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LAZARUS Teetering on the Brink

September 28, 2010

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Season 10 Episode 1
Review and Recap by Holli

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Brian, Kelly and Tom have given us so many layers for this final season and to involve the big bad of all time is just brilliant. It really does help in making sense of previous seasons especially the early ones.  The episode was written by Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson and directed by Kevin Fair. Power packed on so many levels and beautifully shot!

Darkseid is coming! On Apokolips, Darkseid maintains his iron rule on its people by fear and propaganda and his presence on Earth only means disaster for the populous. He’s always searching for the Anti-Life Equation as it allows those who know it to dominate the will of any sentient race; along with other reality altering powers that twist and distort freedom. It is called the Anti-Life Equation because “if someone possesses absolute control over you – you’re not really alive.” A key part of the equation is held within the subconscious of the human mind. It is believed that any tool used to control another person, such as fear, torture, pain and lies, is part of the Anti-Life Equation. (Can you say ROULETTE? Or Lex? Or Rick Flag?)

But what if you’re a Kryptonian who has been raised by humans and has allowed human characteristics to infiltrate your persona? Some good. Some bad. As much as we hate AI Jor-El with his human emotion argument, perhaps this is what he has been getting at all along and reiterates in this episode. Not that Kryptonians are superior but if Clark wants to be the Earth’s savior then he has to be certain he doesn’t fall prey to his own dark side.

Here is the Anti Life Equation:

loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

There is order here. Characters that display hope, love, life, independent spirit are Clark’s keys or touchstones to finding his way to the light and holding onto it. Characters that fall prey to the rest and try to drag Clark down are people who have fallen at the feet of Darkseid and his tactics. We’ll see more of this as the season progresses. I can’t wait.

RECAP: Clark wears the symbol of his family to remind him he has a different destiny. Tess wants Clark to admit his true Kryptonian heritage. Jonathon Kent warned him not to play God but when Clark did, it cost him his father’s life. Clark asks Dr. Fate what he saw. “Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him.” Dr. Fate tells blondie she has the same fate as he does. Watchtower is created. Oliver tells blondie that she saved his life (after she tortured him). Perry White wants Lois to go to Kenya. She tells Clark this. He asks her why would she stay? “I would stay for you!” Clark tells her the best thing for her is to leave Metropolis right now (he was going to leave with Kandorians or so he thought). Tess tells Clark that he is the only one who can save them and the war has already begun. “But what if every trial has been for you to make the ultimate sacrifice.” Carter Hall says, “You have the capacity to break the chains that are holding you down, Clark. You will soar higher than anyone of us.” We see the super suit and the Salvation kiss. Lois realizes that Clark and the Blur are one. Oliver in the air vent being attacked by the swarm. “They’re not Kandorian.” Clark tossing the ‘Book of Rao’ onto the altar and the Kandorians ascending (probably in boom tubes). The Zod fight. The blue kryptonite dagger going into Clark’s chest as he makes the ultimate sacrifice, saving the Earth from tyrannical rule and destruction.

Tom Welling’s voice, “And now the final season of Smallville.” It nearly broke my heart.

Metropolis early morning in the rain. Clark Kent/Kal-El/The Blur is still in free fall. The giant boom tube closes as he hits the ground. Lois Lane rushes to his side screaming: “Clark! Clark!” (Great way to begin the final season) “Clark, no!” She gently grabs his head and then sees the dagger. “Clark. Please. Please come back to me.” She places her head on his chest (as if to listen for a heart beat) and then we see things from Clark’s perspective. He’s transported. Lying in the yellow sun in a very pastoral place. He sees a grasshopper. His chest is healed of its wound. He rises from the ground and sees a cornfield with paths looking like veins. He follows a path and finds himself standing in front of a cross with crows on it. This takes us back to PILOT when Clark was scarecrow’d and came face to face with loneliness, alienation, fear, despair, self-worth, mockery, condemnation, misunderstanding, guilt, shame, failure, judgment. Emo angst revisited.

The crows fly away and a tombstone appears. We only see the last name, Kent. Jor-El calls out to his son. Remember, this would not be AI Jor-El as Clark is “teetering on the abyss between life and death.” This would be the real Big Daddy J, long dead. It’s the reason he’s able to reach Clark now. “My father’s grave. Why show me this?” he says walking towards the stone. He pulls away the blocking debris and it says CLARK KENT. “After you die, this stone will be all that is left of you in the world.” Clark shakes his head, “I died to save the world.” And as we see Clark crouched between the grave and the cross, his father tells him, “Evil never ends. By sacrificing yourself, you have left the humans vulnerable to future threats.” Clark reiterates his contingency plan of leaving a team of heroes to protect the Earth. “YOU were meant to be Earth’s greatest protector. Now they are about to face their greatest evil without you.” Clark tells BDJ to send him back. “I know my fate! To step into the light! To be a symbol of hope to them!” Jor-El reminds him that he told Clark to rule with strength. “But you took the martyr’s part. What makes you think you deserve a second chance?” With determination, Clark says, “I can do it! I can be their hero!” With a fist he cracks the tombstone. There are explosions in the ether and then silence. “Jor-El? Let me fight this evil like I always have. SEND ME BACK!”

There is rustling between the corn rows. It’s a man and his image is blocked by bright light. We see an overhead view of the cornfield with its veins of pathways as Lex stands beyond the cross and Clark is still caught between it and the grave.

It is interesting that Lex is wearing his white suit. This represents when he becomes President of the USA. This has been presented on Smallville in HOURGLASS and a hint of it in SALVATION. In the comics, Clark had a hard time wrapping his head around the reality that the people freely chose Lex Luthor as their President. It wasn’t something he could use his superpowers to rectify. As Superman, Clark is a symbol of hope and if that’s not enough, then he is able to reach the hearts and minds of people through his journalism. A double boost for humanity. Clark will have to change the way he fights evil this season if Boss Darkside is using propaganda and fear to control people. Solving everything with a punch is just not going to cut it. He has to be strong mentally and emotionally and I believe this is what this final season is about. Him finally finding his inner strength and will and never waivering from that moral compass.

The crows fly away and Lex is gone in a flash. Why? Not because Jor-El has sent Clark back, but because Lois Lane has pulled the kryptonite dagger from his chest. Love. Hope. Life. Spirit. She keeps saying his name over and over as she flings the dagger away from them. Its glow and influence ceases. We see the sun rising over Metropolis as Lois cradles Clark in her arms. An iconic scene from the Death of Superman story in the comics. This is the Death of the Blur and Resurrection of . . .

“Clark,” from her lips is neverending until he groans as the yellow sunlight covers him. When she sees he’s coming around, she gently lays his head on the ground and runs for cover. She is protecting his secret. She is protecting him from exposure even from her.

Watching from nearby, Lois Lane sees the once dead Clark Kent staggering to his feet. She watches this miracle in awe. As Louis Febre’s score crescendos into the Superman theme, Tom Welling gives us Superman in all his glory (even without the suit). Chest expanding towards the yellow sun., the wound heals and he superspeeds away. Lois smiles from ear to ear. She is so proud of her guy. He is an overcomer and she helped bring him back to life.

NEW CREDITS: Some old and new images. Welling first (naturally) Clark scarecrow’d, Clark resurrected, young Clark getting hit in the jaw shattering steel. The Durance is next. Woohoo! Lois removes a headdress (SHIELD), Lois wrapped in bedsheet, Lois trying on Clark’s glasses, the Clark and Lois Crimson leap (hand pumping YES!!!), Clark in the glasses, deadly Tess (CHECKMATE), Tess in Cadmus Labs (this episode), Tess with a gun, Clark taking arrows in the back to save Oliver, Green Arrow with crossbow, white shirt Ollie, GA with bow, GA leaping thru city, Clark catching car, young Clark with S branded in his bare chest screaming, blondie beside JSA portrait, scene that ended WARRIOR, reopening Watchtower, blondie taking the Fate helmet (this episode). Allison Mack got an ‘and’ even though she’s only in five episodes this season. Clark falling from Gargoyle tower. Season 5 Clark riding the nuclear missile. CHECKMATE poser fight. Lois kissing Clark in IDOL, Clark’s image smashing in CHARADE. The tossing of the FOS crystal. Clark in tube of BDJ knowledge in S9. The suit reflected in Clark’s eye. The DP globe being restored to its rightful place (this episode) and Clark on the Gargoyle Tower overlooking Metropolis.

Watchtower during the day. Blondie bursts into her own office. She somehow got a hold of Ollie’s vidcam glasses. She watches the display of what transpired. They are not Kandorian and they are not parademons. (Drat!) They are human and we see an American Flag on a sleeve when they grab Oliver. Rick Flag looks into the camera. “We’re coming for all of you.” The government is now after the superheroes because of what Zod did in SALVATION.

So blondie grabs the Brownstone key and before she can leave the Watchtower, Clark zips in still with ripped shirt. She wonders how he survived. “I didn’t.” Clark explains about Zod, the blue kryptonite and how he had Zod ascend but not him. “I guess I got . . kind of died.” He looks bewildered but then grows heroic once again. “But what about the others, did they make it?” A leader concerned about his troops. A man worried about his friends.

She tells him “they’re fine,” even though she’s running off with the JSA key to look for Ollie, who has been captured. Yea, that’s fine all right. She wants to talk about Clark dying. He explains it was a near death experience. “Jor-El told me a greater evil was coming. He sent me back to fight it.” blondie wants the great evil identified. She wants a name. Clark says before he left he saw Lex and that Dr. Fate said he would be his ultimate opponent. Some Chloespeak which I personally will be glad to be rid of in sixteen more episodes. She’s been monitoring all of Lex’s projects and they are dead. Clark suggests something older. He should go to the Daily Planet archives to check. “I didn’t get rid of Zod just to have some other evil to take his place.” He zips off.

Question: Doesn’t blondie have face recognition software?

Daily Planet globe spinning serenely in the sun. Lois is doing a little archive research of her own involving the Smallville High Torch. “Lana. Pete. Chloe. Mr. and Mrs. K were always so overprotective. I’m the last one to know.” She hears a rush of air and quickly closes the screen. She turns to see Clark entering the room. “Lois! I thought you’d be in Africa right now.” If he thought her eyes sparkled in METALLO, he gets that times ten as she crosses to him explaining. “I postponed my trip,” she smiles and pulls him into a tight hug. “Maybe indefinitely.” He sees she’s been researching Blur stories and there’s a post-it that says, ‘Check Zod info’ on one of them.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with the Blur, would it?” He says as he releases her. She admits ‘kind of’ while she watches his every move. He walks away from her as she gives him a good ribbing. She knows the secret now and is giving him an opportunity to fess up. “Turns out he needs me after all.” She squints at him. Clark facing away from her gets a little nervous. She’s investigating the Blur and he doesn’t seem to realize she knows it’s him. “Really, what makes you say that?” Lois grins. “Well, I’ll tell you, Clark.” Just so he knows who she is speaking to. “He just wrapped me up in his muscular arms, pulled me close, and landed the most passionate kiss on my lips. I can’t lie to you. It was great!” He grins before he turns around to face her. She changes her expression, too. “That was bold,” he says. She shrugs. “Robbing women from the shadows, lip smacking them, and then running off into the night? It makes you wonder what other little twisted fetishes he has in his toolbox.” Clark looks at her inquisitively. She lets out a sigh. “So, Clark! Did you come her for a reason?” she says as she passes him. “Pressing story maybe?” She stands by the table she’s been working on. “Uh, yea,” stutters Clark. “I’m on a really tight, uh, deadline.” He glances over to the archive files behind her. Lois notices and drops her pen on the floor as it goes under the table. “Whoops, would you look at that? I dropped my pen. I’m just gonna look for it.” Lois Lane gets on her hands and knees in front of Clark Kent and goes after the pen, sort of. She’s yammering away waiting for him to make his move. “. . . but it’s kind of my ‘favorite’ pen.” Clark thinks he’s gotten a break to go after the evidence while Lois shouts out she doesn’t see the pen (which she has in her hand). “Where are you pen?” Clark finds the file drawer he wants, superspeeds to it, blowing Lois’ hair, and then he’s back to his former position. “Found it,” grins Lois under the table.

When she stands, Clark tells her the folder was luckily on top of nearby files. There is some eye talking and Clark is first to look away. “I’ll go,” he says. (shouldn’t he at least give her a kiss on the cheek – they still have feelings for each other, right?) He turns to leave and she stops him. “Wait, Clark.” He stares at her looking a little apprehensive. “Yea, Lois, what is it?” She tells him they need to talk. He appears not able to know what to say. “I know now is not the time. There’s just so much that I want to tell you. Barn? Later?” He gives her a grin. “I’ll be there.” She has her own little smile when he leaves.

We’re tangoing again. And yea, I understand that now was not the time to go into the secret but a little more affection here. Please! Or are they so hot for each other once they start they won’t be able to stop. Okay, let me see that!

Clark calls blondie to tell her he’s found Cadmus Labs as a possible candidate. She’s in the Brownstone, JSA headquarters. We hear Nabu. “She’s here. Foolish girl. Not chosen. Love is dangerous. Nabu knows.” Clark hears it too and asks her where she is. It’s a repeat of what we got when she was running with Doomy. Well at least this time he didn’t destroy a file cabinet because she’s stupid. So the smarter than two Kryptonians chick puts on Fate’s helmet. Why, you may ask? She wants to know where Oliver is. Really? She had video. She had huge computers, but noooooo. Boring! She was on the road to Belle Reeve anyway. “Would you sacrifice your sanity to save the archer?”

The helmet is off blondie’s head. Why? They had to blast it off of Icicle’s. Clark arrives to find her unconscious. Yea, she’s that stupid, Clark.

Torture basement. The other blond is chained to a chair and getting the crap beat out of him. He’s blindfolded. Okay, so they have Hartley fully naked but I didn’t realize it until like the third or fourth time I watched the episode because it’s mostly chest and head shots and it’s freaking dark. If you’re going to titillate then do it. It seems Hartley got naked for nothing. It would have added to the drama of the scene knowing his character was majorly vulnerable.

Ollie and Rick Flagg share barbs. Flagg is investigating the cryptic (kryptic in this case) symbols around the world and only one satellite was on. Ollie’s. But they captured him as the Green Arrow. Since GA’s satellite was tracking the symbols and since the Blur’s is similar, they are looking for the Blur also. Ollie tells him he’s a good guy. “I’m not guilty of anything except trying to save the world.” And Ollie won’t tell Flagg who made the symbols so it’s torture time. Water, electric fluffy sponge. Touch chained guy and watch him squirm.


Cadmus Labs. Body parts in jars. Tess on a table wrapped in a sheet. She’s naked, too. (Can we get Clark and Lois naked together sometime soon?) Tess has half a face but it looks like it’s healing nicely. I wonder if that prosthesis was edible too. Hmmm Tess gets off the table and looks at her face in a glass door. So Tess rips off the skin graft and her face is perfectly fine. (where’s my Beautiful People mp3?) She’s totally disbelieving her eyes until she sees the Cadmus Labs label. She knows it.

So faster than a speeding bullet she grabs a lab coat, goes behind a partition and voila is now dressed in the lab coat. No she’s not super, but what was the reason for her to be naked in the first place? Modesty by whoever healed her? Not likely!

She sees someone moving in the next room so she goes in and finds lifesize tubes containing . . . deformed Lexs. Only they skipped the ‘e’ and added a number. e.g. Lx4 was in really bad shape. She hears a noise, sticks her hand into the coat pocket and finds a keycard. (Don’t ask) She uses it on a closet and finds a little red haired boy in it. He’s Lx15. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. What’s your name?” The boy peers out from the shadows. “I’m Alexander.”

No Lois and barely any Clark in this act, moving on!

Tess and Lil Alexander are holding hands amongst the bubbling brew of Lexs. She wants to know what the place is. “Who are they?” Alexander goes up to one of the tubes, Lx6, and this one looks a little more lively with strands of red hair. “They’re my brothers.” Tess realizes he’s Lex. “These things. You’re all engineered from Lex’s DNA.” Alex expounds. “We were made to heal the Creator. Just like we healed you.” Remember that. How could they heal Tess unless she had similar DNA. Tess touches her face as Alex shows her where the graft was taken on his tummy. “Not all of us turned out okay. Some of us came out sick. Some of us aged too fast.” He turns back to commune with his brother.

Tess hears knocking and does the chick in the horror flick thing. She keycards the lock. Lx6 goes wide eyed and Alex turns around to warn her. “No! That’s where they keep the Bad One!” Too late, little dude, an evil arm comes out from the door and grabs Tess. Alex runs off to hide.

BadLex (aren’t they all) puts up agains the glass door of Lx6 and starts whispering in her ear. This is one that may have aged too fast. “Tess Mercer? . . . I have all of Lex’s memories. His emotions. I know how much you care about me.” While he’s getting horny, he starts bleeding from the nose. Tess helps him out by busting his nose. She tells Alexander to run and hide. She kicks the crap out of BadLex but he manages to push her on the floor and goes for an oxygen tank. (Would the real Lex do that?) He’s found a pocket torch and ignites the oxygen and in true Highlander form says, “There can only be one . . . Lex Luthor!”

Watchtower. Emil is scurrying around while Clark gets in the way. For someone with hyperactive eye movement, blondie sure has a lot of white for irises. So Clark grabs her hand and gives her his pep talk. She’s strong, don’t give up. Blondie awakes and says ‘fire.’ She tells Clark she’s sorry and voila, she sits up good as new. She has to find Oliver! She explains that someone is looking for all of them, they have Oliver and she can’t lose him. Clark asks where Oliver is. She won’t tell him that. (whatevs) But she saw Clark, too. “You were the world’s hero and you weren’t in black.” She saw the fire in the lab, she instructs him to go to Cadmus. Doesn’t say anything about a fire in a cornfield or the DP globe blowing off. Nope, nada. Clark speeds off. “Goodbye, Clark.” says blondie. Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight. Whoo. Get down tonight.

Kent Farm. Lois in the loft. New couple photo. Clark is smiling at his girl while she stretches out her arm to take the picture. Her fingers caress Clark’s face as she smiles. She sets it back down on his desk. She sees Mrs. K’s motherbox on the chest. You know her curiosity is killing her so she goes and opens the lid. She pulls aside the red cape and there is the Routh suit from Superman Returns. “So much better in technicolor.” She’s smiling when she hears foots on the stairs. Quickly she grabs the lid and puts it back. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to make it.” She says as she turns and gets whacked on the head. Really? Again?

BadLex brought a two by four to whack her with. Nice guy. “Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”

Clark bursts into Cadmus. It’s sparking. Some of the clones are crispy. Lx6 is a goner. He hears a noise and goes into another room. She’s handcuffed to a table. He wants to know what happened. She has no idea how she got there. When she woke up she was completely healed. “But everyone else in the building is dead. Who did this?” Tess tells him it was Lex, one of his clones. Crazypants knows it sounds insane but the real Lex was incubating dozens of clones to heal himself. Clark breaks the handcuffs and walks away. The one that looked twenty years old killed the rest. “Why are you still alive?” Tess was to give Clark a message. After he saved Tess, BadLex wanted a face off. “He’s in Lawson’s field.”

Lois in Lawson’s field. Tied to the Scarecrow cross with a big red S on her chest. She awakens and struggles. BadLex appears from the corn rows spouting Hawthorne. “And it would that I might endure his agony as well as mine. The Scarlet Letter.” Go Hester Prynne! She kept the secret identity of a man. With wondrous strength and generosity of heart, Lois does not speak.

“Of course the letter is a mark of shame. At least it was when I found Clark tied to that post ten years ago.” Lois stares down at him. “You know Clark?” BadLex moves closer. “I saved him that day. Right here on this very spot. And all he did was BETRAY me!” Lois realizes who it is and it scares her. “Lex-x. What happened to you?” He tells her he has evolved. Pulling out a lighter, he tells her, “And with age, comes wisdom.”

The little flame burns brightly. “You see Lois, you are his greatest weakness. Or should I say the Blur’s greatest weakness. Your death will bring him.” As she struggles, Lex tosses the lighter into the cornfield setting it ablaze.

So BadLex knows Clark is the Blur. How? Did he get a Daily Planet everyday to read and he figured it out? When was the Creator’s DNA taken for this clone after ARCTIC? And our brave Lois will keep Clark’s secret to the grave. No verification on her part even under duress.

BadLex waits patiently under a tree as the Blur zips in. “Where’s the real Lex?” BadLex gets exposition. “The Creator died two years ago. Nasty truck explosion.” Clark wants to know if Lex isn’t alive, why is this guy. “He created us to heal himself. He just didn’t live long enough to reap the benefits.” BadLex walks past him talking about old times. “The bridge,” answers Clark with some disdain regarding where they first met. “Lex would have died if I hadn’t pulled him out of that car.” BadLex is Lex. “And you never let me forget it.” BadLex starts spouting about how Clark became prideful about saving Lex. “Now you wear that pride on your chest. Right here in that self-righteous symbol. But just beneath it lies the darkness in your heart. Just like me, you are your own worst enemy.” (aren’t we all) Clark grabs his offending hand. “I’m nothing like you.” BadLex banters on. “You’re more like brothers than you think. That’s why you could never stop me. Because deep down inside you know you brought death and destruction. The only reason anyone ever calls you a hero is because you clean up the disasters you unleash.” Well, that hit a nerve. Clark grabs him by the neck and takes him down choking him all the way. When BadLex starts bleeding from the nose again, Clark immediately releases him realizing what he almost did. BadLex taunts him. “I am dying Clark, but don’t flatter yourself, you didn’t do it. I’m just sorry that this mutated body of mine won’t last long enough to see the world turn on you.” Clark kneels down and grabs his lapels. “What did you do?” BadLex boasts. “There’s an explosion rocking the Daily Planet. You can stop that beacon from plummeting into the rush hour traffic.” Clark rises to go into action. “Or . . you can save the woman you love.” Even BadLex knows! (Shouldn’t Clark be telling Lois some time soon?) “Lois!” Clark snarls at him. “Where is she?” BadLex is evil chuckling. “Even you aren’t fast enough to save both. Today the world will finally lose faith in it’s heretic hero. And it will destroy you.” Clark is angry! “Where is she?” (shades of RECRUIT) “Where I first saved you.” (now who’s not letting someone forget. Geez) BadLex dies and Clark zips off.

The pedestal of the spinning DP globe explodes as it begins to fall. The Blur running at superspeed. Lois struggling on the cross in a burning cornfield. Clark speeds up and stops to assess the situation. (Man, Welling’s green eyes are popping!) He sees his beloved and goes into action. Running like the Flash (maybe faster [wink]) he puts out the flames and takes Lois from the cross. She’s lying down and coughing within a millisecond. She stands and looks around. With a burgeoning smile, she says “Go get ’em!”

The globe is falling from the DP roof. Close shot of Welling’s face as cornstalks zip by and then city buildings. With contrails flowing behind him, Clark leaps on the roof of a taxi and as it smashes, he propells into the air. Rising up to catch the falling globe, we see the globe stop its plummet and then start to rise up towards the roof. CLARK KENT IS FLYING! (he’d have to be to stop the globe’s descent and propell it in the opposite direction.) We see the Blur’s body pushing the globe towards the roof. The people of Metropolis gather on the street in front of the DP. Clark has the globe on his shoulders much like Atlas (DP and HOSTAGE). Louis Febre’s score soars into the Superman theme while Metropolis applauds.

Daytime. Clark superspeeds to the Kent farm. Still in his Blur outfit he goes into the loft and is heading for the suit box. He kneels down and opens the box and moves the cape to reveal the S.

A FOS key shape burns through a novel of Tom Sawyer as the blast takes Clark and the suit. In the FOS we see that the crystal console has been repaired. When? Who? How? “I defeated Lex. I refused to let him win. And I’ve pushed myself harder than I ever have before. For a second,” he grins. “I thought I was flying. But I saved everyone. I don’t know how, but I saved them all. I’ve finally become the hero you sent me here to be.” He seems pleased with what he’s done and maybe a little exhilarated, too. Flying would mean so many things to him.

“Pride. Vanity. You almost took a man’s life and you dare tell me you’re following the path I set out for you?” Clark is not liking BDJ’s attitude. “You told me I had unfinished business here. An evil here that I had to face. And Lex . . .” Big Daddy J don’t like the kid yelling at him. So the FOS shakes. “The evil is you, Kal-El. The greatest threat the Earth will face is coming. It preys on wavering souls like yours. Once this darkness consumes you, you will be Earth’s greatest enemy.” Clark looking a little lost and confused. “That’s not my fate.” Jor-El makes his point. “You cannot be a beacon of hope when you have darkness in your heart.” Clark gets his mad on again. “Then why did you send me back? Why did you give me a second chance?” Jor-El tells him the truth. “I didn’t. It was not my decision to give you back your life.” It was Lois’ love that did that. “You may not see me as a hero, but the rest of the world does! And I decide my fate!” The AI is not digging this righteous anger. “I regret as a father, my faith in your blinded me to the truth. You’ll never be Earth’s savior.” The FOS grows dark Clark looks as if the rug has been pulled out from under him.

Clark saying the world sees him as a hero is pride. The world’s opinion of him could very well turn on a dime in the other direction. It’s not up for a vote. But if he believes Lois (and Jonathon) thinks he’s a hero, he’s standing on solid ground because of who they are and how well they know him and what’s truly in his heart. Saving people is his work, not a plea for admiration.

Could Jor-El’s warning that Clark could be the Earth’s enemy be a foreshadowing of the Clark as Darkseid’s son story? Presented in the comics and animation, it is one of the most familiar stories of Darkseid’s evil and how Clark conquers it. It could also be how ‘Lois is the key’ plays out.

Wavering souls. Champion brooder SV Clark has had all the downside attributes of the Anti Life Equation in his heart seasons 1 through 8.5 and it will be a way for Darkseid to turn him to the dark side. Clark has to have emotional and mental strength to battle the fear and propaganda villain. With humility and super abilities, Clark can defeat Darkseid. Hopefully we will see this unfold this final season.


More Ollie being tortured. I’d be more invested if I knew who Rick Flag was and why he has Ollie. The GA threatens Flag and says he will hunt him down after letting him go.

Vast’s One More Day begin to play. We see Tess playing Mommy to little Alexander as he plays with Lex’s soldiers. One is burning in the fire.

The blondes are handcuffed and bagged as they are exchanged between cars. They bump each other but don’t seem to realize who the other was.

I was wrong. The couple photo. I was wrong. Lois looking at it and crying. Now I’ll never see your face anymore. She is in the desert. Oh my love, I’d do anything . . . Switching to the Kent Farm with Clark reading a letter . . . for one more day with you. I’d do anything for one more day. The letter says, “Clark. I couldn’t pass up Africa after all. Lois.” Clark releases the letter and it blows away. I’d give anything for one more day with you.

(This next scene is solid gold and we’ve waited 4.5 years to see it.)

He watches it go along the fence and there’s a man working there. He walks towards him. “Dad?” IT’S JONATHAN FREAKIN KENT! “Chores, Clark. Work keeps a man honest. You have to protect the things you worked hard to build.” (like reputations maybe?) Clark is smiling. “Are you real?” With tears in his eyes, Clark says, “I’ve missed you.” His dad walks towards him. “I never stop watching out for you, Clark.” He smiles at his son. Clark is overcome with emotion. “Then you must be disappointed. I haven’t grown into the man you raised me to be.” Jonathon agrees with him. He puts on gloved hands on Clark’s shoulders and looks him straight in the eye. “You’re are so much more than that. And I’m so proud of you, Clark.” Clark shrugs as Jonathan releases him. “That’s one dad.” Jonathan wonders, “since when did you start listening to Jor-El, huh?” He turns to go back to repairing the fence. “He’s right,” says Clark as his dad motions for him to help. “Give me a hand.” Clark grabs the post to help mend the fence. “I took my anger out on people. I destroyed an entire building.” He moves closer to his father confessing, “I know now that I have it within me to kill. I’ve failed!” Mr. K is not going to let his son to wallow. “We’re all confronted with trials, Son. But the true measure of a man is how he chooses to react in the face of those trials.” Clark states his father never had that problem as the farmer takes off his gloves. “C’mon, Son. I’m so far away from perfect I could never keep my own anger in check. I let it all build up inside me until it let my own heart give out. It was my fury, Clark, that drove me to want to kill another man, but instead it killed me.” Clark turns to face his father. “Lionel. But Dad, you were just trying to protect me.” Jonathan conveys wisdom. “We can’t make excuses for the dark stains on our hearts, Son.” Clark steps closer. “I don’t even know how I got to this place.” Jonathan grabs his son. “We all make sacrifices, Son, and everytime we do, we lose a little something in the process.” Clark goes and leans on the fence. “You’ve sacrificed more than anybody. It would be easy to let resentment build up inside but it’s got to come out somewhere.” Clark is frustrated. “I feel like every time I do something right, I do something wrong.” His heart is showing. “Sometimes I think it would be easier if you were here.” The love between these two is evident. “Not a day goes by, Clark, when I don’t regret not being able to be right here for you. I would do anything. I would give anything to be able to get a second chance to get it right. You got that second chance, Son. You could be the greatest hero the world has ever known.” Clark thinks. “Not according to Jor-El.” Jonathan almost chuckles. “Well then do what you do best, prove him wrong!” Clark nods. Jonathan grabs his son’s head and kisses it. He then grabs a hammer and starts on the fence again.

“Jor-El was right about one thing.” (Apparently ghost daddys hear what the other says) “Something dark is coming. You’re going to be tested. It’s not going to be easy, Son. But I have faith in you,” he gives Clark a reassuring grin. Clark looks out at the pasture. “What’s coming, Dad?” When he turns to see his father, he’s disappeared. The fence still needs mended. The work needs to be done.

Gargoyle tower where the Zod console holding the fake Book of Rao stands. A black mist appears near the console moving across the roof onto the gargoyle. It forms DARKSEID. EVIL PLAIN AND SIMPLE FROM THE FOURTH WORLD! The face could be a little rounder so it wouldn’t look like Jacob Marley’s ghost. I’ve always imagined the CGI for Darkseid as initially being like a transparent Face of Boe (Doctor Who). Something huge, disembodied and laughing evilly.

The FOS. In an unlit enclosure resides the suit. THE HOPE YET TO COME


Clark is going to have to give up his second guessing himself and do the right thing. Saving people is a job. It’s not a popularity contest by any means. Darkseid and his propaganda machine will see to that. Plus we’ll probably get some vigilantes of the dark kind in episodes to come confusing the lines between hero and villain.

Tess, is she a Luthor? And what kind?

Notice the events that we thought were Darkseid related in SALVATION have now been ‘explained away’ by a human element. Or have they? Granny Goodness went into Tess’s room but Crazypants ended up in Cadmus Labs. Lex clone gestation chamber. And Oliver was attacked by a speedy swarm but got captured by Rick Flag. Really? This all may be to show how Darkseid does his machinations behind the scenes at first and then he will probably make his grand entrance.

RATING: Ten. Power packed. The blondes storyline screwed up the pacing. Acting was superb. Tom Welling is totally amazing in this episode. So good to see Pa Kent again. The actor who portrayed BadLex gets major props! Wish we could find his name in the credits! Durance delivered again. Effects were great and the future looks bright with a few bumps along the way.  Bravo Smallville!

We’ve got a Batman villain in a slightly different form. Deadshot as a cowboy. Guess they couldn’t get Lobo. Cat Grant, Gordon Godfrey, Rick Flag again with the Suicide Squad. Lois in the desert with Carter Hall. Clark at the DP with his annoying, cookie pushing partner. Can’t wait!

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