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Vote now! Multipleverses Hottest Sci Fi Stars- Smallville Nominees

May 21, 2010

Multipleverses Hottest SciFi Stars- Smallville, Superman and DC Comics Nominations- vote now for your favorites!

Adam Baldwin- Superman in Superman/ Doomsday (voice)
Alaina Huffman- Dinah Lance/ Black Canary on Smallville ( write in to vote)
Alan Ritchson- Arthur Curry/ Aquaman on Smallville ( write in to vote)
Alison Mack- Chloe Sullivan on Smallville
Allison Scagliotti- Wonder Twin Jayna on Smallville
Annette O’Toole- Martha Kent on Smallville
Ashley Scott- Helena Kyle on Birds of Prey
Brandon Routh- Superman/ Clark Kent in Superman Returns
Brian Austin Green- John Corbett/ Metallo on Smallville
Callum Blue- Zod on Smallville
Cassidy Freeman- Tess Mercer on Smallville
Christian Bale- Bruce Wayne/ Batman in Batman Begins and Batman The Dark Knight
Christopher Reeve- Superman The Movie, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV, Virgil Swann on Smallville
David Boreanaz- Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern in Justice League: The New Frontier ( voice)
Dean Cain-Clark Kent/ Superman on Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman, Dr. Curtis Knox on Smallville
Dina Meyer- Barbara Gordon on Birds of Prey ( write in to vote for her)
Elyse Levesque- Casey Brock on Smallville
Emilie Ullerup- Cat Grant on Smallville
Erica Durance- Lois Lane on Smallville
George Clooney- Batman in Batman Forever
Gina Holden- Patricia Swann on Smallville
Ian Somerhalder- Adam Knight on Smallville
James Marsters- Brainiac on Smallville
Jensen Ackles- Jason Teague on Smallville, Jason Todd/ Red Hood in Batman Under the Red Hood ( voice)
Joe Flanigan- Det. Claude Morton on Birds of Prey
John Schneider- Jonathan Kent on Smallville
Justin Hartley- Oliver Queen on Smallville
Kristin Kreuk- Lana Lang on Smallville
Laura Vandervoort- Kara Kent/ Supergirl on Smallville
Lynda Carter- Wonder Woman, Moira Sullivan on Smallville
Mark Hamill- The Joker on Birds of Prey
Michael Rosenbaum- Lex Luthor on Smallville
Michael Shanks- Hawkman on Smallville
Peyton List- Lucy Lane on Smallville
Rekha Sharma- Dr. Harden on Smallville
Sam Witwer- Davis Bloom on Smallville
Sarah Carter- Alicia Baker on Smallville ( write in to vote)
Shemar Moore- Jesse Reese on Birds of Prey
Tamoh Penikett- Wes Keenan on Smallville ( also in an earlier episode as another character)
Teri Hatcher- Lois Lane on Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman
Tom Welling- Clark Kent on Smallville

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