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Smallville’s CHARADE: Am I Enough?

April 27, 2010

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Season 9 Episode 19

Review and Recap by Holli

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Written by Donald Whitehead and Holly Henderson and making his directorial debut, Executive Producer, Brian Peterson.

Dylan Neal returns as Ray Sacks, evil ex-District Attorney and introducing Gil Bellows as Maxwell Lord, Checkmate’s Black King.

Brian Peterson is a master storyteller.  We’ve seen it in his writing and now in his directing.  There was a lot of detail, well placed reaction shots and well constructed points of view.  Thank God, he is one of the people who makes the decisions about what we see on screen every week.

Whitehead and Henderson knocked it out of the park with this one.  Lots of emotion and a dramatic jaw dropping ending.  Something that’s never been experienced on Smallville – except in the negative way.

Rating:  SUPER, mythos. This episode is one of the best in the series. (Yep, I got my hope from last week.  We’re back to the super words.)  If this is a preview of Season 10 – bring it on!  No where else in the Superman canon has the triangle built for two or Clark’s many sides been explored as extensively and with such emotion.

Tom Welling showed us why he IS Superman.  The man with emotion, strength, and a solid moral core.    We laughed, we cried, and we were shocked.  Tom made us feel this episode.

Erica Durance always gives us Lois Lane.  That woman who seems to keep it all straight, on a subconscious level at the very least.  Erica nails it every time whether it’s comedy, drama or action.  She’s so versatile.

“Clark has many sides.” – Martha Kent
“Yea, I’ve seen several of them already.”  — Lois Lane
Season 4, CRUSADE, introduction of Lois Lane in the series.

These past three episodes have been about Clark’s many sides and how this affects other people.  In CHECKMATE, he was the hero; in UPGRADE, he was the stoned Kryptonian who wants a sense of family, acceptance and understanding, and in this episode, it is how his many identities meet the irresistible force of the triangle built for two.  His most intimate relationship.

On Smallville, Clark has had many sides, so a triangle is just a simplification.  He’s the farm boy, he’s Kal-El, he’s the journalist, he’s The Blur, and he’s RedKClark on occasion.  One of his personae is not working out well for him.  It is The Blur.  Hiding in the shadows, not allowing people to see his face so they can trust him and his actions, and allowing loved ones and friends to be targets because they are known and seen.

Where I think TPTB are headed with this is not just Superman, but Smallville,  Lois’s nickname for this man.  We’ve seen too much of his background to ignore the other sides even if the new one is Superman.  This is definitely a Modern Age story and ‘Smallville’ is the culmination of all his sides.  This man, born on another planet, raised on a farm in Kansas, went to the big city as a journalist to do what only he could do, and met a woman with Chutzpah and intellect who inspired him to be a better man and hero.

The Blur no longer stands on the Gargoyle Tower.  I love gargoyles, but they are more of a Batman thing.  Not a Superman thing at all, unless he’s working as part of World’s Finest.  In this episode, Clark is standing on a building with statues which look remarkably like figures from the Sistine Chapel.

Since no one has actually seen The Blur, this causes a whole host of problems.  I love that they are investigating this aspect of the mythos as well.  Superman wears bright colors and shows his face so people will notice him and trust him.  Hopefully soon, SV will add flying to Clark’s abilities and this will bring another perceptive to this character.  With flight, he appears to be angelic or a god.  This is important because who would think that this superbeing would have a personal life?  Nobody.  They’d see this guy and think he did this 24/7.

The incredible thing about the Superman story is Clark Kent.  The balance that keeps him firmly grounded and allows him to soar to new heights.  Continuity in the comics in the past 18 months has lost that.  They are just now re-introducing Superman who will be battling through the summer.  We haven’t seen Clark Kent or him interact with his wife that entire time.   I want to thank Smallville for keeping Clark Kent alive for us and for bringing him, finally this season, just one small step from being officially Superman.

All season long TPTB have been righting all the wrongs that were established in this show’s ‘mythos’ and they are going at it faster than a locomotive.  This episode, more than any other, gave me hope for season 10 and this show – and that is the Superman story in a nutshell.  Hope.


We were reminded that not only the Wonder Twins impersonated The Blur in IDOL but also Ray Sacks when he had Lois Lane thrown off the DP roof.  He was going to say it was The Blur who murdered her.  And who would know the difference?  No one has seen his face (and blondie wanted him to just ignore the DA’s coming out party.   We’ve seen how she deals with evil when confronted, e.g.  Lex and Doomy.)  Lois out’d herself as The Blur’s friend so she became a target because of the unseen hero.  Scenes from STILETTO, DOOMSDAY and SAVIOR reminded us that it was Clark who initiated this phone communication between The Blur and Lois.  At times he even flirted with her as The Blur when she was not too happy with Clark.  He had a good thing going, but it wasn’t the truth so it got corrupted.  In ESCAPE, Zod saw a way to get to Lois, the pit bull on a pant leg investigative reporter.  He was told that Lois Lane was off limits by his ‘brother,’ Kal-El, but Cain, err, Zod has the ability of flight and it’s gone to his head.  The Red Queen from CHECKMATE is also shown, the storyline of the agency and the new mysterious player is still alive.


Our Lois Lane in a bunny (think Hef) suit unmasks herself while holding a Zippo inside a fake cake.  Swing music is playing in the background.  (Thanks, Louis!)  Ray Sacks is entering a club (think speakeasy) from the back door in an alley.  He’s greeted by Metropolis’ upper echelon criminal element.  The party is for him and his release from prison.  He snarks about the flexibility of the American ‘justice’ system.  Someone out of place is there to collect a million dollars from Sacks.  There’s a drum roll and enter Lois!   She’s assisted out of the cake by two thugs.  She gives the crowd a smile and a wave.  She coyly blows a kiss to Sacks.

Clark in a tux lets out his usual battle cry, “Lois!”  The bunny gives her mating call, “Clark?” as the big guy gives her the once over with his costume expression (see ESCAPE).  She promptly socks him with a right jab which we see from different angles (including one where Clark steps away from the hit.  He doesn’t want to hurt her.)  Cameras are flashing.

Lois’ old employer, the Inquisitor has a full page photo of her slugging her boyfriend.  PLANET REPORTERS PULL NO PUNCHES.  Which is good advertising for the Daily Planet, but unfortunately, Franklin Stern doesn’t see it that way.  He is the new owner of the paper.

Clark and Lois have been called to task sitting in his office in front of his desk.  Lois pulls the paper closer.  “I told you to find the story.  Not BE the story.”  (see HEX “I don’t make the news, I just report it.”  Both are references to Clark writing about Superman’s exploits.)  Lois tosses the paper back on the desk.  Stern wants to know what happened.  Lois gives Clark a ‘well?’ look.  Clark glimpses her out of the corner of his eye.  And then they have a moment.  Neither is talking.

Stern wants to know if they had a lover’s spat.  With rigid smile, Lane goes for it.  Was there a doubt?  “Clark and I don’t spat.  There was no spatting.”  Clark goes for protective mode.  “What Lois is saying is that we try not to let our personal lives interfere with our jobs.”  Clark’s first line is often significant.  This episode was no exception.  Stern calmly tells them that they are both fired.  Lois is appalled and gives Clark the ‘nice going, Smallville’ expression.  Clark knows what he’s in for.

[image] [image]

The speak easy scene.  Action #1 in 1938 involved Clark Kent asking Lois Lane on a date in their first panel together.  He took her to a speak easy where he, as her dance partner, allowed a mobster to try and dance with her.  She slugs the criminal defending herself.  Clark reacts with “Lois – Don’t!”, but he’s thinking ‘Good for you, Lois!’  It’s a moment that shows Clark’s duality.  Superman saves her later by shaking the car she’s in.  That cover gets repeated every ten years.  The speak easy also reminded us of NOIR in season 6 written by Brian Peterson and  Kelly Souders, our current EP’s.  This time we did get Clark and Lois working undercover on a story.  Thanks!


Yesterday. Lois meets her cuz.  Clark is taking her up to the Daily Planet roof for some stargazing.  And as we all know from DISCIPLE, that means making out extraordinaire.  She’s very happy at the prospect.  She’s gotten Clark a gift.  A telescope.  In LUCY, both she and Clark looked into his telescope in the loft.  Clark got to see two objects collide as Fly by Mark Joseph played in the background.  Besides flying, we’ve never seen Clark use telescopic vision.  Perhaps the gift will be the beginning of that, too.

As they sit down to order, Lois confides she’s going to tell Clark she loves him.  They haven’t done the deed yet.  (I wonder if Clark has even made it to second base yet.)   Things have been different between her and Clark since they decided to keep secrets from one another.  “But that’s all changing tonight.  No more secrets.  It’s time for us to take our baggage out of the closet.  I mean if we out each other, then nothing should come between us, right?”

Lois Lane loves the truth and she eats it raw for breakfast.  Don’t lie to her.  She’ll find out the truth anyway.  Dealing with the truth, good, bad or ugly is the way she likes to live.  It’s just easier for her.  It’s one of the reasons Clark and Lois have full disclosure in the comics.

The Blur zips to his Kansas farmhouse in the brightness of day.  A photo of Jonathan Kent and the Clark & Lois date picture adorn the hallway credenza.  Clark zips upstairs as blondie enters through the kitchen door.  No knocking of course – and she’s already in rant mode.  Clark is unruffled as he adjusts his tie.   She wants to talk about his love life.  He wants to limit their convo to aliens assimilating on Earth.  So after an exposition berating, she doesn’t think he should bring Lois in on the secret.  (She’d be out of a job if Lois were told.)   Clark says he wasn’t going to tell Lois anything.  “I’m making Lois dinner tonight (see DEVOTED) so she shares her secret.  She’s been keeping something from me.  I didn’t want to use my abilities to spy on her. It’s been driving me crazy.”

It’s gotta be tough to have yellow sun given abilities and not use them.  Superman has two jobs.  One is saving the world and the other is saving Lois Lane, not necessarily in that order.  The Blur hasn’t been doing so hot with the saving Lois part (DISCIPLE being one example) — and I blame blondie because she has to have something to do, so Clark goes to her when he could just as easily do it himself.

blondie wants to know if he’s going to seduce it out of her.  “I haven’t called her as the Blur in months.”  See, he’s flirted with Lois as the Blur.  So in his mind, The Blur and Lois have a thing going on.  blondie points out that when The Blur asked Lois to keep the calls secret, it meant keeping the secret from the person she loves (namely Clark).  Nice going, blondo.  Lois is quite capable of telling Clark that she loves him – but no, big mouth cockroach has to tell him first.

Lois did keep the secret (for reasons stated later).  Clark pipes up with . . . “A relationship with secrets can never work.”  He brings up the blondes relationship.  And apparently they have a higher calling which comes first before their relationship.  Clark believes that he and Lois don’t have to be any different.  “Now if Lois was going to trust me tonight.  Maybe it’s time I trusted her.”  So he does want to tell her.

DP Elevator. Clark enters and pushes the floor button.  An arm appears just before the doors shut, it’s Lois.  ‘Hey’s are exchanged as they individually clasp their hands in mirrored stance.  “Did you get my message,” says Clark not looking at her.  “Yep,” nods Lois not looking at him.  Clark tries to see through his own skull and then turns his head in her direction.  “So we’re still on for tonight?”  She gives him a smile, “Definitely.”  She looks straight ahead again.  Clark looks in her purse.  “What’s in the box?”  She adjusts her purse and grins at him, “A surprise.”  Clark keeps looking at her and then looks around.  “It’s going to be a long day.”  She gives him a glance while he’s not looking, “Yep.”  Apparently Clark can’t stand it anymore.  “How about a sneak preview?”  He gives her just enough time to look at him and give a little nod as he grabs her and takes her into the corner of the elevator – off screen.  Booooo!  (This just means when they do get together – better have a fire extinguisher handy!  Burning down the house!)  The elevator doors open and they are embraced.  They separate.  Lois’ coat has been untied and unbuttoned.  Clark adjusts his coat.  “Sometimes I swear you have more than two hands,” says Ms. Lane.  She starts to step out of the elevator as Clark adjusts his tie and gives her a look hot enough to start up his heat vision.  They leave the elevator and Clark smoothes his hair.

They must have kissed inside the elevator because Lois says something about it altering time and space.  Boooo!  We want to see it!!!

Franklin Stern is the new editor or the new owner.  In the comics he was the owner and publisher for the Daily Planet.  And a good friend of Perry White’s.  Remember that.  Clark and Lois find their name plates on the same desk.  “And this live wire must be the lovely and charming, Ms. Lane.  I presume.”  Clark goes into overprotection mode.  “Ms. Lane is an acquired taste.”  Lois gives him a ‘really?’ look.  He explains that they have had a parade of editors since Tess left.  “Well not for long.  The board just launched a global search for the next Editor-In-Chief.  And I intend to make that decision very easy.”  Lois goes after his downsizing of the desks.  He’s been going through the personnel files.  “And I understand, you two are entangled in an inner office relationship.”  The Boy Scout steps back and flatly denies the allegation, “No Sir!”  Lois shakes her head and says, “No.”  Clark looks at Lois before Stern continues.

Apparently they have been out of the office, “Trying to reel in the big fish.  Yet not getting the daily catch.”  I can just hear Perry now telling Stern – ‘You want to sell newspapers or not?’  Can’t wait.  Clark tells him that they have brought in some pretty big stories.  Stern informs them that Ray Sacks gets out of prison today and got his life sentence reversed.  He tells them only one name plate will be on the desk at the end of the day.  “May the best reporter win.”  He leaves and Clark raises an arm to block Mad Dog from going after him.


Luthorcorp. Blondie takes a flashdrive out of Ollie’s desk and checks out his Swiss Bank Account.  Tess comes into the office expecting to see Ollie and finds El Blondo.  (Is Ollie helping Crazypants to stay underground?)  Long story short because I want to get back to the good stuff.  There’s a kryptohag stand off.  Tess has one of the better lines of the season when she asks blondie what the heroes see in her.  Blondie doesn’t understand what Clark has been trying to do with the Kandorians – the assimilation program, but Tess does.  Blondie leaves with flashdrive in her bag.

DP bullpen. Clark and Lois.  Lois and Clark.  Clark is using a computer.  Shock!  What will blondie do now?  “If we land a big enough story, we’ll save both our jobs.”  This from Mr. Optimistic.  Clark realizes that Sacks’ powerful friends at city hall probably got him out of prison and informs Lois that there’s a party down at Maxwell’s for the corrupt Ex-DA.  Lois states it would be easier to break into the White House (which she has done with Batman in the comics and Clark stopped them) then to break into the party.  Lois gathers her things.  She suggests they split the work.  Clark says it’s a good idea.  Neither look like they think it’s the best thing ever.  It’s as if they don’t want to separate even for a minute.  Lois gives him a little smile.  “Can’t wait for tonight.”  That made his day.  When she leaves, he looks pensive.

Elevator. Lois is on her cellphone talking to the Blur.  The fake one which she does not know about because Clark doesn’t know he’s being impersonated yet again.  Lois being Lois when talking to a hero she admires.  Rapid patter, a lot of patter.  So much so, she has to call back several times because the voice message runs out.  “But then again you are the Blur.  I’m sure you like it fast.”   (I don’t know – six years is not exactly Speedy Gonzales.)   I loved the full shot of the elevator with Lois alone pacing.  Why is she going past the 18th floor?  That’s some deep basement they got there.  Tight shot.  “Here’s the deal, I’m on the story about our ex-deadly DA.  Normally I would be working with my partner reporting, but I want to keep him safe, secure and as far away from Sacks and his murderous mob as I can.”  She’s no longer alone on the elevator.  “Clark’s not bulletproof, but you are.  Be my wingman?”  Lois is now protecting Clark.  She doesn’t want him to get hurt doing something dangerous.  Oh, Clark, you’ve got some splaining to do!

Can’t you just imagine what Zod’s reaction is going to be with all those messages?  He’ll probably bust a Kandorian gut over Kal-El and his girlfriend who doesn’t know he’s invulnerable.

Watchtower. Metallo’s heart is up on a screen.  Why?  Clark is in a state.  “Lois will find a way to see Sacks before the party tonight!  I have to find him first!”  Does he know his girl or what?  And he’s still being protective.  Blondie is pretty blasé about her cousin and danger.  She’s been spending Oliver’s money on beefing up the Watchtower’s security system AND has a satellite on the Fortress of Solitude.  Which is soooo wrong, but she’ll probably save Clark in the next episode.  (Hanging my head and moaning.  So Wrong!)  “Y’know, half of being in a relationship with Lois, is protecting her from herself,” says her super powered boyfriend who seems to enjoy doing that.

Sacks is after The Blur offering $1M to anyone who can supply him with an image of the mysterious hero.  Blondie hasn’t been able to track Sacks down since he got out of prison.  The Kryptonian in the room suggests that the former DA may have a fav bar or restaurant.  In five keystrokes, blondie unrealistically finds the info.

Tony’s Pizza. Oh look!  Lois Lane has found the DA’s fav spot without the aide of a keyboard or a blonde.  However does she do that?  Maybe it’s her superpower!  She shoves a pizza box into Sack’s gut and gives him a grin.  “Lois Lane of the Daily Planet.  You may remember from the roof of the Daily Planet.”  IDOL.  “So who let you out of your cage?”  Sacks tells her she has too much faith in The Blur.  He snaps his fingers and a goon appears.  Lois informs him her editor knows where she is.  He counters with, “They’ll never find your body.”  Goon with gun backs Lois into an alley.  Sacks prepares to re-enter his limo.

Goon goes airborn as we hear the zip.  The body disappears behind some construction plastic.  Snake Sacks dives into the limo to make his getaway.  BlurClark stands over goon as Lois yells, “Wait!  Thank you. I’d be two strips of pain if you hadn’t gotten my call.”  Clark turns around on those words knowing he hasn’t called her.  “What call?”  She can only see his silhouette.  “You have no idea what it means that you trusted me enough to let me help you these last few weeks.  I have never felt such a sense of purpose in my entire life.  Whatever you need, you can count on me.”  The Blur leaps and it looks more like a soar and lands on a rooftop.  His figure is outlined by the full moon as he zips away.

[image] [image]

A pizza delivery guy gets a picture of the Blur.  Lois tries to stop him. He gets away.  She starts to call the Blur & Clark appears.  Upset.  “Lois! Stop!  Who are you calling?”  She denies it is the Blur she’s contacting. “Lois, you told me you stopped talking to the Blur.  All those secrets you’ve been keeping from me.  It’s him, isn’t it?”  Lois tries to explain.  “This is between the Blur and me.  That’s all I can tell you.”  Clark is angry because she’s in danger.  “Lois, do you even know who you are really talking to?”  She’s trying to figure out what’s got him fuming.  “Clark, you don’t need to be jealous.”  He denies that he is.  He is so frustrated with this situation that he’s caused.  “I need to know who that is.”  Lois can’t believe he’s being this way.  “You did not just ask me that.  Is this about the story?  You want me to give up the Blur just to save our job?”  Clark is incredulous.  “Lois, I’m trying to save you!  Don’t you think that sometimes you might have too much blind faith?”  You’re going to depend on that later, Big Guy.  These two fight so fair.  It’s totally refreshing.  “Why because if he trusted me, he’d show himself.  Is that it?”  Clark is beside himself.  He decides to come clean.  “Lois.  Okay.  I need you to listen to me.”  Aaand, it doesn’t happen.  “No, Clark!  I am sure he’s dying to tell me.  But how can anyone who cares about me put me in that kind of position.  If I knew his true identity then every low life with high hopes of hurting him, would come after me.  And he would never put me in that kind of danger just to get his secret off his back.  That’s why I trust him.”   (See INFAMOUS – Clark did exactly that.  He told Lois his secret to get it off his back and then had to turn time back with the Legion ring.)  She walks away alone.  Is that anyway to protect your girlfriend, Clark?


Watchtower. Clark zips in.  Why? Because blondie has to have something to do.  “I found Sachs but I just may have lost Lois.  Or at least her trust.  I did this to myself.  I asked Lois to keep her calls with the Blur secret.  And she did.  Even from me.  And now someone is calling her pretending to be the Blur.”  He names the usual suspects.  He’s stolen Lois’ phone to see who she’s been calling.  Why? Because blondie has to have something to do.  Lois has already deleted the list.  Smart woman!   “You know as much as I don’t want to, I have to say, it’s pretty impressive how much Lois is committed to protecting the Blur.”  Oh gee, blondie, don’t give your cuz any credit.  (see PERSUASION where blondie reads Lois the riot act for outing herself as a friend of the Blur’s in front all of Metropolis and Ray Sacks.)

“From me!” says a divided Clark apparently.  “I almost ended it all and told her everything.  Until she reminded me why I could never put her in that kind of danger.  I need to find whoever is calling Lois and using my identity.  She said she had something to tell him.”  (Okay, what IT are we talking about here?  The CHARADE?  The mess Clark’s gotten himself and everyone he knows into?)   So blondie’s technology searches all over the world for us to hear Lois’ end of the conversation.  Clark following Lois and using his superhearing wouldn’t have accomplished the same goal?  Oh yea, I forgot.  blondie has to have something to do

Lois in a Metropolis phone booth.  She can’t find her cellphone.  “Listen, someone photographed you on their phone and they’re about to sell it to Ray Sachs.  I don’t know when you’ll get this.  So I’ll blitz his bash at Maxwell’s and try to run interference but you need to get there as soon as you can.”

Lois Lane in the back alley of Maxwell’s.  She spies the fake cake and the bunny suit.  “Piece of cake.”  (see WARRIOR, her boyfriend said it in that one as he was getting her a costume to wear.)

Inside Maxwell’s. Clark adjusting his cuffs as Sacks rails on about his imprisonment.  This time at the bar, Clark is looking for Lois.  He overhears Sacks and the pizzaguy discussing the million dollars for the photo.  Lois bursts forth from the cake like in the teaser.  This time after blowing Sacks a kiss, she spies the pizzaguy with his cellphone out.  Clark calls out to her.  She turns towards him.  She takes a punch at him – and probably didn’t connect, but Clark being who and what he is thought he’d have to make it look good so she wouldn’t get hurt.  Lois runs into the pizzaguy, knocks his phone to the ground and smashes it with her heel.  “Oops, sorry about your million dollars.”  Clark sees what she fully intended to do.  Sacks sees he’s got a problem.  Clark sees Sacks watching and grabs Lois.  He’s got one arm around her waist and the other arm is straight out.  Lois has her hand on his hand on her waist and the other is stretched out along his holding onto his wrist.  Think “Can You Read My Mind” from Superman the movie.  YEA!

Sachs informs the pizzaguy that they really didn’t need the picture anyway.  He has the guy taken someplace offscreen.  The camera pans to a suit pocket with a handkerchief.  It’s a Black King.  Remember the place is called Maxwell’s.

Daily Planet entrance. Lois and Clark are exiting with boxes of their possessions.  Lois has been at the Planet for three years.  Clark reminds her he lost his job, too.  “Well one of us could have kept our job if you hadn’t been so obsessed with unmasking the Blur.  I don’t know how you found out about that photo but crashing Sacks’ party.  Just how many hurdles are you willing to jump to expose the person I’m trying to protect.”  Clark retorts she came out of a cake and slugged him.  She tells him it was a distraction.  “I had to do something extreme to get that extremely dangerous picture, no thanks to you.”  He tries to interject.  “No, save it.  I don’t know why you suddenly have it in for the Blur, but whatever you’re going to tell me right now, isn’t going to make a difference.  I’m seeing a whole other side of you, Clark.  And for the first time, I’m not a fan of you.”  She walks away.  She goes around a corner, clearly upset.  In STILETTO, she thought she wouldn’t be herself if she wasn’t a reporter.  And Clark’s let her walk away again.  She’s grabbed from behind by a goon.  Is Clark’s powers on the fritz again?   Not using them ought to be driving him crazy!   I know it’s making us quite insane!

Weird snowflake.  There’s an apparatus that has bodies on it.  Pizzaguy and Lois (and maybe Rick the pimp, too) are strapped onto it.  Maxwell Lord appears and looks at Lois Lane.


Black Knight. Sacks in the Black King’s Lair.  He apparently has been gathering up these people for Checkmate and Lord, in particular, to get a 3D image of The Blur.  Lord has the metahuman ability to draw memories from people’s minds.  Lord thinks Waller, the White Queen, is a desk jockey while he tries to save the world from metahumans.  Since he is one, he knows how dangerous they are and he plans to eliminate them.  “The world needs the ‘rule of law.’  Anything outside the natural order is unpredictable.”

Clark is at Watchtower. Why? Because blondie has to have something to do.  He’s watching a video of Lois being kidnapped.  Again, are his powers on the fritz?  Would he be going crazy and looking like a doof if he’d use his powers to save Lois Lane or protect her?  Probably not, but, y’know . . . blondie has to have something to do.   Jimmy Olsen has to die because he’s not the right age but this bitch gets to hold back Clark’s independence and relying on his own common sense and abilities.  Oh yea, that’s real mythos.  [sarcasm]  Oh, I forgot.  This is Smallveel.

So blondie has absconded the footage from a camera 60 floors up.  She’s been minding Lois’ whereabouts.  Not doing a good job of that, is she?  Or does she want her cousin to get kidnapped and knocked out on a regular basis because then she’d have something to do.  “Unfortunately zoom technology isn’t exactly on par with x-ray vision.”   But telescopic would be even better.  Hopefully will get a clue when Lois gives him the telescope.  Maybe she should have it engraved and have it say, “Watch over me . . . a lot!”

So blondie doesn’t know where Lois was taken.  [biting my tongue and screaming like a bunny]  But Clark still has a brain even if he’s not looking out for his girlfriend.  “This has to be Sacks.”  So blondie finally spouts her research.  Clark knows all the criminals that have been released from prison because he put them behind bars.  We see info on Mia’s pimp, Rick.  Clark realizes that it can only be the governor who authorized their transfers.

So the party was at Maxwell’s and blondie didn’t know who threw the party for Sacks.  (Did the two Kryptonians she’s smarter than have learning disabilities?)  So she digs up Watchtower’s info on MAXWELL Lord who contributed heavily to the governor’s campaign.  “If Maxwell Lord wants The Blur, that’s exactly who he’ll get!”  Clark takes off for the club.  Blondie doesn’t argue.  Really?  Shouldn’t she be browbeating him – I mean, it would give her something to do.

Sacks upstairs at Maxwell’s. He’s telling someone that Lord is a major player and that he’s got the key to the city.  He looks at the Black Knight chess piece.  The Blur knocks him on his butt and crushes the piece.  “Checkmate.”

Lois downstairs in the Lair. Knocked out, of course.  Lois remembers the Blur’s chin, lips and jaw.  And there’s the shadow scene from METALLO on the screen of her memories.  Lord holds his hand over her head as she remembers the S shield. She is struggling.  “You’re fighting it.  You know him, don’t you?”  The Blur arrives.  “Get away from her!”  COMBAT METALLO etc  (Rick the pimp has seen the side of The Blur’s face)  “Stop!  One wrong step and I’ll eviscerate every last thought in her head,” warns Lord.  We see the Blur’s image start to form.  Clark knows what the Black King is doing.  “Let them go.  They don’t know who I am.”

Lord looks at Lois.  “Except for this one. Even unconscious her mind protects memories of you.”  Clark denies she has any memories of him.  Lord doesn’t listen to him.  “Or maybe the connection between you two is stronger. Stronger than the fear that binds you with the others.  Stronger because of love.”  Lord gives Lois the double whammy.  (Well, that’s two people who have told Clark that Lois loves him.)   Lois fights it with everything she’s got.  Tears fall down her face.  She will protect the Blur.

Clark can’t take her being tortured any more.  He leaps for the image with his fist out in front of him.  (flying seems to be getting closer.)  He shatters the enclosure as his face fits perfectly into the image.  Lord is gone.


The Blur lands near Lois as she rises from the gurney.  She sees his shadowed reflection in a monitor.  “You’re here.”  Clark realizes she can see him but not who he is.   Lois stops herself from turning around and looking at him.   “I can’t know who you are.”  Clark appears to take a step to leave.  “I’d give anything to see your face, to know your name, but you can’t protect us if we know who you are.”  Her voice begins to waver with tears.  “I understand that now.”  Clark reaches out and puts his hand on her shoulder (AQUA, ROULETTE).  Lois touches his hand as he clasps her fingers with his.  Softly she says, “Go.”  He zips away as her hand hold the memory of his warmth.  Tears fall down her face.



Metropolis at night. Maxwell Lord leaves his building.  He has a passport.  A man, who seems to know Lord, puts a gun to his gut and puts him into a limo.  Max sees red heels and great legs.  Great rack.  “So it’s true.  The Red Queen does exist.”

Kent Farm in the daylight. Green tractor sighting!  Clark puts down the front end of the bane of his existence.  He’s still working on it.  Enter other bane.  She knows he’s beating himself up.  Well, at least he’s not throwing his balls anymore.  He’s actually doing something constructive.  “Which me?  The Blur that Lois would die to protect or the boyfriend that Lois is protecting him from?”  So blondie unsuccessfully lists all his accomplishments with Lois.  “I guess if half of me has Lois’ trust, and the other half gets the rest of her, it all works out in some weird way.”  He can’t stand still.  He goes to fix the tractor again.  Blondie gives him the death sentence.  “One of those halves has to say goodbye.”  (She’d like that, wouldn’t she.)  So she starts giving him all the info she’s dug up.  Bleck!  She found out a day late and a dollar short that Zod is impersonating the Blur.  It’s RAO Industries now?  Really?  Clark has a ‘duh’ moment.  “Everything he said about brotherhood was a lie.  Of course, he’s the one whose been using Lois.”  So blondie doesn’t want him to take on Zod, but tell Lois goodbye right away.  “Until you can tell Lois you are the one and only Blur.  Anyone with a voice modulator and a calling plan can pretend to be you.”  Yea, buddy, get out into the light already!  Clark makes the decision he couldn’t make as The Blur in SAVIOR.  “I know what I have to do.”

Their Phone Booth. It’s ringing.  Lois picks up the receiver and says hello.  “Lois, thank you for coming.”  (He’s always polite, Zod is not.)  “When the Blur leaves a handwritten message (nice touch), you better believe, I’m there.  Chalk it up to the curiosity of a recently unemployed reporter, but since we’ve been doing this cell-to-cell, why are we back to doing this old school?”  Clark is on top of a building with more angelic statues than the gargoyle tower.  They are looking up into the sky as a speeding train goes by.  “I wanted to have this conversation in a place that meant something to both of us.”  Clark, you’re breaking my heart.

“That sounds awfully official, but, hey, you’re the boss.  What’s my next impossible mission?”  She looks quite excited at the prospect.   “There won’t be one, Lois.  I’m sorry this is our last conversation.”  Clark looks devastated.


Even though she knows the answer, she wants clarification.  “Last conversation for today or for a while?  If you have to go back on another hiatus, I understand, I’ll be there.”  Oh, he really doesn’t like this conversation.  “As in our last talk . . . forever.”  Her eyes go from left to right and she nervously chuckles, “Nn-o.”  Headstrong woman that she is.  We see her face as he tells her why.  “Our relationship puts you at risk.  I know that we would do anything to protect each other.”  There are tears in Clark’s eyes.  “What if one day, I’m too late?”  (Well Clark you just have to make sure that never happens!)

[image] [image]

Lois tries to reason with him and explain to him why she’s been doing this.  “But you don’t understand, I don’t care about the risk.  When I’m working with you, I’m doing something good.  Something right.”  RABID  With a sob in his throat, he reassures her.  “You don’t need me for that.”  Lois presses on as she always does.  “But I do need you.  And maybe I didn’t realize it until it was too late, but this is the most important part of my life.”  (She’s just lost her job at the DP and helping the blur gave her a sense of purpose.)

Clark closes his eyes.  Now he’s acting like an unsure boyfriend.  “There must be some other part that means more to you.”  Lois explains further.  “When I’m with you, it’s about more than what I want, who I want.  It is something that is bigger than me.”  PLASTIQUE  “I wish that things could be different, Lois.”  His sincerity fills his face.  “This is the only way I can protect you.  I won’t call again.  If any one calls claiming to . . . “  He chokes back his emotion.  “. . .to be me, don’t believe them.  No matter what they say or what happens.  You can’t trust them.”  He’s highly upset.  He hates doing this.  Lois doesn’t beg.  She just wants him to see reason.  “No, please.”

Clark looks down at her standing in the light of the phone booth and then he looks away.  “I will be watching over you.  I promise.  Goodbye, Lois.”  He snaps the phone shut for the last time.  Lois looks like she’s in shock.  She hangs up the phone and calmly says, “Goodbye.”  She takes a gulp of air as she stands in the doorway of the booth as if the rug has been pulled out from under her.

Remember in STILETTO, she told the Red Blue Blur that she didn’t know who she would be if she wasn’t a reporter.  Well, she isn’t now.  And now she doesn’t have the other work that she found fulfillment in, helping The Blur.  Lois is probably having a little identity crisis of her own.  Clark definitely is.

A Story of Us by Chris Lind begins to play.

Love, take me by the arm,

Full moon over Metropolis.  Fly with me in this night. DP Rooftop.  Lois comes running and stops at the doorway.  There is a table for two set complete with wine.  The candles have nearly burned down.  She must be late.  She gingerly steps out onto the roof.  Love, Love, Love, let’s be bold. Clark has their white lights strung.  Lois nears the table.  Let’s be daring at the ball. She reaches for the red rose in the vase.  So, So, So, they will stare, It’s never bothered me before.

Clark wondered if she would show after their last talk.  “It’s beautiful, Clark.  Thank you.”  She smiles at him.  “What is it, Lois?”  She stares back at him as if wondering how he knew.  “You know you can tell me anything.”  “Can I?  Then why did I lie to you?”  She flips her hands in exasperation.  “We both agreed we’d keep some things to ourselves.”  Lois can’t handle that so she immediately confesses.  “I’ve been talking to the Blur.  Clark.”  He readies himself.  She walks towards him.  “Doing things for him.  Sharing things with him that I couldn’t share with you.”  Clark offers it was her reporter blood.  “It was more than that, but we . . . I talked to him and it’s over.  He doesn’t want me in his life anymore.”  Clark takes a step towards her.  “Well, there’s someone right here that still does.  It’s okay.”  You can clearly see that it’s not okay with her.  “You don’t have to be okay with it, Clark.”  She lets out a small exasperated sigh as she walks away from him.  She climbs to the upper level.  She’s a little frustrated with herself.   “It’s not right of me to ask that of you, Clark.”  He follows her.  His voice is low and raspy.  “He meant a lot to you, didn’t he?”  She turns and looks straight at him.

“It’s not like THIS . . . with you.  I wish you could understand what it felt like to have this . . a calling, a duty to people and the world.  It made my feelings for you and everything else seem . . .”  Clark responds somewhat petulantly.  “Selfish.  Like there’s a whole world out there that needs you but if you take anything from it for yourself, it’s at someone else’s expense.”  The sting of that lesson for him is still fresh.  (Clark understands what she’s feeling because he’s just figured it out for himself. That having a higher calling does not mean you can’t have a personal life. Someone to love and protect. ) “Lois, I do understand.”  SUPERMAN SECRET ORIGINS #5  She wonders.  “How?”   “I guess with him gone the question is . . . Am I enough?”  They stare at one another as the song ends with ‘run with me.’

[image] [image]

Jaw dropping ending to an incredible episode!

AN INDULGENCE: Some final thoughts because the fans can’t seem to quit talking about this episode!   Well done, Smallville!

Am I enough? Is a question that Clark Kent asks himself over and over in the comics for various reasons.   You can’t separate Clark’s sensibilities from his personality. This is why Lois loves him, and why she is so attracted to and admiring of the Blur. She loves him no matter what clothes he’s wearing.

Even if Clark Kent is enough for Lois Lane, it’s still not going to be enough for him. And that’s the conclusion he has to draw. Clark has to have a burning NEED for Lois to know. That could be concluded from so many things. Lois’ safety, Lois being the one true intimate relationship where he doesn’t have to have secrets (full disclosure), deciding to make himself the target by showing his face as a new superhero taking the heat off his loved ones, being able to function with two full time jobs (somebody is going to have to give him excuses when he gets his DP job back), etc etc etc

The question is unfair in one aspect in that Clark has not revealed all that he is to Lois. And he still insisted upon her considering The Blur as another person. He has spent all season developing the separate identities but when it comes to this relationship, he needs to assimilate them into one for both his and Lois’ benefit.

I believe that Clark will become the Knight of Faith very soon. He will believe that he can have it all and that is what his life will be about. That loving Lois is not selfish. It is what makes life worth living.  Clark WILL have it all. Lois totally understands all his sides, he just has to tell her about them. The ball is in his court. He’s never had this before. Someone who understands that his secret is his way of protecting. (All the Smallville girls were dogging him constantly about it.)

I really loved the expression of a mature relationship.  These two talk things out.  They express how they feel. They fight fair.  They always, always, protect one another.   And they never want to lose one another.

We could see why Clark and Lois never say goodbye to each other.  It is horrific for them.

Thanks for redeeming the DP elevator (INSTINCT) and the DP roof (POWER).

This episode was so very strong.  It is our hope that this show will remain strong while focused on Clark Kent and his forward movement into Superman.   Let Clark have his abilities and use them to save Lois Lane and the world.   It’s the story we’re dying to see and we hope Peterson and Souders are dying to tell it to us.

TRAILER:  SACRIFICE (No Lois Lane . . .which sucks!)

This episode got a combo trailer and an episode trailer with barely any Clark.  So I’m going to just give the official description:

CHLOE AND TESS ARE TRAPPED INSIDE WATCHTOWER — Tess  breaks into Watchtower, triggering an elaborate security system that Chloe installed, ultimately trapping the two women inside. Chloe realizes that The Kandorians are downloading information about from the Watchtower server, which prompts her to make a drastic move. Oliver confronts Zod and winds up clinging to life with a “Z” scorched into his chest. Clark realizes Zod has given his soldiers super powers.  Kevin Fair directed the episode with story by Justin Hartley and Walter Wong and teleplay by Bryan Q Miller.

I’ll be watching the Clark and Zod bits.  I’d like to be proved wrong that this isn’t LOCKDOWN revisited.  We’ll have to wait and see.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Christine permalink
    April 28, 2010 5:16 am

    Small correction Holli “And for the first time, I’m not a fan of you” She actually says not a fan of the view

    Charade made me immensley happy to be a Cloiser
    and finally hearing Clark’s POV was a breath of fresh air, there is nothing I enjoy more then Clark telling us how he feels then trying to figure it out or having others tell us.

    This rendition of a Triangle for two is nothing short of brilliant, just as I am in love with the fact they chose to have Lois fall for Clark first before Superman. I love this telling of the Triangle for the simple fact they’ve explained it with such clarity
    Lois/Blur=duty,sense of accomplishment,admiration, purpose etc
    Lois/Clark=love,laughter,passion etc
    and when Clark finally tells her they literally will have it all!
    And I suspect this is alot closer then one would think

    Fantastic review Holli KUDOS

  2. maria permalink
    April 28, 2010 11:30 am

    Why Clark has tears in his eyes???
    I agree with Christine, he can share his hero-duties only with Lois Lane. In the whole episode he discovers that she understand him more than anyone. Now, he knows that he can trust her and that she will support him no matter what … Now.. he has to say goodbye. In addition he has to deny part of who he is.
    I fully understand his suffering, not being able to share all your life with the person you love… now that he is so close to her, right now, he has to say goodbye ….

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