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John Schneider – First look at him on Leverage + he will be back on Smallville!

June 30, 2010

Last month OSCK exclusively reported that John Schneider was ready to head back to Smallville for the final season- today IGN reports that John will be back for season 10 for at least two episodes!


Smallville: An Original Cast Member Returns
A pivotal part of Clark’s past is coming back.
US, June 30, 2010
by Eric Goldman

As Clark Kent goes into his tenth and final season of Smallville, and closer towards his destiny as Superman, he’ll also be looking back into his past – as a pivotal character from the show will be seen for the first time in years.

None other than John Schneider is set to return to the series in Season 10, reprising his role as Clark’s adoptive human father, Jonathan Kent.

Obviously Jonathan’s return raises some questions, given that the character died back in Season 5. I can’t reveal yet the how and why of Jonathan’s appearance, but I can tell you that we’ll see him in the season premiere, entitled “Lazarus.” In addition, Schneider is expected to appear in at least one other episode as the season continues.

In May, The CW’s Dawn Ostroff hinted that there will likely be guest appearances from many faces from the past during the final season of Smallville.

Look for the premiere on Friday, September 24th on The CW.

John Schneider on Leverage

John Schneider will be in the episode 3.06  airing July 18, 2010 on TNT- here are three pics with him from the show. He talked about this at the Phoenix Con last month. He also talked about the pilot he shot for Spike that he is waiting to hear if it has been picked up.

[image] [image] [image]

John Schneider Talks Leverage Nip Tuck and Back Nine

Posted to OSCK Smallville Video Channel by SN66 on May 30, 2010

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