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Interesting SMALLVILLE & Tom Welling News From Phoenix Comic Con 2010

May 30, 2010

By Erika Blake
Admin, OSCK Founder

This weekend was Arizona’s annual premiere comic convention: Phoenix Comic Con. In attendance were two SMALLVILLE alums, John Schneider and James Marsters.

I asked Mr. Schneider a couple of quick questions while getting Autographs. I asked him if he’d heard that Tom Welling stated at the CW Upfronts this month that he’d love to have John back for season 10. He responded, “Well all that he has to do is call. In fact, I’m surprised that my phone hasn’t rung yet!” He asked me when the Upfronts were and I told him a week ago. I also told him that the writers wouldn’t be back to work until this week.

I then asked him if he was aware that Tom had been made full Executive Producer and he just got this big glowing smile on his face and replied, “Yes, I couldn’t be more proud. I told him that  if he played his cards right that he’d never have to work again. I raised him right, didn’t I?”

Oh you sure did Mr. Schneider! John is really as sweet, personable, and completely approachable as you would imagine that he would be in person. Even though he is THAT stunning in person as he is on screen, he’s really easy to talk to. *Sigh*

I then got to briefly speak to James Marsters – well correction, he started talking when I handed him one of my SOLITUDE Blu-Ray screencaps that I’d printed off that had both he and John Schneider in, along with Tom & Annette. It was the beginning of his autograph day and he tapped his pen on Annette’s face and said, “You know when I arrived on set I made the mistake of telling her that I had a huge crush on her from CAT PEOPLE, and she made this face” James screwed his face into an ewwwww face “she was probably thinking eww creepy guest star.” He told me that he had to assure her that he wasn’t interested in her that way.

Aww poor Annette, learn to a compliment hon from a younger guy!

Each actor has his own hour long panel to discuss their bodies of work. You can find all of James Marsters clips HERE. (He didn’t talk about SMALLVILLE, however, I came away from his panel thinking that he’s about the coolest guy that there is out there. He’s an original sci-fi geek like we all are.)

You can check out all of the different clips from John’s panel HERE.

Here are the clips where John talks about SMALLVILLE – word of warning the last one got my hatred for Millar/Gough stirred up again:

John talks Smallville and how he would like the show to end:

John admits that he doesn’t watch Smallville anymore.

Jonathan/Joseph Biblical references:

Ladies and Gentlemen – you know we all thought that Jonathan Kent got killed off because Millar/Gough were big fans of the Donner films. Well guess what, it’s very possible that we lost Jonathan Kent, the moral HEART of SMALLVILLE, not because of that – but because that John Schneider defended his own character too much.


This morning we sat in on the STAR WARS panel with Daniel Logan and Ray Parks (Boba Fett/Darth Maul) and there was the biggest head scratching moment that we’ll share with you here, this was not a place where I ever expected to hear Tom’s name mentioned. Watch:

Interpret the video as you please.

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  1. stacymac permalink
    May 30, 2010 10:21 pm

    HMMM….That clip above with Ray Parks at Con where he mentions Tom Welling I think had something to do with this past Season 9. Perhaps that whole Absolute Justice episode, maybe he was referring to the casting all those “flashback” characters featured in the beginning —–AND NOT necessarily some future JLA movie (like most of us would hope for). Parks mentioned “cameo” and talked almost in past tense, so that’s what my theory is. I’m sure he’s NOT starting any rumors on on it! :D

    • May 31, 2010 3:46 pm

      Actually we found out that Tom and others including Ray had been asked about an indie flick that they were looking for folks to cameo in- didn’t happen either. Not in the clip here- Ray goes on and on during the panel talking about how much he wants to be BATMAN. I think he said it about 5 times! He would be a great Bats in a stop motion type flick like the JLA movie that people had been talking about. With that technology you can make someone taller easily. He is an amazing acrobat and athlete- would love to see him in the cowl.

  2. Kell permalink
    May 31, 2010 2:20 pm

    Thanks for the news. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.


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