Having her be a single mom is in line with the comics. I am looking forward to Lois coming back and pushing Hello Kitty back in the corner by the copy machine.
    Great analysis Holli! Can’t wait to see how Darkseid is revealed….

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