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Smallville’s CONSPIRACY is to make us wait with ‘bated breath

March 4, 2010

Season 9, Episode 15

Review and Recap by Holli

Written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien, who came on board in Season 5.  They have written KANDOR, BRIDE, INSTINCT, APOCALYPSE, FRACTURE, COMBAT, LABYRINTH, CURE, FADE. . . amongst other episodes over the seasons.  The episode was also directed by Turi.  His first Smallville episode, but has previously directed for Angel and Buffy.

Rating: I give this episode a solid 10.  It’s a number.  BUT this episode, as so many Meyer & Septien episodes, catapults us into the end of the season (after a five week hiatus).   This team is reliable, especially under Peterson and Souders watch.  And can we give our Executive Producers huge kudos for an outstanding season so far and so many promising things to look forward to?!


A rainy Metropolis at night. Faora gazes at her dogtag on the lone Metropolis street.  The Daily Planet’s headline reads “Tower of Tomorrow Terminated” showing the burning building.  Clark, wearing casual Clark gear, warns her it’s not a good idea to advertise she’s from another planet.   She reminds him that even though he feels more human than Kryptonian, she knows who she is.  He tells her to keep the dogtags out of sight.  She’s upset that someone destroyed ‘their’ tower.  Faora says, “It could have been brought down by anyone.  I don’t know who to trust anymore.”  Clark says he knows what the tower meant to them, “but you can’t change what’s happened in the past.”  That’s because he’s trying to change what happened in the ‘other’ future.  “Zod told us it was our salvation.”  Clark insists that Zod was wrong.  “Trust me.  Your future will be much brighter without it.”  They are walking down the street.  Faora in the lead.  Only one thing gives her hope, apparently Clark found her sister and brought her back.

Said sister flings herself at Clark.  “Kal-El!”  Clark looks at Faora.  “It’s Clark, remember?”  He reminds the ingénue that Faora and her have to call him by his human name.  Vala is all smiles.  “Clark.  It just sounds so alien.”  Faora can see her sister is enamored of the hero.  “I came to check on you both.  I can understand how hard it must be adjusting to your new home,” he says.  Faora snips that without their powers adjustment will be more difficult.  Vala is all Kal-El worship.  “We have nothing to fear anymore.  Kal-El will protect us.”  We hear a siren and Lil Miss Sweetie Sweet gives Clark permission.   “Go. They need you, too.”  Well gee, thanks.  He nods and zips off.

Vala can’t take her eyes off of her hero.  “Sister, don’t get your hopes up.  He’s in love with a human.”  (See, even Faora knows.)  Disappointment pervades Vala’s demeanor.  Faora tells her to close up.  I thought she was talking about her sister’s jacket.  “You can drown your sorrows in one of their cappuccinos.”  Faora leaves for the café while Vala continues to be let down.  She goes into the used book store where she is working.  She’s closing up when the bell on the door rings.  She turns and sees no one there.  We get the scary movie thing where the young girl starts shouting ‘hello’ instead of either grabbing a gun or running screaming from the store.   Y’know blondie being smarter than two Kryptonians is not a big deal.

The door is wide open so she shuts it and turns over the closed sign.   Pulls the shade on the front window and turns out the lights while still in the store.   Blondie’s IQ just dropped another ten points.  She walks back into the store and, wouldn’t you just know it, she runs into a bad masked man.  Oh, who knew?   She screams and runs for the safety of the front door, but is grabbed from behind as he gases her from his little glove gas apparatus.  I’m cramping in horror (NOT) as we get a close up of this guy’s mask.  Then we see a terrified eye of Vala who is in some pod-like encasement along with two guys.  Credits.


Daily Planet in daylight. Lois is typing away on her keyboard.  A phone rings and she opens her desk drawer.  We see the Checkmate phone and it says:  ‘Unknown caller.  THE WALL.’  We hear Clark saying, “Lois!” She drops the phone and closes the drawer.  He wants to know what she’s up to.  He’s carrying in his mail and his briefcase.  She answers that she’s juggling deadlines.  Lois crosses past him.  “What about you?”  He puts his things on his desk.  “Just making sure I don’t drop any assignments.”   They turn to look at each other and are in each other’s space.  We get to see Clark’s reaction first.  He gives her a little sidewards glance and then says a grinning, “Hello.”  Lois stands her ground.  “Y’know, since we’ve started seeing each other, we never really see each other.  Maybe we should stop and smell the roses.”  Definite sexual tension between these two.  “I know where we can find some,” he says as he seems to grab her hips and pulls her closer.  OKAY, now hear this!  If there’s physical contact going on between these two, we want to see it!  Pull the damn camera back!

Clark is on his romance game!  Whew!  (fans self)  “Across the street.  Romantic café.”  Lois slightly nods.  “I see a table for two in our future.”  Clark definitely only has eyes for her.  She beams a grin at him as he chuckles.  We hear a voice off camera say ‘Clark.’  But our hero keeps staring lovingly at his girl.  It is Lois who is playing with his tie and chest that turns first to see where the voice came from.  Clark still is quite happy to gaze at Lois.  The he seems to notice she’s looking elsewhere.  (Talk about burning down the bullpen! IDENTITY)  Guy’s got superhearing and . . . he’s got it bad for da Lois!  YEA!!!  It’s Faora.  She remembered to call him Clark.  Our couple is still looking at the intruder.  “Who’s the femme fatale?”  Clark looks at Lois.  “An assignment I can’t put off.”  He seems worried about her response.  “Guess we should just hit the pause button on our rosy rendezvous.”  She gives him another grin to show she knows he has to go.  He chuckles.  “Thanks.  I’m sorry,” he says hurriedly.  “Fine,” says Lois as he dashes off.  STOP!  Kiss her cheek at least, ya BDA!  Oy!  Or doesn’t he want to Faora to know he cares for Lois.  Too late, she already knows.  “No problem, Smallville.  Go win a Pultizer.”  Lois is supportive and doesn’t give him ‘permission’ to leave her presence to go help someone.

Clark has Faora by the arm and doesn’t appear to be all that happy.  “I thought we agreed that the Daily Planet is off limits!”  Clark is trying to keep his human life private.  Faora says she didn’t want Zod finding out she was contacting him.  So Zod does not have a firm grip on his people.  Faora and Zod’s originals married in the other timeline (and are now phantoms in the PZ).  It will be interesting to see where her loyalties lie when all hell breaks loose.  “He doesn’t trust you, Kal-El.  But I think you’re the only person who can find my sister.”  Vala’s been kidnapped.

Justin’s shirtless again! YEA!!!  He’s used his office shower at Luthorcorp and is wearing jeans – not dress pants.  Tess is at his desk.  Thank God it wasn’t blondie.  I don’t know that I could have stomached that.  Ollie tosses his towel across the room.  “Who died?”  ROFL  She has his shirt over her legs – apparently we would have seen her more or less skirtless without it.  She’s upset about the tower being destroyed.  She wants to know why he’s not crying buckets over it.  He tells her there are more fiscally responsible ways of doing it.  Apparently the investigators said it was a freak accident.  (as in meteor freak?  They still got it wrong.)  Crazypants crosses over to him with the shirt to get up close and personal.  She confesses at one time she would have believed anything he told her.  She hands him the shirt.  “Those days are history.”  Ollie accuses her of bleeding the company dry with the tower project.  She informs him the CFO says that one of his subsidiaries is embezzling funds big time.  She hands him the proof and walks off.  “Stop the leak.”  Ollie reads the document and looks up somewhat shocked while knowing who exactly is taking his money.

Book store. Three books are prominent.  A Fall of A Titan, Beyond Death and What is ESP?  Fall of A Titan is about Stalin’s demise.  Could it be referencing Zod?  Beyond Death could be the replicants and their experiments on human corpses.  ESP?  don’t know.  Clark enters dressed in journalist attire.  Zoddie is there.  “You’re too late.  I’m taking care of this.”  He’s cleaned up the mess and made sure the police don’t find out.  “Why don’t you go back to saving humans, Kal-El?”  Clark tells him he’s there to find Vala.  “Well, I don’t want your help.  If you hadn’t demanded that we assimilated, Vala wouldn’t be in danger.”  Clark says he’s not to be blamed for the abduction.  Whoa!  Clarkie is not going to take blame for something he had nothing to do with?  Thanks for the grown up Clark!  Zod blames him for sending everyone away from him and driving a wedge between him and his people.  He indicates that others are missing as well.  “Taken the same way.  Their crest left behind as a warning to us all.”   We see a spray painted Kandorian crest on the store desk.  Clark goes to take a closer look and there’s the male stare out before Zod steps aside.  Zod is not happy.  “Someone is hunting us and we can’t defend ourselves because you will not give us our powers.”  Now Clark’s pissed.  “I told you before I just can’t give them to you.”  Zod goes into a rage accusing Clark of burning down the tower.  He throws a punch and Clark catches it.  He’s stonily waiting to see what Zods next move is.  Zod reminds him that they know this was no accident.  “At least have the courage to admit what you’ve done.”  Clark is standing his ground.  “What I did was right!”  Zod sneers.  “For the humans!”  Clark has an outburst of his own.  “For everyone!’  These guys are verbally going at it.  “The Kandorians won’t see it that way.”  (Thus making Clark less trustworthy to them.)  But Clarkie has his braincells synapsing on all cylinders.  “You’ll never tell them because you don’t know which ones have turned against you already.”  Oooo must be a few more then we know about.  “And the fact that tower is down leaves you weaker than ever.”  Enjoy your victory while you can, Clark.  There are other battles on the horizon.  “Because of your actions our people’s blood is on your hands.”  Zod walks away somewhat triumphant with that retort.  Clark has a heart for all people and this is weighing on him.

Vala in the pod. The two guys are no longer there, but there’s a lot of blood.  The masked man removes his helmet.  Vala begs to be released.  “I don’t want you contaminating anything, alien.”  Vala lies and says she’s not what he thinks she is.  Apparently he spotted her and the others living amongst humans.  “You want to colonize our planet.”  She tells him he’s wrong.  Yea, they want to enslave the planet, if Lois’ future is any indication.  She lives and says she’s human as well as a pretty, petite ingénue can.  He’s not buying.  He’s getting undeniable proof to show the world.  He thinks when the world finds out about them that they will be hunted down and exterminated.  Looks like this guy has an axe to grind.  He puts the mask back on.  Why?  And brushes past her pod to turn it so she can see a Kandorian arm hanging on a meat hook.  Nice.  Louis Febre’s score punctuates the horror.  So Vala screams no and stop while masked guy gets a chainsaw and hacks at a body.  Blood spurt.


Blondie is typing on her laptop at Lois’ apartment. Classical type music playing.  We hear the door open and she looks up.  (She has that huge Watchtower with all that equipment and she’s working from home?  Shouldn’t she have learned her lesson from STILETTO?)  She is happy to see Ollie has entered her den of desire.  (We may have to get the puke buckets out again.)  He walks around like he’s been thrown from a speeding car.  He turns up the music on the laptop which has a rockin beat now.  Blondie gets seductive.  Usher!  Ollie moves in for the kill.  When she goes to kiss him.  “It’s not a booty call.”  OH YES!!! Go Ollie, go Ollie!  He shoots, he scores!  Duh!  He tells her Tess may be listening.  Crazypants is up to something and it may involve blondie.  Let’s hope it’s the short one’s demise.  “You’re stealing from me.”  She’s still trying to work the seduction angle.  Tess has much more chemistry with him when they’re ten feet apart.  “A lot of women have used me for my money.  I never expected it from you.”  Why?  “I wasn’t stealing from you, Oliver.  I was borrowing the cash.”  Okaaay.  Girlfriend’s tower although possibly paid for is still financed with Oliver’s funds.  She is hogging Lois’ apartment which he also owns now since he and Tess share Luthorcorp assets.  So she’s sleeping with the boss and now she’s embezzling from him.  She’s going to pay him back how?  Apparently he’s not interested in the cash for crusty program.  He could get better on the street.

So she’s trying to buy insurance for the entire planet.  She’s more like Lex everyday.  Which I’m sure is not something Ollie wants to think about in any way, shape, or form.  There’s no love here, folks.  Let’s move on!

Faora in the warehouse.  Clark zips in, still in reporter garb.  He wants to know about all the Kandorians gone missing and what was Vala’s connection to them.  “They’re what you call cybernetic engineers.  Together they were performing tests to get our powers.  Perhaps these ‘tests’ are to blame for her abduction.”  She pauses and Clark encourages her to tell him.  “They were experimenting on humans.”  Clark is not liking that.  So Lil Miss Sweetie Sweet was experimenting on humans and working at a used book store.  Rolling my eyes.  Whatever.  So masked guy may have a real beef with her.  I hope she doesn’t go after Lois since she’s so crushing on Clark.

A blood red rose. Lois enters the café and sits at a table for two.  She’s wearing a military design jacket.  She orders pinot noir for one.  The reporter notices the rose in the vase at her table and the couple outside kissing.  She smiles at them as she opens the Travel & Leisure section of the Daily Planet which has a front pager regarding Romantic Getaways.  (Patience people, it’s only five more weeks.)  A voice behind the newspaper addresses her.  It’s unmasked guy.  He apologizes for the intrusion and introduces himself as Dr. Bernard Chisolm.  He has a news story for her.  Lois Lane does not want to think about work right now.  (Really?  She must lika da Clarkie a lot!)  “It will make your career.  Aliens are living among us.”  She’s trying to politely let the guy down.  Lois informs him to mail in his hot tip.  She picks up her purse and starts to leave.  “I did.  Dozens of times, in fact.”  She explains his letters probably ended up on the whacko pile as she walks past him.  “I can prove my claims.  I’ve captured some of them.”  Lois turns to look at him realizing he’s dead serious.  He has them at a safe location outside the city.  He wants Lois to come see.  “Help me spread the word.  Together we’ll save the human race.”  She gives him a big smile and says he’s very convincing.  She gets out her cell phone to demonstrate she’s calling her editor about a hot lead.  “Never a signal when you need one.”  She tells him to stay there while she goes outside to make the call.  She leaves, but he’s got instincts.

Outside Lois calls 911.  Not Clark?  Her boyfriend who she’s waiting on?  Her friend that she called when she was being attacked in IDENTITY?  Whatever.  Before she can tell the dispatcher what her emergency is, we hear a gun click behind her head.  It’s Bernie.  “I hoped you’d enlist to fight our war.  But I guess you’ll have to be drafted.”


Lois handcuffed to a keyboard.  Is this blondie torture?  She’s in the bloody room, literally.  Bernie shows her a blood sample slide.  It confirms his suspicions that ‘these things’ are alien.  He shows her his copious notes that have Kryptonian symbols.  If he tries to share them, they’ll be dismissed.  “If they come from a legitimate news source, the public will listen.”  Lois is legit!  YES!!!   Lois came close to using Chloe speak a couple of times in this episode.  Stop it!  She tells him she’ll write the expose, but no one will believe it.  He thinks about it.  “They will when they receive the body parts I’ve harvested.”  Well, he has a point there.  Lois is getting scared now.  He walks off saying he’s sending his evidence to experts all over the world.  “When they see the proof, they’ll come.”  He slides back a temporary wall.  Why?  And there’s Vala in all her not-so-innocent glory.   Lois is gasping for air.  “Cryogenically preserved specimen waiting for them.”   Lois takes action.  Go Lois!  She stands and pulls on her chains.  She tells the doctor he needs to get the girl out of the pod.  He’s turned on the deep freeze.  “It’s an alien!”  He takes a few steps up to Lois.  “Look what they did to me.”  He takes off his wool cap and his head looks like a checkerboard.  (Could Tess be working with the Kandorians and their tests?   Remember she picked up that Kandorian dogtag in Metallo – the equipment was supposedly stolen from Luthorcorp.)   There’s real sympathy from Lois when she sees what they’ve done to Bernie.

The doctor explains he had a heart attack and died.  The Kandorians brought him back to life.  (see John Corben)  They implanted his brain with kryptonite pegs.  Lois can’t understand why he’s upset they saved his life.  “That ‘thing’ didn’t save me!  When I died, I was at peace.  But whatever they did, it’s like I can’t shut off my brain.  I can’t stop thinking.  And I have thoughts that a person should never have.”  (Again, see John Corben)  “The invasion has begun Ms. Lane and it’s our job to save mankind.”   Now Lois is in a quandary if she has a hint her boyfriend is special.

Met Gen at night. Faora and Clark are there to meet the Medical Examiner.  He wants to know how many others did Vala and her crew work on.  Faora explains they stole the cadavers from the morgue to perform their tests.  Niiice.  When the tests failed, they left the bodies behind for the authorities to find.  Real niiice.  “They didn’t kill anyone.”  Nice try.  “That doesn’t make it right,” says our hero.  “These people didn’t agree to be ‘guinea pigs’ in your quest for power.  Dead or alive, Zod should never have allowed it.”  Faora confesses Zod didn’t know.  So it had to be Crazypants and her Checkmate connections that encouraged the Kandorians to do their thing.  And speaking of that – aren’t these people supposed to be an advanced scientific race?  What’s with the butcher shop style of testing and surgery?  Metallo was a product of advanced science?  What?  No plastic surgeons in the troop?  If they were stealing bodies from the morgue then they could have stolen some equipment – or Luthorcorp could have accidentally left some in an alley in the middle of the night.

Clark finds it hard to believe that Zod didn’t know.  So there’s verbal squabbling about whether or not Clark knows Zod.  Clark knows the original Zod (or at least his phantom) and Faora knows the Zod before he tried to destroy Krypton.  Maybe this is why she didn’t want Zod to know her sister was missing.  Then he would find out what they were up to and that some of his people are working behind his back for someone else.  Faora tells Clark of Zod’s bravery in the Argo Valley when he saved them all.  And how he saved her life as a young cadet.  He received laser scars and shrapnel wounds.  “And if it wasn’t for Zod.  I wouldn’t be alive today.  He’s always been a hero.”  There are tears in her eyes and she truly believes that.  Zod is her Clark.  “Ready to give his life to protect his people.”  Clark brings up Jor-El.  “Regardless of their differences, I know in his heart, Zod always considered Jor-El one of his truest friends.”  (see Lois’ speech in IDOL)  Clark admits that’s a side of Zod he never knew existed.  She tells him, “You don’t really know the man.”  Which is probably the case.

Daily Planet. Zod walks down the steps as he assesses the situation.  He steals a press ID from a passing reporter.  He takes his coat off as he takes a reporter’s notebook.  Sammy Motem’s glasses are confiscated.  Zod is imitating iconic Clark Kent – before SV Clark.  He’ll do more than that later in the episode.  Bespectacled Molly Nichols looks up as Zod asks for her help in finding info on ET theorists.  He even does the classic glass’s push up the nose.  Well, SV Clark did get to do it in an alternate universe. (APOCALYPSE)   In a jolting edit, Zod slaps down the box of ‘alien’ mail.  He takes the glasses off as he goes through bundles of Big Foot, UFO sightings and finally Alien Symbols.  All letters addressed to Lois Lane and from Chisholm.  There is one singular combo glyph on each of the letters.

Abandoned truck trailer at night.  From the reflection of Ollie and blondie’s flashlights we can see containers of kryptonite.  There are all types of weaponry, including a 50 caliber machine gun.  Remember the kryptonite knives blondie had in the future?   They are there also.  Ollie examines the weapon and asks the bleached nutjob if that’s what she’s been spending all his money on.  “Something that will kill Clark?”  Ms. Not A Rational bone in her body says they are to protect everyone including Clark from Zod and the other Kandorians.  Ollie thought she was helping them get identities.  She’s marked all their papers with GPS.  She wants to keep an eye on the visitors from another planet.  That would include Clark, right?  “Well, welcome to 1984.  The Sullivan Edition.”  Yea, he’s got that right.  Ohhh, we use the old excuse.  She has the audacity to say she didn’t have a choice.  Don’t all villains say that?  But it gets worse.  “Our friend’s moral compass has gotten us lost more than once.”  UNTRUE!  She’s not okay with sitting back and trusting Clark again.  Is she kidding?  Well, apparently Big Sis is not so covert.  There’s a guy snapping photos of her and Ollie as they exit the trailer.

Lois is typing like a demon in hell.  She hears a noise and thinks it’s the doctor.  It’s Zod.  He grabs her mouth to keep her quiet.  “Zod?”  She basically asks him what he’s doing there – again dangerously delving into her cousin’s syntax.  Zod tells her he’s with the FBI as he manages to pick at one of her manacles.  “We’ve been watching Chisolm for a while.  Where are the others?”  Lois indicates the lone survivor is across the way.  She starts to take care of the final handcuff.  Zod moves a plastic curtain.  “Vala, what has this monster done to you?”  He starts turning knobs and levers to get her out of there.  Meanwhile Lois is still trying to get free.  She screams “Chisolm!” who has a gun and is aiming it at Zod.  He shoots Zod who starts to walk towards him.  Zod dramatically falls to the floor bleeding from a stomach wound.  Chisolm turns the gun on Lois.  “Stop wasting time!  You have a deadline to meet.”  Chained Lois watches Zod in a pool of his own blood.


Never-give-up Lois is unchained. She goes into medic mode.  “Agent Zod! “  She tries to rouse him.  “You’re alive?”  Apparently Zod thought she would be killed.  She examines his wound.  In true military form, she wastes no time or movement.  She applies pressure.  Zod warns her Chisolm will be back.  She tells him she won’t leave until his fellow G-men get there.  “Why would you do that?  You don’t know me?”  He doesn’t understand humans.  “It’s what Clark would do.”  Zod gulps for breath and says that backup is not coming.  “So you need to help that girl and you need to get out of here.  You save yourself.  Go!” he commands before another spasm of pain hits him.  Lois looks concerned.

Met Gen at night. The medical examiner tells Clark and Faora he isn’t comfortable talking about hospital business with reporters.  Clark informs Dr. Flores that they know the bodies were taken from the morgue last September.  They just want to know if they were recovered.  “All, except for . . . this one.”  He hands Clark John Corben’s file.  Faora asks if there were witnesses to whom may have stolen the bodies.  Flores has no idea.  They would have to ask the attending ME at the time.   “Dr. Chisolm was forced to take a leave of absence . . . psychiatric reasons.”  Clark goes Mad Dog Kent on him.  “You’re going to have to be more specific than that.”  Flores refuses to say any more.  “Fine.  Then I’ll have to make up the rest and quote you as the source.  Because that’s what reporters do when they don’t have all the details.”  I love journalist Clark!  Too bad he’s gone from the comics.

Flores explains that Chisolm caught the body snatchers in the morgue and had a heart attack and died.  Then the doctor claimed they brought him back to live because they were aliens.  Faora gives Clark a worried look as he stares at Flores.  I think he has at least one poker face.  Then Chisolm said they experimented on his brain.  “Give me a way to get in touch with him and I won’t mention you in the article once.”  Flores is glad to do so.  Clark gives Faora a nod as if to say ‘that’s how it’s done.’  He’s the one in control in this situation.  Flores hands him the contact info.  “But if he’s talking to aliens, I doubt he’ll talk to you.”

Frozen Vala gasping for breath. Chisolm enters the room and sees Lois is gone.  He still has the gun.  He shouts out “Where’d she go?”  Lois comes out of no where fighting.  She manages to knock the doctor down.  She tries to free Vala.  The doctor conks her in the head and she goes ass over tin cups on a table.  She out.  Was there a doubt?  Chisolm is frantic and then sees Zod’s dogtags.  Apparently he thought he was human, but he shot him anyway?  “Aliens are every where!”  Yea, unfortunately on this show, they are.  Clark doesn’t get to fight just normal mobsters too much.  It’s all alien infiltration so Lois can get knocked out for no reason other than she can’t know the secret.  “You will not win.  You don’t belong on this planet,” says the doctor as he suits up for some more chainsaw massacre.  We hear the zip and I blinked the first time, but Clark saves Lois first.  Which is as it should be.  We don’t actually get to see it.  Her body wasn’t where it was before.  Bummer.

So Chisolm must think that somehow Lois disappeared in an instant.  He starts to go after Zod with the chainsaw, but he gets tossed across the room.  We then see the Blur, standing over Zod.  He looks shocked that Zod is shot.  Chisolm recovers exceptionally fast and starts to come after the Blur with his weapon, but manages to cut through a low hanging power line.  He’s down and out.  It appears Clark goes to check on him, but is stopped by the kryptonite pegs conveniently nearby.  So he goes to save Vala.  She’s in her frozen underwear.  So he takes her to a gurney that has a heat lamp.  Don’t ask.  And wraps her in a blanket.  “You’re going to be all right.”

He moves quickly on to the body bleeding profusely.  Zod grunts out that Clark is going to get what he wanted . . . Zod dying.  “My father’s last wish was to save your life.”  Uhh, I thought we had established that Clark was to save Zod from himself.   Zod almost smiles.  “It’s what I would expect from Jor-El.”   Clark tells him to be quiet that he needs a hospital.  “Kal-El.”  Zod grabs Clark’s hand and grins as if it is a challenge.  “You can’t save me.”  Zod’s hand goes limp and falls from Clark’s.  “Zod.  Zod!”  Clark’s mantra is ‘no one dies today.’  He will save a villain if he is able.  He rushes to the kryptonite pegs.  In great pain, he pierces his hand and squeezes his blood into Zod’s wound.  Good visual.  We see the wound heal immediately.  Zod takes a deep breath as he opens his eyes.  Clark steps back as Zod rises from the floor.  Zod can’t believe he’s alive.  “Welcome back,” says Clark.


Kryptonite weapon trailer in the daylight. Tess and photographer cut through the lock to find the trailer empty.  Tess is pissed and the photographer reminds her she saw the photos.  She wants him to find the crates.  Blondie steps out from behind her hiding place as she watches the proceedings.  “Whatever they’re spending that money on, you find it!”  Tess walks from the trailer, but it is the photographer we see driving away without a passenger.  Blondie is surprised her cache is empty.  “I figured Tess was up to something when she gave me the tip about all the money that you, um . . . borrowed?”  Oliver comes strolling in.  “So I moved your stockpile.”  Undaunted, blondie wonders what Tess has up her sleeve.  Me thinks that blondie is small potatoes compared to Crazypants.  She should watch and learn . . . or maybe not.  “Clark saw a future that we wanted to run away from.  Except Tess saw the same future and maybe she wants to take us there.”   If that were the case, she’d kill blondie while she had the chance.  Blondie presses her case for the weapons.  With a toss of her head, she speaks to her underling.  “Where’d you put them?”  Like he’s gonna tell her.  Sheesh.  “They’re in a safe place.”  She talks down to him.  “You’re keeping me in the dark because I lied to you?”  Uhh, that’s as good a reason as any, right?  “You can’t have a set of rules for yourself and a whole ‘nother set of rules for everybody else.”  So blondie reveals her true colors.  “Clark’s in the Kandorian family right now and I don’t want to let his loyalties lead us into another Doomsday scenario.”  The audacity of this bitch knows no bounds.  Millions are calling her just that.  I’m laughing – it’s about time they caught up.  Ollie doesn’t want another crap storyline like that.  “Do you really think we should tell Clark everything?”  Oooo, like that would be bad.  “ABSOLUTELY.”  Go Ollie, go Ollie.  Doin the happy dance.  Man’s got a back bone.   She’s not the love of his life and she better think twice if she thinks her nookie is going to be his remote control.  “But only when the time is right.”  Okay, I’ll allow Ollie that.   He needs to get his own hero identity back.  If he stays close to blondie, he could find out what she is up to – and then he and Clark can decide how to fix the situation.

The Daily Planet in daylight.  Lois with her regular phone enters an elevator.  She looks into the box that Chisolm had and pulls out the blood sample.  “Lab, please?” she says into the phone.  “I need a blood sample analyzed.”  We see Lois’ monitor with the first sentence of a story below her byline.  “Fiction has become fact as the reports of the vi”  Clark is staring into his monitor.  Lois enters the bullpen with an interoffice mail envelope, her purse, the box and her coat.  “Lois, what are you doing here?”  He’s up in arms because she just got out of the hospital – where they had a lab.  Clark’s out of his chair like a shot.  “The first thing the doctor said when you got released from Met Gen was to take it easy.”  Lois puts the box in her desk drawer.  “No time, Smallville.”  She says she got Randall . . .uh, I think to interview Vala, but she refused treatment at Met Gen and left no contact info.  And so the tennis match of secrets begins.  “Maybe she wanted to see her own physician?” suggests the Kryptonian.  “What about Zod?  Both the FBI field office and DC (hehehe) headquarters said that they have no record of him.”  Clark gives this phony chuckle looking similar to when Flores gave up all the info.  “Of course!  It’s because Zod works . . . deep cover.”  Nice try, Clarkie.  Lois is seeing his tells appear.  “The FBI would never admit that he works there.”  He can’t look her in the eye.  “It’s top secret.  That’s why I didn’t tell you he was an agent.”  She looks elsewhere for a second.  “That’s the thing about heroes, the minute you shine the light on them, they always want to stay in the shadows.”  Is she talking about Zod or the Blur?  Well, Superman never was in the shadows.  So I guess we’re going to get Zod imitating the Blur since no one knows what he looks like or who he really is.  Well, everyone does, except Lois and maybe a few people in Metropolis like infants or something.  “Still something doesn’t quite add up.”  Lane is on it.  While he doesn’t look her straight in the eye again.  She notices.  “You’re hiding something, Smallville.  Some other earthshattering detail about Zod?”

So while she has him nailed, he comes up punching.  “You want full disclosure?  Great.  It’s a two way street.”  Uhhh, did he wait until she had a secret before he pulled that one out of his repertoire?  “You’re going to have to tell me what you’re hiding in your desk drawer.”  He points at Exhibit A.  She starts walking and lowers his hand from the air as she goes by.  Standing next to her desk, with one hand protecting it.  “Touche, Mr. Kent,” she says pointing at him.  He walks past her and faces her staring intently.  (He could x-ray vision the thing.  Just a thought.)  “Why don’t we both just agree that a little mystery is good for the romance?”  She gives him the up and down once over.  A phone rings.  She grins.  He looks down at his pocket.  “You first!”  He pulls his phone out like a six shooter and flips it open.  ‘Rooftop. Z.’  He reacts.  Lois watches and takes it in.  “Lois, I should, uh, . . .”  She finishes for him.  “follow up on an assignment?”  (She’s been doing that since GONE.)  She’s nodding as he holds up the phone and lets out an exasperated breath.  “See you on the front page, Ace.”  She grins.  Ahh, how can he leave her?  Lois is terrific.  Nice butt . . shot of Clark.   Thanks!  She’s smiling.  She knows who got all the points on that one.  Lois opens her desk drawer and checks her Checkmate phone.  ‘Thanks for the blood sample.  THE WALL.’  Lois looks puzzled.  She takes out the box and looks around the bullpen.  She lifts the lid and there is a white pawn.  It doesn’t seem she was expecting that.

DP Roof, where horrible things happen.  Comic fans will never get over that.  Clark literally struts and stands awaiting what Zod has to say.  “I trust Lois is well?”  Clark thanks him.  “She told me what happened.”  So there must be some disclosure on her part, right?  “You saved her.”  Kinda.  The morning sun is coming up over the buildings.  Again, a bad sign.  (closing my eyes tight.  Reminds me of POWER)   Zod turns to face Clark.  “Well, she did a great job of protecting me, too.”  Uh, she saved your life before Clark saved it.  “I can see why you care for her.”  Well, at least someone appreciates her.  You just stay away from Lois, Buster.  It seems Clark can keep a poker face for anyone but Lois.  Hehehe  He’s not giving Zod any clues about his human life.  “How are you feeling?” he says with true concern.  “Like a changed man.”  That can’t be good.  “When your enemy becomes your savior, your paradigm shifts.”  I’d like to believe that, but this is Zod talking here.  “Kal-El, how did you know your blood would cure me?”  Clark admits he didn’t – which was probably a wrong move.  “It must have cured you because you’re Kryptonian like me.”  Well, duh!  Zod grabs his side as if he’s had a twinge.  Real or unreal.  We’ll find out soon enough.  “You still in pain?”  Ahhh, it’s for Clark’s benefit.  “Even though you healed my wounds when I was shot, I’m not made of steel.”  Haha very funny.  Clark tries to reassure him.  “You’ll be better than new in no time.”  Zod is not giving him anything.  “I am better.”  Pregnant pause.  “Because I was wrong about you.  You do care about the Kandorians and when you saved my life I realized I . . . I can trust you.”  Clark is believing this.  His lopsided grin appears for a brief second.  “And together we’ll make sure our people will call Earth their new home.”  Zod grins at that.  They do an elbow grasp shake.  There’s a siren in the distance.  Zod acts as if he’s having another spasm.  Clark takes off.  And then we see Zod’s poker face.

Zod turns towards the yellow sun and walks to the ledge.  He stands there, eyes closed absorbing the sunlight with his arms out to his sides.  Yep, you guessed it.  Will we ever see Clark fly off the DP roof?  Will we ever see Clark and Lois together talking and maybe even kissing on the DP roof?   Maybe not on this show.  All those iconic moments are given to other characters.  Yep, there’s the tell tale sign.  Morning sun rising over Metropolis, DP globe spinning.  Just like Power.  Zoddie takes a header off the ledge and then . . . .FLIES.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.    I forgot the other rule.  Every Kryptonian must fly before Clark.

Summary: Great flying sequence.  Dammit, when is the alien farm boy gonna get his butt off the ground already!!!  Shocking ending washed over the more boring sequences.  It’s enough of an event that it might just carry us over five weeks of no new Smallville.  Maybe.

So Clark is in deep excrement extraordinaire – does this mean other Kandorians will be getting powers, too?  Oh goodie.  That makes blondie’s arsenal valuable.  Just had to give her something to do, didn’t they?  Sigh.  Clark did the right thing and they still have him riding the Kryptonian short bus.  Not fair.  But he’s a man now and he’ll get us all through it, I’m sure.  Lois and Checkmate – I’m betting full disclosure will come into play at some time.  It was good to see them even mention one of the cornerstones of the Clark and Lois relationship.  Faora is a wild card.  She believes Zod to be a hero.  Heck, they even have Lois thinking he might be one – and he’ll probably show up as the Blur to discredit Clark and so our true hero will have to come out into the light.  Like he should!  Maybe wear some red and blue if we’re lucky.

There were a few scene switches that were jarring and confusing.  Notably the Lois and the chess piece.  But I suppose it’s supposed to be a mystery – the only thing we could conclude was – no one thought of a good alibi for the chess piece to be in there.  (Maybe switched in the mail room?)  It’s film magic.  Whatever.  I honestly was bored in the first part of the show – it took a while for it to gel.  Other than the ‘burning down the bullpen’ scene – which was great.  Needed the hip shot though and a sign of affection before leaving.  I don’t think fans expect a kiss in every episode.  But if these two passionate people are dating – then small signs of affection can be displayed.   This isn’t the Silver Age!

Souders and Peterson have amp’d up the destiny to where every new step will have to be magnificent.  Clark flying – has to be at least 10 times better than Zod flying.  They’ve set the bar very high for themselves.  Let’s hope they pull it off beautifully.



“You lied about getting your powers.  When did you get them?” – ClarkBlur as he and Zod walk through the FOS.  “Fear is what prompts us to protect ourselves.” Waller and ClarkBlur in Checkmate room.  Blondie captured by Checkmate?  Zod in a Blur-like coat holding Tess by the throat in the Kent loft?  “You have your secrets and I have mine.” – Tess.  Zod and Tess in red satin sheets.  Someone has green kryptonite in a little box.  It looks like a man’s hand.  Metallo being revealed from the back of a semi (still has green K heart).  Lois looking down into something.  Clark determined.  Metallo chest.  Tess in a black wig punching someone.  The Kandorians in the FOS.  “The time has come for you to share in your birthright.”  — Zod.

Stay tuned to OSCK blog and our Superverses blogtalkradio shows.  We have some cool things planned for the March hiatus.  April 2nd is the airing of ESCAPE and on April 3rd Superverses will be doing a very special blogtalkradio.  Thanks!

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