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Smallville Comic Con Highlights- Tom Welling Wants to Give Us Hope

August 1, 2010

Any of you familiar with OSCK and our backstory know that we were founded with the intent of getting Smallville back on track when it derailed in season 7 with a horrible trip to Clanaville. As soon as Millar and Gough left things began to turn around. This season looks to be AMAZING! Here is the Warner Brothers Smallville Comic Con video in HD- I love the last bit from Tom. It feels like a shout out to all of us Superman fans who stood up for Tom and his character Clark Kent.

Smallville at Comic Con

Posted to Superverses Vault by SN66 on August 1, 2010

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  1. Anthony permalink
    August 29, 2010 2:55 pm

    I don’t care what some of these haters say about Welling because has become a fine actor and had become the most capable and and the most experience for the Superman role in the rebooted Superman movie and the future producer and director has to realize that and he does deserve more credit than what some people with harsh thoughts have given him. He’s proved for last last ten years not only he can act but has developed the ability to to embody the character and able to step up some more with character in becoming Superman in the final season and he has earned the right to be given a chance for the part on the big screen.


  1. Smallville Comic Con Highlights- Tom Welling Wants to Give Us Hope « SeniStudios

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